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    Thanks for making Changes to the Fuckclub List. I will be taking my first trip to Quito very soon..

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    Chongo Bits VI

    Johnmajor23: I think it is going to vary for every girl. Indicative, however, is Dominique's timetable. She is leaving Quito Dec 20, a mere five days before Christmas. As a sheer guess at this point I imagine the prettier chicas may start returning to Quito some 5 to 10 days after New Years. F-uglier chicas will be present throughout the holidays. Maltrufio's post 704 (page43) is insightful as to selection during New Years. This is my first time observing "seasonal fluctuations."

    EROZ at Inglaterra N31-198 y Mariana de Jesus. Go up from El Jardin shopping mall, up the Mariana de Jesus street and it is behind an EEQ building. No report detailing a visit or pricing yet. (Gabriel Ecu, post 696) Photo of exterior post807.

    I looked at the Eroz address today. There is a for sale sign on the house. Removing it from the Fuckclub List.

    As per Wilfrido a new club called “The Pool” is at Inglaterra N31-173 y Mariana de Jesus. Entry $2, chicas $20. Nice house setup. Open 12pm to 10pm. This will be added to the Fuckclub List.

    (23-24) El Danubito Azul & Nameless chongo, located in the Old Town of Quito. A place called San Roque. Take a bus from Plaza de San Fransisco, heading toward the hill with the angel on top. The bus then turns right, starts climbing a fairly steep hill for about a kilometer then turns left. This is where you get off the bus, you will notice a large market area there with cheap food. Finding the two chongos is a bit confusing, ask for directions. It involves climbing another hill further up, on foot or by taxi, until you get to almost the end of this road. On your way up, you pass a jail, on your right, and some cops on weekends as these are visiting days. Once you pass that, you will notice a gulley on your left, and way down there is one chongo, and then another one. Open during daytime, girls leave 5pm. $7 chicas. (Adelante Siempre, post 977).

    Finally got around to these two chongos in Centro Historico. I am thankful for Adelante Siempre posting about new chongos but wow I may as well be asking my mother for directions.

    From the SW corner of Plaza Santo Domingo head straight up street Rocafuerte to its end (you will literally smash into a mountain wall). El Danubito Azul is house OE10-295, look for the sign, nice interior. Some four buildings further down the road is a second large chongo, two-story warehouse La Cantera Rosa. No entrance fee for either. $8 chicas. Both places advertise 56oz of beer for $3. A guard said Azul closes at 6pm. A taxi from Plaza Santo Domingo (a Trole stop) is $2.

    If you look like a gringo you probably will not want to walk here, take a taxi. In daytime there are lots of poor, shady characters. Two taxi drivers told me at night local males flood the dozens of cantinas to get shitfaced. No doubt they come out feeling mean, looking for trouble. San Roque is one of the worst neighborhoods I have seen in Quito, making the entire length of Avenida PV Maldonado in the south look like a sunny day in the park.

    (25) Las Rieles, located in the Old Town of Quito. Avenida Maldonado por el Colegio Quito. You can take a trolley going south which will let you off almost in front. You have to walk into a little hallway ajoined by two bars. You will see a doorman out front. $1 to get in, $7 chicas for a 10 minute screw in a broom closet. (as per Artisttyp, post652/649)

    From El Danubito Azul I taxied to Las Rieles, right next to Trole stop Chimbacalle, cross-streets being Av PV Maldonado S7-329 y Sincholagua. It is dead and buried. Rubbish crowds the doorway, neighbors confirm it is permanently closed. It will be removed from the list.

    Both taxi drivers said they know of only three chongos in Centro Historico, Quito’s old town. I am not sure whether to believe this as many of them know shit. If anybody wants to add their input on this please do so or PM me.

    “Streetgirls: Johnny Drama, on his first night to Quito (a Friday), had his taxi driver take him to an avenue where some 40 chicas were on display late at night (1:30am). The slender 7.5 chica he selected to come back to his apartment showed him her health card (all girls in the casas/clubs are tested every 3 to 5 months for HIV by the Health department and have their cards updated). I think he negotiated $40 for a couple of hours. Unfortunately he did not note or remember the address of this street. Something to note for future explorers.”

    I believe my second taxi driver tipped me off as to where Johnny Drama went that night: Avenida Ambato in district San Roque. Though I didn’t catch all of what the driver said the avenue and area is populated by many cheap cantinas and partying males, making it ideal for the appearance of streetgirls at night.

    Changes are forthcoming to the Quito Fuckclub List: time to trim the fat.

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    Quito is Paradise !

    This is my first post, thought was time to contribute rather than just take! I'm in quito for the first time. Last night (Monday) 8:00pm went to Cafe Rojo, it was difficult to find (No sign on building) paid my 2. 00 bucks and went in. There was aprox 10 chicas working and thirty guys drinking all locals.

    Out of the 10 chicas 8 were decent, picked out a real beauty with hugh tit's paid $20. 00 WOW! What a bargain. Sex was good, kissing, BJ w/condom, and all positions. Left about 9:00pm and went to Body 6 (much easier to find) cabbies know about it because of neon sign (naked lady). Paid the entry think it was $5. 00 and went in. Only 4 chicas working at 10:00 pm all were from Columbia. Only 2 were decent, The best one a petite girl came over and starting speaking english, this was a great unexpected bonus! We talked and drank for about 1 hour and I was the only customer in the club, they really catering to me asking music selections and ect.

    I asked the prices and was told $40. 00 for 20 minutes in back room or I could take one back to my hotel for $100. 00 for the hour. I chose to bring the petite english speaking columbian to my Hotel (The Embassy Hotel) walked by the front desk and only recieved an envious smile from the two male desk clerks. In the room we got started, heavy kissing and a complete no rush session. I gota tell you this Columbia chick was awesome, I have never seen a girl love to receive oral like she did. She was squirming, moaning, and saying I LOVE IT do you like it? I couldn't really answer her as I had a mouth full!

    I counted her orgasms of at least 2 just in the oral session, then it was my turn and she did not disapoint great BJ bareback and then she climbed on top and a short bit later she has an explosive orgasm and totlly collapeses on top of me. After a short rest she starts again. After about 40 minutes of this I am whipped and wondering if I could complete. She says no problem lay back and she finished me off with a combo BJ and Hand job! She was great, freindly, good talker and one hot chica. She left her watch in my room, I'm planning taking it back to her tonight after I visit (Touch Me). I will post again tomorrow, I am also traveling to Sao Paulo Brazil the end of the week and will post from there. (WHY Can"t the USA be like this! )

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Hi all,

    When do the girls come back from their holidays?

    From the 3 January? Or later? Tell me please.

    Thank you in advance

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    For January

    Hi all,

    When are the girls back in the chongos? I know there is the new year and they won't be there for this time.

    So are they back for which dates? 3 January, 4 January?

    Thank you very much.

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    I will be in Quito from the evening of the 3rd til at least the 7th, if anyone wants to show me the ropes. Then on to Lima from the 8th til the 12th.

    If interested, please PM me.

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    Chongo Bits V

    Sunday I did a swingby of all southern streets as I was curious to know what was open.

    The La Luna complex: last Sunday Son Cubano was open. This Sunday it was closed but the better bar, Coco Bongos, was open. I guess it is safe to say one of the three bars here will be open on Sunday.

    Crossed over to Mariscal. Found a new bar. It's small but one more option. Called A-Club at S24-299, two doors down from Classico El Sud Del Marajha at S24-293. A-Club, Classico Marajha, and the new Madona bar (old Bom Bom Cito location) are all open Sunday. Mind you, these are second and third tier bars on a good night, never mind a Sunday. If you could care less about quality, are desperate to pop a nut, they will do I guess.

    Crossed over to PV Maldonado to check out Noches de Paris and Blondys. Both open, two slenders, but nyah.

    For Sunday it is now 6 options open in the south, 1 in central, 2 in the north.

    On the trole I could've swore I saw a basement chongo in the Old Town along Av Guayaquil. Hmmm, it may be time to start investigating options here.

    Monday. This morning I popped a third Vitamin C. I am averaging every fourth day. Nothing new in Touch Me. In another club I tagged 9teenie Danielle for a fourth ficha. She clearly is the leader thus far for fichas. She is sooooo cute.

    Before today's session I asked her for two fichas for picture taking -- exactly like I did with lovely little Lucy. If the pics are good a propina on top. At first she was all for it. Then she asked how many pics. I replied about 30 to 40. She looked at me worried; she expected 3 or 4, no face shots. I'm like ?! Two fichas, thirty minutes, for 4 faceless pictures?! lol. Uhhh, yeahhh. Circuit girls may be pretty, but ...

    She stated she was worried about the Internet. Dionysus-Tungurahua would've sealed the deal smoothly without a blink at the lie. But goddamned truth-seeking Apollo-Tungurahua choked. He fucking hesitated, she looked at him closely, and I watched it all slip through my fingers.

    Still, it wasn't all bad. I did get to fuck a cute nineteen year old.

    Hiked up to VIP Paradise Women. Same old chicas. Boring. I hope you enjoyed banging those two hot freelancers DW. ** sigh ** Either way in the Great Mystical Silence of Quito I guess nobody will ever hear about it. I will have to scope it out on Fri and/or Sat. I might get lucky.

    In Cafe Rojo Dominique is present. The other girls were smiling even before she walked in. They quickly pointed me out to her, she waves. I guess every chica knows who I am there for. A simple nod brings her to me.

    The mirrors provided some excellent views this time around. Holy fuck I can't wait till we get implanted microchips in our brains to record our lives (The Final Cut, Robin Williams). Pity it isn't available now.

    She's going to be in town till Dec 20 or so, then head home to her family for the holidays. She asked how much longer I will be in town. I said Dec 20 or so and we laughed.

    Hmmm, where to go for a third pop ... life is filled with tough decisions.

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    Vitamin C Pill II

    polvo: nope, no indigestion. to test it out i popped a second pill of c on friday before lunch: no indigestion.

    jaimito cartero: "a great report, as usual." hey, isn't that ezinho's line? be careful he might have copyright.

    meat loaf: many guys think i am mongering simply to get laid. hell no. i do it for the pursuit of truth. ;-) this is the ultimate hobby. in the pursuit of truth writing is the vehicle for the aristocracy, talking is for the peasantry.

    fri & sat: early friday afternoon i shuffled to club 122 to plug 9teenie danielle for a third consecutive day. arranged to meet up with board member dirty willy at 6pm. i had to meet the gent who nominated me for isg photographer of the year in 2006, with the classic line "when i look at some of the pictures of samira i am ready to cry."

    from club 122 we went to scope out cafe rojo. paid the $2 entry fee (yes it is now a permanent $2 entry fee). within seconds the first chica i saw in the crowd had my jaw hitting the floor: dominique. it was the fastest extraction of a $20 bill ever done in my mongering career. it was almost an involuntary reaction.

    i think i was in a state of shock for the session, in disbelief to see her kneeling between my spread legs slurping on my cock. ramping up to blow in flatdog had me literally drooling on her back. oops! when i left in 2006 i thought i would never see her again.

    the "high" didn't start to subside until some thirty minutes after the session. "wow," i thought to myself, "i have dominique and cialis together. all of a sudden this could be a good christmas run."

    later dw and i jumped taxis to divas, kassandras, peeked into alondras, 4033, club moscu, 3 star, la fragata, el swing.

    saturday i took to the la luna complex for coco and cubano. man is the south hurting for selection. to cheers, nada. to vip paradise women. dw tipped me off on a hot blonde. while there it wasn't the newbie blonde that caught my eye but a long-black-haired beauty. she looks strangely familiar ... but i could not place her. of course both girls were tied up indefinitely so i exited and vowed to return early next week.

    in cafe rojo i waited for an hour for dominique to show. no go. arrrggg! the only other candidate, a tall slim-curvy chica, a 9er, never cracks a smile so i passed on her. bored of rojo i decided to save dw from myself, let him work at his own pace, and caught the bus north to scout the lesser chongos. the north is just as bad as the south at present. yikes. 99% of the action is in central.

    karmelos is still open, $1.50 entry, 5 elephants present. night palace bar is now called mana bar, $1.50 entry, 6 elephants. the house chongo near these two bars is now closed. over to desenfreno's, $1.50 entry, 4 elephants. mangobiche, $1.50 entry, 3 elephants. cassanova, free entry, 3 elephants. marque de sade i, $1.50 entry, 15 elephants. alondras, free entry, 2 potentials of 15, both failed the grade. to 4033, $1.50 entry, two slenders but both negated by imperfections.

    taxi to 3 star. i sat with a beer in my hand contemplating "should i or not?". after exactly an hour i put the cup down and walked out of the bar without taking a drink. as a result saturday was sexless.

    a week ago there were too many chicas and not enough cock to go around. with a cock-on-command i now find myself scrounging to find suitable candidates. i was picky when i was drunk. now that i am sober it is ridiculous. the sharp blade of reason excises too many potential candidates for my own good. i can tell more tweaking is due to optimize results as mongering requires a little messiness. anybody have a pill to get drunk with no hangover?!

    lastly i will note nibu raphael's latest private message to me titled (in all caps): "your an asshole respond...". frankly i think by not responding it is far more amusing ...

    time to hit the south ...

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    Tungurahua Aptly Named

    Tung a Fuk a Lot hahahaha

    For you that do not know Tungurahua is the Volcano here that is in almost perpetual eruption!

    Tungurahua shared a great non-monger story with me the other day about his trip to the crater of tungurahua during an eruption.

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    You motivate me to pursue the "hobby" even more.

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    A great report, as usual. One day, you'll hit 4! I bought 4 x 50 mg pills in Jakarta, and break each one up into 5-7 pieces, and just take one. Even if I have the hard on, I rarely do more than two sessions a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungurahua
    Synopsis: An experiment with Vitamin C, 3 days, 5 chicas, 7 fichas … and appetite returns.
    No indigestion (a common side effect)???


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    Set The World On Fire

    synopsis: an experiment with vitamin c, 3 days, 5 chicas, 7 fichas … and counting.

    stan lee, the genius behind marvel comics, once said to attract new readers one has to put in references to past issues throughout new stories. for context of this post it thus becomes necessary to summarize the past.

    in the span of eighteen months while adventuring through the countries of south america i have been sampling the sex-candies of major cities. to reflect: my isg exploits started in quito in april through september of 2006, moved on to la paz in dec/06, buenos aires apr-may/07, asuncion june/07, rio de janeiro july-aug/07, and lima in oct/07.

    as a hardcore sub-$20us budget mongerer quito ($6.50-$20us) and rio de janeiro ($5-15us) were brilliantly explosive. for inexpensive, quality girls rio is everything quito is -- taken to a higher, unmatched level of intensity because of the spectacular landscaping and playground that is rio. while la paz holds the south american record for cheapest fucks starting at $2.50us chica quality sorely lacks. i loved buenos aires for everything but mongering, primarily due to a conflict with expensive pricing ($20us+) for its quality girls. asuncion is a city of cheap sex-apartments (up to $20us), decent for a week or two.

    lima, unfortunately, came after epic rio de janeiro. as i have hit several major south american markets consecutively, not as independent 1-3 week vacations, a heavier judgement is inevitable. lima, as a step-down from rio in environment and market quality, saw an initial blip of recognition then quickly fizzled out into what i call “sex saturation.”

    that is, after eighteen months of pursuing sexual activities, after an estimated 120 women and 250 sessions across the continent (i have yet to do a final south american tally), after many mind-blowing adventures in the sack, by the time i got to lima’s selection of girls my ‘tolerance level’ for sexual stimulation at inexpensive prices could no longer be breached.

    mirroring lima my return to quito saw an initial pop in activity then gently fizzled out. there were hot targets i wanted to hit but little-tung was being very finicky. in a sex-saturated state at 100%, occasionally dipping down to 99% & 98%, the random chica could be mounted but this was hardly a mind-blowing experience to write about. literally and figuratively, in body and spirit, i was ‘limping’ along. the spikes of ecstasy had flatlined.

    i thought to myself: here i am in my favorite market, a place i know like the back of my hand, already pre-paid a hotel room for a month, preparing a return home within six months (after columbia), and i am struggling to enjoy my time here. it is time to take the experiment one step further.

    at this time i extend a hearty thank you to all isgers who posted information and experiences with viagra, cialis and levitra. i read the last sixty pages of the viagra-board, made notes, stewed the potential results and side-effects in my mind, then followed globetrotter’s lead into fybeca pharmacy to buy a single 20mg pill of cialis for $9.36us. this was monday afternoon.

    i used the rest of monday to completely rehydrate after beers on sunday, eat three good meals, have a good night’s rest.

    for a background into the physical i am in my mid-thirties and in good shape. fucking at 2850 meters in quito or 4150 meters in el alto (la paz), or climbing a 5900 meter volcano, does not phase me. i have no medical problems / history. i thought if anyone has a good chance of successfully pulling an experiment like this off with minimal side-effects it is me.

    but that didn’t take away the butterflies in my stomach or the sweaty palms on tuesday morning: “i haven’t had this much anxiety about a drug since my first tab of lsd.”

    i woke at 9:30am. at 10am i popped two aspirin to minimize potential head and/or muscle aches. at 10:30am i did leg and body stretches to loosen up my muscles. showered, shaved. at 11:30am i ate a sandwhich to slow down the rate of cialis absorpion, easing the drug into my system, in the hope of lessening a sharp ‘hit’ of potential negative effects. cutting the pill in half, at 12:41pm i swallowed 10mg. nothing. at 1:36pm i swallowed the second 10mg. nothing. hmmmm.

    decided i need some stimulation. made my way over to touch me, one of my favorite fuckclubs in quito. for newer readers this is a $7us (or 700 pennies) chongo where some thirty or forty girls stand around in a squished 10 x 40 foot room wearing bits of clothing. the local boys can be pretty rough looking. it’s a raw place to fuck.

    not wanting to mix alcohol with cialis on the first day i nursed a bottle of water while watching the selection of girls coming and going. still no reaction. spotted a girl i nailed a couple times in 2006. a few more pounds but still petite. her best asset is a big set of jiggly juggs on a small frame. yes, violetta will do. paid her 700 pennies and up the stairs we went.

    we stripped down. small talk and laughs. i am on my back, naked, she’s preparing for a preliminary cbj, still no reaction. hmmm. this is weird. into her mouth goes little-tung …

    whoa. he’s stiff all right. a few days before i was losing stiffness from the seconds of change between mouth and pussy. not today. hard for the duration, between all position changes, ramming her in flat-doggie while groping big titties to spurt my lovin’ into her fuckhole.

    it immediately struck me how this drug works. it truly is a cock on command, not a perma-woodie. as one member writes “it’s like you never took anything at all ... until it comes time to perform.” the drug does not stoke the fires of desire; that is it does not make you more horny. it plays on the desire you possess at the time. if your fuel guage of desire is raging expect harder results. if, however, sex-saturation is an issue like it is with me, with the fuel guage of desire lower, maximizing that last 1-2%, expect the results to be more subtle.

    after a light meal of soup and vegetables i went for a second session with a hot wench, deborah, 20 years young, 800 pennies. with her on my lap i was briefly hard as we small talked. in private hardness was no problem at all. second orgasm attained by 5:30pm.

    at 6:35pm i noted my left shoulder / arm aching. popped two more aspirin.

    a third chica was mounted by 7:41pm, tiny magali, 21 years young, re-found in amorcito, 800 pennies a squirt. by this time i was impressed. three squirts in less than six hours.

    as it was only 8pm i went looking for a record fourth eruption. once again, just like in 2006, i was thwarted. the three quality chicas i found in various clubs were being monopolized by groups of talkative, drunk guys. my biggest pet peeve of mongering.

    nonetheless the day was a huge success.

    wednesday i found a sweet treat, a 9teenie named danielle. she is exactly what i look for in the clubs. super-petite, perfect tight ass, flat tummy, small breasts, hairstyle framing her cute face. maybe 85 to 90 pounds.

    with the half life of cialis at 17.5 hours i was curious to see if it would still be working. the question was promptly settled: yes. her gorgeous little body had me rock hard for an easy shot of love.

    three hours later i nailed maoly, 20 years young, in touch me. i had long seen her in guajira for $15 but passed. for 700 pennies, however, she was worth a spin (no orgasm).

    thursday (today) was a second round with dynamite danielle in the early aft (orgasm), with a return to deborah later in the afternoon (orgasm).

    thus in three days: seven fuck sessions with five chicas. considering a few days earlier i could barely get blood flowing the conclusion if cialis works for me is a resounding yes. popping two aspirin at eight hour intervals twice a day negates all side-effects.

    an additional bonus to this is mongering with no alcohol. i wrote: “during a walk between sessions i said to myself i should get a meal for later to soak up tomorrow’s hangover, then realized to my astonishment i haven’t had a single alcohol drink today. all water and pop.”

    in 2006 as a newbie-monger i initially needed alcohol to overcome inhibitions, unleashing years of pent-up raging sexual desire. as a tool to remove any and all doubts it empowered me with a cock of steel. lately, however, alcohol has had the opposite effect: making me ill (constant hangovers, headaches, beershits), suppressing appetite for food, stalling sexual performance, always driving up expenses -- essentially depressing me. now as a completely sober monger for the first time in months i feel healthy, my appetite returns.

    a new age dawns in quito ...

    (cross-posted to the viagra board)

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    Chongo Bits IV

    Davidb3069: The Cafe Rojo entrance fee of $2 may have been for the football game(s). Guys just showing up and sitting around. Every guy was literally glued to the tv while I was there. I will check the place out later this week to see if the entrance fee applies again.

    A slender 9 was present plus two lessers. Andrea, who I nailed last year in Cheers (not my favorite Andrea of 3 Star), had me wincing upon sight of her. Oh my -- she has gained weight! It makes me re-consider wanting to see my favorite girls of last year. I might be more than disappointed.

    DrHosem: I believe Bobisee's comments were in response to me -- a hardcore cheapskate mongerer -- stating a similar situation. Camilla, a pro of MMedillin, asked me to take her and her friend out to a disco. Thinking about the bill in a trendier club I declined. Concerning non-pros it also seemed pointless to pursue them when chongos, 100% guaranteed instant sex with hot babes, start at $7.


    So DrHosem and I teamed up yesterday for a couple chongos in the south. It was really odd to drive around Quito in a vehicle. Quite the different perspective of things.

    Curious to see La Luna we went to check it out. Of the three clubs Son Cubano was open. This is the 7th place open on Sunday -- 4 in the south, 2 in the north, 1 in central.

    Son Cubano on Sunday is open 12 to 8pm, same $1.50 entry. Inside it was pretty busy. Later hit Blondys, $2 entry. Paris, unfortunately, closed early (but was open when we first pulled up).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobisee
    It's funny that just a few minutes ago before entering this internet cafe, a local lady approached me with her friends wanting to go have a beer.

    I declined as I figured I'd be buying all the rounds. LOL

    Anyhow, I think I'll go out now and sniff about.
    You have several local women wanting to share a couple of $1. 50 beers and you refuse?

    Two things you should know. Besides the beers are dirt cheap.

    1 Large Pilsners, the typical beer here, are drank by sharing them. Everyone has a small glass and drinks from that when the beer is almost empty you buy another measly $1. 50 beer and start again.

    2 Those that invite pay unless it is specified as "American Style"

    So to me it sounds like they were wanting you to drink beer with them that they were going to buy you.

    You deserve to have to pay for every piece of tail you get for the rest of your life.

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