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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny53  [View Original Post]
    The best one I know of is Latinamericancupid. Com. $35 for 1 mth and $60 for 3 mths.
    Hi friend,

    I use Badoo and Tagged and they are free. Why to spend money for What is the difference with Badoo or Tagged?

    Thanks for some info.

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    David is the REAL Deal

    For any of you doubters out there, I am here to testify that David 'did me a solid'. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza (which I do not recommend as they are not Chica friendly and want to charge $50 to bring a girl to your room, oh and she must have ID) , I will be sure to stay at the JW Marriott next time (for work). Anyway, my lady was nice, polite, sweet, inquisitive and gave me a GFE. She did not really speak English and my Spanish is pretty bad but with the help of Google translator, we got by well enough. If you are in Lima and can follow David's rules, then I would recommend him for sure.

    Thanks David!

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    David & his friends.

    Have inspired my first post.

    I had a most amazing experience with two of his friends. A week or so before my trip I emailed David the details he asks for, and he quickly responded. He also suggested the hotel in Miraflores (alas I could not stay in an apartment due to very short term stay) , and everything worked out perfectly. Both women looked to be early 20's, dark haired, one very light-skinned with a fit body, huge natural breasts, and long straight hair, and the other thinner, slightly darker skinned, with long curly-ish hair. Both were beautiful. They were friends and very comfortable with each other, which added to the experience. I didn't expect any interaction between them, but to my pleasant surprise, one was full-on bi and the other partially, and they had been together before. Both were extremely affectionate, and one even spoke fairly decent english. They showed up on time, dressed sexily but conservative enough as to not so as to attract too much attention at the hotel. When we got to the room we chatted for about 10-15 minutes, then they proceeded to blow my mind, among other things, for about 2 hours, when I actually had to go. I was drained anyhow. I won't go into too much detail but the conclusion is the same as countless other posts. David is the man!

    Thank you sir.

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    Thanks for the positive comments. Although there are lots of chica alternatives in Lima, things have definitely gotten more difficult during the past few years. However I try to help out fellow forum members, as I am helped during my trips. It is a pleasure to try to make things easier for well organized guys who are visiting here.

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    Spend some nice days in Lima in a rented apartment. Got my cel phone chip at the airport without any time delay and got in touch with David. He arranged a very nice girl for me. Nice dinner and great sex. Met here twice. But the highlight were two bisexual girls which met me for an excelent threesome. I am a great fan of threesomes but the girls really have to enjoy each other sexually which was the case. It seemed they were girlfriends. Had a great time.

    Thanks David!

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    Lima / David_33

    During previous trips I relied mostly on Tequila Rock, a nearby bar in Miraflores and a few saunas to hook up with the local ladies. These places used to be really good pickings a few years back. Nowadays however, I've grown disallusioned with the quantity of hardened chicas there and the recent price spikes. Negotiating the chica back down to earth seemed to be real pain at these places now. Not sure what changed, maybe there are too many tourists throwing too much money around.

    During my latest trip to Lima, I decided to seek out the assistance of David_33. David does indeed have phenomenal connections and helped make this recent trip very memorial, the best Peru trip I've had (and thats saying a lot, especially after Iquitos).

    I followed Davids instructions for getting in touch and communicating with him to the tee. He is a great help but remember that he is not your nanny, so please be prepared and follow his instructions well in advance. This trip I had to stay near San Isidro due to work, which probably has the worst traffic in all of Lima and not conducive to chica logistics, but David still delivered. All communications was via text or PM. I recommend staying in or as close to Miraflores as you can as David repeatedly suggests on this forum, and for good reason. The traffic all over Lima has gotten unbearable.

    David introduced me to 5 excellent ladies. 4 of which easily qualify as GFE. All the experiences were above and beyond expectations. I'm sure he would have happy to introduce more, but these chicas were so good I had to do a good number of repeats. I've never had that many back-to-back GFE experiences in a row. Two of the chicas actually bought me presents the second time seeing them. Wow, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around! It seems that David really knows how to vet his chica connections, they all had great attitudes, showed up on time, nice bodies, definitely firecrackers, couple of them quite kinky. Please keep in mind that while David has really good local connections, the other half of the equation for a good time is for you to treat the ladies well and be a gentlemen. And you will be well rewarded here in Lima. Payment was always afterward. Sessions were usually around two hours.

    I can't thank David enough, I'll definitely reach out again upon returning to Lima. Cheers

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    Lima and David_33

    I have been flying all over South America for many years and I have to say that Lima is one of my favorites. The food is great and the people are really friendly. After reading numerous raving reports about the girls that David has arranged for visitors, I decided to contact him. The young lady he had come to me far exceeded my expectations. His choice was exquisite and the GFE I had was amazing. Thank you David. There is definitely a special place in Paradise reserved for you!

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    Lima and David_33

    First time poster here. I'm finally getting around to posting on a trip I made to Lima a little while ago. First off, Lima is a wonderful and pretty city with very friendly people, some nice neighborhoods, absolutely delicious food and a beautiful, strong but stark ocean and coastline that is really something to see when the 'ground swells' are coming in to the rocky shore through the fog. There are pretty girls and woman everywhere especially if you like the Latina morenas, which I do.

    I got in contact with David_33 and he was most helpful in introducing me to three fantastic young ladies. The first two were great fun and very pretty, both loving to converse and in no rush. David pretty much followed my general outine, which was smaller, spinner type woman who were intelligent and fun, and definitively GFE. Got that with both in spades. I left the third one to him, and she was simply unforgettable. We spent two evenings together and I wish I was back there now, believe me. It helps if you speak Spanish which I do, but it's certainly not necessary. There are plenty of woman that 'want to practice their English'.

    Many, many thanks to David for making this all possible. He's a class guy. He is very helpful and will provide information on the city, and is always prompt with replies for any queries you might have. Be nice and respectful to those that you meet through David, and they will repay your kindness ten-fold. Sin duda!

    Thanks again, David. In the immortal words of the Guvenator in 'Terminator': "I'll be back!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven123  [View Original Post]
    Also, David has a format for the info he needs to help you which you need to fill out. All of this can be completed within 24 hours.
    Not all THAT formal, but I do need the basic information I ask for here: http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...-help-you-out.

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    I am a newbie here. I was able to pay online and get my membership activated by Jackson within 24 hours. I then PMed David and he responded within a few hours! I have no idea where you got your info about 2-3 weeks lag time. It is incorrect! Also, David has a format for the info he needs to help you which you need to fill out. All of this can be completed within 24 hours. Good Luck and All the best!

    Quote Originally Posted by BritishGent  [View Original Post]
    David_33: on the off-chance you see this post, I'd like very much to get in touch with you re. My visit to Lima (arriving today) , given the excellent reviews you've had here.

    The problem is: it seems the membership payment takes 2-3 weeks to process, by which time I will have left Lima! So am slightly behind the curve here.

    Is there any way you could PM me your contact details? Very happy to pay the membership fee retrospectively.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Contacting David_33

    David_33: on the off-chance you see this post, I'd like very much to get in touch with you re. My visit to Lima (arriving today) , given the excellent reviews you've had here.

    The problem is: it seems the membership payment takes 2-3 weeks to process, by which time I will have left Lima! So am slightly behind the curve here.

    Is there any way you could PM me your contact details? Very happy to pay the membership fee retrospectively.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Artisttyp  [View Original Post]

    I was almost trapped in a hotel with a hooker and her pimp who came up the stairs right behind her. Just as the front gate was about to be locked shut I bolted.

    Lima is not the place to mess with street trash. It can be done but the risk is way too high.
    Why risk the street when you can have a safe (ish) street-like experience at a chongo?

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    Lima next week

    This is my first post on this site. I have been several times in Lima but was never able to find the right girl to spend a couple of hours or more with.

    I read in these threads that David33 is the person who might save my next visit, next week.

    How can I contact you David?




    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Miraflores. Lima

    Gentlemen. This is my first post on the Peru Forum. Many of my past experiences in Peru were made possible from the Forum members, and I would like to contribute. It is due time for me to return the favor. Below I have written some information on my experiences on getting a cell, hotels, a few clubs and saunas. I will post in the Iquitos forum soon that will probably contain some new information to the forum, however, the information below on Lima simply reinforces or summarizes many of the excellent posts from existing forum members. Many thanks to you!


    For those of you hoping to obtain cell service in Peru during your stay, I found it much quicker to get a SIM chip inside the Lima airport upon arrival, instead of the using the larger Claro store in Miraflores. Upon exiting customs into the international arrivals areas, take a left, go upstairs and walk towards the food court that is just in front of international departures. Between the food court and the bank branch that they also have upstairs, there is a small claro store. Just request a SIM chip and prepaid service (minutes, otherwise known as a recharge) , and the store attendent can do both for you. Of course, you will need to have an unblocked phone and it'll be easier to deal with the GSM systems in Latam if you have a quad-band phone. The process took me about 10 minutes (I had to wait nearly an hour in line in the Claro Miraflores store from the previous year.) Either way, you will walk out of either store a with a live number and activated cell service, ready for immediate use.


    I can personally vouch for two hotels in Miraflores, both of which are within walking distance to the action, kennedy park, and to Tequila Rock if that is your thing:

    Name: Sonesta Posada del Inca

    Address: Alcanflores 329

    Has a Safe, and is (or at least was) GF.

    Name: El Condando Hotel (not the apartsuites right next door)

    Addres: Alcanfores 436

    Not all rooms have a safe. Good breakfast and is GF (although, my reservation was for 2 persons for some reason.) My fee was $99 USD.


    I do not normally partake in street walkers, but they are there and about around park Kennedy and calle Schell near Tequilas. I did not see any in Pizza Alley, perhaps I didn't walk by during the right hours.


    Suites of Barranco.


    Av Republica Panama 250.

    I have read good things about this Club on the forum, so I went one night. I walked up to the entrance, heard the surprisingly high entrance fee, saw an ATM inside from the entrance, saw too many BMWs parked in the driveway, saw too many bouncers, and decided that this place is way out of my desired price range and so I immediately left.

    Tequila Rocks.

    (nightclub that is a take out joint without an exit fee)

    Diez Canseco 146, next to parq Kennedy

    (9pm-9am) , don't bother showing up until 11pm.

    In the past. 4,5 years ago, I had pretty good luck in this place. I had few problems getting a chica for the equivalent of $75 USD, although once I met one who wouldn't budge below $90 USD (and yes, I took her at 90, it was a pretty good hour). However nowadays, the common asking price is simply outrageous. However, I do agree with the earlier post that states that while nowadays Tequila Rock is mostly saturated with too many colombianas asking for insane prices for a hurried hour of FS. It still is possible to find that local gem that is not a hardened pro, that is pleasant and unrushed to be with, and will accept an hour and a half for NS$250. Its just a little extra work to find her than it used to be.

    I got great advice form a forum member that posted (summarized)"Avoid the most aggressive chicas as they are the most hardened and the poorest providers. To weed out the pro's, state that she will be shown the money beforehand but not paid until after service is rendered." Remember, you are the boss, and thus you make the rules, however it is recommended that you lay down the law as a gentlemen with at least some measure of etiquette and politeness. The Peru chicas really dig a "caballero" (gentlemanly man). Just treat the the women well but be firm. I think that this will defintely help you during the price negotiation process.


    These places are like the Termas in Rio. The operate like a Sauna, and have sauna facilities (steam room, pool, legit massage, etc.). However, many of them also have FS on offer, private rooms available (which are sometimes just a massage table) , for an extra fee of course.

    Hotel Bruce Sauna

    (A sauna with rooms and FS available)

    Bolognesi 181-191 (near Vivanda from Pardo)

    This place was previously mentioned in the forum, but is closed permanently. I asked the hotel reception, who told me that the sauna was no more.

    Banos Adan

    (Sauna with FS)

    230 arica, miraflores.

    I was pretty impressed with this place. They have friendly service, charge honestly, and the prices are upfront and simple. They have pretty good facilities, very clean, with a cold pool, jacuzzi, steam room, aromatherapy something-or-another, etc. They have FS availble upstairs. When I went, there was a selection of 4 chicas, one was a 9, and the other 3 were 8's, wow. I chose the Peruvian one (the rest were from Colombia) who had an absolute great pair of natural D tits, it was a great session, but the price was NS$300 (in addition to the entry fee for use of the sauna facilities, which, if I remember correctly, was NS$120) , a little high. But worth it in the end. I would go back again.

    Banos Britania.

    (Sauna with FS)

    Arica 221 #2, block from Pardo and Espinar

    This place was mentioned in the past on the forum, but is closed permenently due to building codes or something of that nature. I saw the municipal poster on the door.

    I plan on asking David_33 for assistance on meeting some peruvian ladies upon returning to Peru soon. With his blessing, I can report on any encounters thereafter.

    Nonetheless, I hope the above report is useful, cheers!

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    Latinamerican cupid. Com

    The best one I know of is Latinamericancupid. Com. $35 for 1 mth and $60 for 3 mths.

    I have met a few girls in Lima from this web site. Most were nice girls / non pros. A few were semi-pros. You will meet all kinds. I usually just do the 1 mth deal for $35 thirty days before I go to Lima.

    It sounds like Colombiancupid is great.

    I hope this helps Lovelatinas.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lovelatinas  [View Original Post]
    I have great experiences making use of colombiancupid in order to meet local girls in Colombia. It is widely used across the whole country.

    Does anyone here have experiences and recommendation of online dating forums for Peru? Online forums, where you can meet real girls? No just ripoff forums with fake girl.

    I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

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