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    Quote Originally Posted by Margaya  [View Original Post]
    What are chances of finding a finding a wingman for first day orientation (tour of cases in centro) if I am staying in Mansion?
    I usually go thru one time per week these days. We could make a plan. And my Ingles es ok, I zink.

    When do you arrive and when do you want to go thru?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedMad  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know the two girls on the left in this video?

    They are in the thumbnail, also at 2:01.
    I saw her the other day and when I saw her ass I remembered the other problem huge reason I never went with her. I hate ass implants. They look so damn stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunLuvr  [View Original Post]
    I don't think you can buy a prepaid phone at the airport. If you have an unlocked GSM phone that works in the US, it should work in Medellin.

    My suggestion is to visit the Mansion bar one evening and see for yourself if you think the atmosphere is worth the higher price for a room that is not up to the standards of most good hotels. You have to pay an entrance fee at the bar.
    So I just go to say bestbuy in the states, buy a unlocked GSM phone, then when I get there it will work? I read online needing to buy a prepaid claro simcard or something?

    That is good yo know about the mansion, I thought I had to rent a room to come in. Wanted to scope it out. I am staying at Duparc, which I think is close.

    Any other advice for a first timer in Medellin?

    This board has been great. I will definitely post a in depth report!

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    Finding a wingman for first day orientation


    What are chances of finding a finding a wingman for first day orientation (tour of cases in centro) if I am staying in Mansion?

    If anyone has any recommendations for an English speaking wingman who can give me a hand for couple of hours to understand the physical lay of land in El Centro casas, please PM me. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie97  [View Original Post]
    It's obvious that you have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to Americans, with this "USAns" nonsense.
    Sadly some people are stupid, with a higher ratio of the same among mongers for whatever reason. One should expect the stupidity to be demonstrated.
    Thanks for proving my point. Case closed.

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    What casa are offering the best service (GFEish) right now?

    I know I can't get everything, but I want to get the best I can. 7 and up in looks are fine. I'll pay more for better service (BBBJ for example).

    I've read the forum and have heard of New Life and Zandalay.

    Are there clubs similar to HK in Tijuana? I read about La Isla, but any other options?

    Any other recommendations? Hablo espanol. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osteoknot  [View Original Post]
    The Real, the closest El Central Love Motel to the front door of the Veracruz Church. Between the three, the Zona Rosa, the Premiere, and the Real, the Real is the busiest and the most professional. And fun. I haven't found a girl behind the desk or a maid in the Real yet, who won't flirt.
    Stayed at Botero Real for 2.5 months before I went on a trip and then they changed it to short time only. Place is taking a beating with so many people. Had the best room in Centro. Don't believe me. If the room #201 is clean and available or waiting to be cleaned, walk in and look out the large window I had. You can see everything. Some idiot will comment that the view from the Premier Plaza balcony is just as good. Nope. I did not have to share my view. I did not have to leave my room. I could watch the parade brushing my teeth, shaving, in the middle of the night to pee, etc.

    Two receptionists. One is hot but married. The other is pretty and I have seen her with a hotel customer in the past. She flirts too much with me and I am sure I could have her but not my type. The oriental eyed cleaning girl is pregnant. There is a really light colored girl with black features that is also hot that I do not know. Sadly, the hot receptionist and the two cleaning girls I find hot will not go with me. They know how many girls I would take when I was there and now when I visit with my temporary 30 minute girlfriends. I do not think they will go with anyone to be honest. I think there is only one girl there that will not flirt. I had fun staying there. Now all the other hotels are ruined for me.

    Side note of some interest. There is a group of guys that own Botero Real. Walk down the alley way on the side of the church. Turn left at the casino and the first short time hotel they own that too. Did not know that until the owner said Hello, to me when I took a girl there and he was in the office. Always good to know the owner of the hotel in case a problem arises. They also own the hotel as you leave the park near Nutribara Hotel following the metro, on the left with the huge balcony. One of the owners showed it to me but it was dirty with cockroaches.

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    Same chica, Sunny, hitting me up for rent

    People who follow me know I will post WhatsApp transcripts every now and then because I think they can be illustrative and sometimes entertaining. Sunny has been messaging me more than once a day ever since I got back to the states, and she finally got around to asking me for money. This is mainly for the newbies out there.

    If you are seeing a puta regularly she will ask you for extra money as sure as there is night and day. Be ready for it. If you're a newbie you will not believe how persuasive and sincere they will sound. They will say anything if they think it gets them an extra peso. When the rent is due every Colombian girl has a mother or baby in the hospital usually with some form of uncontrolled bleeding, jeje.

    That's up to you how you handle it, but it's important to set realistic expectations, limits and boundaries early on and this is an example of that.

    The simplistic response would be to just say no, which works and the way a lot of the more Neanderthal type guys here would handle it. But if you like her and you want to continue fucking her, then I believe an actual dialogue keeps the dynamic alive even if the content is not what she wants to hear. And as you can see I will take the opportunity to plant seeds that might pay off down the line, jajaja.

    Her name is listed as below because that's how Google translated it from El Centro Jackie, which is how she is listed in my contacts. I need to change that to Sunny, jajaja.

    10/15, 10:43 PM The Jackelinne Center: Asti.

    10/15, 10:43 PM The Jackelinne Center: I need your help.

    10/15, 10:43 PM The Jackelinne Center: Please.

    10/15, 11:53 PM Ostee: No, I know what you're going to say next, No way, No, I won't give you any extra money, forget it, forget it.

    10/15, 11:53 PM Ostee: Is that clear enough for you or do I need to explain more?

    10/15, 11:53 PM The Jackelinne Center: Please.

    10/15, 11:57 PM] The Jackelinne Center: Please Ostee, I will give you my ass next time we meet.

    10/15, 11:55 PM Ostee: Maybe after I fuck your ass, after the 10th time I'll give you an extra 20 thousand, jajaja.

    10/15, 11:56 PM Ostee: But first you have to let me put my milk up your ass 10 times.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: Really.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: How bad you are, sometimes you are so rude.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: Well, I have to pay rent on Monday.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: And I don't have the full money.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: Lend me.

    10/15, 11:57 PM The Jackelinne Center: And I pay you back.

    10/15, 11:58 PM The Jackelinne Center: The money, I know that's nothing to you.

    10/15, 11:58 PM The Jackelinne Center: And it's a lot to me.

    10/15, 11:58 PM The Jackelinne Center: Help me please.

    10/15, 11:59 PM The Jackelinne Center: Excuse me, sorry, but I need your help.

    10/15, 11:59 PM Ostee: Here is my answer for you.

    I blocked her.

    The next afternoon, I unblocked her.

    10/16, 2:48 PM Ostee: Do you get the message?

    10/16, 2:48 PM Ostee: Don't ask me for money just because I fucked you a couple of times.

    10/16, 2:49 PM Ostee: I help girlfriends, I'll give girlfriends money sometimes, but guess what? You are not a girlfriend.

    10/16, 8:04 PM The Jackelinne Center: Ok that's fine. Excuse me.

    10/16, 8:42 PM Ostee: Okay, now, you know.

    I was probably a little ass-holier-than-thou necessary, but I had a feeling that would work with her and that she would still come back for more fucking. I guess I won't know that for sure until I return to Medellin, hopefully sooner than later. Don't ever feel guilty about not giving a puta rent or food money, she's asking 10 other guys at the same time and whether you give her the money or not, is not going to determine whether or not she eats or stays in her apartment, they always work it out. And do you think if she gets the money she will stop asking you? She will take as much as she can get from as many different sources as she can. Ostee Out.

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    Hi bud

    Quote Originally Posted by Carri438  [View Original Post]
    Wanted to know or any tips anyone had to get in touch with the fb chicas and any recommendations anyone might have?

    Thank you in advance.
    Hi bud, welcome, their is sooooooooo much information how to do that on here, should be very easy to find, I have tons for you to start with, I'll PM some to get started!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Id481  [View Original Post]
    All hot girls are in Colombia.
    MedMad asked where a certain girl was located that he saw on a Youtube video so I told him. So what exactly are you trying to say? Nothing important I would guess.

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    Thats not the point of my post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    If he wants safety, he would stay home. Besides, he explained a few times already and one can see his mindset about life is different from yours. In the context of this instance, did he do anything unusual?
    His mindset is his business. Like I said, bless him and wish Osteo the best. The point of my post is, members don't need to write about every fucked up self destructive thing they do and post it on the forum for every John, Joe, and Mike to read. Then the readers go down there and act in a similar manner. Eventually its going to have an impact on our travels to the city of Eternal Spring. Osteo seems like a tough guy to say the least, I am sure he could careless about one members suggestion, and I apologize if it seemed like I singled him out to make my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knowledge  [View Original Post]
    An anti-American is highly unlikely. Both the left and right are keen to deal with America, albeit in different ways.
    Well if a guy similar to Chavez in Venezuela gets elected I don't see things boding well for tourism, but that's just my opinion.

    And a lot of the voters are sick of Duque of the right who can't run again, so there's a good chance somebody from the left might be elected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RacShack  [View Original Post]
    Whatever he wants to do it's his life, I enjoy most of his posts, he's a true wild man but playing a very dangerous game, but for the life of me can't understand why you would want to be friends with someone that extorted 1,000 $out of him and acts like no big deal, very weird!
    Agreed! He can do what he likes and good luck with that. I enjoy his adventures through his posts but I rather not be in his shoes. I like pussies as much as he does but not the risk he's taking. I always try to keep a low profile but I stand out like a sore thumb. What happened to him only reinforce my thinking about keeping a low profile and apparently what I posted offended him (not my intention). As far as I'm concerned we're all here to learn to stay safe while have fun in Colombia, at least that what I'm here for.

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    An anti-American is highly unlikely. Both the left and right are keen to deal with America, albeit in different ways.

    Guys on the right like Duque favor the large corporations of the US and other wealthy countries. They have consistently given multinational industrial companies a free hand to exploit land and natural resources. Part of the reasoning has been that it's a way to prevent the armed groups like FARC from engaging in illegal mining along with their other revenue streams (drugs and kidnappings). For the rural population it's like choosing between the measles or the mumps. The armed groups and the big multinationals have both engaged in land grab abuses and horrific environmental crimes.

    The left of course will play ball with the US to get foreign aid and loan guarantees. It's not like either end of the political spectrum is going to impose immigration bans on Americans. I don't see that happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    My biggest concern with the upcoming election is who is elected, and how it will effect foreigners and tourism after the election.

    There could be some very unpleasant changes on the horizon.

    Hopefully the candidate elected is not anti-American as that will be bad news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    My biggest concern with the upcoming election is who is elected, and how it will effect foreigners and tourism after the election.

    There could be some very unpleasant changes on the horizon.

    Hopefully the candidate elected is not anti-American as that will be bad news.
    I don't think you have to worry about this, even if the candidate that is anti-American got elected. He would wants limited American Government involve in the country but probably not tourists. Tourists bring money and why would anyone be against that? Do you really think the new president give a fuck if more Americans come to Colombia to do spend money (tourism, drugs, pros, etc.) and possibly extorted by the local? It just helps the local economy, probably solidify his position.

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