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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the long delay getting the addy for Red Lion.

    102 Guilherme Da Silva st.
    Borough De Cambui.

    Just left with my favorite girl ( $150 RS ) went to Cartum. ( local disco) and now at the hotel. Going to Rio tomorrow to pay for an apartment for the month of FEB. $3000 RS for the month 2 bedroom 4 blocks off the beach. Better than renting a hotel 2 rooms for four days. My girl will be there for the whole month and I will make her pay part of the rent. (bastard that I am) I would much rather keep her busy with fellow mongers than others so anyone wanting some company please look up my previous posts with pics and I will email with details.

    Mad Max out.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry but I forgot to get the address for the Red Lion. I guess I had other things on my mind when time to leave. Next weekend going to Rio and the following week to another club we heard about in Campinas. I will post as much info as possible.

    Mad Max out...

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    Hello all,

    First time posting hope I do it right. I just got back from Campinas and Sao Paulo. Moustache was nice I and buddy had 2 very nice ladies from there the worst thing about that place was the entry and exit fees. We also went to a place called Las Vegas here was a bad & good. First they did not let us no of drink cost for the girls it was our first nite in brazil so you understand anyways 2 girls approached both dark skinned very nice bodies and extermly aggressive. Next the drinks started to flow like the river and before you no it we where in the room for RS60 and it was nice full service including hole number 3 these girls where into having a great time. Then when all this was done we learned the first lesson do not buy drinks for girls at club price. We where a little upset cause this event cost 1100 us dollars and the manager saw that this was a ripp off and came down a little bit after alot of negotation and yelling but I still learned and knew for the next night how the rules where and that did not happen again. Moustache told up front how it worked and seemed to be a class place they even called and gave us a invite back the next nite by Carlos that was cool. Fazendinha I heard about but did not get a chance to see I will be making that stop at the end of January. I just want to say thanks to all your reports I read them and it made my trip and buddys one of the best. Look for more coming soon.

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    The club is actually very close to the Moustache. Any cab driver worth his salt will know the location. We are going tonight and I will get an actual street address and post tomorrow.

    Mad Max out.

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    Mad Max,

    I have not heard about the club. Do you know whereabouts or have other information about the club?


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    I have not seen any report on a little bar called the Red Lion. There are many beautiful girls in a laid back atmosphere. Most girls are $150-200 Riaz. Drinks are regular price for both you and the girl. Tues. through Sat. 50-60 girls. Good live music and dancing. No entry or exit fees.

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    Moustache and Campinas.

    I haven't been there in over a year. But a great place. By the way, all the girls are not from Fazendinha. It is a mix of half and half. A van load of Fazendinha girls arrive around 7:30 or 8:00. But the rest are independants. It used to be that the most Fazendinha girls were there on Monday. Especially in fall and winter. Monday night is Lingerie Night at Fazendinha. And many used to opt for Moustache rather than freeze.

    Has anyone been there lately? Is Carlos still in charge. He and I became good friends.

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    Hi Guys

    Just came back from Campines and visited the following places :

    - Moustach, down town, small club with plenty of nice girls. The girls are from Fazendinha (same owner) which means high level. The prices was 15-25R$ for drinks/beers. 40R$ minimum consumption. 200R$ for the girl, they stayed in the hotel until 9am, they have a rule to be back to Fanzendinha 10am.

    - Visited Jardin Itatinga (located on Rodovia Santos Dumont 5-8 km out of Campinas. Plenty of houses the best one is Galo de Ouro (it didnt go this time), I went in to one of the smaller houses, cant remembet the name. Jardin Itatinga has everything, on the street, cheap places, expensive places, look around..... (probably around 150 clubs and 10000 girls (up to ages of 70))


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    Max I sent you a personal e mail a long time ago I think two e mails and you never ever replied. I also Asked you a lot of Questions in the Bolivia section a long time ago and you never responded back on posting anything in Bolivia. OK Max My E Mail is or E Mail me this time and Keep in touch.... Oh Yeh Max Tell us more on Jardin Itatinga???????? GALO DE OURO???????????

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    Hi Guys,

    Try also Jardin Itatinga (4-6 blocks with 'houses'), the most famous one is Galo de Ouro ...... The place is located 10 km outside Campinas, not far from Viracorpus airport.


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    There are many places in campinas for action , I worked in this city for 6 months, and i found 4 spots, the Moustach club, in the downtown area (R$150-200 for the girl, 100 for the exit fee 40 cover $R) ,, fazendinahs club outside of campinas in Hortlanjah, 200-400 for the girl. a club called cafetrivi 100-200 for the girl, and Club Acapolcoc next door to the Royal Palm Plaza, never got a girl from here. very small club 4-7 girls, probably pretty cheap.. Fazendinahs is top of the line 50-75 girls. they demand top dollar.. but you get what you pay for, they have a hotel on site. email me at fir more info. have a good time.

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    Hey Why no report on this city? I think this metro city is outside of SP Or Rio Area? I am sure Shit Happens in thiscity can someone post on it I guess It is more happening then Brazilia? Come on guys Brazil is more then SP And Rio....

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