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    Quote Originally Posted by Explorer 2004
    Does anyone have any information about Bucaramanga? I could not find anything by searching the forum. I am most interested in safety and maybe a hotel. Any other information is welcome.
    Explorer2004 I will be in Bucaramanga from April 20th to may 9th. I will get as much information as i can. i am meeting my g/f so i will have to be carefull.

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    Does anyone have any information about Bucaramanga? I could not find anything by searching the forum. I am most interested in safety and maybe a hotel. Any other information is welcome.

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    Up to 40 tourists kidnapped

    Various news sources reporting today COL tourists have been kidnapped from a spa near San Rafael in Antioquia Prov.
    The link is:

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    Action in Armenia

    I plan to be in Medellin in early December. As such I'm going to plan a small side trip to Armenia. Does anyone have any information on "Casa de Chica's" or the Action in Armenia? Can anyone recomend a fairly decent hotel, full service, clean, possibly three or four star?

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    not too worry...San Andres is 100% safe!!!!!!!!!

    No guerilla scums here.

    besides that most inlanders speak english. How's that for a change?

    However it is far more costly then the mainland.

    you can get direct flights from Bogota,Cartagena and Medellin. (probably Cali aswell..)


    PS: if you go there...bring in your OWN girls!!! Not too many hookers there;-)

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    Boy Free Sex.
    I wish you gave the same detail previews about Panama City.

    I also thought the best part about San Andreas was the ride around the island. There is absolutely no reason to go there for sex, as Panama is much better.

    I also hated the San Andres airport, and the 3 hours of sweating I had to go through

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    my novia and i last month rode the overland bus from ctg to baq, sm ending in maicao. the bus was full departing from ctg at 5 am. at least 6 passengers were partying with music and drinking rum from ctg to baq (3 hr. trip).

    there are numerous road blocks and speed bumps along the route. heavily armed police and military camps were seen. not one leo entered the bus to check. the passengers on the bus all minded their own business. no problems whatsoever.

    the landscape around santa marta and eastbound is extremely beautiful to see in some parts with the carib sea on one side and mountains on the other. other parts are flat wetlands. the poverty in the small villages is something for a westerner to see. imagine a village gas station consisting of a table, one barrel and one black hose for filling? i am sure very few if any westerners have seen and experienced what i have of poverty in magdalena and guajira departments.

    from maicao and after lunch, we got a collective taxi (8 people in a old, rusty lincoln) to the vnz border but we were detained 3 hrs. by border le because of no visas. two young, civilian dressed leo harassed us. finally, we took the bus back to sm and stayed overnight in the el rodadero area at the tamaca beach resort hotel. very nice room with 2 queen size beds, refrigerator, 2 buffet meals, beautiful grounds and good service. amounted to us$76. sm has many small restaurants on the beach for enjoying fresh seafood. we did not enter sm town itself but stayed in el rod area strolling the beach, eating etc.

    late in the afternoon, we took a taxi from sm back to ctg taking approx. 3¼ hrs. we were stopped a total of 3 times at the road blocks. twice, i was asked to show id, searched for weapons and luggage was opened for inspection. entire process took less than 5 min. during the early evening hrs. we no longer saw road blocks east of baq and westbound from there back to ctg.

    i am not staying this adventure was completely safe for others to try but i did and am grateful to have seen the col countryside rarely seen by others. i only wish i had opportunities to take pictures from the bus window.

    a picture of sm beach. the beach continues to the right of the picture up to the high rise building. i can post another if interested.

    i received a few emails from cyberchicas from santa marta writing it is safe for me to visit them there.
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    san andres island


    ok, after the disco saturday night i fell asleep and woke up about 1030am on sunday. the bulk of the report is pretty much done because i have covered all of the ho houses and the most popular discos. there is only one of other ho house called
    "the night club", but it is closed. not sure when it will open back up, but it was closed the entire time i was on the island.

    well i woke up on sunday and rented a bike again, (thats how fun it is). while driving around the island i stopped and ate at a resturant that was great, and of course i cant remember the name. sunday was really just a tourist day. i saw captain morgans hole, (not much to see, just a huge black hole). then i went to see the blow hole, not much to see either.

    well after we ate and drove back to our hotel is started raining, so we ended up just staying in sunday night. considering we had done most of all you can do on the island.

    monday(last day)

    woke up layed on the beach most of the morning, then my taxi came to get me at 130pm. and remeber the rate to the airport from any hotel on the beach area is 8,000.

    random closing notes

    -saturday night was the most active night on the island
    -about 95% of the taxis are caprice classics or ford escort hatchbacks. they say servico publico on the side and most of the honk as they are driving by.
    -there are various exchanges houses to exchange money
    -there are 5 decameron resorts on the island
    -it is about 80-90 degress throughout the day. at night it is in the mid 70s. there are rain showers for about 5-10 mins rep001tered throughout the day
    -perfect place to go with girlfriend of wife, not really for single men.
    -upon leaving colombia there is a $28 departure fee
    -although you are on a colombian owned island you feel like you are in jamaica. the people are brown to dark skin, speak english and very friendly.

    well thats it, hope this helps. pm me for anymore info.

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    San Andres Island


    -This was NOT a trip to monger, solely to leave Panama (where I reside) for re newing my visa. So, while I was there for the purpose of relaxing, I did some "field research" for the board.

    -There is only 1 airline that flies to San Andres FROM Panama. It is called West Carribean Airlines. Tickets to S.A.I (San Andres Island) can be bought at any travel agency here in Panama.

    -The flights to S.A.I leave and return on only Monday Wednesday and Fridays.(Remember this is from Panama City, Panama, NOT the states or any other country).

    -The ticket price is 223.00 USD, which includes the country departure taxes FROM Panama.

    -The flight takes one hour.

    -Upon entry there is an $9 entry tax to the island. Not sure if this applies to Colombian Citizens but it looked as if EVERYONE had to pay the entry fee.

    -There are 5 ho houses on the Island, they will have the $ sign next to them, while the regular clubs will have the *** sign next to them

    -PM me for my guides telephone number. He was perfect. Speaks english, good price and knows the good pro and non pro spots on the island. His name is Juan Carlos, PM me for his info.

    -At the conclusion of this report there will be Random Conclusion notes.

    Day 1 (Friday)
    Walked out of the airport and obviously was houded by the Taxi drivers. Me and my buddy decide to go with this one Taxi driver who SEEMS on the up and up (our mistake). Considering I had done my research on the internet I knew the hotel I was going to stay at. So I told the driver Potobelo Hotel. We get there about 5 mins after leaving the airport, so obviously the hotel was an EXTREMELY close drive. Well turns out they dont have any single rooms, and was with a buddy of mine so we both wanted our own rooms.

    So we ride around to two other hotels that the driver knows. Of course they do not have single rooms either, supposedly there were some kind of games on the island so hotels were full. In the end myself and my buddy head back to our first hotel because it is RIGHT on the beach. Now this is the funny part. After driving us around in total for about 15 mins our driver says "15 bucks". Obviously the BIGGEST rip off ever!! I knew this also, but considering I was on vacation I said what the hell, he got me, ill learn from this mistake and move on. So I say all this to say get a price qoute BEFORE you get in a Taxi at the airport. The correct rate is 8,000 pesos to the main beach area from the airport.

    Ok, my hotel. Portobelo Hotel. About a 2.5 star hotel. Right on the beach, and very friendly staff. A double room which I had was about 32 usd. A single is about 16 usd. We didnt have hot water, we had AC, and also a fan. Considering I was not looking to be in a resort nor a 4-5 star hotel, this hotel was just fine with me.

    Well, when we settled in we just walked on the beach, caught some sun and did just about nothing really. About 830pm we hit up lady moon and other clubs I will list:

    Lady Moon$$

    -The set up is like a small bar/disco with chicas obviously.
    -About 8 girls in total, most were 5 to 8´s.
    -They only do out call, the girls wanted 150000 for an hour. I didnt bargain because I didnt really want to session.
    -Entry fee is 15k, gets you 2 beers or 1 mixed drink

    Reciffe Club$$

    -About 4-7 girls, most 3 to 6´s.
    -90k for one hour (bullshit) but I did not really bargain.
    -Not the best looking, but the chicas are cheaper here.

    After hitting up these 2 casas I did the non pro disco scene. In general although it was a friday the island was somewhat quite. I did not see any ¨beach parties¨on the main beach, and the general vibe was quite. The islander told me Friday is a somewhat quite night.

    Club Extasy**

    -15,000 to get in, this gets you no drinks.
    -90 percent couples and only about 65 people in the entire disco.
    -Nice sound system, nice club, BUT mostly ALL couples and the few singles I did see were in a group with other men so it was hard to tell what the hell was going on.
    -I stayed about an hour then left

    After this I picked up on the Pro scene just to see what was out there.

    Elephant Club$$$

    -50k for 40 mins
    -About 7 chics in the club. Most 4-7.
    -I sessioned with a chica named Janet. The session was NOT worth even talking about. Very little GFE feeling, no acting on her end, it was just overall a WEAK session. BUT the end result was I got one off, obviously what I wanted to do anyhow. BUT I do not recommend sessioning with her.
    -For the most bang for your buck this club is probably your best bet, BUT beware you may have to sift through the chicas because most are NOT stunners.

    I know some of you are thinking, "wow he did all this in his FIRST NIGHT??" The answer is yes for a few reasons:

    -All the strip clubs are extremely close to each other
    -I was really just checking out the casas for research, as I stated this was NOT a monger trip.
    -I had a new Taxi driver who was cool and was with me the whole night named Juan Carlos. PM me for his information, he only has a cell number no e mail. So we just basically drove around checking out all the strip clubs.

    Sexy Club$$$

    -80k for 30 mins. About 14 girls, most 5-8´s.
    -Heard about the live show but I got there too late.
    -Open during the day,as I was driving my moto by there during the day I saw girls standing outside as if they were working.
    -Had the best looking girls out of all the strip clubs I went to BUT they were NOT all stunners.
    -There was NO cover for me because I was with my driver. The dude at the door stopped me for a brief second to see if I was with my driver, once he realized I was, there was no fee for me to enter.


    I woke up about 1pm (I know, terrible), BUT I managed to get up and for the most part just walked on the beach and did tourist stuff for the day. There are a few places to change dollars on the island so dont worry to much about that. Just asked the person working in your hotel lobby. About 3pm, I rented a moto. It cost 35,000 for 4 hours. This was a BLAST!! Without stopping you can ride around the ENTIRE island is about an hour an a half. I would really recommend anyone coming to the island do this. It is extremely relaxing, safe, and not expensive. You also literally get to see the whole island, peoples homes, other beaches, etc, from just driving around the island. After that was over I took a nap and woke up to hit some more non pro spots.

    My driver told me to go to a place called Willis Bar for the single local women. So, about 1130 I hit up Willis Bar:

    Willis Bar***

    -!0k to enter gets you 5 beers, you are given a ticket that you most hold on to.
    -This is the locals spots, not many gringos, only natives from the island.
    -Although there were SOME single ladies, the vast majority were with men, AGAIN. The vibe was fun but the chicas just did not seem to interested.
    -I left here about 2am to head over to another non pro disco called Blue Deep.

    Blue Deep***

    -15,000 to get in, one drink.
    -Seemed to be the gringo spot. I saw mostly locals but a good number of gringos (what I WASNT looking for).
    -Nice club physically but once again, many couples and the local chicas really did not seem to interested.
    -After about an hour of trying to get chicas attention and failing we left. If you have not noticed by now this island is really for couples. If you are a single guy or coming with a group of single dudes, DONT go. The vibe is to be spent with a lady friend you BRING WITH YOU.
    -Anyhow after that we left and went home.

    I will pick up with the rest tommorow.

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    Good man, Free Sex, I have always been curious about SAI. Give us a full report, we are counting on you!

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    Free Sex,

    Good luck, and happy times. Look forward to hearing
    specifics on prices and availability. Girls and hotels!


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    Ok, the ticket was bought today, so it is offical. I get to St. Andres Island this friday at about 11am (from panama city). So, look for the report. Wish me luck, if anyone has any last minute info about the island let me know.

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    Hi everyone,
    Although there is an extensive info on all Colombians cities in the forum, there is nothing abouth Santa Marta. Is it too small to have any action?
    Could anyone post any info on Santa Marta please?

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    Hey Free sex.
    I will also be there.
    What dates are u there?

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    Ok Everyone,

    I will be in San Andres the Second weekend of August for a 4 day three night stay. If anyone has any additional information about the island let me know. Thanks to El Colorado I am already 2 steps ahead of the rest. I will post my report and pics upon my return. If anyone has any questions PM me or if anyone is going to be there the 2nd week of August let me know so we can meet up.

    Free Sex

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