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    These two towns form part of the so-called "Triple Frontier" between Brasil, Columbia and Peru. Peru has no town represented here.

    The area seems basically safe enough. I encountered no problems on either side of the Brasilian-Columbian border.

    The place to stay in this area is definitely Leticia. One can cross back and forth between the borders without any problems -- but make sure your documents are straight when leaving the area (get Columbian passport necessities done at the Leticia airport, and Brasilian formalities done at the federal police deptartment on Rua International in Tabatinga -- Lonely Planet is not up-to-date on this).

    I wasn't able to find any action in Tabatinga. The main road is Rua International (which turns into Rua Amizade in Leticia). There's a club -- the Oasis Disco -- right near the border that's supposed to have some action. Went in to check it out, and it was totally dead.

    On this same road is Escandalo -- Tabatinga's main disco. Supposedly there's action to be found here, too. It was closed on both nights that I went (Tues., Weds.).

    Taxi drivers mentioned other places, which I couldn't undertand (due to that damnable jungle-Portugese they speak). It might be worth doing a little more research on it. Keep your eyes open, though; Tabatinga looked a little rough. Rua International might have a good early-evening SW scene.

    Leticia, on the other hand, was very mellow with a decent little scene.

    Rua Amizade, after about 200 hundred feet away from the border, becomes tree-lined and fairly residential. It is along this stretch that about 3 small, live-in brothels may be found.

    The best is called "Te Esperamos," and is more or less central to the others. Find this place, in other words, and you'll see the rest. Get a taxi driver to take you there for about 1 USD. No addresses available.

    Most of these girls charge about 10 USD for a couple of hours, with beds on site for a dollar or two. Drink prices were a little elevated, but still relatively cheap. And, believe it or not, there were more than a few good looking girls here. The area seemed totally safe.

    Most of the bars down by that last main street before the incline toward the river have available girls hanging out in them. The scene is very basic and easy to approach. Basically, any place with neon lighting, single girls and loud music is a pick-up joint.

    Have fun -- and know that you're doing some real travelling if you've got yourself here!

    Happy Hunting,

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    I hear in Barrancabermeja the situastion is pretty fucked up with para militians and crap like that:-(

    In that city my GF lives.


    I realy would like to visit her there,but I do not have suicidal feelings!!!


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    I have tried houses in Neiva and Ibague and had good results with these small town girls.

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    To Surfer

    Thanks for the negative recommendations. Tips about places to avoid are precious.

    Keep us posted about Santa Marta!


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    XXL: If you go to BAQ, AVOID the "strip clubs" Lusitania & Zona Roja like the plague (the night I went there I WISHED I was in TJ!); TONS of hot nonpros in the discos on weekends, best in El Prado area. There MUST be plenty of casas too (4th largest city in Colombia), but I had a novia there so didn't get to check it out.

    RE: Santa Marta-I am likely going there on my trip next week and will report back. I have high hopes but we'll see.

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    Santa Marta?

    Tired of Cali. Might try Barranquilla.

    I heard Santa Marta could be quite pleasant because of the beach etc.

    Is there a substantial night-life in Santa Marta?


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    The series of videos Hot Latin Pussy Adventures
    From 1-8 are mostly shot in Colombia. The best one I've seen is #7. Here's a link to a review.

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    You found some XXX vids with girls from Periera?
    What were the names? I'd love to check them out.
    I met a puta from there one time in Spain and she was
    awesome, so I'd love to check it out in Columbia,
    but have a hard time finding any info.

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    I'm throwing this out to anyone who might have info.
    Is Periera really all it's cracked up to be in terms of
    women,sex and mongering? I've heard reference in the
    past, and have run across a couple of XXX Latina viedos
    that were shot in Periera. I've also heard the best putas
    in Colombia come from Periera.
    Thanks for any comments/feedback.


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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Nibu Raphael
    [i]Hi Can anyone post sex info on these cities Popayan and Pasto Nearby Also Bucamaranga up north. How safeis it taking a bus in the daytime first thru Pasto then Popayan then Cali?

    Are you a hobbyist or are you auditioning for Survivor? I've taken a car between Popayan and Cali and make it to Cali but believe me it's American Roulette. I would bet even money you won''t make to Cali without paying a nice sum in ransom money.

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    Other Areas

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