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    Johan007, Iīm from Belgium, 24yo and speak Dutch. Do you think it would be easy for me to pick up (non-pro, semi, amateur whatever) chicks and fuck them for free on the first date like in Peru and Colombia?

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    pro action suriname and dangers

    Hi guys,

    some of you are pm-ing me about suriname. Well I can only tell you that the reason WHY not so many mongers go there is simply:

    1) tickets are expensive. I think from NY you can NOT fly in under US $ 1200,-. And they only fly once or twice a week. From Schiphol airport in the netherlands the cheapest tickets you probably could get is about € 800,- and you need to book that ticket at least 2-3 months in advance as airliners not fly every day to Paramaribo. There are sometimes cheap tickets but that is usualy NOT the case. Most flights are FULL 2-3 months before take off.
    2) Economical and political situation in suriname is not very good. Electrical power cuts are frequent and white (forreign) people are advised NOT to go anywere AFTER sunset in the capital Paramaribo.
    3) the pro scene is mostly taken by some colombian,brasil and even dominican *****s. So real surinames gems you will not likely to find. Suriname people are mostly conservative in some ways...and if they find out a girl is a ***** she probably will get outcasted by her family!!
    4) Most younger surinames girls/women are looking for DUTCH men to take them to Holland;as in my country we have many surinamese people. So once HERE they can easely meet other surinamese people! Dutch mongers or people that have at least a good knowledge of Dutch are definately in the advantage.

    just my advice (that is for NON-dutch speakers) do NOT waiste your time/money on suriname. There are much better countries in SA to go to were you can have fun with the girls!!


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    Thanks for your advise Johan. If you are a freguent visitor of WSG. You should know I am not interest in prof's. As there is no info at all in the section. I mention what I heard and see during my visit. My friend who brings me to Condor knows every name of the girls. He says he can fixed a party after 4:00am with the girls we want, at his house for "free". ja, ja. I never try prof's, so the prices should be possibel to talk down.

    If I have time I will post my non-prof's experience. I still own the readers my Cuba trip.


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    hi dutchman,

    i am dutch also;-)
    regarding the very bad shape of surinames economics and political situation i think anyone paying 100 us $ for an all nighter is off his rockers!!
    25-35 for a quicky is also too expensive.
    a friend of mine (which i also met in brasil) was there last year and he paid about € 10,- for a pop and € 30,- for an all nighter. so imho your are overpaying these girls.
    if you play your cards right (for sure you have an advantage because you speak dutch!!) you can do many nice girls even for "free".(or maybe to pay for some [CodeWord131] etcetc a socalled gf-experience)
    there are lots of places in sa were there are better looking women (imho)with cheaper prices. (brasil,colombia,peru and even in argentina as i met to understand etc)
    a normal surinames income per month is about us $ you get an impression of what prices you will have to pay.

    what about airfare from europe to suriname?? is it still so expensive like last year?? (cheapest tickets arround € 1000,-!)

    another word of advise: stay away from the "young teens"; before you know it you are messing with ****d girls.
    often these girls look much older then they realy are(and even lie about their age),and i admit,the temptation is great.....but do not do it;-)

    i do not have to tell you what situation there is in a surinamese prison! you just don't want to end up in there:-(

    tot ziens


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    Prof info:
    Diamond is still open. They cliam to be Brasilian. In my opinion, they are dominican. us$20~us$25 for a quicky. Condor is more nightclub style. They have strip show. sf7000 entree. Regular price for drinks. Better quality girls from Brasil. us$25~30 for quicky. us$100 till 7am. The girls are free in day time. So try to deal with them in daytime. Touche is a disco. Alot of young teenagers. Go to upstair, search your target from upview. There is a glass room isolated from music. My friend tells me that only single goes there to find partner, for fun or for money. Buy a Via2000. 3 escort services on the last page.


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    Suriname is one of the greatest places on the planet for ***** action. It is legal and relatively safe. Diamonds is still going great guns. Anal is a bit difficult and you have to be prepared to use your Portuguese or Spanish to negotiate butt-pumping action. But it is available. Like many South American destinations though, you would need to travel with your own lube. Regular fuck goes for about $35. Anal can be negotiated for $50. There is a cheap house in the heart of Paramaribo where ass-fucking is far more readily available but it's a bit seedy and rough. Again, make sure you have your own tube of lube or you'll have to settle for an unsatisfactory butt fuck.

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    Any Update on Diamonds????

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    Suriname is about as large as Missouri and has 450.000 people!!!
    Paramaribo has 240.000...!!
    So my wild guess would be that there is NO sexscene OUTSIDE paramaribo!!!!;-)

    Indeed a decent hotel is arround US $ 15-25..!!
    Most lower and middle class hotels are GF-Friendly!!
    Of course if you stay at the Intercontinental you have to pay US$ 85,- per night and NO GF allowed inside!!!
    But who wants to stay in such expensive and boring places in the first place???;-)

    Like I said before...Suriname is very safe..crime rates are to be neglected!! Giovernment is NOW fairly stable and democratic.
    US $ AND EURO Rules!!
    Surinamese Guilder has much inflation and is going down rapidly against the dollar and the Euro.
    Surinames Government is even thinking about abolishing their currency and introducing US Dollar OR the EURO....(like in Ecuador).
    Some people speak english...but ALL speak for Dutch guys (who like dark women) this is HEAVEN!!!
    besides this Surimane has lots of foreeign ho's from DR,Colombia and even from Brasil....:-)
    For Dutch guys it should be easy to pick up local gals to have a GFE...or more!!!;-)

    Only backdraw is the price of the ticket...which is rather pricey (between 750-1000.Euro's from Amsterdam to paramaribo...!!)
    KLM is one of the few airliners that fly on paramaribo.(together with SLM) I don't know abut US airliners....

    Other thing is that AIDS is getting more and more steady there. Streethookers are in gereneral very young (16...-???)and some of them have unprotected WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFULL.
    But situation is NOT like in Haiti,DR or like in Brasil....


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    Johan I heard the place in Paramaribo is Diamonds with over a 100 girls and good service for 60 bucks. I heard no streetwalkers in Paramaribo. I heard too a cheap hotel is 5 bucks great deal..

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