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Thread: 2002-2004 Archived Sosua Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by *******
    Then I see her, turns out she is Haitain, working in the capital and she is here for two weeks. First I get a massage, then we jump in the shower, then she starts to BBBJ, then I bang her. I say I will see you tomorrow and she asks about the money. I hand her 550 pesos and she says thanks. I love this country.

    ........No matter whether the RDpeso is 52 to 1 or 28.5 to 1, ******* is going to negotiate a great deal! Good work mate, and thanks for the reports. (glad to see the Palace dentist is back in town - he's a real niceguy)


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    Learning Spanish

    Silver Shadow. . . .I agree with learning spanish as much as possible. The numbers are a good place to start. My first trip some girl told me quinientos and since it started off like quince, I thought she meant 1,500 pesos. . . . .LOL!

    One great phrase to know is "como se dice en espanol". . . .
    That basically is asking "how do you say in spanish. . . . ."

    With that you can ask a taxi driver, chica, or anybody how to say a word that you don't know, by pointing or describing it etc. That phrase has helped me learn much more. My grammar is VERY far from great but I am usually understood.

    Cinco cien will work with taxi drivers used to gringos and toruists, if you are ever in a non tourist area they look at you like you are speaking martian. I went to one place and the waitress looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for a "cerveza". I guess my accent was new to her. . . .

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    Sounds like you are having a ball ******* buddy...

    I just posted a pic of our 500DR chica in the photo section buddy.

    Carpe Diem.


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    ******* trip #30 - Part 1

    Wednesday December 22, 2004

    We arrived at Jet Blue early, it was packed there, had a great dinner at 1 of the many spots they have in the terminal there. The flight was delayed about an hour. Landed in Santiago airport, passed thru customs and immigration fast and onward to the Hotel Platino. Its high season so a double room is 1900 pesos. They opened a bar, internet cafe and a restaurant here at the Platino hotel.

    The internet cafe/bar closes after 2 am and the owner here says it gets packed with chiacs at night. I will be back with updates on January 4, 2005.

    Thursday December 23, 2004

    Well I arrived here at Rockies and there are about 15 people here now already. JJ and Strangeluck just arrived!

    Regular gas was over 100 pesos in November. I filled up my friends tank, super and it was 79 pesos a gallon. 20% decrease.

    We went thru the mountains where we encountered a guy with his cattle herd. They almost destroyed the car. Most of the herd split but two cows banged into the car. SCARRY!

    We arrived in Sosua where the peso is about 28.50 -29.00. I was walking around when I spotted a so called new chica walking back to Hotel Americana. I got a massge and BBBJ for 700 pesos. I was there 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hey its X Mas in Sosua, Merry Christmas!!!!

    So I am walking around and then riding around. There are a few new bars and restaurants opened. I see one 18 year old that said she would meet in an hour and a half, then I see another that will meet me tomorrow.

    Then I see her, turns out she is Haitain, working in the capital and she is here for two weeks. First I get a massage, then we jump in the shower, then she starts to BBBJ, then I bang her. I say I will see you tomorrow and she asks about the money. I hand her 550 pesos and she says thanks. I love this country.

    So there are people on the terminals at Rockies. I ask one guy how much longer and he says a few minutes. I look again and he is on my site, my machine, my site, its Apostropheman !!!!!!

    Friday December 24, 2004

    Well I arrived here at Rockies and there are about 15 people here now already. JJ and Strangeluck just arrived! Apostle has just arrived as well.

    Lots of walking around, Apostropheman and I walked the beach, some action there then back on the mean streets of Sosua there was a chica that went from 500 to 400 for head but I passed.

    Got a 5oo pes massage from an 18 year old in a new place. asked for extras and she said her mom said no. I asked how mom would know and she replied, its mom's place.

    Fantasy, JJ and myself had a nice Turkey dinner at LaRoca.

    Its a bit slow around town but I found a chica that went from 1,000 down to 500 in 5 minutes.

    Saturday December 25, 2004

    Well I arrived here at Rockies and there are about 5 people here now already. JJ and Strangeluck just arrived! DR1 guys have their table, we at **** are getting ready to rumble.

    Something weird going on here in town, the owners are using thier under 18 year old relatives to work the places. I got a nice 400 peso massage this afternoon.

    Well more mongers have checked in. Gman and his brother, the dentist, fantasy, The Swede, JJ, Strangeluck. Nuhomet has arrived and his buddy is here as well. PARTY!!!

    Hotel Americana!!! I made my second visit today and the place is full of hookers. Got another 500 peso BBBJ.

    I was walking around and there are just dozens of chicas everywhere.

    Sunday December 26, 2004

    Well I arrived late today at Rockies and JJ, Strangeluck, Numomet and his buddy were here already. Mav, Apostle and Rog walked in as well.

    Got my daily massage at M & M and roamed around abit.

    The town is ALIVE. I usually walk by the Dominos bar day and night and there are playmates there to amuse me.

    Monday December 27, 2004
    Well I arrived here at Rockies and JJ is now here. Its cool this morning in Sosua, I have on a light jacket.

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    Any decent scuba diving

    Last year the diving in Boca Chica was for the most part poor, few fish left in the ocean. From what I read Sousa is the same. Any recommendations in the Sousa area?

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    From "Santiago" (Santiago de los Caballeros) to Sosua

    If I arrive at the airport in Santiago rather than Puerto Plata, how hard is it to get to Sosua? How much will a taxi co$t me? How long is the trip? How about buses, public transport? And, what if I arrive late at nite, after hours?

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    Thanks for the correction! I suppose I should practice what I preach. Fortunately, the taxi driver understood my bastardized Spanish, as he took the $500 RD happily upon arrival at the airport.

    I sincerely believe it is a good idea to know the numbers, even before you know how to say, "hola". It is invaluable in dealing with not only taxis, restaurants, hotels, etc., but also with chicas.

    I'll continue to practice, and maybe someday I will pose an algebra problem to you in Spanish.

    Sincerely, thanks very much for the correction. It helps me, and I think it will help everyone else.

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    Silver shadow, it is good advice to learn as much spanish as possible and knowing the numbers certainly does help. . . .however cinco cien will rarely be understood. First cientos is the plural for cien. So 400 would be cuatro cientos, but 500 is quinientos. Hope that helps. . . .my spanish is far from great!

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    Great reports SilverShadow. Thanks for taking the time to provide all the details that really help fellow mongers and make your reports a great read. Very entertaining and informative.

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    Happy New Year !

    I'm there, in just a few days. Can't wait. I've been looking at these amazing photos for too long. I'll be in Santa Domingo for a couple days and Sosua after that for a week or so.

    I have no place to stay in either city. Everything I've called is booked, especially the Palace. Suggestions would be appreciated. If anyone knows a beachside place that's chica friendly I'd really like to know about that.

    I'm also interested in going west where there's supposed to be some great reefs and tint villages. Will I find chicas in small fishing villages ? Should I bring a couple along from Sosua ?

    I plan to be at the Palace for New Years and I'd like to meet people from this board. Are there any other divers on this board that are going to be in the area over New Years ?


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    Sosua - Last Day

    Friday morning I awakened, sadly realizing I would soon be leaving.

    I had a small scab on my nose from the stupid accident the previous night, and a skinned knee. I felt silly, but also guilty. Sosua sidewalks are multi-leveled, and you walk at night at your own risk.

    I began packing my bag, and realized that many of the "gifts" I had been advised to bring for the girls (lipsticks, cosmetics, etc.) remained. I had given gifts to Francesca, Daisy and the first Maria, but had several left. I decided to leave them for the maid.

    I normally left a $20 RD tip on the bed each day for the maid - not a lot - but it would at least buy them a motorconcho trip home if they chose. It got me "holas" and smiles whenever I saw one of the ladies during the day. This would be my going-away bonanza - I left the cosmetics, a larger tip, and a "genuine sapphire" pin that I had received from a Harriet Carter order. A real windfall for the lady who had to change the sheets and ready the room for the next monger. She wouldn't be coming until after checkout time, which is a reasonable 2:00 PM. My flight out of POP wasn't until 4:00, and I planned on being there a couple of hours early, to deal with whatever delays I might encounter.

    I was getting back into my stateside mode, and only had a cup of coffee at Europa. I noted in the lobby that the dollar had dropped a bit further, to $28 pesos per. I had passed a couple of money exchange places (away from Pedro Clisante) that offered an exchange of about $1 peso higher than I got at Europa. There were also guys springing up on the street the past few days offering "change". I passed them by, as I suspected more negatives in dealing with them than the small gain which might be available.

    Carrying my bag on a strap over my shoulder (I travel light), I made one final wander of the town, ending up at Rocky's for a nostalgic last Presidente. No one was there that I knew, so I reminisced about the last eight days, and made future plans for a return trip, knowing a bit more about what to expect here.

    The attitude between the sexes is night-and-day with the US. Here in Sosua, fucking is the name of the game. Guys know that if they like a girl, even if he only met her a minute or so ago, he can readily ask her if she wants to get it on. She isn't at all offended - probably even complimented - even if she doesn't want to. There is none of this "what-kind-of-girl-do-you-think-I-am" stuff. You can, and should, be specific about what you want, so there is no last-minute misunderstanding.

    GLADIATOR, posting earlier, referred to Sosua as "the holy city". I think I have to agree with him. It's closer to my religion than any other I've encountered. To me it's more like the Land of Oz. You will find what you are looking for.

    Leaving Rocky's, I walked half a block up the street to the corner of Pedro Clisante and Dr. Rosen, where there is a taxi stand on the southwest side. With my bag, I was quickly approached, and I asked, "Cinco cien a aeropuerto?". I was away. (Hint to all mongers: LEARN your numbers; PRACTICE your numbers; MEMORIZE your numbers)

    There was a line at the American Airlines counter, but I had plenty of time. I got checked through - no problem at immigration - and went to the gate, surprised that no one else was waiting. As I sat down, an announcement came over the intercom with my name. My flight was boarding. I showed my ticket to the attendants at the gate and they waved me aboard. Either American Airlines doesn't understand the time change, or they had altered the schedule without notifying me. Anyway, I made it, and Flight 1798 began the journey away from paradise.

    I had missed the Perseid Meteor Shower, but that was a small minus compared with the many plusses of the trip.

    I thought back about the week, already beginning to plan a return. My seatmate may have wondered why I got a hardon while I napped, but there was no comment from her.

    End of diary - I hope I have passed along information which might be helpful to someone else. When you visit, please set a positive image for the rest of us!

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    Or try the Blue Dolphin

    The Blue Dolphin is real quiet and laid back. John is no longer part owner anymore. Get ready to see it get even better. Steve who managed the bar there daily is now co owner with his new buddy. You can basically do as you please at the Blue need to check in a girl like you have to do at the Europa. Real good people.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dane
    I ready to take my second Sosua trip this march/april, but I'm a little in doubt where to stay.

    My first trip I stayed at the Palace and I was quite good - John/Luca are great guys but I just wonder if I should try another place like Europa.

    John however told me last I was there that he would be installing internet in some of the apartments and that is ofc. a big plus.

    What do you guys say - should I try both places (plan on returning once a year) or just stick with what I know (and like).
    Split your trip, a few days in both. I have donr that before.

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    Trip #30

    Well my brother and I are heading out tonight, to be joined by as many as 15 others in Sosua. We will be at The Palace and there are 8 - 11 staying there.
    Others will be at Rockies and The Europa. Check us out at Rockies daily for breakfast if you want company and to shoot the shit.

    Passions Bar and massage and The Shark bar are WSG/**** hangouts. Hopefully a few bangbus trips tp Puerto Plata. Its 80 degrees in Sosua!

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    'Only the SHADOW knows!' LOL


    Appreciate your no nonsense reports. You even left in your blunders ;-) Hope there was not much blood involved with your accident. How much was the Europa per night? Was there internet access in the room available? I am planning to visit Sosua in 2005, is your map available for sale? ;-)

    Thanks again for sharing,


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