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    Struggle news.

    In today's struggle news the daughter of "Fito" a gang leader that is currently in prison one of the 2 gangs who are in the process of depopulating themselves, had been released, a special wing of the police known UNASE took custody of the two young women who were kidnapped at gunpoint they had been held for 4 days.

    I guess the upcoming fear of a conflict spilling to the streets, has been averted we can now go back to gangsters depopulating themselves in prison and in the streets Hip Hip Hooray, let's be clear about one gad dam thing the police did not "rescue" them in a SWAT or force recon operation, they went to an abandoned house in the woods and took possession of them they were unhurt, spooked but unhurt, so it's not as if the efficiency of the Ecuadorian security forces was a factor in those 2 young teenagers being released.

    What I am aware of is that there is currently a conference in the Capitol between the president of Ecuador and Colombia, and among other things, they will discuss sharing intelligence and opening borders, how nice no more Ecuadorian intelligence officers being arrested in Colombia for thinking they are 007 nice change of pace.

    Hope this is an omen for things to improve in Ecuador.

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    Alert alert

    This woman is a scammer she uses her beauty to supposedly give you an onlyfans accounts take the money and not deliver.
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    What not to do in Ecuador

    A report of my deep dive about this issue.

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    Doom blowing people's minds.

    I am today as usual inspired and highly motivated by some of that buddha's delight, ma boys called me today and asked "hey boss man we need work for the hoes" this, as usual, is when I start yelling and pimp slapping people.

    However, I am now a family man so I let the crew know that unfortunately Americans even though they came from a race of humans that had, the will, fortitude, and can-do attitude to become a superpower this is no longer the case.

    I will state my argument I have had like 4 or 10 people sliding into my PM making observations around Ecuador, most of which end up pissing me off, you see players usually the observations go something like this.

    "I hear Ecuador is dangerous" "I hear Colombianas are pretty" "I hear that Colombia and Peru are cheaper" "I hear that Medellin is much safer" as my old drill instructor used to say "cry me a fucking river" that was back in the day when barracks were not integrated, I can't see today's DI using profane language with about 12 to 15% women in a training platoon but I digress.

    You see my fellow players gather around and allow Doom the opportunity to instruct you primates on some facts and statistics shall we, the level of safety is measured by the "crime index" this simple scale of 0-100 measures the level of safety compared to the US, the statisticians use the US as a benchmark since most tourists are American, Europe and parts of Asia are much much safer you could pass out drunk in the middle of a shitty neighborhood in Vietnam and almost nothing will happen to you, don't try that shit in Tijuana though.

    The crime index goes something a little something like this when a country say Paraguay who has a crime index of 49.01 this means that Paraguay is safer than 49.01% of the neighborhoods in America this is the actual number BTW, so let us delve deep into the data to break this motherfucker down like a fraction.

    Colombia which some of you rave about has a crime index in the whole country of 57.74, the breakdown by the city is attached to this report, this country, by comparison, Ecuador has an overall index of 56.85 lower than Colombia, but not by much. Here is where the rubber meets the road, the index only counts the totality of crimes reported, but here is one statistic where there is a glaring difference and it's the homicides rates, in Colombia, the rate flows from year to year and ebbs and flows from 24.3 to 27 homicides for 100.000 people, by comparison, the US has a homicide rate of 6, Ecuador an apparent hotbed of bedlam and chaos according to some has a rate of, wait for it 5.2 and the prison riots this year got it up to a projected 5.8.

    So now that I have blown your minds, please tell me again how it's that you believe you are getting a better deal in Colombia, granted the women are somewhat prettier debatable but ok, Venezuelans had to migrate in mass for the established order of the sex workers to improve their services, and even when you take all of that into account, we are not even talking about the elephant in the room, the simping it's my firm belief backed by data that when you increase demand for a product say for ex. Pussy all you have done is increase its price not to mention the level of entitlement of said sex workers to such an extent that I get PM's all the time saying that girls no longer ask for pesos but dollars, some guys brag about walking around El Centro and paying 100 bucks for a hand job, so please stop the simping.

    Doom out.
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    Quitena ready to mingle with coastal dick

    As usual ma man Wilson is working non-stop to get the primo vaginal juices, which you players are craving here in Guayaquil. Even though most of you primates are going to MDE Colombia I assume because of the weather and the fact the weather is awesome and the variety of MDE sex workers, yes indeed an awesome idea let's group a bunch of American / Europeans / American residents in one spot by the millions so that the Simpathon can commence and make it more expensive for real players.

    In the meantime, I will continue my indiscriminate profanations of the local vagina fauna and another sex worker coming in from the Capital of Quito to engage in slob on the nob as well as other highly motivating activities.

    $40/ H.


    Doom out.
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    An Inspired speech I am inspired.

    This post has been inspired by a player that will be known as the J-man as well as others so the people have asked so they shall receive, it has come to my attention that a lot of players are under the impression that hooker is no longer necessary because you get "GFE experience" in places like Badoo, seeking arrangements and other such technological wizardry, in my opinion, this is absolute bullshit and I will proceed to illuminate you semi evolved primates as to why I have such opinions.

    "Digital dating" is the apex of hypergamous behavior it is also the manifestation of the romantic female transformation, women in the west or who are westernized do not want men to approach them in public, they don't want to have to make an effort to look feminine and presentable in public to get attention, and they don't want to have to publicly display their interest in men, so digital dating was created in order to satisfy these objectives. Having said all of that and this is going to hurt people's feelings, it's "natural" for most women to want the men in their own community, it's only the natural state of affairs, I recall when I was in high school and was enrolled in Miami Springs senior high school, I dated nothing but white Cubans WHY? Well because Miami Springs had a higher tax bracket it attracted Cuban descendants who were professional, so I dated what was around me, the darker skin and poorer Cubans were in the ghetto in Hialeah this is not prejudiced it's a statement of fact, it's the same thing in the middle east, Africa, Latin America, Europe what have you, having said that what kind of strange feminine species goes online to actively seek arrangements pun intended; these women engage in this behavior for 3 reasons:

    1. She is non-conformist, she has a situationship perhaps a single mother, and native patriarchal populations with good reason don't want to maintain a bastard that did not come from his seed excellent reason, in my opinion, she perhaps has been passed around and has burned her bridges in most non-western nation's men KNOW better than to commit to a woman who has been passed around.

    2. She is trying to fulfill some fantasy let's be clear about one thing it's difficult to be a partner to a man who has standards, there's cooking, cleaning, and that's without having to deal with kids, modern women in all cultures are looking for "freedom" so because of culture, movies, the net they see the "foreigner experience" as a way to achieve said freedom.

    3. There is no polite way to say this in most non-western country's men are not as dumb, and men in said cultures will not commit to women with high body counts who are career-driven, however, most western men have been conditioned to be simps and the thirst for female attention is so great that most men in the west will bend over backward for a woman's attention.

    Having established that most of the women that go on these applications are not normal, there are pitfalls that you have to deal with, Badoo, tinder, bumble bee, and others, for the girls in these apps, once you advertise that you are a foreigner your attraction level will go up significantly that's all there is to it, even if you get BBFS on the first date no questions asked, ask yourself this question speaking as a man who has had sex with literally dozens of women on Facebook, Badoo and so on is she really FREE, see for you it was just sex, for her, it's a way out of the box that her society has put her in and she has a financial and emotional incentive to try to "lock you" down. We westerners both men and women we don't give a fuck about our bodies keeping it 100% most people don't hit the gym or eat healthy so obesity rate, heart disease and type 2 diabetes is high and we see sex as something casual, to women in these cultures it isn't casual, it's a way for them to survive and get a better outcome in life, this isn't news it becomes a problem is in the extraction process, you see all of you are part of internationalsexguide it's clear that you are not looking for a wife but rather someone to have casual fun with, maybe if the sex is good you can keep her part of your rotation most people in these ISG streets are players, an actor Charlie Sheen was asked ounce by a judge when sentenced for soliciting a prostitute why he would pay for sex he replied "I don't pay them for sex. I pay them to leave" this is logical, to us who prefer this route and if you are a member of this board that is the reasoning that has been brought you to this site, as far as seeking arrangements I will say this about it, irrespective of what the girl you met there in the site gives you when you meet, remember this anytime a platform asks you to range your income and you have a floor of 100 k to over a Mill the standards of a women increase exponentially she is not looking for "fun" she is looking to be the sugar baby or wife to a man of value, and since I have been a member of the board for over 2 decades now, I know most of you guys are broke I recall the raging debates when it became a paid service to be a senior member so just imagine what a woman will do to you if you put in that you make a 100 k a year and don't fallow through with her expectations it will become a shit show.

    Having made my grand speech here are some struggle women who are part of my dead fish alert, they have profiles in seeking arrangements however they are known to be "clingy", always struggling for money, don't know how to fuck, or just plain annoying.

    I shall leave you struggle primates with the following happy thoughts.

    In life we are a reflection of what we are and life will put you in your place.

    A lady will have a home and a family, a Queen will obtain her throne, and a hooker will have her streets.

    Doom out.
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    Tales from STRUGGLEWOOD

    Man things are getting crazy every day in these streets and people are getting dustier and more struggle by the day, the other day I received a notice from a man who is an ex-pat we shall call him J-man he thought it was an intelligent idea he appears to want ME to promote a sex worker to my pimping connections, it appears this player meet some girls in a site called seeking arrangements it seems this woman wanted to extract some money from J-man *shocking* not only that but her performance was apparently subpar amazing, all jokes aside you guys should take away a few lessons from this all of us PAY either upfront or as we leave, this is not rocket science woman do not love men, they love what men can do for them, seeking arrangements is a platform that asks men upfront what their salary is and there is a range starting from 100 K to 1 mill, so clearly is not for the average broke ass mother fucker, prostitution is not about paying for a woman's time is paying for them to leave and not bother you, I have heard from more than one goofy primate on how they bareback bla blah from a girl in seeking arrangements, well yeah but it's not "free" I and many others prefer the transactional aspects of sex so we are not bothered with bullshit later.

    On other peaceful news, a former government official killed a high-end call girl because he got jealous so I will proceed to opine on that issue by repeating the words of a philosopher who shall be known as the pilot.

    Dating music.

    "Her job is to sell pussy. If you want to buy it and be her sponsor I am sure she would accept. If you don't want to pay the full price you need to let her stay where she belongs. In the Streets. Now is her time to fuck for cash. Let her. Then you only pay for the portion you use."

    Give this motherfucker a goddam round of applause for such a philosophical rant.

    Doom out.
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    Bank problems?

    In order to dispel the amount of fake news that is going on in Ecuador I will illuminate all the unenlightened so gather around children so that you may learn something, for the past 72 hours there have been difficulties with a bank the largest private bank that holds 53% of all of Ecuador's money called the Banco del Pichincha you see they publicly say they have "system issues" which is in a sense is true what it the real truth my intelligence sources have discovered that Banco of Pichincha and the Santander group one of the largest banks in Spain were in discussions to merge however in order to do that, Santander auditors had to hire a private audit group in order to investigate Banco of Pichincha they have been at it for 2 years what the audit resulted in is anyone guess that secret is buried deep inside the board of director's private correspondence with I am sure is extreme firewalls to prevent the info from getting out as well as non-disclosure agreements but after I am sure is an extensive review of the local bank the Santander group has declined to merge with Banco of Pichincha, and are NOW in the process of migrating the info that they had in Spain back to Ecuador it will probably be clear within the next 48 hours.

    The thing is that people panic because they still have a fresh memory of a certain "bank holiday" in which most Ecuadorian capital contracted by as much as 80% when this country changed to the dollar around 2000.

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    Recomend this site


    I'm a local, and I want to promote this website. I had sex with some of the girls promoted here. And I think this list is legit.

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    2nd Dose COVID.

    Today I received, my second dose of COVID I got my Vaccine card today I am officially authorized to give out hot beef injections to all pussies all over the world, in case you have not heard Ecuador was out of SINOVAC there was some stock of vaccines but they were Pfizer and Astro, but Ecuador over the weekend got 2 million vaccines from China so it's what it's.

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    The third Chapter of Mr. Do Bee and Mr. Don't Bee SMH

    In another episode of Mr. Do bee and Don't bee, here we go again.

    Mr. Don't Bee calls Mr. Do Bee the other day talking about a woman who we will call Bogota 6 because A. She is from Bogota and be. She is at 6 at best. It seems that Mr. Don't bee can't get enough of this woman, he has, after all, waited years to fuck her, you see gents she was his ex-wife's friend, so after he divorces he decides to pursue her in some exotic land called Ecuador Mr. Don't be is eager to please to be a good little boy and impress her as most Americans men have been taught, so he overpays in a hotel with a pool and buffet. awesome nothing says thirst / simp more than paying for more than what you need for some a woman's attention especially for a non-virgin 6 from Bogota in her 30's, but I digress. It seems that when Bogota 6 arrives, and she stayed a week with Mr. Don't Bee, she does a number on him what mysteries she did in the privacy of a 70 $ a day hotel is unknown to me, what is known however is that even though he came to "monger" after Bogota 6 left, he went several nights in a row to Isla del Tesoro and establishment known for having at least 7 and above sex workers, yet he did not partake in said mongering activities why you may ask, the explanation given by Mr. Don't bee is that he was "fucked out" by Bogota 6, amazing, so you come to a country to monger pay for 1 woman to fly from Colombia to Ecuador roundtrip just so you can fuck her in an expensive hotel by local standards, and even allowed her to make the itinerary, even though he paid for the trip, like I said amazing, Mr. Don't bee is from Chicago if you wanted a quick hook up with a colombiana all you have to do is narrow your search.

    Criteria in any number of different dating apps you have tinder, badoo, bumble, eHarmony, Match, Christian Mingle, Ashley Maddison, FarmersOnly and many others, yet the SIMPING is strong with Mr. Don't Bee as it's with most western men, after much nagging from his wingman, Mr. Don't Bee finally starts to monger after not doing much of anything for like 4 days, yet it seems to Mr. Don't Bee cannot get Bogota 6 out of her thoughts, why? To men such as me, the vagina is not a mystery, it gets wet when it gets hot, it contracts when there is an orgasm, it expands when she conceives the end of the conversation. Mr. Don't bee has intimated that he believes he may have a future with Bogota 6, so let's be clear a man close to a 6-figure salary is going to potentially marry a woman from Colombia in her 30's bring her to feminist paradise USA so that after she divorces him and financially him with alimony and splitting of assets, because you know she is going to need it so spend the money with Bryan, Tyrone, Abdula, or Miguel since all these chads who are over 6 foot and have over 6 in. Dicks are going to need resources because they are broke, but we have to be understanding "because she is following her feelings" typical nonsensical bullshit espoused by western women the world over.

    Now you have the story of Mr. Do Bee, you see gents Mr. Do Bee will probably die an unapologetic player, so one of his former paramours call him we shall call this stupid girl "the madam" like many women in the Orbit of Mr. Do Bee they all are competing for his attention and commitment however a player understands female nature and hypergamy and know that commitment can only be done after extreme vetting and even then there are risks, so Mr. Do Bee doesn't pay attention to any since that would be a distraction from his purpose. So to continue the story Mr. Do bee goes with the main baby mama and son in tow to the former paramour to hear what the latest disaster is, "the madam" informs him that she got robbed, apparently since she was TOO concentrated on her "boyfriend" she forgot that in the pimping game there can be no feelings your girls are your employees that perform sexual services for money on demand, that's all, like most employees they perform or get fired and replaced that's it, but "the madam's" heart is volatile and since she got her feeling hurt by the "boyfriend" she was not keeping her mind on her money and her money was definitely not on her mind, awesome, "the madam" proceeded to tell quite a tell apparently she forgot*due diligence on some girl in her stable, and she brought a couple of "customers" they were held up at gunpoint tied up and robbed, the recalcitrant employee and her crew staged a rape in one of the rooms that lasted a total of a minute even if it was a real most men take more than a minute to get undressed, so "the madam" get robbed her girls get spooked she now does due diligence and fires the one that carried out the inside job, along with other venezolanas, since Mr. Do bee has a business arrangement with "the madam" he is there to make sure that business get tightened up as soon as possible otherwise she will have to be replaced, she sobbed " you do that to ME" Mr. Do bee said "get your shit and your crew together, this is your fault" apparently the woman was more emotional than usual and almost cried and said "yes daddy" you see gents, Mr. Do bee understands that most women lack accountability, specially when they are used to having their way, why? Because there are always SIMPS out there to bail them out as if we men around the world have someone to bail us out.

    This lack of self-awareness and stupidity would never be tolerated in any other area except in heterosexual relations in the west.

    When Mr. Do bee finally gets in the car to go back home with the small minion of darkness called son, the MAIN woman says "so you fucked her" Mr. Do bee coolly replies "Yes, but before I met you" the Main one says "you are crazy you brought me here to meet your ex, you are nuts" this line of dialogue goes until he gets to the house and the shit tests continue until finally Mr. Do bee snaps and says "I don't want to talk about this shit you need to go cook dinner the baby and I will get hungry soon" and Mr. Do bee carries on as it should be.

    You see gents this just happened a couple of hours ago, this is a prime example of two different men same age, same American upbringing, different result, Mr. Don't Bee overpays for P4P, Mr. Do Bee has many women in his orbit all competing for his attention; Yet pays attention to none except the baby mama and his purpose, Mr. Don't bee has a scarcity mentality and thinks of having a potential relationship with 1 woman, Mr. Do bee feels the baby mama is special but know she is not 1 in a million but 1 in millions of women, Mr. Don't Bee is thinking about potential marriage and will have to deal with the eventual divorce settlement, Mr. Do Bee will never marry and is an expat living in an Andean nation with no common in law marriage with property in his direct families name to protect his assets, Mr. Don't be allows a woman to organize him, Mr. Do bee puts his main woman in pocket after she tries to get out of pocket, Mr. Don't be panics one day and gets out of a wassap group dedicated to mongering after he tells his wingman the "I am afraid Bogota 6 will see something", Mr. Do bee shows videos to his main woman of the different strip clubs he visits, Mr. Don't be pedestalizes women, Mr. Do Bee gives women the treatment they have earned.

    Different choices, different results, and to all men out there who are reading this true story with identities hidden, you need to heed this advice, stop the simping, stop behaving in an apologetic male fashion, we are men, women are our great motivators, however, there is a vast difference between today's woman and women of our grandmother's generation, can we change woman? In the west no, however, we do have options and choices we can either accept that the world has become a *gynocentric dystopia or we can choose to unplug from the matrix and walk a different path, blue pill or red pill,*the*choice is yours to make.

    And as Romper Room says be a Do Bee don't be a Don't Bee.

    Doom Out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire1974  [View Original Post]
    Be careful, Doom. I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but there is mounting evidence that the Chinese-made Sinovac COVID vaccine isn't very reliable. In countries like Indonesia, Bahrain, and Thailand where use of the Sinovac vaccine is widespread, an increasing number of people who received that vaccine are still getting COVID. It's becoming so alarming that countries that received the Sinovac vaccine are strongly considering switching to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I'm definitely not trying to start a prolonged COVID vaccine debate in this forum, just merely pointing out what multiple news agencies are reporting online.

    Stay safe. I know I speak for many when I say that I appreciate your Ecuador reports.
    I too have had 2 doses of Sinovac, which is made from a killed virus.

    The situation regarding effectiveness of Sinovac is rather more nuanced than you have indicated, and while there is a lot to be said for mixing and matching vaccines to enhance immunity, Sinovac is pretty effective on the whole. Of particular note is that the epidemic seems to be very well controlled in China.

    An issue in some parts of the world is to do with being sceptical of Chinese attempts to make friends and influence nations by distributing cheap vaccines. China certainly does seem to be doing more on this front that the US, which is home to several of the multinational drug companies with vaccines on the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    Hello gents,

    As always Doom has decided to teach you young wet behind the ears Millennials the ways of the force, masculinity, pimping, and macking.

    This is the second part of an episode that happens every fucking day, in honor of Romper room this is another episode of Mr. Do bee and Mr. Don't bee.

    As you players know I am always all about my game, my business, and my purpose until you mother fuckers blow up my goddam wassap with stupid messages and cannot leave me the fuck alone, however, every once in a while I get awesome intelligence on the hoes in the local areas, so without further a due here we go.

    A long time ago a player known as Doom who in this story will portray Mr. Do bee got with a hoe on the world-famous "Isla del Tesoro" back in those days Isla was not filled with 8,9 and 10's as it's now, there were actually 6 and 7 dancing. This mulata sista who Mr. Do bee got with was a mixed Afro-Ecuadorian she fucked like it was nobody's business I am talking BBBJTCWS and BBBJWF it seems this particular mulata lady was catching feeling for Mr. Do Bee. But as a self-proclaimed Alfa male Mr. Do Bee understood that as a dancer and high-end call girl she was for the streets, you see gentlemen this is not about ego a call girl, sex worker, hooker, puta fill in the blank depending on the culture terminology and language, a woman never belongs to you it's simply your turn, I will repeat this one more goddam time a woman never belongs to you it's simply your turn.

    You see gentlemen female nature is what it's and a woman is always looking to "shit test" her man or in many cases her men, in order to see who is worthy, they cannot help themselves they are simply slaves to their biological programming that seeks to find an imprint herself on the highest available suitor, as men we cannot fault this it's how we have evolved so it's incumbent upon us to always be one that keeps our shit together in order to prove to her we are worthy of her, and if not kick her to the street it's that simple gents.

    So Mrs. Mulata at one point was fucking Mr. Do bee almost 3 times a week it got so bad that Mr. Do bee was thinking about divorcing his wife but a nagging feeling in the back of my head, always told me this was a bad idea, the sex was great, never boring when I spend my off days from working as Chief security officer, we easily fucked at least 4 or 5 times and this was a conservative number I did not care she was a hooker I was also catching feeling I ate her pussy raw, on her period it did not matter to me, she did ass to mouth I mean believe me when I tell you the sex was amazing, however as the months went by it was clear she wanted a promotion to main woman I thought long and hard and when she finally said the magic words "que somos" I said I will be whatever you want me to be however you are not going to be my woman I am not and will not, support you with your bastards children and have to deal with all your male side "friends" she cried but I was adamant, so naturally she left, I am not going to lie I was sad my pipi was even sadder but my conviction and resolution was not going to bend.

    Here comes Mr. Don't bee in the picture, he is an older white American, he is kind, generous, and does whatever the mulata wants, you see gentlemen on the rebound she got with an older white guy, he was everything that I was not gentle, polite, and an open wallet, that romance has lasted 6 years in fact she currently lives in the US she sent me a texted me about 1 hour ago, through a friend of mine, telling me that she is feeling "bored" and that she filed for divorce awesome so let's fallow the logic please she left a "good man" that was attentive, kind and generous for what a better life in the US? Better opportunities for her and her bastards, sure however where does this leave Mr. Don't bee, emotionally and financially wrecked for sure, he invested time resources and emotions into a woman that in the end did not care about him at 71 years old this cannot be good.

    The problem is gentlemen is that all of you including myself in the west have been conditioned to pedestalize women, to worship them, and treat them like these mystical creatures, women are as plain as a book, hypergamy is part and parcel of who they are as a species you cannot hate them you just have to understand them and adjust accordingly.

    So the moral of the story gentlemen is this whether you are a monger or want to live a vanilla lifestyle, a woman who has been passed around cannot emotionally pair bond, and you will have to constantly have to deal with "shit test" it's better to leave her in the streets, it's never a good idea to upgrade a woman, work on yourself, travel, make yourself available to many women, but be on your purpose and women will gravitate towards you.

    So the moral of the story is, be a do BEE don't be a don't BEE.
    Lamentably, every word of this is true.

    However, on the bright side, Ecuadorian women are horny as hell, and while they may appear to be reserved at first, once you get that first orgasm into them, they catch fire and there is no stopping them.

    If you wish to pay for simple sex, you can go the the local zona de toleracion, enter a walled compound, and pay $15 to have your needs taken care of, but really Ecuador is not a mongering destination, because you can find it pretty much everywhere with little effort and familiarity with the country and the language. A script along the lines of "Hi, you are beautiful. What is your name? Tell me your Whatsapp number. " should be enough to get started on the primrose path with the women you meet when you are out and about. Of course financial gifts are still required to seal the deal, but I would always prefer an amateur to a pro, as they are so much easier to arouse.

    I would recommend the dating App Tinder in Ecuador if you are looking for financially compensated sex with non-pros (meaning not street hookers). You can find some nice medical students, young doctors, law students, and, of course, street rats.

    If you really want to turbocharge your profile you can state something like "en buscar de un suggar (or SB)". Alternatively you can write to your matches and tell them that they would make a great "suggar". I would also recommend actually stating what you are looking for in your profile. For example, if you want a medical student, or just a university student, then say so, and you are more likely to get matches from that demographic. This is because Ecuadorian women can be quite shy to start with and you need to make the first approach.

    Oh, yes, one more thing--learning to speak Spanish is mandatory.

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    Old report

    This is an old report from before the pandemic I don't know whether to weep or laugh at all the BS in the article but it's what it's.

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