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    Write me at
    [Email address deleted by Admin] and I will email you some places to stay and the best places to eat. I would like to keep them somewhat secret so as not to have them overbooked next time I need a place to stay in Cuzco. Also, you will need more than 2-3 days in Cuzco and Machupicchu. Also, you might want to spend the night in Aguas Calientes near Machupicchu. It's inexpensive and there are no cars there, very quiet. The cholitas love the discos, so check out Mama Africa's on the Plaza de Armas. Let me know what price range you are interested in. Cuzco can be as cheap as Lima if you know where to go. With respect to bringing back girls to your hotel, there should be no problem or extra charges. They might ask for her ID if she is an obvious hooker. I really didn't see any hooker action on the Plaza de Armas, just alot of street vendors. Enjoy Cuzco. It's my favorite place in the world. I'm making plans on moving there in the Spring.

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    Hey guys,

    You probably read my post in the Lima section. I'm posting in the Cuzco section because I was interested in making a 2-3 day trip from Lima to Cuzco/Machu Pichu and back to Lima. Do you guys know of the best/most reasonable places to stay would be (ie. ones that would also allow me to bring back a girl)? Also, how would you rate the SW/disco-girl scene in Cuzco, as compared to Lima? Thanks again for you help guys; this forum is really awesome.
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    Iīm in Iquitos now, but I want to give you the story of Cuzco. Cuzco is full of sluts from Lima that come here to rip-off gringos. My advise is to stay away from these over-priced sluts and find yourself a nice Cholita. It took me exactly two days to find myself a Cholita. Sheīs wonderful -- my Inka Princess. Yes, Nibs always says that Cholitas are ugly and have small tits, but he hasnīt seen the rack on my girl. So, in short I recommend finding a local Cholita and staying away from the Limeņa sluts. Also, do the Camino Inka 4-day trip to Machupicchu. Itīs a hike of a lifetime. Write me at if you need any info on hotels, trips, or tours.

    Hey Nibs, did you ever meet my friend Yulianna in Tacna? She wrote me that you called.

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    Uh, sniper is government conspiracy action??? Raphael, you are way out there man!

    We can argue about violence in various nations all day long, that's not why I'm here. And by the way, I'm from California. I have never been robbed, beaten, had a knife pulled on me, or anything. But while I was in Peru, my girlfriend (yes, Peruvian) was worried about my watch, money, and other things being stolen. She told me about the times she was mugged over and over again. So, for all the media coverage of violence in America, crime really only counts when it hits you...and most Americans just don't have problems, you know.

    Anyway, you are right about American women ripping you off. It's just that I didn't feel trustful of any of those women in Peru either. Being a white guy makes you more of a target for thieves...sad but true.

    OH, and there REALLY were ladies of the night there in Cuzco. They were young, and not bad looking at all. I also hear of some of them hanging out at that night club "Kamikaze."

    I like Peru, would go again. However, Columbia and even Venezuela with that crazy Hugo bastard, are both off limits for me. I think ARgentina too, until the economy firms up.

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    Hey, about Cusco...went there last year w. girlfriend and saw several good looking Peruvian bitches out on the street at night by main square. There were these two boys 10-11 years old, who were all into me as an "American." Anyway, they offered me hookers right there in front of my girlfriend. She is also Peruvian. This was a weekend and lots of foot traffic out. The girls made eye contact and seemed interested. I like PEru, but for a foreigner from the US or Europe, it's not that safe. I wouldn't necessarily trust my cock to a Peruvian woman interested in ripping me off, you know?

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    In November (11/10), I will heading down to Cuzco and will be there until 11/20 before leaving for the Amazon (Iquitos) and returning back to Lima on Nov. 30 for a few days before departing to the States on Dec. 2.

    If you are going to be there during that time period and want to get together and chase latinas or exchange information, contact me.

    From what I have gathered from this forum, there are places in Peru you should not visit alone for safety reasons.

    You can email me at [Email address deleted by Admin].

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    To Nick.

    You mean THE El Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica??? buddy from Washington DC told me about this place. He had been there several times.
    Pretty a rated women overthere....allthough too expensive for my wallet I must say.Many DR,Cuban,Colombian and other types of pussy overthere.

    I mean I had a real decent hotel there in Lima for 40 soles (12 bucks)...clean,non-stop security and no questions ask if I came up with a gurl. So why pay 55 bucks??

    Indeed IN central America you can find all those girls in Costa Rica.
    But the disadvantage is like I said before.....I never pay 55 bucks for a hotel!! No way.
    60 bucks for an hour (I assume you talked about one hour FS??) is WAYYYYY to expensive.
    I guess 25-40 bucks is just right price. You americans are paying too much and spoiling the market;-)

    But If you got lots of $$$$ to my guest! However I like to see that you also didn't spend more then 30-35 bucks per hour for FS.
    CR is also a pretty save country. But too expensive for europeans.(we earn far less then you US guys)


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    Nibu the Blue marlin bar is in the Hotel Del rey in San Jose. You have girls there from Cuba,Brazil,Columbia,Mexico,Honduras,Nicaragua,the DR. I have been with girls from most of these countrys. There are some very pretty girls in the bar, They start out asking for 100.00 dollars,but most will come down to about 60.00 dollars. the rooms rent for about 55.00 dollars. They charge 10.00 dollars if you take a girl to your room. The hotel has 24 hour resturant,room service,blue marlin bar and a small casino in the lobby. they have a desk where you can book tours. I have been very lucky, i have had sex with a couple dozes girls and have not had a bad experience. I like the setup you can leave your room and go to the bar,get a girl and take her back to your room. You and the girl have to sign a form so the hotel can get their money. The girl has to leave her passport or health card upon signing in. If the girl causes a problem she will be barred from the hotel. With all the americans who stay there and with the money to be made most girls do not steal. They have very good security at the hotel.

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    nibu are there hotels in cusco and lima with bars like the blue marlin in costa rica.I ahve been to costa rica and would like to try peru. nick

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