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    Yuri-Lima-2019 Part 2

    Yuri-Lima-2019 Part 2.

    Report II. Girls.

    Frankfurt wrote, you dream like a prince but want to live like a peasant. and there is some truth in that saying. So I met with expensive girls ($100-200 USD) and not so expensive ($48 USD $90 USD) plus one under $10 USD in Trocadero under Jack-Jerichos supervision.

    A) Expensive dates. I obtained all of them via ISG members.

    Miss K (from Jack-Jericho) met me at airport. GFE all over. She met me like a friend, kissing gently leaning against, going to hotel. Heaven. Morning breakfast, left. Repeated at the last day. Seemed only fair. Had lunch with her, brought her to Larco Museum where we described if we did everything what ceramic figures did. $150 + tip damage each time. I would have left more tips, but JJ asked not to spoil her, so I did not, at least not with tips.

    Miss S and Miss K (from Jockey16 ) $110+tips (3+ hours instead of promised 90 minutes) and $200+tips (6+ hours instead of promised 4). We still "friends" with Miss K even though she knows I am not in Lima any more and nothing she can get from me. Warm feelings and good memories. We exchange messages on What's Up.

    Michele (OMG the highlight of the trip) so classy: the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she dresses, the way she pretends to be 18 yo (she might be): she sent me ID card without names and pictures, so all I know is that there is some female in Lima of 18 yo, but, nevertheless, I forgave her everything. Wanted to repeat in my last day, but she had her What's Up not running. She is from Alvaro 30 over PM based on his post.. $150+tips, and yes, we had lunch. It was so cool to sit together at the table and see other men were looking at her.

    B) Not so expensive dates.

    I visited both places which are at distance of 1 block (less than 100 meters form each other). The order was important, because while casa had decent girls (there are solid 6 out of 10, one 21 yo can be considered to be 7), it provided no shower. Gym, on the other hand, provided shower but different types of girls LOL. So I first I visited girls (S\100 30 minutes, S\150 one hour, S\250 two hours plus 3 different upsells S\50 each: kisses on the mouth, massaging pussy, BBBJ) then ran to GYM to have a shower. Gym has enough equipment for exercises. It also has some lockers, but no locks. I left my backpack where I had my change of clothes at the front desk. I also took a soap and shampoo with me from my hotel as Gym offered none of such luxuries.

    I used 1 walking working girl found in Ave Diagonal. Once hired the lack of Spanish was not a huge obstacle, but to actually make the deal was hard and unpleasant. In order to take easy on myself, I stopped asking for services required I was mortified in case I was talking to a nice girl who wanted to help a foreigner. And the poor foreigner start asking about the services. So I talked to 2 girls, hired 1, brought her to my hotel, and not really enjoyed my S\250.

    A girl from Discoteca Sabor Peruano Vip: Pasaje Figari 155, Lima, Peru 3 hours $90 USD+ tip was another unfortunate endeavor. I came to the Discoteca arount 10:30 PM. There were not many customers and even less girls too early. And then this Ecuadorian woman of 23 came in and started dancing. I immediately liked her, but for 15 minutes had no idea how to invite her. My gestures, smile (which was answered), did not produce the result I wanted (she did nto come to my table). Then another girl came in and stroke the conversation with my Ecuadorian. Guys from the adjustment table talked to the waiter and the waiter invited the girl to their table. Now I knew, and without a single word, just with gesture did the same. Now I had my Ecuadorian. The fact that she agreed on the price quickly probably meant that I have poor negotiating skills. But at that time, I wanted to leave. I chose to pay with VISA (bad idea!) and they charged me $69 USD instead of S\69. When I complained they brought S\20 back to me and I realized that none of us wanted any trouble, so we left. But some guard was following us. I asked my Ecuadorian WTF, and she said that it is "for security" his job is to sit us into his taxi. After being already cheated, I said I will pick up taxi myself, but was told that it is his job to pick up "a safe taxi" for us. Then my patience ran out and I told my Ecuadorian, that either this gentlemen disappears now, or she will disappear with him. That did the trick, and the man left. She actually was pretty nice in bed. My mood was broken, but she behaved nicely. Nevertheless, that was my lowest point in Lima.

    Finally, by pure luck one of the girls I dated (guess from all of the above) recommended her friend who was 18 yo. But in a very secretive matter. All I could do is to look at her ID (to make sure she was not underaged) and pay $90 USD Plus Tip (made it $100 USD even) but not to take her phone, pictures, etc. She was horrified and uncomfortable, which made me also uncomfortable. But the deed was still sweet and fantasy satisfied. Later the girl I dated before who referenced that sweetheart IMed on What's Up and asked again not to tell anyone. And not to tell that it was her who gave me that girl also. No English, and it was hard to understand in Spanish, but I felt like a trouble somewhere. I still can not place where the trouble could come from but chose (and choose) to respect that decision, so can not give her coordinates even if I had them. Maybe people on the board would know what the trouble could possibly be; I saw nothing, but felt it.

    Finally: thank you all my friends, I had wonderful time and next year (assuming I am still able and Peru stays the same), I may try to repeat this. After PRC'e LE's enforcement and Thailand and Philippines are too far from my home, Peru became number one on my wish list. I hope to see all my friends and make new ones. Feel free to PM if I can be helpful. Next report in a year!

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    Glad you had a good time Yuri -you know that old saying 'sometimes it takes a village'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuriB  [View Original Post]
    E) Uber is more expensive than Taxis. And Taxis do not have a meter. That requires constant direct negotiation where ever you go on a taxi. So when with a girl, we took taxis and she made unbelievable bargains; when on my own Uber!
    Glad it worked out for you man. I usually pay a taxi 25 soles from Lince to the airport. Last time I decided to take an Uber. Before I got in the shower I checked the price. It was like 40 soles. When I got out the shower it was 54 soles. I walked downstairs to call another. 35 soles. He got there in 10 minutes. I told the guy to open the trunk. He said you going to the airport? I said yes. He said I am not going that way then drove off. WTF? I finally just ended up hailing a taxi for the normal 25 soles.

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    Yuri-Lima-2019 Part 1

    Time for the report in Lima. This year I spent one week enjoying Lima in many ways. In order to understand where I am coming from one needs to know: 1) I do not speak ANY Spanish, 2) Value GFE and beauty (how I perceive it: young, thin, no tattoos) more than the service, 3) enjoy treating ladies well (feeding, dancing, etc.) and learn about their lives.

    Summary: If I can move back in time and get myself an advice: I would suggest to do every day the same: befriend a taxi driver who would bring me to Trocadero bordello EVERY night to 8 PM (not 7, not 9!) sample the talent (less than $10 USD per girl), agree with next day date for 6 hours: 12-6 for $100 USD + tips and enjoy every day (Bed, Lunch, Bed, dancing / museum / walking on the beach, etc, Final Bed)!

    Report I. What surprised me in the order of importance:

    A) The forum. NEVER was I used direct help from the forum members to the extent of physically meetings with me, organizing my meetings with girls, teaching me Spanish, driving around, calling / talking for me (remember I do not speak Spanish! Etc. This is unbelievable group of people going out of the way of what can be expected. Thank you, without you, I would never obtain the experience I did. FrankfurtThank you, if not for your report and help, I would never ended up in this wonderful place. I visited casa aka massage parlor twice (and learned that you like bigger girls than me) and gym every other day! For $4 USD instead of $40 USD anywhere in Miraflores.

    SexyGirls taught me Spanish before I came. She called girls from different local ad sites to find 18 yo (my fantasy) who would be willing to show their IDs to verify that they are indeed 18 yo of age. SexyGirls called more than 20 numbers before we found some. I had 2 18 yo girls in that trip and it was so COOL! If any of you want to have your personal secretary for very little pay I highly recommend! PM SexyGirls directly, she is warm and understanding lady (she is also available for a date and friend introduction)!

    Jack-Jericho shared his wonderful thin 25 year old Introduced me to Rustica in Calle Risso 147 at Lince which became my favorite: restaurant 1st floor (never been), discotheque 2nd floor where I danced with 1 girl, and Karaoke in the third floor where Miss K introduced by J16 sang to me (I almost came right there LOL!) ask him for recommendation and meet. And in the end of my term JJ drove me to Trocadero where I was first shocked around 7 PM that there were no doable ladies, and then at 8 PM how many beautiful thin girls were at many doors!

    Last, but not least Jockey16 introduced me to "average next door" girls who are not pros, shy, but nevertheless, provided as much GFE as I could take. I met with 2 out of 4, but J16 took great care to replace and substitute and put plans in order to be executable. Please contact him if "innocently looking" and submissive is your cup of tea!

    B) Every girl was predictably late 30 minutes, like clockwork which makes planning easy. Exactly the same justification: traffic. Fool me once -- shame on you, fool me twice -- shame on me. In the last days, I utilized that very easy to adjust and plan feature to my advantage.

    C) Hotel oriented girls from web sites require to make a picture of the keys proving that they are staying in that hotel, and only then they would come. That lead me to never use them.

    D) Reliable usage of credit cards. I was cheated in one place (will describe in the part 2), but all other times, I had not had problems.

    E) Uber is more expensive than Taxis. And Taxis do not have a meter. That requires constant direct negotiation where ever you go on a taxi. So when with a girl, we took taxis and she made unbelievable bargains; when on my own Uber!

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    Great info

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frankfurt  [View Original Post]
    This Lima report is more in the spirit of 'hermano de leche' as opposed to an ode to Ms. A, B, K or Z. 'Brother of the milk' -you are wondering what the heck is that but read on, you will find out. Those who are interested in $100 to $200+ USD shopping range may want to skip this one. Those interested in going about this business as close as the average Joe (rather 'Jose' more aptly) in Lima is then read on.

    I did my pre-trip research using this forum and scanning local Lima ads on the internet. I thought the choices in Quito were overwhelming but yet again I was proven wrong by the sheer amount of websites dedicated to the scene in Lima. I was getting lost in the names of the neighborhoods and streets mentioned in the ads. The first thing I had to do was to spend good few hours on the google map in order to familiarize myself with the layout of Lima, main arteries and the suburbs. Once I had that figured out, it greatly helped me zoning in on one or two areas of this spread out metropolis.

    As others have mentioned that the Lima traffic could be a nightmare, I chose a hotel in the area where I never had to take a taxi except once besides from-and-to the Lima international airport.


    Arrived in LIM via EWR as I was in east coast on business trip to States. The flight surprisingly arrived on time close to mid night. No problems going through the customs -actually rather nice immigration agents compared to the ones I get back home.


    I had prearranged a taxi driver to pick me up from airport for 50 Soles (S 50 = 13 Euros approx). I used the same driver to take me back to the airport. Each time he was there to pick me up ahead of the schedule. The first night I tipped him well as he drove me around my hotel past mid night to find any open convenience store or restaurant to get some food and supplies.

    Hotel and neighborhood:

    Based on my research and concentration of chicas / casas / cost, decided to stay in Lince. Yes, not in Miraflores. Some of you on the board will know that Lince hotels are primarily targeted to P4 P audience Virtually every block is dotted with such hotels offering hourly rentals, rooms with Jacuzzi and mirrors etc. Most of these don't even offer overnight accommodations! I had to call around a few until I found one which looked like a 'family' oriented hotel, had WiFi, hot water, breakfast and was smack dab in the middle of where I wanted to be. To be exact, I wanted to be in walking distance of street named 'Risso' and where it is intersected by Avenida Petit Thouars, Avenida Arequipa or Avenida Arenales. I found lot of chicas referring me to 'Plaza Vea' as a landmark which I initially thought was a 'Square' or a 'Plaza' in a literal sense but it's a name of a f'and shopping center! Live and learn I suppose.

    Initially I had only booked my hotel for two nights as I wasn't sure what to expect but extended it day by day. I paid on average $49 USD including breakfast. On check in I changed the assigned room due to street noise and was happy with the other room on higher floor and away from the main street. The only negative was that the room had no fridge or locker.

    There was so much pussy to be had in the 2 to 7 block radius of my hotel that I never had to take a cab or venture out to gringo pick-up bars and restaurants in Miraflores for overpriced pussy. By the time 9 or 10 PM rolled around, I had already had on average two or three encounters that I just wanted to go to sleep after a post dinner stroll.

    Another reason I decided to stay in Lince was to be in a situation where I was forced to converse in Spanish -be it with hotel staff, corner convenience store, restaurant, tourist office and of course with the chicas. In my entire time in the area, did not meet a single person who spoke English. I also liked being in area where I could experience life in non touristy part of town -a slice of daily life so to speak.

    Although I wouldn't classify my hotel as strictly for P4P or couples' only establishment compared to other hotels around it as few families were staying in the hotel, I had no problem having three or four different chicas come to my room via lobby. The front desk would call me to ask if chica could come up to my room and would call me once she left to check everything was OK. One time I went back down with a chica and found out that her ID was held at the front desk. So all in all if done discreetly, this hotel could be classified as 'chica friendly' at no extra cost.

    I found couple of restaurants around the hotel where I had most of my meals. In one restaurant particularly which I frequented the most, they treated me like family and the owner lady on two occasions sent the teenager son to go get wine from store for me because I had asked the first night I ate there and they didn't have any. I had the most expensive items on the menu for dinner and the highest bill I paid for the bill was whopping $13 USD. The lunch at same place was average $3-4 USD (menu del DIA) including soup, and main dish of rice with chicken or beef.

    While in Lima I also tried 'Chicha Morada' and 'Pisco Sour'. Both sort of one and done kind of drinks for me but checked off my to-do list.

    Chicas and casas pricing structure:

    The market I was shopping in ranged from the low to high end of the scale between S 70 for half hour ($21 USD) and S 200 for an hour ($47 USD). I stuck to this market during my entire stay and the most I paid was S 160 for couple of hours to a girl named Esmeralda who claimed she lived all the way and came from San Juan de Lurigancho which in bad traffic could be up to 2 hours north of Lima.

    The gringo market rates I was quoted were from 300 S plus taxi ($100 USD approx including taxi) to $200 USD (yeah no kidding) by an Argentinian girl advertising in fancy part of town.


    I lost the count of girls during my 6 days stay in Lima. But starting the first full day sort of fall in the rhythm of things -breakfast around 8 AM, back to room to take care of my day job, texting chicas and plan to have first encounter around 11 AM, then lunch around 1 PM, second encounter around 3 PM, catch up on work, do some walking or touristy stuff and another encounter or two between 7 or 9 PM.

    Except for two chicas that I met on the street (unplanned), all others were found online in local ads advertising to have whatsapp contact. Although it was frustrating that many girls listed whatsapp but when I tried they didn't have whatsapp. There were some really hot girls 19-20 years old in Ov. Santa Anita area (far from Lince) that I'd have loved to meet but them not having whatsapp was a deal breaker. One of those girls I tried to convince to meet me at my hotel but with the language barrier it was not possible. I thought about having the hotel guy or my airport driver help me out but didn't pursue that option. Oh well. I didn't repeat with any chica despite exchanging numbers and couple of them willing to meet for TLN.

    Most of the chicas I met were from Photokines website and by google searching the phone numbers found on Photokines that led to plethora of other websites dedicated to particular neighborhoods of Lima such as Lince, Jesus Maria, LOS Olivos, Megaplaza, Ovalo Santa Anita Miraflores etc. Note that most of the website ads are heavily photoshoped.

    Day 1:

    I had pre-planned to meet this girl I had been in contact on and off before arrival in Lima -named Esmeralda. She was young and cute and friendly in her banter during our whatsapp chats as she would leave me long messages -all in Spanish of course. I used that to farther improve my listening comprehension haha. Anyhow we were supposed to meet in the afternoon of my first full day in Lima but of course she couldn't come at agreed upon time. I was half expecting that and already had my back up list handy. So no harm done. She apologizes that she has to go to university, she is two hours away blah blah. I listened to her excuses but also knew that that particular Monday was national holiday in Peru! So I am sure the university excuse was as good as the dog ate my homework excuse. She said she will meet met at 3 PM which later turned into 7 PM.

    Having Esmeralda flake on me for the afternoon, proceeded to contact the next girl on my list.

    This girl had a body that had to be 10, tall, slender, no ounce of fat, flat belly, long hair and only 19 or 18 -from Venezuela. She went by Melissa. She quoted me (later found out it was her lady handler that was texting) 70 S for half hour and 150 S for the hour. She was less than 10 minutes walk from my hotel -guess where? Corner of Risso and Avenida Arenales. She posted this as her video in her ad.

    Melissa turned out to be the same girl as in the pics she sent me via Whatsapp and in her ad -although I question if that's her in that video as the girl in video is far more light skinned than Melissa was but has the same body type (see pics).

    Anyhow, for 70 S you can't go wrong. Melissa wasn't a GFE experience as she only offered CBJ but her spectacular tight lithe body made up for it. I asked her and later her handler if there were other girls in the apartment but both said no.

    After leaving Melissa strolled around Plaza Vea and got some lunch on Avenida Arenales close to hotel Kingdom. It is one noisy area with constant noise from traffic and non stop beeping of horns by private cars offering taxi services. During lunch started getting messages from Esmeralda asking me if I wanted her to bring her cousin along in the evening! The fact that she was having hard time just bringing herself to meet, I turned down her offer suspecting further scheduling nightmare after asking her to send me the pictures of her cousin More on that later.

    She apologized for not keeping time and promised to meet later in the evening but I wasn't holding my breath. After having Melissa for brunch I was planning next session few blocks down at a casa (apartment) where I ended up going every day during my stay in Lince and meeting a new girl each time.

    This nice casa / apartment was in a nondescript residential / commercial multi-story building on Petit Thouars. The whatsapp number is handled by the girl who manages the font desk. She wasn't too bad herself but a little unkempt. None of the girls spoke any English. There was a line up of 5 girls and I picked the one I had my eyes on based on their Photokines ad.

    The names of the girls I met there are a blur. Their photos with blurred faces are on their online ads. For me an attractive face is the first thing when it comes to the line up. The girl I had my eyes on based on her body pics in the ad turned out to be a 7 in face but had a welcoming smiling attitude so decided to go with her. Opted for S 100 for 30 minutes session. One hour session will cost you S 150. They operate from 9:30 AM till 10:00 PM.

    You can see from the pics with dark red curtains that they have nice clean room. Shower available in a small bathroom outside the room. The room has the most popular chair in Central / South America -the love chair haha I recall the first time I saw it in El Salvador I had referred to it in my report as S-shaped chair. Well by this time I was fully conversed in how to fully utilize the potential of this chair and did so on every visit to this casa on this and subsequent visits.

    The session starts out with the massage, nice view of the naked girl in the mirror adjacent to the massage table. On the flip she started playing with the little brother and proceeded to CBJ. We moved the action to the love chair and tried couple positions -my favorite being her on top with full access to her tits with my hands and mouth. Got to love the view. After a nice ending, exchanged pleasantries but I didn't ask for her number or told her 'see you again soon' hahaha as there were plenty of other girls in the same casa on my to-do list. I was only able to sneak a clothed pic of her in blue dress -girl with long hair and high heels.

    Left the casa happy, it wasn't even sun down yet. With two orgasms, the urge to hunt faded a bit which allowed me to go back to hotel three blocks down and focus on other matters of business.

    6:00 PM rolls around, started getting messages from Esmeralda that this time she is really on her way and the traffic is bad blah blah. I am still not holding my breath and quite honestly the excitement of meeting her had somewhat faded as I wasn't in too much of a mood -feeling satiated perhaps! Lo and behold, little past 7 PM the hotel room phone rings and in rapid Espanol the manager says something. I got 60% of it but whatever he said included the words 'senorita Esmeralda' ! In my scrambled attempt to reply in Spanish I said 'hao the hao the'. Oh wait I muttered to myself as that was in Mandarin! So had to rapidly make another context switch from Mandarin to Castellano and asked the manager to send her upstairs.

    Esmeralda shows up all flustered but is apologetic and sweaty -sits down on bed and goes on a rant about how long it took her to get to Lince from SJL and how the taxi driver dropped her at wrong place yada yada. I asked if she wanted to take shower and she agreed. Comes out wrapped in the towel and the fun begins. Total GFE, as wet between her thighs as she could get, had to put a towel under her ass. Nice view of her in the mirror at the foot of the bed with her going down on me with her ass in the air. The lost excitement of post second orgasm had returned with a fury. Banged her hard doggie and the view in the mirror was awesome. After the first round she showed no signs of rushing out, laid there and she would have fallen asleep had I let her. We talked for a while as she wanted to practice the little English she is learning in the University. All in all a good time for S 160 and she again insisted if I want her to bring her cousin the next time. I said I can't promise but I may be interested in seeing her cousin alone the next time.

    Day 1 in the books -welcome to Lima.

    Day 2 started out pretty much same as the previous day except today I had some touristy stuff planned. After breakfast headed back to the same casa on Petit Thouars. I was greeted by the same girl and she asked if I wanted the girl from yesterday or if I wanted the presentation. I of course asked for the line up! Three girls were the same from yesterday including the girl in blue dress that I shagged the other day but there were two new faces. After the presentation the girls walk out of the room and the admin asks which girl you want. I asked for the girl that introduced her last.

    This girl was more of a mellow GFE and DFK'd with zest while getting wet between her legs. She even did a solid back massage that I liked. Moved the operation to the love chair and did her from behind standing. All the while I am thinking that I am starting to like this love chair more and more. We exchanged niceties but again I didn't ask for her number as there were many girls in this place to be had. Left happy and it was only 11 AM.

    I was to meet my tour guide in the main plaza of the historic center around 2 PM. I opted for the walk instead of using a cab. I walked north on Petit Thouars without a single turn, walked past the famous Water Park where they have light shows, past couple of universities, police HQ, national radio station, through the Exposition park, past the Supreme Court and the Sheraton all the way into the historic center past Plaza San Martin to Plaza de Armas in front of the Presidential Palace. It was about 5 Km from my hotel and took me about an hour of brisk walk. It was perfect time to grab some lunch before my guided tour.

    Again since this is not a Lonely Planet Lima forum, to be brief -I was thoroughly impressed by historic Lima, elements of Moorish architecture, the Catacombs in convent of San Francisco and Plaza San Martin to mention a few highlights. You could easily spend half a day wandering around the colonial streets. As a matter of fact that is exactly what I did. On top of it, for good half hour chapped up and flirted with a redhead in souvenir shop and managed to get her number -life is good, no complaints.

    I started to make my way back to the hotel -another little over an hour walk in rush hour, loved playing the game of froggy crossing streets. I spent lot of time in Bombay and Bangalore and other countries where there are no traffic or pedestrian safety laws. Lima turned out to be cake walk compared to the mean streets of Bombay! If you aren't used to it, stick to crossing street when light is green.

    After refreshing, headed for dinner and started texting couple of chicas on my list for today. I had been chatting with Sasha and decided to have her come over around 8 PM. She was ready in no time but I told her to hold off her horses as I had to finish dinner etc.

    Sasha shows up to my room -same drill, I get call front front desk, I say ok, this time in Spanish, not in Chinese and he lets her come up to my room. Sasha is in her mid 20's, university student -she had a bag of books and notebook in her purse. We chatted about her school. It turns out she also lives 2 hours away or so and comes to Lince after school looking for work and at night takes bus back to her home. Tough life. Sasha was total GFE with nice body, full lips and totally into it and un-rushed. You can see her videos and photos at:

    She asked for S 150 and I paid her little tip on top as she made me come twice in an hour which I wasn't expecting.

    She asked if I could walk down with her and down the block. I said OK why not. This is when I found that the front desk was keeping the ID of the chicas. We started walking and I asked her if she wanted to get a drink or eat. She gladly accepted. We ended up having a nice time practicing Spanish and me correcting her English grammar. She told me that she lives with her parents as most of the college girls do and she is expected to be home albeit late at night -not that I proposed a TLN! Very cool and authentic girl indeed.

    We said good byes, headed back to hotel and called it a night.

    Day 2 in the books.

    Day 3 and beyond:

    Take the first two days and run the rinse repeat cycle! Between exploring Lima's touristy sites especially the Museo Larco, walking around, banging chicas throughout the day, visiting my favorite casa and catching up on work, the days went by fast. Going to Larco was the only time besides airport run that I used a cab as it is located way far out in Pueblo Libre neighborhood.

    During rest of my 3 days in Lima I spent half a day in Miraflores and San Isidro to see the upscale parts of town, went down the coast, took a real estate tour, saw one girl for FBSM and fucked around -a lot actually. I saw Lania with massive tits then Lania again with her 18 year old girlfriend (see pic), then Lania's friend Xiomara -all around the block from my hotel. Lania asked for S 140 for doubles (S 70 to each girl) -S 30 extra for anal with Lania, total PSE experience each time with all three girls.

    And before I forget to mention, even fucked a girl who wore a mask the entire time to protect her privacy. She went by Nelly -pics attached.

    Here is one example of Lania in action -she has several videos online in solo and trio action.

    Lania in trio with her friend (not the one I saw):

    And yes I ended up eventually fucking Esmeralda's cousin Oriana too (see pic) while Esmeralda waited down in hotel lobby.

    As I said, things fell in sort of a daily rhythm. The security guards in front of other hotels around the block, the grocery store guy, the laundry shop lady, the money exchange dude behind the grill -all started greeting me like a neighbor. I went up and down Arequipa and Petit Thouars at all hours of the day without feeling any danger. Always saw long lines in front of a soup shop named 'Siete Sopas' -not a soup fan but if that tickles your fancy then give it a shot.

    I saw plenty of girls hanging out at night around famous short term hotels such as Jardins across from Hostal Lince off of Arequipa. I picked up two girls from there for a trio when I was out one night for a post dinner stroll -didn't plan on it but sort of 'ran into the situation' haha.

    Due to some personal issues I couldn't make a trip outside Lima but it's OK as I'd definitely return when I visit MP and will do a night or two in Lima on front and back end of MP trip.

    It gives me no pleasure to say but I'd only be responding to inbox messages from ISG members who have contributed to the forum, this or any other city forum. Lately I am seeing lot of guys asking for information and inboxing me but never posting a report of their own. I'd be happy to provide the driver contact or whatever details still fresh in my memory but only to contributing members of the forum.

    To summarize. I had a great time in Lima, all the pre trip planning paid off big time so guys do your homework. I got to practice my Spanish in all sorts of daily situations. The more I travel in central / south America, the more I want to do it the way the locals are doing it. Which brings us to 'hermano de leche' . It is actually a local forum much like ISG or 'forodecostarica' except it is only dedicated to Lima and Peru.

    I used this website extensively to search for girls I was interested in, looking for casas, pricing structure and of course for new Peruvian vocabulary. My favorite new word from Lima trip -'Chibola'.

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    Nice information

    Thanks for the detailed report!

    Seems I would pack my bags soon to visit this lovely place!

    Quote Originally Posted by TomJackin  [View Original Post]
    First off, I want to thank Frankfurt and Jack for posting the latest updated information. Especially Frankfurt for his recommendations.


    I flew United round trip from San Diego using my air miles, thus a free flight, except for paying the taxes. 3 hours to Houston and another 6 to Lima.

    I rented a 2 bedroom, 3. 5 bath, ocean front in Miraflores. I rented through Airbnb. It really wasn't walking distance to where I hang out, but the beach was easily accessible, but the water was too cold. There was 24 hour security and I had no problems bringing different women into the place. Whenever I returned to the apartment, I always bought some food for the doormen; they took great care of me!

    The currency in Peru is Sol. The rate was about 1 US dollar to 3. 30 soles. Whatever the amount was in soles, just divide by 3 for US dollars. I cashed in a bunch of dollars at one of the exchange places, which seem to be everywhere. The bills were all different colors and I did not have any problems figuring out the exchange rate. The coins were a tad confusing because of the sizes. For example, the 2 and 5 coins are smaller than the 1 sole coin. There were many places that did not accept Master Card, but Visa cards were accepted everywhere. All the places I went to had the Visa chip device.

    Duty Free:
    There is a Duty Free at the airport in Lima. I was told I could bring in 4 bottles of alcohol, thus; I bought 4 bottles. BTW, the girls love Baileys; so stock up!

    T-Mobile North American plan; say no more! My plan gave me unlimited data at 2 G speed, calls at 20 cents per minute, and free texts. Thus, I started using WhatsApp on my regular phone. I started chatting with my Airbnb host before I left. As long as I had a WiFi signal, WhatsApp was free of charge. I was chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype; including video calls for no charge whatsoever.

    From the airport and back, Frankfurt helped me obtain a great driver; 20 bucks or 60 soles. I used Uber quite often; very cheap and safe. If I was in a hurry, I used regular taxis, which are dirt cheap in Lima. 5 to 10 soles can get you pretty much anywhere, including San Isidro, Lince, and Barranco. I used all types of transportation and never had any issues.

    Spanish school:
    I returned to the Spanish school Peruwayna. I took classes from 4-6 pm, Monday through Friday, for one week. I paid for 10 classes, which came out to be just over 10 US per hour. My maestro was great! Peruwayna also took my Visa card for the payment. Each day, I bought churros for the teachers and staff; simple gestures go a long way.

    What a great district! The place has a great vibe, from the streets, to Locomar, to Parque Kennedy. It was one of the safest cities I have been to in a while. Because it's their summer, I expected the worst heat. But in Miraflores, the weather was quite pleasant. It was always around 70 degrees. And I saw the sun every-damn-day!

    Food & Drinks:
    I ate and drank at a butt-load of restaurants:

    Haiti. Very good.
    La Bonbonniere. Great risotto.
    Manolo. Snacks and buying churros for the teaching staff at my school.
    La Lucha Sangucheria. My go to lunch spot; great fucking sandwiches.
    El Cascajal (+2) - buffet and local show.
    Panchita. My favorite restaurant in the world.
    Rustica (+2) - Both locations in Barranco.
    Popular. The food sucked!
    Ayahuasca. Very good.
    407 Bistro. Venezuelan restaurant. Very good.
    El Bodegon. Excellent.

    Every meal I had, except at Popular, was either great or pretty damn good!

    The Women:
    Because the trip was to focus on Spanish, I contacted several women on Latin American Cupid and Facebook. The ones I contacted had no English speaking skills. This does take time and a lot of effort. I also met with previous women from my past couple trips. I Skyped with a couple of them before I arrived in Lima.

    Take note: do not contact the women too early on those sites before your trip; they lose interest after 2 to 3 weeks. I learned this the hard way three years ago.

    Mis chicas:
    The first night at Sabor Peruano, I met "Ruffles. " I called her that because she had ridges inside her pussy. She was a tad older, but I liked her. She stayed with me for a couple of nights. But, she would hound me to death on WhatsApp day and night, even when I was in school, thus, I had to block Ruffles!

    Another night at Sabor Peruano, I met "Kite. " I called her that because she was high as a kite when I was with her. She wanted to fuck on the balcony, in the kitchen, and in the laundry room. And she seemed to have fun doing so. I fucked up and failed to get her number.

    I August, I met "Temor" from Venezuela. I called her that because her legs shake for ten minutes after she has an orgasm. She is a bit chunky, but she has a great attitude and loves sex. We spent a good amount of time together this trip. She even stopped by Christmas eve before I left for one last licking!

    One I met on Cupid, I met "Senorita Celosa. " I called her that for obvious reasons. I spent a lot of time with her. If I wanted a girlfriend, she would be someone that I would consider. But fuck, this girl was jealous and needy. But then again, during rack operations, she was a blast! I'm still pondering my next move with that chica.

    I met a couple others in Pizza Alley, which I took to short time hotels. Basically, because I did not feel comfortable with them coming to my apartment.

    Monger Venues:
    I did not venture out to many monger venues; too damn old and lazy nowadays.

    Having said that, I did venture to the Old Pub and Sabor Peruano almost every evening. I also checked out a new club and returned to Club Harem.

    Club Mosa:
    I was walking and noticed a club that I never saw before. Cover was 50's, included one drink. Nice club, but very few women inside. I had my drink and left. Address: Calle Berlin 341.

    Club Harem:
    I was told that the club was full of Venezuelans. Cover was 50's, included one drink. Drinks for the girls were 60's. There were about 12-14 chicas in the place. I chatted with a hottie and she quoted me 600's for one hour! Fuck that!

    The Old Pub:
    There was a fair share of working girls in the place almost every night.

    Club Sabor Peruano:
    Two doors down from the Old. Monday nights seemed to be the slowest. Girls seemed to pour into the place around 11 to midnight. I was quoted anywhere from 200 to 500 soles for 2 hours. There were a share of hotties in the place. The girls were from Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. Many of the girls would drink Corona, 20 soles.

    Street Girls:
    Besides the street girls on Calle Pizza, they are also working on Calle Diagonal. I found two that asked for 200, but accepted 150. The room was at a nearby hostel, it costs 60.

    I was approached by street girls in that area almost every night of the week. The hotties wanted 300, and the average to above average lookers asked for 100/150/200/250.

    I chatted with a couple; but I ran out of time to meet them.

    New site for me and again, I chatted with a couple; but I ran out of time to meet them.

    I really like Lima. The people are friendly and the food is great! Miraflores is a wonderful district and I will return again next year. Personally, I think the young women in Peru are beautiful; but the older ones don't seem to age very well.

    As far as monger venues; it has enough to keep any monger busy during their stay. But, go one step further, getting a regular girl is quite easy. Hell, if an old overweight bastard like me can do it; anybody can!

    As always, just my pinche dos soles!

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    Thinking. Volutpuos?

    Thinking about voluptuous? Perhaps you may want to consider Miss Ki.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackJericho  [View Original Post]
    Hi Alvaro,

    You also forgot another important thing. How long was the date and what was the damage?
    With me it was 2. 5 hours (2 promised) with cost $150 USD + tip (aka "Damage" -- but I would not call it that in her case) . At this point I had girls from $64 to $200 USD range, and Mechelle worthed every penny (for those who can afford $150 of course).

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    She is indeed amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alvaro30  [View Original Post]

    I forgot something important, pm if you want to contact her, she needs some help.
    My reports of my days in Lima will follow, but I want to thank Avaro for the introduction and let other ISG members know, that for now "Michele" has been the highlight of my days here! PM to him (and me if he is busy) for contact info. She is tall, model-quality beautiful, thin but healthy figured, impeccably dressed, and behaves with such a class, that it was mind-boggling. It is definitely different experience. If she only let me publish the pictures of her!

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    Visiting Lima in late February / early March.

    First time on this forum long time lurker on USA version. I was just wondering if you nice folks could answer a couple questions. It will be my first time in Peru and am planning on staying in Miraflores. Was thinking about not messing around with any sw or escorts, but hitting up I think its called cucarados it's one of the brothels there. I was thinking about utilizing the brothels and clubs such as club harem. Was wondering what fellow mongers would do. Are the brothels easy to get to, use, how much usually? Same goes for the clubs? Are these the easiest paths to procuring companionship or are there easier.

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    Real Latina.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alvaro30  [View Original Post]

    I forgot something important, pm if you want to contact her, she needs some help.
    Hi Alvaro,

    You also forgot another important thing. How long was the date and what was the damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvaro30  [View Original Post]
    Real Latina.

    We both fixed a time and I sent Uber to her flat and take her to mine. Had dinner together and the session started with her coming back from the wash room with amazing sexy lingerie. She was stunning like a model with amazing body and ass, non stop kissing and foreplay. She gave me an amazing BBJ while standing.

    She is just 18 and a genuine student on holiday. Couldn't resist further so took her to the bed and stared kissing her head to toe. And I was on her she held my tool and rubbing it against her soft shaved pussy. Which followed by a bliss of fuck in different positions you can imagine. She put in on the cover and did reverse cow girl. OMG it was unbelievable! Her Latin booty shaking on my dick was amazing. Never experienced such a shaking. Held her and pulled her to the side to do doggy while she lay flat on her tummy. It was heaven. Had on the same position and unloaded my cum.

    Happy mongering!

    I forgot something important, pm if you want to contact her, she needs some help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackJericho  [View Original Post]
    Let me know when are you coming to Lima. I'd like to have you in one of our parties again, and so would the girls too.
    Sorry Frankfurt, I got confused and mistook you for another member. My bad.

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    What an expirience!

    Real Latina.

    We both fixed a time and I sent Uber to her flat and take her to mine. Had dinner together and the session started with her coming back from the wash room with amazing sexy lingerie. She was stunning like a model with amazing body and ass, non stop kissing and foreplay. She gave me an amazing BBJ while standing.

    She is just 18 and a genuine student on holiday. Couldn't resist further so took her to the bed and stared kissing her head to toe. And I was on her she held my tool and rubbing it against her soft shaved pussy. Which followed by a bliss of fuck in different positions you can imagine. She put in on the cover and did reverse cow girl. OMG it was unbelievable! Her Latin booty shaking on my dick was amazing. Never experienced such a shaking. Held her and pulled her to the side to do doggy while she lay flat on her tummy. It was heaven. Had on the same position and unloaded my cum.

    Happy mongering!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankfurt  [View Original Post]
    I have to visit Peru again to visit MP, Paracas and see the Nazca lines etc. Next time I may stay on the other side of the tracks A. K. A in Miraflores to try the scene there for couple of nights...
    Let me know when are you coming to Lima. I'd like to have you in one of our parties again, and so would the girls too.

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