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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot10  [View Original Post]
    So, the story goes.
    2 Puerto Rican New Yorkers, just arriving from MDE. Not sure why they were lingering, outside, but maybe sending messages to their landlord about check-in. I stayed at Energy, once, and like any building, there were times when the portero was taking a piss, back in the office, not paying attention, etc.
    I've got to imagine this was a setup by their airport taxi. So, take that how you will. They definitely had the gringo costumes on, though. That's why you wear a curved bill. To see fast-approaching ladrones! Of course, I don't expect a measly-paid portero to come running out and take one in the chest, but it's strange as to why they even paused outside the entrance.
    I think we've all seen plenty of guys that come from the same cookie cutter, and have been lucky enough to not have this happen. I can't remember the last time I wore a watch in Medellin, something I would do daily in the US; and a watch has an actual function, unlike a big fucking necklace.
    I have to believe their arrival was expected and someone wanted them robbed and shot. One would have to be very unlucky to be spotted at the airport, followed, and then stand outside a building long enough for robbers to be coordinated, arrive and then lucky enough find them locked outside the building. The presumed group casing the airport couldn't get away with such a coordinated effort for long before cameras, police, suspicion would interrupt their scheme.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    It depends. It that were The Tall Man, the guy with gun would not be "safe". The moment he touched The Tall Man, he would be sent flying to squash the guy on the motorcycle.
    Hillarious. "The Tall Man" is also bullet proof. BMF.

    Quote Originally Posted by FunLuvr  [View Original Post]
    I went to Cendiatra ( this morning to get the antigen test for returning to the US. I went to the clinic in Laureles, Cra 80 #44B-91, no appointment. They also have a clinic in Aguacatala (downtown), Cra 47C #105-04. The cost is 50 mil. I arrived at 8 am, and was finished at 8:20. They gave me the option to wait for the result or have it emailed. I chose email. The result was in my mailbox at 9:03 am. The swab test was more uncomfortable than what I got in Florida, but bearable. Overall, it was a good experience. They were very tolerate with my lack of Spanish.
    Good information. Thanks for this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    Even if Bello is safe, because it is far away from everything for the first timer, you won't want to stay there. RR has friends there so his situation is different.
    I imagine and believe Bello would be safe for a few days if a person is secretive and selective about where he stays and what's close by so he doesn't have to walk a mile to find food and essentials. I've thought about it. The girls have drivers and I wouldn't want my whereabouts revealed where an opportunistic amigo of the chica has friends willing to help exploit. If it is that dangerous and easy to be targeted by anyone paying attention or looking for an opportunity. Maybe it's better just to have the girls take their taxi to Laureles or Poblado and wait the extra 30 minutes (at least) as they will surely be late and out of communication until the taxi finally arrives and your phone starts ringing "off the hook" as if you're the one late who is running late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turgid  [View Original Post]
    A big necklace has a function. It attracts non-pro chicas.
    You misspelled ladrones.

    If you need a big gold necklace or a $10 k watch, rings and diamonds to attract non-pro chicas, stick with the pros. Over the years I've found a sincere smile and a few nice words work much better and nobody is likely to point a gun at you just for a smile.

    Besides, that big necklace won't attract any non-pro. It only attracts women who are looking for money.

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    Really Nice to See Someone Enjoy Themselves As You Do

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWalker55  [View Original Post]
    Did you mean salome from dulce compania on calle 58 carr 45 d? Bcz there's a chubby salome there with an amazing smile and great BJ skills I've seen half a dozen times. Hahaha.

    Routine is going nice, dick is starting to get sore from all the sex.
    With a smooth style and almost effortless pleasure. Fuck, sounds like I am trying to start a Bro'mance, jajajaja I assure you I am not.

    But I do want to get out more and do more quickies, and incorporate more of your routine into my mongering lifestyle. I am about 60/40, Regular / Pro chicas and that is a nice mix. I love waking up alone but there are those special few who sure are fun first thing in the morning. If an overnight puta stays with you after the sun comes up then you know she likes you, if that matters to you.

    I added a couple of amazing new girls to my line up this trip so far. Vicki Secret and Serenity (see fotos). Secret is a Freak with a true fashion model body and Serenity has more of the classic figure with a desire to please. Both are Pros and both want to be flipped, but in reality, a GF costs more than a puta. Most of these girls want to be flipped to novia status for the financial security. I suffer from a touch of SSS (Special Snowflake Syndrome) believing that I am somehow different, when in fact I am like everyone else to most of them. We ALL pay one way or another.

    Most of the times the sex gets better and better the more times I see a chica. Once any chica feels safe and trusts you they will be down for just about anything and these girls will blow your mind with their own ideas. My girls continue to bring their gorgeous girlfriends over to share, I typically do not have to ask. I plugged Cat Girl back in at Numero Uno position for about a week but I like it better when there is no Reina (Queen), agree with Nounce. I am still using rankings and they come in handy if for no other reason than an excuse for my bad behavior with the Girls. None of them love to be a number but they sure are happy when they move up a notch or two and they get the message loud and clear when they are demoted. Works for me.

    Time to switch hotels. I reached critical mass and too many chicas know where I am. I ran two rooms last night with good success, one in the front and one in the back, purrfekt. The closer the Rooms the better but of course you have to consider the chances of chicas bumping into each other. Hotels on the same block work great.

    Oh, almost forgot the reason for posting. Buy a medicated ointment (not cream) such as 0.5% Hydrocortisone, although plain ol' Vaseline will do 99% of the trick and then wrap your Johnson in a panito (Baby Butt Wipe) that contains aloe, and tuck it your interior ropa (underwear) for a few hours or better yet, when you go to bed for the night. You will be satisfied with the results, I guarantee it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2-10-21 recent Flacca chica_inked.jpg‎   2-4-21 torso.jpg‎   2-25-21 pstd4_LI.jpg‎   2-25-21 pstd3.jpg‎   2-25-21 pstd6.jpg‎  

    2-25-21 pstd5.jpg‎   2-25-21 pstd.jpg‎   2-25-21 pstd2.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot10  [View Original Post]
    ...a watch has an actual function, unlike a big fucking necklace.
    A big necklace has a function. It attracts non-pro chicas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    I am not saying I would do it but I think someone with cooler head and experience could give these two a lesson.

    Instead of throwing and hand stuff to the robbers, I am wondering what would be the consequence if I drop everything, money, phone, whatever on the ground in a calm manner and let them pick it up. They robbers did not even touch their backpacks and luggages.
    Four years ago in a walk-up in Hong Kong I was getting extremely bad service from a wg and after a few minutes decided to call it off and refused to pay her the agreed amount but a lesser amount. I waited while she called her 'security' thinking I could reason with them. Well that was not happening. Now these were two small guys and I am sure even if they knew kung fu, which I don't, I could have taken care of them but decided against it. I had to pay the full amount. I thought of throwing the money on the ground but had to admit to myself that I am in their country and this was always going to be a lose lose situation for me. I had to suck it up and give the money to the girl.

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    Sore Dick

    Diaper rash cream works great if you get friction blisters. I carry it with me for all Colombia travels.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWalker55  [View Original Post]
    Routine is going nice, dick is starting to get sore from all the sex.

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    Do you guys remember the American that was killed when leaving his hotel in Medellin?

    Remember this?

    The American killed leaving his hotel.

    In this article one of the tourist that was killed in Medellin is accused of sex tourism.

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    Thank you for your report. Sounds like you had a good time

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay0940  [View Original Post]
    However, it was a $70 k joiner fee after the first guest of the day.
    Good Stuff. I have never paid more than 20 mil for a joiner or guest fee. I stay in a lot of 2 Star and Ayenda properties and the average is about 15 mil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]
    My info is that the victims were from Puerto Rico. They were spotted at the airport with their gold chains and followed to Energy. Came without a reservation and were standing there trying to make a booking online so they were not allowed into the building without a reservation. In addtional to the motorcycle there was another guy parked out front there in a car working with them. He has been arrested. They are still looking for the other two guys.
    That is interesting. You think the guy in the car maybe followed them from the airport then dispatched the guys on the motorcycles to do the dirty deed? That is a long haul to follow someone he would have had plenty of time to call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VsebudetNY  [View Original Post]
    I wouldn't do it: you can easily get couple bullets in return.
    I agree, it only takes a fraction of a second for that fool to pull that trigger and they may do it before they even realize it, these fools robbing the persons are almost as scared as the person getting robbed, a fraction of a second of panic is all it takes to pull that trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    You have definitely lost your religion with that one.
    Was that what they call a double entendre? One of the best replies ever!!

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    Just chilling

    Dreading going back to the states soon, but only so much remote work I can do. Going to work something out to come to Colombia a few months at a time to explore the coast.

    Got a rotation of about 4-5 sws I hit early, then 4-5 casa girls, and 4-5 strip club girls I've been repeating with because of the passionate sex / DFK / DATY. Where they get wet also.

    Sure, novelty pussy is good, but after 50+ girls in a short amount of time you seek out the connection and good conversation with the sweet paisas.

    Leaving in a few days so not going to have time to go paciar with a non-pro chica and hit up small menu del dias and sleepover and stuff, osteoknot style. (though I usually like sleeping alone so I can wake up in the morning and take a nice shit by myself and go exercise / walk the town).

    The opportunity is out there though with non pros, got numbers of the girls working the retail shops bored all day in the mall, a couple waiters, etc. I took this tip from vagabundo on the Brazil forums, even if they say they have a BF or theyre not interested when they realize you're a foreigner, just say you're a surgeon or some type of professional and you want to talk to them professionally for consulting purposes. Then just start hitting on them ahhaah. Works like a charm.

    Personally, I find colombians 10 x more receptive to simply conversing as compared to american chicks, it's like a different planet.

    When I come back in a few months going to try and change up that style, maybe get a 2 br bnb so I can lock valuables in the other room when she's over. I'm not a penthouse baller or anything like Sjobs was, I like to keep it lowkey in the working class barrios. Been sitting / hanging 5+ hours each day in botero / raudul / behind veracruz pollo negro style, you feel like you're in the 1980's. No need for the phone (don't pull one out, dont bring one imo), just human interaction. Everyone is always sizing each other up, always.

    Sidenote, was drinking aguila and doing some shots in the red bar behind veracruz today, I know my tolerance, I don't get extremely buzzed or sloppy, need wits about you. A 19 year old pale paisa spinner was sitting occasionally looking up at me from her phone in the corner, around 2 pm, I motioned her to come over and talk. We took 3 shots together and after 30 min of chatting, I asked her to blow me. No sex. 30 k +10 k room. We got to the room, I said keep all your clothes on, as did I, and she just whipped it out and started sucking me off right there in the room. Where else in the world can you do this shit? Fucking amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]
    My info is that the victims were from Puerto Rico. They were spotted at the airport with their gold chains and followed to Energy. Came without a reservation and were standing there trying to make a booking online so they were not allowed into the building without a reservation. In addtional to the motorcycle there was another guy parked out front there in a car working with them. He has been arrested. They are still looking for the other two guys.
    Well if this is true, their (likely) Latin appearance and Spanish language ability didn't help them. They were a juicy target and I don't know what they could have done differently, other than I guess have a reservation ahead of time. FWIW I've stood outside a non-doorman building with my luggage waiting to get the keys. There are some situations you just can't avoid. And any of us could be a target heading in from the airport as we generally have full luggage.

    Regarding fighting back, you guys are crazy. Bullets can take down a 900 pound grizzly. They sure as hell will take down any human being.

    I have run from danger both in Rio and in Medellin. But my instinct wouldn't be to run if I had all my luggage with me. And these guys really had nowhere to run.

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    REF: Medellin Trip report

    Jay cool report.

    I thought Gusto beauty was a great level above la Isla but since I like the strip club scene I enjoyed going to La Isla and see the sexy dances.

    I too danced at Gusto's and did find quite a few pretty girls to dance with and enjoyed myself in the safe surroundings.

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    My two pesos on where to stay

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanos17  [View Original Post]
    Any advice for a first timer in mde, staying for a month. I been trying to catchup on all this pages threads. I'm.

    New here but not a first time monger, been around Europe and the FKK clubs. I getting mixed review on where to stay, I was consider the gringo area of Poblado or Laureles.

    "Obrero / Niquia / Cabanas are the top 3 barrios on my list in Bello. Hot chicks just everywhere, even after all these years in MDE, girls in Bello just on a different level. Sabaneta in the south is also on my list. ".

    Should stay in bello, I was thinking one week in at the blux in Poblado, but I been reading on the robberies. I used to be a FDNY firefighter and I have the basic street smarts. Any advice would be appreciate and if anyone would like to show me around, I'll get us a round, safety in numbers.

    Appreciate everyone's threads and input.
    Don't stay at Blux if you're hoping to bring chicas to your apartment. They were guest friendly until a few months ago but not latley. Unless there's been a very recent policy change I'm unaware of yet.

    Don't stay in Bello on your first visit. Hell I won't stay in Bello on my 50th visit LOL.

    I'd reccommend splitting your stay between the two "gringo areas of Laureles and Poblado" as you call them LOL. There's a reason they are the gringo areas, there are fewer poor guys around wanting to rob you.

    About a month ago I posted many of the chica friendly lodging options available in these areas. So look for that post if you want some decent options.

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