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    My Third Visit To Funpalast Sauna Club- Wednesday, October 30

    I went back to Funpalast in the evening, after spending another day working through the bureaucracy of the ER unit at the AKH Vienna University Hospital. I certainly was not expecting it, but, it ended up being one of their special event 'party nights' at FP. The entrance fee was 80 euros, like normal, but, I received a card voucher at the door good for 30 minutes of free sex with any of the ladies in the club. It's as if the entrance fee on party night was just 10 euros. I had a great time when I called a buddy of mine back home in the states and told him that I'd gone to a club and got a card at the door good for a free piece of ass. He could not believe it, but, this is Europe. I don't know how FP has it worked out to give the ladies the 70 euros for having sex, while to money was actually collected by the club as an entrance fee. That seems like they would be infringing on the laws that control pimping, at that stage, but, they obviously have a way to make it work that is above the law.

    There were several times the normal crowd of both men and women. The club is so big, that it can absorb a lot of people, and still have the room for you still not feel too packed in. The whole evening was more fun and festive. If you are in Vienna while one of these regular parties is taking place, I highly recommend that you attend, since it is a great value for your money. The music was special and there was non-stop dancing. The food was prepared in different, more extensive, and special ways, too.

    Unfortunately, the event brought out the worst in the sharkiness and persistence of a lot of ladies. I suspect any lady that ever works in the club was in attendance that night, if at all possible, to get her cut of the financial offerings available from so many men. I had the most ladies that were downright pests in the way that they were trying to peddle their pussies that night. The duos all had a 'you must buy now' marketing plan, trying to convince me of the merits of three way sex. None of them could get anywhere with me on that idea, since I'the been there, done that, and had a completely different method of picking out ladies for cluster sex, only when I was interested, and it wasn't going to be that night. I had one duo that would not accept 'no' to the point that I finally told them with a straight face that 3 way sex was against my religion, and that I would consider it morally wrong to have it. You should have seen the looks on their faces, as they walked away, like they really believed me. But, fortunately, it worked, and they never bothered me again.

    I made an attempt to look for the Christina that I had met last Sunday. Between my fucking, and probably hers, I never saw her the entire night, although, I knew she was there. I texted her when I was in the locker room, that I was in the club, but, we never crossed pathway from the time I had gotten there at 9:40 PM, until I left at about 3:00 AM. Of course, I caught hell from her, later on, for that one, since she still wanted to try to control how I 'invested' my euros at FP. I was still a bit flattering to get all of her calls while in the city, even though I really knew it ultimately was all about her maxing out the amount of money that she made from me while I was in Vienna. I had just never let myself get quite so 'personal' with any one lady in a club until her, and it was a fun new twist on mongering for me.

    I found it to be easier to walk up the set of stairs that get to the raised indoor pool, and stand beside the pool rail and look down on the ladies parading by below. Most ladies did not actually come up the stairs in their platform heels and most were not even aware I was up there checking them out, since I was the only one up there. It was a great vantage point to see everything I wanted, but, not quite be in their direct pathway and subject to their non-stop shark attacks of the evening.

    I had also moved up above the pool rail to also stare at one of the ladies that was on a couch somewhat below me. Since she was below me, I checked her out for some time without her being aware of it. She had really caught my eye as a 'lady of interest' but, I wanted to watch her for a while. She was a stunningly gorgeous mature lady with at least 9+ facial features in my book. She had beautiful straight hair below her shoulders, a beautiful, pleasant smile, and pretty eyes. She was tall and had a set of '10' legs that seems fit and trim in such a way that I suspected that she did some kind of workout to keep them looking that way. She just sat there quietly, alone, and was doing nothing but looking beautiful to attract the men. I ran the scenario over and over in my mind of what it might be like to lick that clit between those fantastic legs and actually have my cock between them. I had to find out.

    I finally caught her eye, and waved at her. I wasn't long, until she got up, and walked up the stairs and was standing beside me. She was 172 cm, and in her platform heels, she towered over me as if some sort of a beautiful goddess. She was perfect for my dream fantasy. She hardly spoke any English, but enough for use to get by. She was named Agnes from Slovakia, and I was in disbelief when she told me she was 36 years old. I would defy any 25 year old to match her looks, and body preservation. As usual, she was just the type of well-preserved lady I so often am attracted to. I wasted little time getting her to a room at that point.

    She was very soft spoken and I spent no time at all getting her sexy little black dress off of her. She had bolt on D cups, that just aren't exactly my thing, but otherwise, she was beyond my expectations. There was very little conversation between us, because of her lack of English, but sex is so perfectly universal, that it really doesn't matter much. She was quite different than most of the other ladies that I was with on the trip, in that the sex that she wanted to have was of a quite serious and tender nature. She seemed to act like she wanted only a lover, and sure acted like she had been sexually neglected for a long time. This lady really NEEDED to be licked and fucked REAL bad. I felt like it was me, doing her the greatest favor. It caught me off guard, and was a wonderful change of pace to the normal naughty ladies I usually think I want. She acted like it was such an 'honor' for her to have me to give her an oral orgasm. She almost cried when she got off. I don't have the luck, to be in that kind of position often, especially with a WG. How had I been so fortunate to be the right guy at the right time, or was she like this all the time?

    Agnes got on her knees, on the bed, between my legs. She took my cock in both her hands and just gazed at it like it was a ritualistic object of worship. She finally put it in her mouth and gave me an outstanding BBBJ. I finally got on top of her in Mish and 'made love' to her the way she seemed to be signaling from the beginning that she wanted. She wrapped those perfect, long legs up over my back and locked herself in place at the ankles. I banged her as hard as I could, but, she got ahold my ass and pushed it with every stroke, and tried to force me to fuck her harder and deeper. She seemed like she needed to get fucked more than I did! Her pussy just squeezed tighter and tighter on my dick, to the point I wondered how I was ever going to slide in in and out of her at all. I have no recollection of ever having a squeeze on my dick quite that intense. Finally, she went 'nuts', and the super grip changed to a series of shorter, quick pulses as she was obviously cuming quite hard. Of course, it was all I could do to take it, at that stage, and I ended up getting off right along with her.

    I spent a total of 60 minutes with Agnes for a 120 euro contribution.

    I got back out to the club and enjoyed the party atmosphere. The crowd was large, but, there was plenty of room for me to feel comfortable. A lot of the ladies climbed up onto the dance stage, and put on 'their' special show. The music selection was nice, too.

    It wasn't long before I had spotted my next 'target'. It was time for someone young, and I have an affinity for young ladies in stylish eyewear. I had finally cornered a 20 year old Romanian with glasses named Ida. She had the prettiest long black hair down to her ass. We ended up in a room together, and she was a nice lady, but, not really particularly outstanding when it came to sex. She gave a nice BBBJ, and the DATY and fucking were ok. She was my reminder why I usually choose older, more experienced lady most of the time. It just usually works better for the naughty demeanor that I have.

    I only spent 30 minutes with Ida for a 70 euro contribution, but, I paid for it with the free 30 minute coupon from the door!

    After I cleaned up, I was back in the club for something to eat. I then walked around a bit and had decide I needed to make another lady selection carefully. I saw several 'candidates' but, it finally came down to a youngish shorter lady that I'the been eyeing through part of my dinner. I went over to take a closer look from behind her, and walked past her and smiled, but, wasn't quite at the point of dropping the 'bait'. She was built like a total fuck machine and was dressed in my kind of perfectly skanky way, in a red skimpy bra, black panties, a black and red garter on one leg, and high silvery ankle strapped platform heels. She seemed to have the message 'come fuck me' just radiating all about her. I took one more quick lap around the club, and knew that she was the one that I wanted for sure. But, when I circled back around, she was gone.

    I sat down in a chair near where she had been, and waited. It was odd, because it was no time at all before she was suddenly walking up from another direction and saying hello to me. She must have picked up on my interest in her, when I had walked by her and smiled. She was so hot and had black wavy, wild hair with bright red lips, and all I could think about as she spoke pleasantly to me, was how nice it might be actually be the guy to remove her naughty skankwear and see what was lurking underneath. I asked her to move over to a nearby couch and I must say I was impressed with her. She was a 22 year old Bulgarian named Laura, and she seemed mature for her age. She told me that she knew she was young, but, she very confidently told me she was also, sexually, very mature. Of course, some of the ladies will tell you anything you want to hear to get your euros, but, she REALLY proved this point to be no bullshit when we later got to a room.

    By the time we headed for a room, there had been a lot of touching between us on the couch. It was all I needed to be walking through the club, once again, under the influence of a hardon, not so concealed, under my robe. It was a real pleasure to remove Laura's clothes as we exchanged tender kisses. I asked her if she would keep her heels on while we had sex, and she also thought that was a good idea. She was shorter with a super nice young little body, and was an absolute sex bomb. She started giving me a BBBJ and had been one of the few of the trip to do a near deep throat. And, she was exceptional with her entire technique. We did some wonderful 69ing. I ate her tasty 'free range' Bulgarian pussy and she got right into it. She 'said' she got off twice orally, and whether she really did or not is irreverent, because if she hadn't she was the perfect illusionist. Fucking her was a dream come true. She was young, but her sexual maturity was shocking. She really knew how to fuck a cock and had an insatiable appetite for it, with non-stop youthful energy. No matter how I pound her, she was right there with me. And, she knew perfectly how to match every word of my 'respectfully' naughty trash talk. Someone had taught her well, and she wasn't what I have learned to expect for the younger ones. I was really tired, and had had the best of time with her. But, I thought about her BBBJ ability, and has not had a BBBBJ-CIM yet on this trip. I decided she would be a good choice. I laid back on the bed and put her in full control of the mission. She could not have done a more splendid job. I enjoyed it for some time, until I could simply not take it anymore. Next thing I knew, I was coating her throat with a high protein nutritional snack. When I started to cum, she swallowed down my whole dick and her lips met my bag on almost every squirt of cum. The young lady was the ultimate head artist. I could not have praised her more, for a job done flawlessly. I thought about the lucky young guy out there, somewhere, that probable gets to fuck this sweetheart, regularly. Why can't I get some of this stuff to take back home as a souvenir?

    I spent a total of 60 wonderful minutes with Laura for a 180 euro contribution. I think considering ALL factors, that she may have been the very best of the trip. I gave her 200 and considered proposing marriage! LOL!


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    My Second Visit To Funpalast Sauna Club- Tuesday, October 29

    i posted the first of my visits to funpalast back on 11-17, got completely sidetracked with the real world back here at home, and i will now try to round up some further information about my vienna visits. i hope it will have some value to you, when you make your own choices, when mongering in vienna.

    as i left things in my last fp report, i had originally intended to be gone from vienna on monday morning. i ran into an unexpected medical issue, and ended up in vienna through the following saturday instead. since this is a sex guide, i won't elaborate on the reason i decided to spend the week staying close to allgemeitnes krankenhaug or akh university hospital. although i spent a huge amount of my time coming and going from the er of hospital through the day, on several days, my issue had no influence whatsoever on my ability to monger and have sex at night! none!

    by the time i had spent tuesday's daylight hours learning everything i did not want to know about medical assistance in vienna, as a foreigner, i knew i could only finish my day in an upbeat fashion by offering my sexual services and financial support to the working women of the city. i had had an exceptional time at both goldentime and funpalast, but, for whatever reason, i found myself back in fp. i had had a good time on sunday at fp, and had told christina that i would call her, when i had thought i would only be back in vienna this coming friday. i didn't call her to tell her i was still in vienna and coming to fp, and had decided it would be more fun to just suddenly be there, if she was working, by surprise, to fuck her again. it actually didn't make that much difference if she was there or not, since i have that ability to fall in love for periods of 30 minutes or more with almost any other young, hot lady that might happen to be in the club. i have almost never had sex with the same lady more than twice on my annual trips, and the two room romps at three hours total with christina was a complete diversion for my visits to brothel style institutions in europe. wow! could it be true romance or just a produce if my animal instincts for some monogamous seasonal mating ritual?

    i had already told you my general impressions of fg in my previous report. the general atmosphere was a lot the same on tuesday as it had been on sunday, with a similar amount of ladies and with a lot of the same talent, as well as some new faces / bodies. as usual, there were simple going to be too many ladies that i wanted to fuck. i had come on this trip with plenty of euros, but, nature keeps trying to put limitations on how many notches i put in my gun stock, the older i get.

    i almost always walk around every club for a little while before i make a selection. i didn't make it very far into the club before i found myself attracted to a hot, mature, short haired brunette with a super smile and pretty white teeth. she was standing where we seemed to mutually attract one another's attention, and the next thing i know, we were having a conversation that was most different that the usual 'what is your name, would you like to go to a room' routine. she was smart about her methods, and let her natural charm and good looks draw me it instead.

    as her story went, she had just arrived by plane from italy today and had come into the club about 30 minutes ago. she was going to be here through saturday and then fly back home. she was trim and slim in a sexy black teddy, and said she was 40 year old nora. i almost wanted to argue with her that she could not possible look that good and be 40. but, there are lots of ladies that are older that say they are younger, but, who would want to lie about being older? i don't think i recall ever talking to a lady in an fkk / sauna setting that at least admitted to that age. but, she knew she was hot, and i am always the guy that is personally attracted to the well preserved mature, talent.

    at first i told her i had also just come into the club, and wanted to look around a bit, but, i then begin to realize how perfectly we seemed to 'click'. we had not even so much as touched, and i became very aware that my dick had grown to about as hard as it could get. just standing there talking to her had given me serious wood, and that just doesn't happen that way very often. i mentioned it to her and she smiled when she saw the front of my robe defying gravity, and she seemed very pleased when i told her it was all her fault. i then explained to her how badly i knew that i wanted to lick her pussy and wanted to find out what it would be like to be fucking her. she said she really wanted to be fucked badly herself and that she had not had a cock in herself for several days. i really didn't care if she had just finished gangbanging the local soccer team, just as long as she was ready to efficiently service one more!

    now, there was a time that i used to be a bit embarrassed walking through a club to a room, with an obvious erection under my towel or robe. but, when i came to terms a few years back of the real reason we are in the clubs to start with, i just started watching the eyes of the other ladies on the way to the room, and see they are usually sizing up the fact that my dick is hard and the lady that did it to me. the ladies at fp have a small security locker for their money, just like the guys do. when nora passed by hers on the way to the room, she looked at me and said with her beautiful smile, 'should i stop and get my vibrator'? i said, 'are you shitting me, hell yes'! oh, hallelujah! i'd never had that as a choice in an fkk / sauna setting yet! what kind of show was i in for next?

    we got to the room, and as soon as nora closed the door, she turned and came at me like a horny milf in serious need of cock and wrapped her arms around me, sticking her tongue half down my throat. i slowly pushed her back and pinned her against the wall while we were lip locked. simultaneously, i was running my fingers into her wet pussy, while she slipped her hand inside my robe and took ahold of my cock. it was no time at all until she slid down on her knees and started to suck my dick so hard, that i thought my head would collapse. oh, i may have made a great choice!

    i got ahold of her and started taking her teddy off as i eased her back onto the bed. i had my face buried in her full flavored muff immediately. oh, my, this lady was here to also please herself! she rode my face like it was the last face fuck of her life. i did my best to all but orally dislodge her clit from its socket. i triggered her oral relief valve. she might have been a wg, but, i have no doubt that what this lady experienced was for real. she needed to cum real bad and did so. she talked wonderfully filthy trash talk the whole time we were in the room. she knew the same sex vocabulary that i use in the sack with most babes. it's as if we had learned it from the same text.

    we started fucking and she was a five star milf experience. she was not for the weak hearted. it was intense stuff. i almost believed her now, the way she had originally told me she had not fucked for days. we did all the standard positions, and she would spontaneously swallow my dick in between.

    somewhere in there, she grabbed her big orange vibrator, slipped a condom over it, spread her legs out wide, and started to fuck herself with it (at no extra cost). i propped my head up on my arm, less than half a meter away, and watched, in fascination. i was mesmerized. i helped her a bit by playing with her clit, and then licked it a bit while she worked her pussy. her descriptive dirty talk never ceased, and mine didn't either. it was a real show. i knew it turned her on to be fucking herself in front of me. i then asked her if i could be the one to work her pussy with the vibrator and she liked the idea. of course my idea was to push too much orange cock into her than she could take. i kidded her and suggested that she mark a line on it as if it was a depth gauge of some sort.

    next thing i knew i was so hot and i just had to get my dick back in her to get off. but, it went through head before i started to bang her again, what was my dick going to do for her after that long thick vibrating multispeed joy stick that she'd just had in her? but, she seemed to have an affinity for the real thing. i started pounding her hard while she worked her own clit with the orange vibrator. oh, did she cum, which, in turn, made me cum! this was an all-star earth shattering performance! now, how was i supposed to top this!

    i don't know if nora actually works in fp often, but if she does, i would highly recommend that you try this babe, ever if you're way younger than her! but, i wondered, would the next guy be so lucky to get the same performance?

    i spent a total of 60 minutes with nora for a 120 euro contribution.

    i went back to the locker room to clean up. i was standing at my locker and the mobile phone in my locker begin to ring. i had a phone number that i was only using for this trip, and i assumed that it was a wrong number. when i answered it, things got real fun. it was the christina that i had met in here last sunday, and she was not working tonight, but, had been called by one of the other ladies in the club. she gave me hell because i had not called her to tell her i was still in vienna, and she even knew i had just had sex with an italian lady! i had had sex with her for three hours on sunday, and it was like a wife catching me in an affair. it was like my wallet belonged to her only, now! i found it to actually be quite funny. but, what really surprised me was the way the other ladies must be 'tracking' me. i thought i was completely anonymous.

    anyway, i ended up back in the club, and had something to eat. by the time i had finished, i had already picked out the lady i wanted to eat for dessert. she had been near me on the couch for some time and i had been 'stalking' her, undetected. she was not the kind of lady that immediately came to me when she caught me looking at her, so i went over to her and joined her on the couch. she was a 32 year old romanian named christina, and of course a different one than i had met last sunday. she had deep dark red hair to mid back, was tall and slender with beautiful legs, and was very pretty with a very pleasant smile, pretty lips, and dreamy eyes. she was another example of an exceptionally well preserved lady for her age, always a favorite for me. her english was almost flawless.

    it was no time at all that we were off to a room. she had a very hot and slow, teasing bbbj technique. i was in the mood for some long term daty and probably spent 40 of my 60 minutes with her eating her tiny little pussy. she was the perfect lady for it, and seemed to appreciate the gesture fully. she ended up with the tip of her finger on her clit, in synchronization with my tongue and we collectively guided her pearl to one intense orgasm. i then banged her hard in cg, mish and doggie, but, it was the anticlimax of the time i spent with her. she worked real hard, but, she had an exceptionally tight but, tiny and shallow pussy, and i didn't find myself penetrating to the depth that really gets me going the best. but, the daty made it all worthwhile.

    i spent a total of 60 minutes with christina for a 120 euro contribution.

    i picked out my third and final lady of the evening after a deliberating effort. i finally sat down beside her at the bar after 'eyeballing' her from a variety of undetected angles. she was a 28 year old romanian named alissa. she was tall at 168 cm and skinny at 49 kilos, just the way i like them. she was dressed in a sexy red teddy, had glittery eyes, and bright lipstick. she had straight black hair to her waist and had straight bangs. she spoke the weirdest english. she spoke kind of quickly, but, i almost never understood what she was saying. it was an odd kind of 'gibber-jabber'.

    i picked her out because she reminded me of a stripper from my younger days, back home, that i always 'worshiped', but never really tried to fuck. it's the way i tried to think when i was married. but, here was a chance to use alissa for my fantasies.

    we eventually went to a room, and i liked taking off her red teddy. she had little a cup titties with inverted nipples and a pretty pussy between her long skinny legs. she was hot stuff to me. but, i was disappointed when i ate her pussy in that i got little reaction, except that she really messed up my hair. but, she did a good bbbj, really good. fortunately, she was a very good fuck, too. we worked quite well together and it was a real treat to grab her ass when she wrapped her legs around my back when i was banging her in mish. she had a tight pussy and let me bury my dick fully. i was really tired by this time, and finally turned her around in doggie, and with a great struggle and the help of her extra tight grip, i got off.

    i spent 60 minutes total with alissa for a 120 euro contribution.

    i had had enough for the night, and taxied back to my hotel by 3:15 am.


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    New Years Eve in Vienna

    I'm coming to Vienna on New Year's eve from Bratislava. Are places like Golden Time, Fun Palast and Maxim open on New Year's eve? How about New Year's Day? Anything special planned?

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    An Important Update To The Stealing Incident At My 10/25/13 Maxim Visit!

    I have good news to finally report back to readers of the Vienna thread about the money stealing incident in Maxim on October 25, 2013. If you are not familiar with my report #1596 reported on 11-11-13, please read it first, before you read this update.

    The 'lady' (and I use the term loosely) that I was reporting about, that stole my money, told me she was 25 year old Natasha from Russia. She had long blond hair to her waist, had 'some of the longest fake eyelashes' I'd ever seen on a 'lady', and was one of the dancers in the club, but, also did escort for the club. I guess she is actually Romanian (some surprise, huh?) and may be as young as 22 years old, and may use other names such as Dalina. Her normal demeanor is to be, what some might (and I did too) consider, to be strange. If you were ever with her in the club or had her as your hotel escort, you might want to think back about how she handled the towel, or if anything seemed possibly missing or you were suspicious later. It is highly unlikely that I was her first target.

    The Maxim club management and I had been in close contact for some time. They knew the incident was not at all the norm for their club, or for clubs in Vienna, in general, for that matter. I understand that now, but, had just been in the city for a matter of a few hours and at my first club, when she stole my money. It caught me off guard as what to think, at the moment. Management was very concerned and has handled the matter in a very business-like and professional fashion. They had reasons to think someone had been stealing for some time, but, had no concrete evidence until I made contact.

    It has taken some time to resolve the matter, since Natasha had been on holiday from work for a period of time after the incident. The ladies may monitor these reports, and I didn't want her reading my full report, until management had had time to deal with her directly. Maxim management has recently informed me that she had been confronted about stealing, and that she had been told that she cannot return to work there. It is almost certain that she will turn up at a similar type of club or business in the Vienna area. If any of you know anything about that, you might use the Vienna thread to keep others informed. She may not have learned her lesson, yet, so beware of her!


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    Vienna Mongering Report Sept 2013

    London to Vienna.

    Easy Jet flight from London to Vienna and then took the CAT from Vienna airport into the city center and then the U Bahn to Wien Westbahnhof. It was then a small walk down the Mariahifer Gurtel to the Ibis hotel where I was staying. 300 euros for 4 nights plus 10 euros for breakfast. Optional. My room was good, decent cable TV with English speaking channels and superfast reliable Wifi included in the price.

    Maxim nightclub.

    I buy a 72 hour ticket for 15 euros that covers all trains and trams around the city that I might take over the next 3 days. You get the ticket time stamped in little machines in case you get stopped. I take the U bahn to Stephansplatz being the heart of Vienna andthen a walk up Kärntner Straße stopping off here and there for a beer, something to eat and taking in the vibe and beginning to wonder why have I come to Vienna? The food is really good along Kärntner Straße.

    I make it round to the Maxim nightclub around 10-11pm there are no heavy bouncers at the entrance and you just walk down into the main bar area. A small beer costs 10 euros. There were about 15 girls sat around, most were average but a couple were hot, one in particular, I had chosen my girl but she not know it yet. Each girl takes it in turn to come over to you and if your not interested you politely send them on their way. Each girl will do a striptease on the podium for your entertainment. The girl I had chosen comes over and I invite her to sit down. I buy her a small bottle of champagne for 55 euros. We chat and on the couch she is giving full kisses and letting me play with her tits. She then does a dance on stage, we then finish our drinks and I take her to the room costing 120 euros for 30 minutes. She was a nice looking girl from Romania giving me the full on girlfriend experience. A good first night out in Vienna if a little expensive.

    Laufhaus Vienna.

    The next day in Vienna I do some tourist stuff and then in the evening decide to try some of the cheaper mongering options in Vienna like the Laufhaus setup. I choose Vienna Laufhaus and make my way there that evening. Its really hot inside and so are some of the girls standing at the doors. Its like 50 euros for 15 minutes fuck and suck, another 20 euros for BBBJ and another 10 for CIM. I chose a really nice looking girl from Slovenia and took the extras. Not a bad service but she was a bit aggressive and it lacked any compassion. Later that night I return to Kärntner Straße and try one of the little strip joints off the main drag there called Chez nous. You have to buy a beer on entry for 10 euros, you then sit in a cubicle with a curtain and four women well into their thirties and overweight including one Thai introduce themselves to you. I drank my beer and left.

    Studio Relax.

    Saturday afternoon and I make my way to Studio Relax, trying another cheap mongering option in Vienna. I am not quite confident with the trams so just head to the nearest U Bahn and walk from there. Inside Studio Relax there are about 6 girls working all with that tired look, all early twenties and all Romanian. One is not bad so choose her. Its 60 euros for suck and fuck and you get 30 minutes. The rooms were small hot and grubby. But we got the job done and was not bad service from this girl including BBBJ at no extracost, but I was glad to get off that bed and get out into the fresh air.

    That evening I try eating at a few places down Mariahilfer Straße and the food was not good. I try out the cafes along Mariahilfer Gürtel opposite the Hotel Ibis and there are some fat old gypsy ladies who want you to come and sit in the back of the cafe with them and they will give you a handjob, I not take them up on their offer.

    I try out a few of the sex clubs off of Mariahilfer Straße west and up on Felberstraße, they are dotted all over the place, easy to spot in the night due to the red neon lighting, but mostly fat old hags inside with one or two exceptions. As I had already had a pop today was not really hunting just looking.

    Goldentime FKK.

    Sunday was my last day mongering in Vienna. The plan was to hit the Goldentime FKK shortly after midday and just stay in there all day. I arrive a bit before 1pm and pay my 90 euros entrance fee, one of the most expensive FKK entrance fees in Europe but read alot of good reports about the Goldentime FKK. Take a shower and put on my robe and head into the main lounge area and take a soft drink. There is only 1 or 2 other punters inside and a good 15 to 20 girls most fully naked and ranging from 7-10 lookswise.

    A tanned tall half Egyptian girl tries to tempt me inside the cinema for a handjob and blowjob then into the room for a fuck for 60 euros. I'm trying to take my time. An Italian girls pulls me into the cinema and is playing with my erection under my robe, again I am forcing myself to decline her offers. I get naked in full view of all the girls and take a sauna, there coming into the sauna with me and having a little chat. There are girls from all over Europe in the Goldentime FKK, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and quite a few really hot girls from Moldova. So much so I am intending to do some research on Moldova.

    There are two German girls sat at the bar, one is blonde and absolutely beautiful and so sexy, fantastic hips and ass. She wants me to do a threesome with her friend who is not bad, but not interested in a threesome, just want her. Take her to one of the private rooms, very clean, fresh sheets, towels etc, but you just pull a curtain across the doorway. Could not believe it, she gives the full on girlfriend and porn star experience, fantastic time with this girl. Spent the afternoon just relaxing on the loungers interacting with all these gorgeous naked girls, some will lay on the lounger with you and just cuddle up. I buy some 5 euro tokens and drink a few beers. Around 3pm starts to get more busy and then 6pm more so.

    Notice a really cute girl start working just after 6pm. Super model looking, fantastic small tight bum, tanned skin, tall slim, beautiful. She catches me looking at her and comes and sits with me. She from Bulgaria aged 20. I decide on a second pop and take her to one of the rooms. Just another full on girlfriend plus porn star experience. After I relax a little more and then decide to leave. Fantastic day out in the Goldentime FKK best to take around 300 euros though at least.


    Enjoyed mongering in Vienna, the expensive options like Maxim and Goldentime were the much better experiences. I like to try the cheap options, but these are better if you really just want a real quickie, I mean your walking past, your balls are heavy and what a break from wanking. Rather than entertainment or to relax and interact. Not much point in going into places like Goldentime if that's all you want. It seems in the more expensive relaxed places you are more likely to get the girlfriend and porn star experience. I am getting an expensive taste.

    Vienna Mongering map.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails vienna maxim girl.jpg‎  

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    One more week.

    Counting the days till I get to be at Goldentime.

    Days and time to visit or avoid?

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    Vienna is indeed an amazing place

    Quote Originally Posted by Horbate  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for sharing the great reports. I haven't been back even two weeks, and your reports and my memories make me want to be back. Vienna's a nice city to be in with lots of mongering options, too!

    Thank you Horbate, part of my successful mongering trip was based off the intel provided in your and other members' reports. And that was only 4 of the places out of literally hundreds of venues like you said. Vienna is truely a fascinating mongering destination, not to mention a really nice city with many extra non-mongering distractions like museums, architecture, etc that add richness to the experience. I already miss it too, but if I lived there, I would probably go broke very quickly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Horbate  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for sharing the great reports. I haven't been back even two weeks, and your reports and my memories make me want to be back. Vienna's a nice city to be in with lots of mongering options, too!

    And thanks to you too Horbate for the most excellent reports which I have added to the ROD thread both here in the Austria Forum and also in the Germany FKK Forum.


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    Great Reports!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mathey  [View Original Post]
    Had the luxury of going to Vienna on business for two weeks. And, of course, had the benefit of the intel provided here on the Vienna forum and enjoyed four of the venues discussed in the forum. I can say that I had an excellent time, thank you! I'll comment on each of the four, starting with Goldentime, and posting individual posts on the other three afterwads.

    Thanks for sharing the great reports. I haven't been back even two weeks, and your reports and my memories make me want to be back. Vienna's a nice city to be in with lots of mongering options, too!


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    Beauty and Art.

    This is also a private studio setup on neubeugasse street, very close to the main drag mariahilfenstrausse. The address is 29/1, the 29 is correct, but the 1 is misleading, they are actually a full flight or 2 of stairs up from the building entrance. The building looks like an apartment complex. They are open only Mon-Fri from 10-20.

    I went only once. Upon arrival I pressed the buzzer and the manager opened the door, she let me in, and explained the system and pricing. At the time, she had no one available, and told me that there would be two ladies available in 45 minutes. I told her I would go have a coffee in the meantime. She was very nice, even gave me her umbrella as it was raining. Upon returning, there were two very good looking ladies, on from the philipines and another from Latvia. Chose the Latvian one. The session was good, good service, excellent, clean, professional facilities, excellent management, but the cost for an hour was 150 euros. The reason I decided not to return was that all the rooms were equipped only with a massage tables, I much prefer to have a real bed.

    These places (Goldentime, Vienna Laufhaus, Studio 108 and Beauty and Art) are the only venues I went to during those two weeks. I had a great time, thanks to the recommendations here in the Vienna forum. All of these locations are good places for the hobby with good, professional management. Please patronize them and keep them in business. In my opinion, they are all well worth the money.

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    Studio 108.

    This was another recommendation in the forum, not a large hotel-esque laufhaus but rather a small private studio set up where they have 4 or so rooms with king beds. I mostly decided to go there as it is very convenient to get there using the vienna city metro. If you are near the city center or near westbanhof, just navigate yourself northbound on the U6 metro and get off a Handelskai station. Upon exiting Handleskai, go straight out the exit for a block past the vegetable and fruit vendors, and take a left onto Engerthstrausse and walk about 4 blocks. On the right on Engerthstrausse you will see a fairly large restaurant and then you come to Engerthstrausse 108.

    Just go in, the door is open, and, in the lobby you will see the receptionist / manager and usually the ladies available are right there lounging on the couches in the lobby. They have a website that provides basic information such as location and hours of operation at studio108 dot com all one word.

    My experience was that management does not speak any English, but given the setup there, this is no problem. Just speak slowly and point fingers and you can select what you want from the line up in the lobby. None of the ladies available spoke much English either, but this did not prove to be a problem. Both managment and the ladies already know what you are there for. An hour costs 120 euros, and you pay upfront, before the deed. Upon selection, they guide you to a shower. You take a 5 minute shower then they guide you again to the room, where the lady you selected enters shortly thereafter, and the hour session begins.

    The service is very good. Let me explain. My first time there I chose poorly, the wrong lady. Entered the room, paid the 120 to her, she left for a few minutes to ready herself, she returned, and started the session with her. I immediately found no chemistry with her, and I asked her, in slow English, if I could change ladies. She obliged without protest. I asked her to send in the taller brunette I saw in the lobby. She obliged and left to coordinate the swap. After 5 minutes the brunette entered the room and we started the session. Much better with new bunette lady. In fact it was pretty good. And. There was no problems, misunderstandings and no extra fee for the change, even though I had already spent 5 minutes with the original choice.

    I returned to studio 108 three times, and was pleased with each visit. They have five ladies, one from Austria, one form Czech rep, one from Latvia, one from Ukraine and another from Slokavia. 5 in total from what I saw. I sessioned twice with the brunette (from Czech) , and once with a Slovakian lady, and both were very nice, got the job done, but not entirely GFE. Still worth the money in my opinion.

    Next up, Beauty and Art.

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    vienna laufhaus.

    there is a variety of mongering environs in vienna, and one of them is the laufhaus, which is basically a fairly large brothel with many rooms, each occupied by a lady in waiting at the door of the room. imagine a hotel building, and at each hotel room entrance, the door is open, and there is a lady waiting inside for you to enter, chitchat, negotiate, and do the deed. if a door is closed that means the lady is gone or is busy. if the door is open, that means you can enter, negotiate, inspect the goods, and session. this is the concept of a laufhaus. there are several laufhauses in vienna, but i chose to go to one called "vienna laufhaus", as it was the one most highly recomended. most have websites that let you see the goods available and schedules of the ladies beforehand. very useful when planning a visit.

    vienna laufhaus has about 35 ladies working in different shifts. each lady has her own assigned room within the building. each room is decorated and personalized by the lady, and each room has at least a queen-sized bed, shower, restroom, etc. just like a basic hotel room.

    in the case of vienna laufhaus, it is a bit inconvenient to get to as there is no nearby metro station stops, but, once you enter (entrance is on a cross street from triestenstrausse 41, not on triestenstrausse itself) you come to a lobby with pictures displayed of each of the lady occupants. there are two floors. just walk around up and down the hallways, peek your head in the open doorways to glance at the lady inside and if you like what you see, enter the room and negotiate or get to know the lady. for all ladies at the vienna laufhaus, they charge 120 euros for one hour. not all ladies speak english. although, more half do. about half of the ladies available at vienna laufhaus are from romania. some are from austria, while others are hungarian (highly recommended) , italian, slovakian, czech, russian, spanish, baltic, and even french.

    while perusing the hallways looking for a lady i liked, i chose fairly haphazardly. entered a room with an available lady who was from italy and upon closer inspection found that she was smoking hot, friendly and quite elegant. she was an unemployed former nurse from north italy in vienna to make ends meet. i chose wisely this time and sessioned with her multiple times. i never was motivated to chose another lady after meeting her, although there are some very sexy ladies in other rooms that i chatted briefly with. but only as a backup plan in case i found the italian lady unavaible.

    i highly recommend vienna laufhaus, even though it is a pain to get to witout a taxi. i don't remember exactly who recommended vl, massimo, glenlevit, but thank you!

    next up, studio 108.

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    Had the luxury of going to Vienna on business for two weeks. And, of course, had the benefit of the intel provided here on the Vienna forum and enjoyed four of the venues discussed in the forum. I can say that I had an excellent time, thank you! I'll comment on each of the four, starting with Goldentime, and posting individual posts on the other three afterwads.


    I heeded the recommendations and first visited Goldentime (thanks Massimo and the rest!). This place was incredible. A bit expensive, particularly the entrance fee, which was 90 euros. Thus, I did spend a little more money than I am accustomed to for the hobby, but it was well worth it. Absolutley no complaints. I went there three times in a row. I can confirm that indeed a half hour session with a lady there is 60 euros, while an hour session is 120 euros, on top of the entrance fee, which grants one unlimited access to the facilities they offer inside. Goldentime reception and the ladies except cash only. No credit cards.

    The system works exactly as discussed in the forum: Enter and pay reception the entrance fee of 90 euros. Reception, as well as most of the ladies, speak at least some English. If it is your first time, reception orients you on the system and the facilities. They issue you a towel and a bathrobe and keys. The key unlocks your assigned locker in the Men's locker room where you disrobe and sport the bathrobe or, if your prefer, the towel issued. Then store your clothes in that locker. Thereafter you exit the locker room and visit your container locker (numbered with same number as your locker room locker) right behind reception where you store your small valuables, wallet, cell etc. I never had a problem with safety, theft, or anything. Once you are ready and showered, and stuff stowed, you enter the main area where there are saunas, sofas, a bar, a buffet starting at 7pm, and of course a ton of completely naked ladies lounging about pretty much everywhere. About 45 or so in total. I always went there between 7-11pm. Non-alcoholic drinks are free at the bar. Beers, etc cost 5 euros (you must pay reception in cash for alcoholic drinks, and they give you "tokens", one token (5 euros) is equal to one drink. I got my drink, found a sofa-spot to lady-watch, and just chilled.

    There are ladies there that are wallflowers, waiting for you to approach them, and there are ladies that will approach you and strike up conversation. Regardless of who approaches who first, within less than 5 minutes of introductory chit-chat you should expect to be asked if you want to session with her. Several approached me each time and each lady has a different tolerance for time and approach strategy. Some go straight to the point, while others are more laid-back and will sit and chat with you for a long time before you make a decision. I conversed with one girl for more than an hour before sessioning with her while another got straight to the point in 2 minutes asking me to make a decision to session with her or not (I didn't session with her. Her approach was too hurried).

    My observation was that about 80% of the ladies were from Romania. Very, very nice. Others were from Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary. Also, very, very nice. No complaints. Pretty much all the ladies were between 7-9. Some were simply smoking hot 10's and friendly. Wow, what a combo! Never encountered any ladies from Austria itself.

    I sessioned with five ladies during the three visits. Three of those sessions were excellent, while two of them simply didn't work out while in bed. The first seemed nice at first, but wound up being a dud, although she tried. There just wasn't any chemistry. Tried a pair of Moldovian ladies that were working together, and that also proved to be a dud as once they were in the room, proved to be more interested in revenue / time than service. The next three during the two nights following were incredible experiences, those three were all true GFE. What a run! Those three were all from Romania. All three had great tits, great bodies, great and unique personalities, and excellent GFE fucking experiences. And, to top it all off, all three spend time afterwards to chat, joke and drink in the main lounge area with me after the session. Amazing experience.

    Goldentime does have the disadvantage of being a bit removed from public transport. It is possible to get there yourself without a taxi with the aid of the metro and google maps.

    The forum is right, you have to go to Goldentime at least once in your life. There is nothing like the experience being surrounded by 40-50 hot foreign women that are completely naked eagerly awaiting to be conquered by a man inside a luxury spa facilitiy. Civilized debauchery at its best!

    Next up, Vienna Laufhaus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horbate  [View Original Post]

    My best recomendation is TAKE PLENTY OF EUROS, and follow the leads of the Vienna thread that appeal to you most! There's plenty of good advice out there!

    Will do! That goes without saying.

    The truth is I am trying to minimise the possibility of any surprises and bad experiences and enjoy at the fullest.

    That is why I am preparing and asking all these questions.

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    Best Recomondations

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross278  [View Original Post]
    Really good reports for Goldentime and FunPalast. Well done!

    I am looking forward to my trip in 10 days.

    Any recommendations?

    My best recomendation is TAKE PLENTY OF EUROS, and follow the leads of the Vienna thread that appeal to you most! There's plenty of good advice out there!


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