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    New Videos old Videos

    It seems that I have decoded the way of the mysterious algorithm if it lasts that is I put out a youtube video and put it as "adult content" so here we go.

    The club named Juniors video.

    The club named Isla del Tesoro.

    Doom out.

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    Mr. M adventures.

    So the other day my homie Mr. L called me that a foreigner was here, we shall name him Mr. M he has been here since Monday came to the country over a girl in Latin cupid, we had chatted before informed me he was an army vet I got a soft spot for vets since I am one myself, so we had talked before by Email and when he was here he wassap me on Thursday once again I know that wassap is not an "American thing" but out of American thing but it is a "world thing" line is popular in Japan Telegram was developed by Chinese but wassap took over the world so it's what it's even for talking to women it is essential.

    So I get a notification sound on my wassap and he agreed to hire me 2 days for a happy tour of the "adults" spots of the city as all mongers should be doing and pay homage to me when they arrive in Guayaquil, so we agreed to see each other on Friday soo.

    Day 1.

    We started our day going to the world-famous "la 18" which I am now allowed to go back to, shout out to all the people that donated for my legal fund, so I go there and took the guy to the "good area" to be clear in case some of you have not watched my videos there are two blocks one is the "good are" where you can see the young girls 30 and under or real hot ones in the 30's however there is another section where you got struggle princesses or are a bit overweight and the waiters some of them are gay or transexual just saying, so that clock is no good for sex tourism. I got 2 girls that were giving me some dirty looks because I published them in a video in which I filmed them when gringo loco took them out to eat, they confronted me that they are concerned about "family might see" as if their big bright yellow cards from the ministry of health that say "prostitution permit" is no fucking clear enough, about what they do for a living give me a break good grief! So it's like 11 am the place has been open for about an hour and well the girls took a while to trickle in so they were a few workers short so we bailed on the place and went to the world-famous "Imperio" over in Duran, 40-minute ride outside of Guayaquil got charged 6 dollars for the cab ride. Sometimes I feel like I overreport things but that is because shit changes every day the Imperio "ficha" is now 15 dollars it's sometimes 12 other 20 that day it was 15, so it's what it's right away ma man buys 2 fichas and the guard who knows me tells me about the rooms next door that they are building besides the main complex they are building 4 rooms I assume for fucking and you can rent them by the hour I made a youtube video about it, it will be in the link down bellow.

    After those two sessions with some thick girls, we went back to the city since he seemed to prefer seafood I took him to the area where the old US embassy was located plenty of seafood, in fact, non-stop crab and shrimp locals, he wanted to go back to his hotel, however, I felt kind of weird that even though he had been in the country for like 4 days he did not know anything about Guayaquil this is most unfortunate, the girl that was the reason why he even came down in the first place did not dignify herself to show him the spots weird so I took him to Malecon 2000, we walked Puerto Santa Ana, showed him from afar "Bahia" he seemed happier with the touristy tour than with the hookers at least I took him out for a walk after what must have been cabin fever to be stuck in an Airbnb for like 4 days WTF.

    Day 2.

    I was busy working on some issues in the morning so I hooked up with Mr. M in the afternoon we started early I was not going to take him to "la 18" because it's a Saturday end of the week that place gets packed it got so bad one time I went with gringo loco that we had to wait to get in I was not having that shit so we went to "entrada de la 8" in that area there are like 4 clubs lined up one right next to the other, it was kind of late so we ate lunch in the guetto I believe I have made this clear enough if you are not a local do not go to these areas I don't even like going there the whole are is right in the middle of massive narcotics distribution network about the only safe place in the area are actually brothels, believe it or not, people do not mind the violence but the do mind if they cannot relieve the stress by fucking so the area gets left untouched except for when you come in or out of the establishments that you are confronted by the chaos, we visited all the places Royal 007, El puente, Obsession and the gangster club he took 2 girls in El puente one charge him 12 the other 15 for a short time we went back to Guayaquil we walked around and did tourism believe it or not I think he appreciated must have been lonely staying 3 or 4 days by himself.

    New rooms in Imperio.

    Club Imperio in Duran.

    From El puente to club 007.

    Club Obsession.
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    WhatsApp Image 2022-07-29 at 2.54.48 PM.jpg‎  

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    Review and shout out to Doom

    1st off, due to the nature of my trip and it's constant changing window of time I wasn't able to hook up with Doom. However his responsiveness to emails and clear cut instructions and general no nonsense attitude when making suggestions sold me. I will use him in the future. Doom, my apologies for all the emails and not being able to use your service this time.


    Stayed at the Colon Hilton. Very brief visit work related with little free time. Got in late and hit the hotel bar. There were a few very obvious working girls hanging out. From what I could tell when approached the male would chat with the lady and then disappear (likely to pay the front desk a fee to bring her to his room, $35 I think). Then off to the elevator the couple went. I speak almost zero Spanish so this would be tricky for me. But one of the girls I saw in the bar was quite young and attractive. Did not want to risk any issues at a hotel my employer was paying for though.

    Had about 4 hrs free during late afternoon and after looking at the map the closest place with recent info in walking range was Eden Spa. There were about 5 girls working all 6 maybe 7 out of a 10 scale. Attractiveness was limited by age and weight, most of these girls were too curvy for me. I miss the slender athletic Latin women I met in Colombia on work trips there. Prices in Colombia were far cheaper as well. Maybe I paid the gringo rate but Eden Spa wanted 80, not 60 for the hour. I chose a younger girl 26 ish and went to a small room with a massage table / bed. Forgot her name but she was Venezuelan, and woke jr with a rough unskilled HJ followed by a toothy covered BJ. Then we fucked in various positions. I wasn't terribly attracted to her beyond her face as she was tall and thick for my taste. Finished up with a HJ as the condom is a killer for me. She finally found the lube and I had a pretty decent finish. Showered and left in 35 minutes. She seemed ready for a massage or round 2 but I needed some recovery time and wanted to try a different girl.

    Went to a nearby restaurant and had an early dinner and several drinks and returned as the map doesn't have much else in the area with recent info. This time I chose Pamela. She is late 30's I'm guessing as she mentioned 2 kids in their mid teens. Decent body, but still curvier than I'd like. Average face, but the selling point for me was her nice legs with anklets on and cute painted toes. We went to the room, another 80 was paid to the house dude. Pamela gave a quick massage then on the flip began the softest lightest teasing HJ. I was quite drunk with a round already popped out of the chamber by the previous girl. I was worried getting the little general to salute again so soon would be an issue, but Pamela's teasing HJ had me raging hard in no time. Then she began a soft BBBJ and her skill level was crazy. I couldn't imagine fucking her at this point, this BJ demanded an ending. I held out as long as I could and Pamela just kept going as soft and slow and teasing as ever. Eventually the little general surrendered and erupted. I think she caught a brief spurt in her mouth then continued softly with her HJ till I tapped out. Another shower and I left. Pamela wanted a tip, so I gave her a 10, and for an additional 5, I bought us each a beer to drink in the lobby while I caught my breathe.

    Hope to be back soon. The women are nowhere near as cheap or hot as Colombia but still far cheaper than in the USA.

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    Some motivating foodie posts.

    I made a channel dedicated to some tourisms spots in Ecuador specifically Guayaquil I have made it as non-controversial as possible so youtube sensors do not cancel me assholes.

    Tropical Inn Hotel Review.

    Listed on Airbnb, a guy nicknamed "turtle man" from this site by ma man "gringo loco" all because he went to Galapagos.

    This is excellent Pizza located close to my house called Traviatta.

    This is the successor to the "grand chef" called Master Buffet same taste same excellent service smaller local.

    This Buffet is called "enjoy buffet" located along 9 de Octubre where the old US embassy used to be located.

    Touristy video of the Cocoa convention that took place in the Guayaquil Hilton.

    An old Video of my homeboy gringo loco when he took two hookers to dinner over to the fish market called "caraguay" extremely fresh seafood cannot get it any fresher.

    Hope you all enjoy regards.

    Doom out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuervo28  [View Original Post]
    Staying at the Hilton Colon Guayaquil.

    Av. Francisco de Orellana Mz. 111, Guayaquil 090512, Ecuador.

    Any suggestions if just in town for a day? Anything good in walking range? Or better off Ubering somewhere? Saw some places on the map, but I have heard many are closed as it is out of date. Happy to write a review afterwards if I get some decent intel.

    Even for a short trip, I'd get ahold of Party Equador and Doom. Just report back on the experience!

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    Staying at the Hilton Colon Guayaquil.

    Av. Francisco de Orellana Mz. 111, Guayaquil 090512, Ecuador.

    Any suggestions if just in town for a day? Anything good in walking range? Or better off Ubering somewhere? Saw some places on the map, but I have heard many are closed as it is out of date. Happy to write a review afterwards if I get some decent intel.


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    Gringo Locos's regular

    She has returned from manta fresh content for you all. Her name is Elizabeth she used to do bareback with ma man gringo loco but they fucked a lot of times I always tell guys if you want bareback she has to "feel you" and that happens as you continue to fuck her and get the same sex worker.
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    WhatsApp Image 2022-07-08 at 12.36.18 PM.jpg‎  

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    Struggle Pimping continues

    A new Venezuelan that I will meet next week to join my struggle pimping.
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    Fox adventures II

    So I am hanging out with gingo loco's friend, a unique human Mr. Fox currently running a youtube channel called Crypto Dreams he came to Guayaquil in Ecuador to consider the possibility of becoming an ex-pat and the trip so far has exceeded his expectations he met a girl for sex but it turned into a girlfriend from the site I wrote about it in my previous post he has had a fantastic experience so far with her by the name Nina they have spent several days together however he decided to explore his options with Nina's best friend from college her name is Cecilia however her performance has been subpar so far and Fox does not like that fact that she is a spinner he prefers them a little thick so it's what it's.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 2.46.40 AM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 2.46.39 AM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-24 at 2.33.30 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-24 at 2.33.31 PM.jpg‎  

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    Me in the backof the pic of the girls in the mirror.

    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    If you want to get a hold of them you need to PM that is all there is to it.

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    The name is Mr. Fox

    I received the other day a player known in the street of youtube as see. Fox he is the operator of a channel called Crypto Dreams do not know much on the subject and I am still learning about it for my personal financial independence, he is a friend of my dear hommie known in the Ecuador board as "gringo loco" who no one can see because youtube moderators are a bunch of bitches and snitches.

    Mr. Fox came to Ecuador with gringo loco on one of his trips last year, he came let us say at an exciting time there have been riots for about 11 days so far in Ecuador, you can read all about the dustiness that is going on on.

    So far very few deaths and apart from roadblocks there has been no massive amount of violence, and no massive overhanded reaction by security forces a rare for LA but it's what it's, it will probably blow over soon except that eggs milk, and veggies are triple the price if you can get them, so anyway I take Mr. Fox to the famous "la 18" in Guayaquil since I am now allowed to go in there, the problem with the chongos now is that basically a lot of girls come in from out of town and the roadblocks are not helping them so sex workers are staying home till the shit blows over. So we go to 18 the options were limited, so I called a Party Ecuador girl named Nina she is 19 even though the site says she is 21 she charged ma man Mr. Fox 60 an hour but stayed like 2.

    The interesting part was not the hookup but everything leading up to it you see that day the indigenous had arrived in Guayaquil and it was a shit show the transit police blocked many roads to slow down the protest and the security forces was out in force in critical infrastructure to block any shit getting out of hand so even though she told us to picked her up at the community college the traffic was awful she got out of class and she could barely arrive in time because of the traffic the protesters seemed rather festive all things considering I have seen videos of backpackers dancing with local even women what a bunch of goofballs word to the wise if it's not your problem or your country remain unseen or get the fuck out, no need to make your foolishness know in social media but that is my opinion, a lot of tourist have left Ecuador they are afraid of shit hitting the fan, but girl house are all open talk about priorities empty veggie shelves but the pussy menu if full got to love the country.

    So Mr. Fox after feeding her after what I must assume was a high intensive fucking and sucking workout we went to a chifa we had to stay put for a while, we called in a cab to take Nina to the north of the city where she lives, I now live in Samborondon and there were marches in on the roads leading outside of the city of Guayaquil so we decided to stay put in one of Wilson's safe house in Salsoteca Callao located in Lorenzo de Garaicoa and Huancavilca ounce I was assured the shit was calmer at the bridge I called a cab to take me home and Mr. Fox as well since I gave him a room at my house for safety reasons, since he decided to come in interesting times no need for him to go to the hotels gringo loco stayed.

    Apparently, Nina sessions did some work on ma man Fox so we went to a restaurant where it has become the hang-out spot for me and some ex-pats Rincon del Libano in Puerto Santa Ana he did a short live stream from there highly recommended.

    All in all, it seems that he had hit it off with this girl there was even a short excursion to the historical zoo in the park of Puntilla she went home today in the afternoon so she can go back to her college.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WhatsApp Image 2022-06-22 at 5.00.59 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-21 at 4.06.53 PM (1).jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-23 at 3.31.15 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-23 at 7.42.06 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-23 at 7.41.51 PM.jpg‎  

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    Odisea Romana Video

    I was finally able to post a video of Odisea Romana on Facebook since Youtube is becoming a bunch of whiney soft bitches it's located in Junin why Panam in Guayaquil so here we go.

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    New Talent

    If you want to get a hold of them you need to PM that is all there is to it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 2.11.00 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 3.00.38 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 2.58.09 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 2.58.09 PM (1).jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    I would make a more detailed report later, in the meantime,
    I wanted to elaborate on my experiences. After my first use of Doom / Party Ecuador's service I was pretty sold on it. He does an amazing job of bringing the tourist down to a local level. We met up mid-day and just checked out some sights. It was interesting to hear the history as well as personal experience to these things. It also opened the door for my interest in his services beyond the Chongos. There's also an interesting rift between my wide-eyed look at the world and it's experiences and his very experienced world view and lack of suffering fools LOL.

    We had to find a barber as a last minute public gig came my way with little time in between my mongering and work. Again -- great to have him around as he was able to navigate and find one quickly. I learned here that discussing Ecuador's sex trade, while still attention grabbing, isn't taboo at all. I was uncomfortable in a public setting but it was really a me thing.

    The path to getting there was paved through the craziest tech market I've ever seen. I could have spent days there alone.

    Shortly after we picked up a ride, he uses a local ride finder vs a Taxi. Presumably due to the reasons I had trying to go to the Chongos alone. We checked out the first 2 places he mentioned which were right next to each other. I was impressed with the markets out front and food options, as well as the outside "Gym" between the venues. Imagine one long building with a Playground Gym, and street vendors and food. Chaotic, but felt safe.

    It goes without saying that my safety was insured by someone who knew everyone. I didn't have to deal with a lot of the be. S. I observed because of how well he knew people.

    El Puente and Obsesion where amazing. I was as impressed with the layout and the design as I was with the girls. There wasn't a girl in either I wouldn't break it off in. After I observed how both worked, I took advantage of the beauty. Very simple and efficient. I spent a while with one because she could have ruined my whole life and was great at faking chemistry, and the second was this young little thing that spent the 20 minutes with me making feel like I was her age. She was 19 she said. Prices where as what Doom said.

    After we checked out La 18 which I fucking LOVED. Totally my style. Like a short Bourbon St where the chicks where for sale. Couldn't describe it better really. Even some of the vendors acted like they had interest.

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    Doom Speaks

    I would make a more detailed report later, in the meantime, I will elaborate on NoHope his last visit which was surprising in many aspects, therefore I will elaborate. I hooked up with no hope around midday at the hotel I recommended to him you can look it up in my past posts since they are the only videos that youtube did not cancel, liberal fuckers so he stayed at Sol del Oro which is not the same as Sol del Oriente they are relatives different owners we hooked up and went to lunch and proceeded to go to the world-famous "entrada de la 8" this was reported in my "gringo dangerous" series again can't look at the videos now my channel got taken down so we visited 2 of the most popular clubs which were Obsession and El Puente, I will advise the humans that attempt to go there to be aware the area is not Baghdad but it's not the suburbs of the US or Europe either, so I would not advise traveling by yourself not because the clubs inside are safe but because the areas surrounding it are hazardous the only safe areas in the "entrada de la 8" are the *****houses believe it or not also a lot of cabs will refuse to take you to the area. So ma man no hope goes in and has sex with a girl at "el Puente" I think the price for "el punto" is 12 $ it was 16 back in gringo loco's day, so we proceeded to go to "Obsession" again we hanged out and he took another girl same price for the girl, business is down in some these places, for security reasons we did not go in at night just the afternoon. Around 6 pm we headed to a bar around the Garaicoa area I will attempt to post a youtube video about it so you guys can see, and we finished the night in Salome located downtown he took another girl in Salome I believe the price now for the moment is like 16 $.

    I went back to "la 18" and they allowed me to return wiiiiiiiiiiii, I celebrated by buying a new ring to accessorize my struggle pimp attire except that the reason why they allowed me to return is of great concern to me, the security arrangements have changed in "la 18" before they had 4 people on all 4 choke points of entrance and exit plus one supervisor making the rounds on both areas of "la 18" now they have only 2, bad idea considering that alcohol is abundant and people do get hammered, I remember the old days of "la 18" true people like me where not getting arrested for filming, but it created a safe environment for fucking and drinking, the fistfights, bottles upside the head, stabbings were a daily occurrence back in the day while on some primate level I miss the old days as an old movie quote says "I am getting too old for this shit" I hope that I am wrong even though I rarely am when it comes to these issues.

    I have been getting private emails about some other issues regarding my channel I know it was a great resource for you all and the only reason I maintained it was so that you guys on ISG can look at what is available, but as many of you are aware the America and specifically American corporations have become a nanny state however I have moved my content to a Facebook community page I will upload my content back little by little so far Facebook has not banned me, I never show any nudity in my videos however the terms of service on youtube have changed from no nudity to "sexual content" so I guess just an audio where I am talking about mongering can get you flagged I have no idea how J the philosopher has survived this long I know he is an avid contributor to this board don't know his handle though.

    Remember to contact me through the PM system so that I can illuminate you on local issues.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 6.57.53 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 7.07.01 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 7.07.25 PM.jpg‎   WhatsApp Image 2022-05-30 at 7.44.49 PM.jpg‎  

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