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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot10  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday, I was messaging a few SA girls. One seemed a bit cooler than the others, and not as shady with all the filters and emojis on her photos. Turns out, she also lives closest to me. We had been talking for almost a week, maybe, and I think she reached out to ask if I was in town. She asked for 300.000 and I said I usually pay 200.000. We were negotiating at 8p with a 10p curfew in place, so there wasn't much time to jerk around. She said 250.000. I said 200.000 + DiDi (6k each way). Deal. 15 mins and she's ready for a ride. She shows up and is talkative, positive energy, and huge tits.
    Dude, the first photo is the girl that came over before the lock down, right? She looks sweet and NICE tits 😋!! Are they real hehe!? I think would rather try to keep her for the lockdown weekend haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis2008  [View Original Post]
    Even though the USA embassy site has said that Covid PCR tests were not required to enter prior to January 11, we have had two people here say that testing is now required prior to entry or you have to quarantine.
    The original plan was surely to start PCR requirement on January 12th. It changed last minute and maybe this change affects only MDE. I guess they feel everything is fair and fine because they give you PCR-Quarantine option. Though, it obviously is not. If one traveled here expecting no test and no quarantine requirement, but then here his PCR comes positive, the 2-week vacation is wasted. Note that PCR can come positive from an old and no longer active infection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]
    This weekend is a special kind of lockdown with even all alcohol sales prohibited. You cannot even order via rappi. While no one yet knows what further measures the government may take I doubt they will include no alcohol sales and no visitors at Energy except until maybe the next holiday weekend with super spreader potential. Just my opinion.
    I have not tried it, this weekend, but I was able to order alcohol on Rappi, last lockdown, by also ordering food. Try a mom & pop type restaurant, instead of a chain or big name. You won't know until you order, unfortunately, but if they can't deliver alcohol, you will be notified, and can try to cancel. I had 2-3 rounds of beers delivered, one night, from different restaurants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]
    When I came through immigration this afternoon I was asked for my PCR test negative result and luckily I did take the test Monday morning. The agent told me today was the first day a test result was needed with this new ruling. You can still enter without she said but a 14 day quarantine is required or get tested here to be released from quarantine. Just fyi I took the test at a CVS and had my results Wednesday morning so less than 48 hours. American Airlines knew nothing about the test requirement maybe because you are allowed to enter with or without it so they don't need to ship you back
    SOB I never realized they lifted the test requirements for flying in. Guess I'll wait for the next break.

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    Boots on the Ground

    Arrived Medellin late evening. Handed over my hard copy of my Migracion Form Proof. He asked me for COVID test results. Brief scare, he said my COVID form looked liked "anyone could have made it on their computer and had no signature. " Jajajjaja Tru that. I thought it looked great, Adobe Pro. They put me in a room by myself. Flashbacks to Tokyo when I was strip-searched and they picked apart my shit with chopsticks, literally. Then he came back in five minutes with a huge smile and said, "You can go. " he did not have to tell me twice. In hindsight, List Theory, never be first or last, hide in the middle. I was first off the plane (First Class) and first in line in Immigration.

    Tried something new, too late for the bus, I prepaid online for a taxi and my driver was there with my name on a sign. Perfect. Roads empty, only took 35 minutes to the front door of my hotel on Avenida 70, the tourist corridor. $34, they never expect a tip but I gave him 20 mil pesos for a good ride. Hotel door locked, tap on glass. Super friendly check in girl.

    The streets are deserted. There is a quarantine in place they tell me until Tue. No matter. My Numero Uno chica Catgirl does not know I am here yet. I mix hotels and staying at the girls' place, when it makes sense. Number 2 Maid Service backed out on me at the last second when her Auntie showed up unexpectedly. No one else knew I was coming which is how I do it, I let them know one at a time, keeps down the bickering. Maid Service will be here in the morning. I need the rest.

    I am in the heart of the tourist corridor, on a Saturday night, and no one is around. This place is normally wall to wall people. Photos shot from my hotel room. Great room at the front of the building, normally would be very loud (does not bother me), private bath, very clean, strong WiFi signal, $12 per night single occupancy, 18 K pesos extra if I have a girl over ($5) or I can pay the double occupancy rate of $16 per night. I usually stay in El Centro at Hotel Botero but I heard the place was closed, and boarded up, unconfirmed. Maybe I can buy it at a good price, jeje.

    Did I mention Life is Good, again? I traveled with a half-full medium sized back pack, mostly containing T-shirts I got for the girls last time I was in NYC. You want to see a chica drop to her knees AND leave a puddle at the same time, give her one of these T's.

    I was never touched or searched once. I have shoes and change of clothes at least 3 girls houses so I will start making the Rounds soon, with lots of pussy pics. Weather is here, wish you were perfect, jajajaja.

    In case no one told ya, electric here is same. Always bring an extension cord with three sockets on the end, the hotels I have been in here suffer from a lack of wall outlets. Never leaves my bag when home.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails T shirt NYC.jpg‎   T shirt NYC2.jpg‎   T shirt NYC3.jpg‎   Avenida 70 empty.jpg‎   extension cord.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiamiBoy1  [View Original Post]
    My comparison is still fair. You don't pay La Isla girl 300 k for a full hour, probably 30 minutes or so.

    Also you save on taxi, cover fee and overpriced drinks at the establishment. You don't pay a takeout fee. And you fuck her in the comfort of your apartment. She might even stay longer if she enjoys her time with you and no security would interrupt you because your time is up.

    I don't care if you can in Brazil. Most of us live in the US, and if I buy the same product 3-4 times cheaper elsewhere, I see it as a great value.
    I can understand your way of thinking, but that can be a slippery slope.

    It works like this:

    You can get girls in Colombia for $15 that would easily cost you $150 in the US. You can get girls in Colombia for $60 that would cost you $400-$600 in the US. But when you're stuck on thinking how much it would cost you back home it's easy to rationalize paying more. That's what frequently happens at Gusto. Guys come in, see girls that are asking for $500-$2000 back home and all they want is $200? Less than 100 yards away are girls, often looking just as good, who will treat you right for $60.

    You can go to Gusto and have the Gusto experience and take home a Gusto girl, and at the end of the night you've had a great time and only spent $400 on drinks and a girl. Compared to the US, it's a great value.

    Or you can get a girl elsewhere, go to a different club, have an almost identical experience and at the end of the night you've spent $150.

    If you're in Colombia, forget what it costs back home and focus on what it costs in Colombia.

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    This is All Facts

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTallMan  [View Original Post]
    WTF 300 mil! I give 100 to 150 for 24 hours plus transportation and I am very selective and have about a dozen of 18 to 24 yo cuties in my stable on rotation. This is what you get for living here in Medellin and putting in the time and finding the real gems.

    Just one example is this 19 yo paisa, yes she is a barrio brat but so sweet and although I don't show her face she looks like the twin sister of Megan Fox, no shit. She is tall at 178 cm and all natural which I adore. Again just one out of 20 or more cuties, and yes when she comes over and stays with me for a day up to a week I give her between 100 to 300 mil.
    And if you mongers just stay still long enough to actually meet and get to know girls in Medellin and they know you, you will that the prices that the Tall Man and Myself have quoted are very much possible and you will have a rotation of girls at your feet. If you are the weekend millionaire who has no time to invest in this hobby, you will always pay top price and will rarely find the best gems that the city of eternal spring has to offer, Pollo Negro is out!

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    Found more enthusiastic BBBJ provider

    Quote Originally Posted by Knowledge  [View Original Post]
    New, but not improved, management. The 10 K room fee was not charged before. There were Colombians amongst the staff before. The overwhelming high volume music pumped through the place 1970's Plato's Retreat style is not new.
    I found a more enthusiastic BBBJ provider whose description offers completion in Belen from mileroticos. Mirasol in the Las Palmas area of Belen. I arrived without much time left until the toque de queda and took the 70 k for half hour BBBJ and the deed. She was older and lighter skin with fairly good naturals. She had a good attitude and performed pretty well and for longer without asking to transition to the deed. She allowed kissing. It was in an apartment with more than one provider and a cute puppy dog. No line up. This time I brought a small packet of lube that would fit in my back pocket along with pills that I forgot to take. I ended up finishing in mish and then caught a taxi instead of an Uber because I wanted to be in the taxi and on my way before the toque de queda started.

    In a previous post I mentioned messing by trying to get BBBJ and a time extension in the Mayorista SW scene. I will probably head over to centro after the lockdown ends. I appreciate the centro strategies from other senior members. I have some previous experience with the SW in Tijuana and the fishbowl foam as well as a semi pro decades ago in Pattaya.

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    Hear! Hear!

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiderRider  [View Original Post]
    "satisfaction trumps fantasy".
    I would rather pay full price for a satisfying PSE "7" than get a shitty persona diva "10" for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivingFossil  [View Original Post]
    I decided I would try the FB girls thing so I created a profile and followed some instructions a member posted a while ago, but I am still lost.

    Do I just add random girls who look hot and have slutty photos and then preposition them? LOL.

    Is there a page or person I should find that has girls that are known to be workers?

    Also, does anyone here trade numbers of girls through PM?
    I'm also curious how to do the Facebook search. I have found quite a few twitter handles of working chicas. Its quite easy since Twitter encourages random followers and the algorithm suggests other working chicas from the same city / country after following one, so you keep following a new chica and get new suggestions and keep it going. I haven't met or messaged any yet as I'm only fact finding until my trip to SA later this year but so far it seems promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyO  [View Original Post]
    The problem with what you are saying is that so many girls think that they can get by just on looks alone and all they basically have to do is demand a high fee, show up to the party and bring nothing else to the table. This becomes more apparent if she has 1000's of social media followers drooling over her telling her how hot she is.

    That's the reason why I personally never talk about numbers like 7, 8's and 9's as well as beauty being totally down to individual taste. It baffles me when I see posts like "how much does it cost to fuck a 9 in Medellin". Yes we all like to fuck smoking hot girls, who doesn't but I also don't want to feel like I'm fucking a dead fish. If I happen to come across a 9 and I get good vibes off her fantastic, it's game on, the same with a 6 or 7, but I'm not seeking out 7 8's and 9's just for the sake of fucking a smoking hot girl and getting no real satisfaction.

    It's a difficult balance but my main point being, while I'm spending time seeking out a 9 with a good attitude I could probably have passed by four 6's or 7's that would have blown my mind in bed.
    "satisfaction trumps fantasy".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis2008  [View Original Post]
    You are right Knowledge but Colombia hit a new high with Covid cases. Until that number comes down, the lockdowns will likely persist.
    This weekend is a special kind of lockdown with even all alcohol sales prohibited. You cannot even order via rappi. While no one yet knows what further measures the government may take I doubt they will include no alcohol sales and no visitors at Energy except until maybe the next holiday weekend with super spreader potential. Just my opinion.

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    Links and facts

    Everybody I have talked to has had no issues with the Covid vaccine. The worst I heard was a few hours of arm soreness. I am going to get my vaccine Monday thank God.

    I have read the vaccine is 95% effective but I did not know what that meant. Here is the actual data: What Pfizer did was to select about 43,000 voluntary participants where about half received the vaccine and the other half (the control group) received only a placebo, without any active substance. After about a month after the first dose (I. E. One week after the second dose), they started to count the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases for each group: in the placebo group 162 cases were confirmed, whereas in the vaccine group only 8 cases appeared.

    As somebody pointed out, if you get the vaccine and mount an antibody response, it would also likely mean that if you do get Covid 4 to 6+ weeks after getting the vaccine, it likely will not be as severe.

    Of the two vaccines, you have to get a booster three weeks after getting the Pfizer vaccine and four weeks after getting the Moderna one. As for how much immunity you get after one dose, there is this:

    Researchers assessed the effectiveness of that two-dose regimen, spaced three or four weeks apart depending on the vaccine, in trials with more than 30,000 subjects. In Moderna's late-stage trials, the first dose provided around 80% to 90% efficacy after 28 days. Two weeks after the booster shot, the efficacy had reached 94.1%, according to study results.

    Pfizer said the late-stage trial found its shot was about 52% effective after the first dose, with study results showing protection starting as early as 12 days after receiving it. A week after the second dose, the shot's effectiveness rose to 95%, Pfizer said its study found.

    Texas has moved from stage 1 A of those receiving the vaccine to stage 1 B. This is the list of people who can now get the vaccine in Texas who are in the 1 B category:

    People 65 years of age and older.

    People 16 years of age and older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts.

    Them at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19, such as.

    But not limited to:


    Chronic kidney disease.

    COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

    Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease or cardiomyopathies.

    Solid organ transplantation.

    Obesity and severe obesity (body mass index of 30 kg / m2 or higher).


    Sickle cell disease.

    Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

    So I think a lot of people here may now qualify. By the way, there is no cost for the vaccination.

    Even though the USA embassy site has said that Covid PCR tests were not required to enter prior to January 11, we have had two people here say that testing is now required prior to entry or you have to quarantine.

    I hated that fucking swab up my nose, and there is an oral PCR test that can be ordered, and I just did so. This place got good reviews and the cost was $150. They are backed up with orders, and apparently, it takes 6 to 11 days to get the test, but they are bragging about a 24 hour turn around once you submit the sample:

    Someone made a comment about sneaking out of the quarantine. My Medellin chica came back from Mexico in March and she was forced into quarantine. She was checked on multiple times. We are all adults here, but I really would not fuck around with this. No one is in the mood to show any mercy to Covidiots. Hang in your place if quarantined. Get the test then have your fun.

    One thing that has pissed me off about all the scare mongering is there is only so much people can take, and everybody is sick of it, but now is the time to be scared. Cases are at all time highs in the USA and Colombia. One in three tests done in Bogota for Covid now is +. That is fucking crazy high.

    I have seen hundreds of people now with Covid. I cannot recall any without symptoms. If you are going to play, and you see a woman with bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, barking cough, or one who does not look right, Stay the fuck away! Of all the bullshit spread, to me, the worst is that people with Covid spread it asymptomatically like that is how it normally happens. Maybe that does happen but everyone I have seen knows exactly from whom or when they got it.

    I am jealous of you guys in Colombia now. Hopefully, I can join you fuckers and do my duty to bang as much Colombian strange as possible come February. Y'all be careful out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiamiBoy1  [View Original Post]
    if I buy the same product 3-4 times cheaper elsewhere, I see it as a great value.
    An economic theory, Law of One Price, supports the notion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot10  [View Original Post]
    I agree. I'll try to keep her on the line and work something out. As she eluded to, I didn't feel like paying for "her time" for 4 days, without knowing anything about her. Some smoking hot chick that lives in Bello, has a jacuzzi, and talks about tusi in the first conversation. That's got a potential to blow up in your face. I'm not up against the clock, so I don't feel rushed.

    Surfer, I think maybe I should just take the safe route and look for the spinner with blue hair.
    Slap I haven't tried to entice putas with extras like booze or hot tub, or bad ass suite for many many years.

    All that does is drives the price higher or make her more stubborn, she now knows you arent broke, but in her mind.

    You are just being stubborn as to giving her inflated asking price, just because she says she has a hot tub at papas doesn't mean she does.

    That's probably just her way of saying I don't care, she just wants her inflated price (maybe so she can rent a room for her and her novio with a hot tub LOL).

    If anything I might think some predator putas may interpret enticements of hot tub champagne etc as a desperation move.

    Someone trying to impress them or kiss their ass.

    I try not to treat a 10 any differently then a 7, we aren't marrying them, its just 1 or 2 pops and adios.

    A pop isn't worth that much to me, we all can jerk off to amazing porn for free.

    I kinda compare putas to a haircut, Ill only pay so much for a haircut, I used to pay $100 for a haircut in the late 80's LOL.

    I wouldn't pay $20 today, I try to think of putas as lunch, how much is a typical lunch worth?

    I wouldn't pay $500 for a haircut or lunch so overpriced 3rd world putas are also out of the question (not incidentally developed world overpriced putas are also out of the question).

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