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    Ok, the ticket was bought today, so it is offical. I get to St. Andres Island this friday at about 11am (from panama city). So, look for the report. Wish me luck, if anyone has any last minute info about the island let me know.

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    Hi everyone,
    Although there is an extensive info on all Colombians cities in the forum, there is nothing abouth Santa Marta. Is it too small to have any action?
    Could anyone post any info on Santa Marta please?

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    Hey Free sex.
    I will also be there.
    What dates are u there?

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    Ok Everyone,

    I will be in San Andres the Second weekend of August for a 4 day three night stay. If anyone has any additional information about the island let me know. Thanks to El Colorado I am already 2 steps ahead of the rest. I will post my report and pics upon my return. If anyone has any questions PM me or if anyone is going to be there the 2nd week of August let me know so we can meet up.

    Free Sex

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    In regard to members' PM's on where to stay on San Andreas, here is a copy of my response:

    After trying unsuccessfully to get into the Decameron Aquarium and the Sunrise, we had to settle for the Lord Pierre. It was right next to the beach. It has the best bar and the worst pool on the island. I got a junior suite to have a balcony and a little more room. If you can get into the Aquarium, you may dine or use the facilities at any of the 4 other Decameron resorts on the island. All of the above have websites. Have your chica book everything in Columbia; it's cheaper.

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    I just got back from 10 days on San Andreas Island with a Columbiana. I managed to send her home a few days earlier than me and was able to check out the mongering scene on the island for one night. The exchange rate while I was there was about $2,715 Columbian pesos to the US dollar. I found the following places:

    1 Lady Moon Club - Ave 20 Julio and Beach Road – 2nd floor - $15,000 cp cover gets you 2 beers or one mixed drink. About a dozen girls from 3 to 7, mostly 4’s & 5’s. They only do outcall. Initially asked for $170,000 for an hour and $300,000 for the night. They came down to $70,000 for the hour. OK place, the only one in town. I didn’t like the quality for the price and took off.

    2 Sexy Club – West Side of island Coast Road at mile marker 5, right at the far end of the airport runway. There were 36 girls at night ranging from 6 to 9. Most were 7”s or 8’s. They were from Bogota, Cali and Medillin. There is a pretty good strip show at 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM. It included audience participation. Like casas in many Columbian cities, the girls live there for a length of time, usually a minimum of half a month. The place has a big covered gate that admits whatever your driving. It is a fairly large place and quite nice on the inside. On premises, girls asked for $100,000 for a half hour, but were eventually willing to settle for $70,000 for an hour. It was a Wednesday night and there were only about 15 customers. Some were only there for the show. Outcalls wanted $300,000 for the night. I was able to get a girl’s cell phone number and use her during the next day for two hours (without management getting a cut) for $100,000. The place also has some girls available during the day. Girl’s drinks were the same as men. Mixed drinks were $7000. There was about a $2,500 per person cover. I brought in my driver who I paid $40,000 for the trip out and back and his 2 hours of time. This is the best place on the island. I was told there are as many as 50 girls there on the weekend. The police provide security. They are obviously being paid off.

    3 Reciffe Club - Mile marker 8 on the west side of the island. I didn’t go there, but heard about it from two independent sources. Girls are about $50,000 on site; there are about 20 a night. It too is open during the day. The quality of the girls isn’t supposed to be as good as Sexy Club.

    4 The disco in the Eldorado Hotel is supposed to have both pros and non- pros. It was closed the whole time I was there. However, the hotel had the highest concentration of young, beautiful, single girls I ever saw. It is across the street from the main beach. Columbian high school and college girls go there in small groups of 3-4. No parents are around. There seemed to be at least 3 women for every man I saw on the island.

    5 There are supposed to be occasional SW’s in front of the casino next door to the Eldorado Hotel. I never saw them.

    Most of the hotels on the island are “all inclusive” (all food and drinks are included) and relatively inexpensive compared to other places I have been in the Caribbean. There were several casinos. The whole island is duty free. No 15% IVA tax. Clothing, liquor, house wares and perfume were about half the price of Cali or Bogotá. Electronics were maybe 25% cheaper. These reduced prices, along with no IVA tax, meant that everything was a bargain, even when compared to the US. Havana Club rum (my favorite) sold for the same price it sells for in Havana.

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    Farm workers in the Dept. of Norte de Santander - but this story still talks about an area that a monger might venture into and could be of interest to someone on this board.

    See link below for story.


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    I am going to Armenia in July. Anybody know of any places there?

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    Here is some more info on the attacks:

    Please be safe!


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    ALL - FARC is out bombing the hell out of different areas of the country (Northwest Colombia (normally safer)). Many dead and many wounded.

    This to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their start of the "war."

    Please see the link below for the CNN story:

    Good Luck and please be safe. Gringos are easy to spot and although that might help you with the ladies, it also makes you an easy target for the FARC.


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    I have been to Bucaramanga and it is a nice city. It is called the Pearl of Colombia. I was with my G/F my whole visit there,so i was unable to do any mongering.I did see many beautifull ladies in downtown Bucaramanga.

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    Can anyone give me info. on BUCARAMANGA SANTANDER, I meet a girl from there the other day in Panama City and she was smoking hot. She said that this city in colombia has very beautiful girls. Anyboby care to comments on this, thanks.

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    I'm doing a split trip and ending up in Santa Marta. Can someone give us a update on this city?



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    Hey Pilgrims ,anyone have info on San Andreas island ?

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    YOU are the man! Seriously! I have wondered about the action in and around Leticia for a while now. You frontiered this frontier for us mongers! Can I ask some questions?

    1. What hotel(s) did you stay. How much? location?

    2. Do you have any descriptions of the chicas? Any chicas on the Brazilian side?

    3. Since it is a frontier area, is the Brazilian visa still required for U.S. citizens?

    4. My Spanish is not good. Do you think I will be totally lost there? Is good Spanish necessary to pick up girls?

    5. My email: Please drop me an email. I will be in Bogota and Cartagena next month and want to take a day or so and go to Lecicia.

    Thanks again for the report!


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