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    Cusco Escort


    I misread your previous post and thought you were referring to Lima escorts. I doubt there are any escort services in Cusco as the opportunities aren't as blatant as Lima. The cab drivers seem to have the lowdown on the whole mongering situation though.

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    There are several escort services in Lima, but you don't need one. There is P4P everywhere in Lima. Nibs took me to one strip where we visited a dozen little fuck places within a quarter mile. You'll just be wasting your money using a service.

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    Escorts in Cusco?

    I have searched this thread quite a ways back, but found no mention of any escort service in Cusco. Is there one? Any idea who to call and what the prices are?


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    Cusco in April

    Glad to see Jackson has resolved some of the server issues, and that this forum is alive once again. Thanks to the contributors here who have provided a lot of good information. After waiting a number of months, I finally have regular member status, and I am now able to post.

    I’ll be in Cusco for about a week in early April. I’ve read through a number of the forums here and was wondering if someone could recommend a good mid market / girl-friendly hotel in Cusco. I will give Hotel Colōn a try for a couple nights in Lima.

    Also, I have heard the rainy season ends about the end of March / early April. Would 2nd week in April be a good time (weather wise) to see Machu Picchu? Any tips to avoid tour rip offs would be appreciated.

    I plan to play a few hands in the freebie game while in Cusco.

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    Finally booked Hotel

    I finally broke down and reserved my room at Maria Angola, miraflores. It seems like a nice hotel, it has been rated/reviewed as a nice hotel.

    I reserved a double room to accomodate for the mongering if any chic stayed over. After an exhaustive web hunt I found a couple of sites providing reservations for a double rooms at Maria Angola for US$ 60.00 so jumped on the offer.

    Please post if any of you have had bad experiences as I can always cancel.

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    I mentioned the Maria Luisa Hotel, but a subsequent poster said it was noisy too. I also had trouble making reservations by e-mail and was reluctant to call because my spanish isn't great, but every hotel front desk clerk I encountered spoke good english. Don't hesitate to call any of them for a reservation.

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    Thanks people.

    Er ... will they understand "servicio completa" if I ask? Or is some other terminology used in Peru?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidhartha
    And, lastly, is there an equivalent of "programa completa" (servicio completa for Argentinians) in Peru?....
    You mean if the placeresdeperu girls include anal? Youīll have to call them and ask.

    I called a couple and they asked for 150 soles per hour and with anal included 180 soles per hour.

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    It wasn't clear from a couple of postings. Paceresdelperu is in Lima or Cusco?

    Is the web the only way of contacting the main agency or do they have a telephone number too?

    And, lastly, is there an equivalent of "programa completa" (servicio completa for Argentinians) in Peru?


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    I was finally able to upload some pics to my previous report. See below.

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    Cusco is mostly packed with young mochileros (backpackers).

    Most of the girls go for these guys. For free.

    The P4P scene is fairly limited.

    But if you are young and/or good-looking and/or speak Spanish you should have no problem to pull out a free chick every night.

    I didn't go this year but last year I stayed two nights and got laid on both nights.

    This girl was tiny as fuck and had awesome firm big titties for such a little frame. Her pussy was one of the best and tiniest ever (or I was really excited). My bed was making a lot of noise while banging her hard and fast, so the other chick whoīs in the other bed with my friend said: "por favor".

    We only paid a couple of drinks.

    They were dancing in front of us with the drinks on their head.

    My chick was a little cold as opposed to my buddies chick in the bar, but when I said: "Porque eres tan frio?", she said she wasnīt and danced really close and enticing in front of me, while I sat my lazy ass down.

    We then invited them over to our hotel two blocks away. The door guy was jealous or whatever and he didnīt want them to stay. I said Iīm paying for the room, Iīm bringing them in. So I did. He knocked on the door after and after a short discussion we agreed that I would kick them out at around 5 AM.

    So Iīm in the bed with this chick kissing and undressing her and again sheīs having an attituted. I got mad (was a little drunk) and told her to get the fuck out cold trick, while I kicked her in the bed. She almost fell out (the bed was huge) and then crawled back, mi amor. Started kissing like hell. Maybe she got turned on by this kind of "latin" attitude.

    Great body, great pussy, great sex. She was from the selva.

    Later on, I tell the girls they have to leave. But they say they "lost" some money and start looking for money on the floor of the room. Hint hint.

    I told them they didnīt loose jack shit and pushed them out.

    They knocked the door. I opened up and asked how much money did you loose, because this was getting on my nerves? The girl I was with now understood she was fucking up her change to see me again if she kept hinting at money (she gave me her number after the sex) and said nothing, nothing, kissed me on the cheeck and they both left.

    Maybe the door guy knew these girls and they could have stolen from other gringoīs or caused trouble and thatīs why he wanted them to leave?...

    The blonde girl was from Lima and was looking at me from the start.

    I danced, kissed, invited her to the room and fucked.

    The door guy said: again another chick! (asshole)

    And in the room the girl is giving me shit. Just stay nice and kiss and undress them, and donīt pay attention to what they say.

    She rides my dick like mad. She was one of the better free performers that I had in Peru. She spend the night.

    Nothing was paid except for some drinks.

    I talked to some of my "amigas cariņosas" in Lima and all of them have been to Cusco and fucked tourists for free there.
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    I also went to Machu Picchu primarily for reasons of cover and to have some pix to show the friends and family. You will probably get some strange looks if you go all the way to Peru but fail to visit one of the most famous archeologic sites of all time.

    Having said that, I enjoyed my trip to MP immensely. I was very glad that I went. Pictures only tell half the story; it needs to be experienced first hand.

    One recommendation: Spend the night in Aguas Calientes. I did not, and ended up wishing I had. This will accomplish two things.

    One, it will allow you much more time to explore MP (5-6 hours depending on how you do it.) If you take the train up and back to Cusco same day you will only have 3.5 - 4 hours max at the site. I found that I could have just wandered around for twice that long. Lose yourself in it, it's a very cool place.

    Two, it will get you away from Cusco. You can review my earlier post to see that I'm not a big fan of this this town. In fact, still have part 2 of my Cusco trip to write up. I'll try to do that soon. Ironically, I was very attracted to the atmosphere in Aguas Calientes, even though in many ways it is even more tourist-oriented than Cusco (Aguas Calientes as a town would likely not exist were it not for MP right next door, a half mile up the mountain.) The town is only 2000 people, according to Lonely Planet, and the river that runs thru it can be heard practically anywhere in town as it cascades across the rocks in the riverbed. If staying in mid-range places, the price for accomodation should be roughly the same as Cusco.

    Cusco is not considered a prime mongering destination; therefore A.C. would rightly be considered even less opportune. However, strolling around town before the train left I did see a sticker reading "No Turismo Sexual" in the window of one of the hotels, so maybe there is some action to be had.

    I've attached a few photos from Cusco, A.C. and MP. The one in the pool hall is when I ended up shooting pool with my non-pro and her DAD (both pictured). Don't ask me how that happened. And the one of MP is with me and this chick from Nazca who was visiting with some friends of hers for Promocion. Luckily I was wearing my warpaint that day so there is no need for me to mask my identity.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails aguas caliente 1.jpg‎   aguas caliente 2.jpg‎   me and random girl.jpg‎   Pool.jpg‎   last resort.jpg‎  

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    Heading to Peru ( Apr 02 - Apr 10)

    I have mongerted in Brazil, Argentina & Chile besides Thiland etc. My spanish knowledge is very basic or non existant.

    I want to Machu Pichu so that I can cover my mongering up for family anf friends.

    Any contacts out there to help with Hotel, Tours, mongering.

    haven't decided howmany days depending on how the chica scene is, if its bad will head back to LIMA for a romp and try luck there.

    Please PM me or post reply if you can help.

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    Cusco, 1/12/05

    went to the plaza before my big night and met a chica from lima on vacation. had a beer with her and things could have worked out, but i had my appointment for the tour.

    cabbie picked me up at 9 p.m. and we went to noica, a couple minutes away from the plaza. there were three chicas there and i didn't like any of them, so i didn't stay. next went to a place on a dark side street with no name or lights. cabbie went in with me and the door dude whistled and out came two chicas. didn't like them either and left.

    i asked to go to la curva and cabbie frowned, but took me there. this is a meat market. it smells like [CodeWord109], is sleezy, and was packed with peruvian guys. i was the only gringo. made a lap and saw one cute one negotiating. when i came back, her door was shut and there was a line outside peeking through the crack in the door to watch the action. took the least ugly one for 20 and she wouldn't let me touch any part of her body. no bj and cut me off at 30 minutes, before i had finished. the *****s here are well used and undesirable.

    drove by another place on a dark street on didn't go in. it was 11 p.m. now and went to decameron. this is a disco setup and there were six chicas and all were nice, including a tall, thin dark beauty. i was about to go talk to her when several more came in, then another pack. the tall dark one got taken and i went for #2, a young and pretty jungle girl from iquitos who said she had been in cusco for a year. we hit it off well and left just after midnight. there were 17 chicas when i left and they outnumbered the guys. my jungle girl went by something like iquiteto. she was fun and willing to do about anything and really seemed to enjoy it, or is a good actress. she loved the camera and laughed at her photos. put on a show with no prompting. cost was 120 and a drink for 20. i took over 20 photos and will post some in a few days. watch the photo section. i think you will enjoy her.

    cusco isn't a place to go for mongering, but there is plenty of action to supplement the other activities there. i would go straight for decameron, but if you like it cheap and sleezy, go to la curva. i think the massage places have possibilities too. you will need a guide to find these inner city places. i stopped cabs until i found one that spoke english, asked the guy to wait for me at each place, and tipped him. total damage was 30.

    hotel cristina was marginal. no soap, had to beg for toilet paper, asked for a light bulb to be replaced and finally stole one from the hall light. the breakfast consisted of cold toast and coffee or tea, so i ate out. the highlight was rosa, the cute gal at the front desk who spoke english and was very helpful. very chica friendly. the guy complimented me on the jungle bunny.

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    Cuzco 1/10-1/12

    Made it to Cuzco and have done most of the tourist stuff. Even with the poor mongering situation, it was worth the trip here for the sightseeing and hiking. Plus, Iīll have plenty of photos to answer the "What did you do in Peru" questions.

    Iīve hiked about 20 miles so I booked a massage at the place on the NE corner of Plaza de Armas. I had TWO massage girls and the massage was the best Iīve ever had next to the traditional massage in Thailand. They both wore white coats. My experience has been that the better the massage, the less the chance for extras, but one girl left and the other provided a nice HJ at the end for 30 soles (I know I paid too much, but I needed to get off and she wouldnīt negotiate).

    Saw another sleezy looking massage place on either Av Grau or Cuichipunco (the street changes names). Went in and there were a couple Chicas, but not so nice. They said there are others in the afternoon and that they offer extras. Might check it out later today.

    Went to Pisac and the Sacred Valley today with a friendly driver that speaks a little English. Canīt begin to pronouce his name, but he is knowledgable of the Chica industry and gave me the low down. He said there are several small joints with no cover where you are just expected to buy a beer at 15 or 20 soles and pick a chica. They are frequented by Peruvian guys. He said to skip La Curva because others have a better selection. Mentioned Noica, DeCameron and another and is picking me up tonight to give me the tour.

    Cruised the square several times and didnīt see anyone interesting. One older (40ish) chica started talking to me. She wasnīt bad looking, but Iīm not paying for that. Another cuter one made eye contact and I stopped to talk to her, but she didnīt know any English. I think she was asking me to buy her dinner.

    Hit many of the clubs and didnīt see any pros. Mama Africa has the best selection of Euro, Aussie, and American hotties. Happy Hour offers 2 for 1 on some drinks and is 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. It is a pickup bar, but I donīt have time to play that game. If you are younger and want to look at eye candy or try for a freebie, this is the best place to go.

    Anyone know why there are two spellings for Cuzco..Cusco?

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