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    Nice shot, you might be able to sell it to or qhubo.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveItHere69  [View Original Post]
    It gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play.

    Today at 5:00 pm next to the church someone got stabbed. Daylight with tons of people around. I was sitting there 30-45 minutes prior then moved across to sit on the other concrete bench seat for 15 minutes. Grabbed a girl and 15 minutes later, up in the hotel room, hear screaming. After finishing with the girl I looked out the hall window and took a picture.

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    Thailand opening pushed back 45 days?

    Well it looks like Thailand will delay its reopening of alcohol and entertainment venues from Dec 1 to Jan 15. Looks like the SEA guys will continue arriving for at least another while longer.

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    Any place with 10/10 girls?


    I'll be at Medellin this Wednesday. Do any one you know an escort agency with 18-22 yo 10/10 girls? Or a place if that might be.

    I checked Celestina but they ask money in advance and I won't transfer money to them, I don't even know how it's done.

    I've always had good experience with agencies, but freelancers and streetwalkers are not for me, I don't like SA and Facebook and Instagram is a hit or miss.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Girls have told me locals are stiffing them or claiming they don't have enough money once the deed is done. It doesn't come up very often but my non negotiable policy is payment afterward or kick rocks so I can move on to another provider.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    So did this one not shower before you ate her out? LOL.

    And would you gargle with her douche water. LOL.

    All kidding aside, what bothers me in your post is that girls are asking to be paid before the deed.

    Makes you wonder why they are demanding payment upfront.

    Are foreigners stiffing them, or are the locals.

    Maybe somebody on this board knows the answer to this question.

    Maybe it's the locals trying to stiff the Venezuelans because they are foreigners in Colombia, seems to make more sense than the foreigners, but is just speculation on my part..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    That was the last guy's BBFS that you were tasting.
    Please don't remind me.

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    Strip Club Dances

    What is the price for a lap dance at the strip clubs? I assume it's cheaper at Conejitas / Barra Ejecutiva than at Fase Dos and La Isla. Anyone have details on that?

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    A Street Rat Through And Through

    Quote Originally Posted by DzikaBomba  [View Original Post]
    She took no shower before and after.

    That's why I was shocked about myself that I enjoyed eating her out haha.

    Her pussy was so sweet, that I could not resist.
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think your in a league of your own on this one.

    It's one thing to go down on a Chica, but a walker to boot that may have been with several other guys beforehand.

    And perhaps she had the remnants of other guys jiz in her, which had been fermenting a while, developing a refreshing sweet taste.

    Hell, you should of had her douche afterwards, and gargled with her douche water before departing.

    Kind of like an after dinner drink.

    I personally will miss your posts when you depart, as you have illustrated in some ways how a Centro street rat might roll.

    Albeit, I think your in a league of your own. LOL.

    Safe travels!

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    OMG jajajaja

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    That was the last guy's BBFS that you were tasting.
    We have our very own Black ISG Andrew Dice Clay.

    He could join veryverydarkscarythoughts whilst she goes around licking anal warts and eating my jizz out of the puta buttholes!! LOL.

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    Don't ask me why these four photos did not post the first time

    Web site gremlins, I guess.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CtgrlBoxer (2).jpg‎   CtrlChrstmsTime_LI.jpg‎   CtrgrlMntna_LI.jpg‎   CtgrlwPssy.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    Never heard "forro" used before, what does that mean.
    It means a cover. A cover for your car, for your boat, for your dick. Might be regional slang but I've used it a few different places.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    And would it be correct to say, "chupa me sin condon", or do I have this all messed like all of my Spanish is.
    'Chúpame' is the imperative or command tense (suck me!) while '¿Me chupas?' is a request. So, if it's a hooker I know and I know she will take it the right way, I might point at my dick and say 'Chúpame querida!' but if it is a random chica and not a friend, I'd go with the politer request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VasyaPetya  [View Original Post]
    You're killing it with the reports. Love them. BTW, how do you tell her you want BBFS or BBBJ in Spanish?
    BBBJ= "me puedes chupar / mamar sin preservativo?

    BBFS = "podemos culear sin preservativo?

    You really should have some basic Spanish skills if you're going to be in Colombia, I imagine things would go a lot more smoothly if you know how to communicate what you want.

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    Might have been my jizz

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    That was the last guy's BBFS that you were tasting.
    Wait was it the girl that stands on the corner in front of the yellow panadería on cra 53?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DzikaBomba  [View Original Post]
    She took no shower before and after. That's why I was shocked about myself that I enjoyed eating her out haha. Her pussy was so sweet, that I could not resist.
    That was the last guy's BBFS that you were tasting.

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    Loutron recommendations

    I'll be in Medellin next week and will be visiting some casas. I've seen several recommendations for women at various casas, but have not seen any for Loutron. Does anyone have any favorite (s) girls that I should try at Loutron?

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    Several fotos Catgirl sent me yesterday, I added more to make an even ten

    I guess this is an homage and self-indulgent but I think more than a few guys will enjoy fotos of my numero uno novia, Catgirl.

    She sent the fotos to me with the standard "I miss you" message, but really the fotos are there to make me miss her, and they worked. The fotos are not new but stll fun. Those who follow me know I have been with her for over two years. She is Paisa. She has legit modeling skills and is listed with an agency specializing in petites, but she hasn't taken any jobs for probably a year now because I have been coddling her with the easy life.

    She has a new novia who is as hot or hotter than her and I am playing it cool waiting for what I hope ends up being another smashing three-way, when I return. And the new novia a great personality. Maybe you guys have different experiences, but for these natural, unpaid three-ways, they seem to work out better for me when everything happens spontaneously, and I don't give the dynamic among the three of us, much attention. One thing that can ruin a three-way (not with putas, but with regular girls) is showing that you really want it. I let the girls come to me in that situation, on their terms. If the girls sense that you are aching for a three-way, most will generally just tease you and torture you over it. At least that's been my experience with many unpaid three-ways, too many to remember.

    I have met more than a few guys who do not find Catgirl attractive. That doesn't bother me one iota. Only opinion that matters on that is mine and whatever turns you on or floats your boat is up to you and no one else. She definitely has a "look" and style that may not be for everyone. She is a miniature, under 4 foot 11 inches and I love pounding small spinners like her.

    I am in the states and I only have ten days left on my tourist visa for 2021 but will try to upgrade from a tourist visa to an immigration visa before I return. At any rate, the number of allowed days resets to 180 on a tourist visa on Jan 1 for everyone, so that will give me time to sort out my new visa, if needed. I would prefer not to have to wait until ten days before Jan 1 to return, but of course that is not up to me but depends on whether or not I am able to upgrade my visa from here before Jan 1. Clear as mud? Jajajaja.

    We had a great dog in that foto but a moto hit and run killed her. I didn't think it was possible but the replacement dog we got I love even more. The foto of her standing with the mountains in the background is where the build of our casa on the mountain top continues at a snail's pace, about 3 hours north of Medellin. She was born there and visiting there is one of the most relaxing things I can do in my world, although the trip up and down the mountain can be harrowing. When the weather has been especially wet, we have to take horses. The foto of her sitting on the rail is at the aqueduct or river or whatever it's called with the Christmas lights and if anyone is in town over the holidays go see that and walk the Christmas village on both banks.

    Ostee Out. Love you guys and don't forget to Keep On Keepin' On!
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