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    Israeli envoy murdered in Ecuador

    You guys do watch your backs I hope. Shit happens big time. I mean you don't flash your rolexes and thick gold neck chains now do you?

    Israel Air Force Industries envoy to Ecuador, Mordechai Pravda, killed during armed robbery.

    An Israel Air force Industries envoy to Ecuador was murdered Thursday during an armed robbery in the coastal town of Guayaquil.

    Eyewitnesses claimed 58-year-old Mordechai Pravda entered his rental car at 8 p.m. local time. A black vehicle suddenly pulled up and two men stepped out and smashed the windows of Pravda’s car.

    They threatened him and ordered he drive towards downtown Guayaquil, where they forced Pravda to hand over all his money and possessions.

    Pravda cooperated and gave them everything he had, except for one of the two necklaces he had around his neck. He told the robbers it was a gift from his father.

    However, without responding, one of the men pointed his gun and shot Pravda in the head. Both men fled the scene.

    Local residents found Pravda and rushed him over to a local clinic where he was pronounced dead.

    Not a rare incident

    Israel’s consul to Guayaquil Galit Efraim told Ynet that South American residents are used to violence on the streets.

    “This city has a reputation of being a violent city,” she said. “ It’s the most violent cities in Ecuador with the highest crime rate.

    Locals know not to get involved in such cases and to just cooperate with the criminals.”

    Efraim said that Ecuador has a large Israeli community, made up of mostly businessmen.

    “There is a clear warning by the Foreign Ministry for all Israeli’s to avoid any confrontation with robbers and to simply cooperate with them,” she said. “I believe Mordechai knew that and cooperated with them.”

    Efraim said arrangements to transfer Pravda’s body to Israel were underway. In addition, local police have launched an investigation into the incident and are set to transfer its findings to the consul.

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    Yes, Salinas Area Needs its Own Folder

    I will put in a report if Salinas gets a folder. This is the nicest place in Ecuador IMHO.

    Manta too.

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    Doombringer321 In Ecuador

    I most humble member of this board would like to encourage you all, to initiate a kind of letter writing campaign so we can add a Salinas thread to the board there is just so much action and so many hotties in Salinas and is the only getaway spot in this country that it would only make sence that Jackson start a new thread, I've already PMed him on it, but to no avail I'm sure he has so many other things to do that he just hasn't gotten around to it but maybe if we emailed him collectively he could be persuaded to add a Salinas thread to the Ecuador board.

    Anyway IMHO we need another thread called Salinas.
    any bitches, gripes and complaints post up or PM me

    Peace out.

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    Doom Still in the hobby

    I found a new website want to know if anybody has tried or will try their services not to be confused with that i posted earilier.

    Anyway have a safe trip mongering you all.

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    Some interesting Info

    I found this resource for Ecuador at I don't know how usefull it is but it has alot of advertising even though I personallly have not contacted any of the independents or agencies involved in Quito or Guayaquil

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    Just for the record I have no idea what the fuck is going on but I have a personal computer at the house with DSL and I check for viruses everyweek and the sites that I post do not have viruses If however one is not carefull you can acquire viruses anywhere on the net by accepting cookies so on and so forth.
    Someone should suggest to Buzz04 a class on how to safely navigate the net.

    This is doombringer signing off.

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    Hi Guys,

    on this site:

    I found TONS of hookers and (maybe) freelancers in several SA countries. In Ecuador I noticed many hookers:-)
    Also some more serious ads.

    check it out dudes. the site is in spanish only;-)


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    Doombringer Sites Full Of Viruses


    I have a question DOOMBRINGER did you try these sites before so generously posting them ?

    They are fucking riddled with viruses, did you know that ?

    Now I don't know you, or what your deal is but everyone should be warned that the sites are full of TROJAN VIRUSES SO BE WARNED AND DO NOT USE.


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    I have found three websites that catered to mongering in this country

    if anybody has found anymore post up.

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    Panam-Ecuador flights

    Thanks Maltrufio!!:-)

    I was on the website of Taca and I looked but I could not find any direct flights. (maybe I did something wrong?) All of them went via SAN JOSE in CR....which took up to 9 HOURS..!! Price was about US$ 350,- all in..acording that site.

    I also went on a search with Copas....and they also had DIRECT flights to Guaquil.
    Which took only 2 hours and 5 min..!! Same pricing here!!! 350 bucks (263 euros for me) which I think is not too expensive for a trip of 10 days.
    So IF I'll be with Copas...;-) saves me a lot of stress and time I guess.

    The flights to DR from panama are all more expensive. 540 dollars and up....

    thanks again for the tip



    Quote Originally Posted by Maltrufio
    Johan, done it lots of times. Grupo Taca has a direct flight from Panama City to Guayaquil.

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    Panama - Ecuador

    Johan, done it lots of times. Grupo Taca has a direct flight from Panama City to Guayaquil.

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    I was in cartagena last year..and I liked it a lot. A pity though that I couldn't do much because of my (ex!) novia at the time. Very i had little time to sneak arround for other chicas...LOL

    Anyways,, as I am in panama in February 2005 and I think I will have some time left (my ticket is 3 weeks valid) I am considering a trip to DR or to Ecuador. As I was in DR before and not overly liked it (allthough the women there are drop dead gorgeous) I tend to consider a short time to Ecuador.

    Has somebody done this before?? Imean flying from one latin country to another? Does Copas Airlines also have flights to Ecuador?? I mean a flight to Quito would not take more then 2-3 hours...I guess.

    Indeed it would be practical for me as the currency in BOTH Panama nd Ec. is the US Dollar. Right now for me (as an EURO user) dirt cheap!!
    Other reason might be that Ec. is getting more and more stabile and has seen little inflation in contrast to other SA countries lately.

    Fromn what I saw here and on other places on the net I am very IMPRESSED by the looks of the women in Guayaquil!! yes....I like very much the dark morenas and the negritas. Allthough the canelitas are also very welcome!



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    doctors in guayaquil

    Does anyone know of any good reliable honest doctors in Guayaquil? And dentists? Someone who will not rip me off.


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    I heard ther is a lot of migration from Peru because of the dollar, and colombia bacause of terrorism.
    I wonder I've seen alot of Colombian girls but I have not seen any Peruvian girls in the buisness and guayas is close to the border

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    Hello Johan,

    You have a couple of options: 1) Tame to Cali, 2) Avianca to Bogota. Colombian girls have a great reputation for the GFE experience, so enjoy. Bogota has very good "shade" and it's a fun city (clubs, great restaurants). You'll get a lot of play in Cartagena too, and that's another fun town. I've never been to Cali, but have heard very good things about it too. Have a great time,

    Pootang Hunter

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