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    Quote Originally Posted by Stirling  [View Original Post]
    Save the 20 Euros. Unlike the club, which is great, their website sucks and is rarely updated.

    Yes, I can attest to this. Unfortunately I didn't see this post until after I spent the $20. The pictures of the girls hasn't been updated since 2015.

    Why do club websites seem to always sick? I do freelance web work, I should approach them and offer to fix their website. Though my wife might wonder how I found this particular business.

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    Babylon website

    Quote Originally Posted by Max#01  [View Original Post]
    The VIP membership is just for their website. The costs and "bang for the buck" associated with a visit to Babylon are well-documented in this forum.
    Save the 20 Euros. Unlike the club, which is great, their website sucks and is rarely updated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sybarite2006  [View Original Post]

    I should hopefully be in Vienna for a few days this weekend and Babylon is top of my list; I just visited their website and noticed two things: 1. It hasn't been updated for ages! (2) they offer a 20 euro VIP membership- has anyone bought that and what do you get?
    The VIP membership is just for their website. The costs and "bang for the buck" associated with a visit to Babylon are well-documented in this forum.

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    Babylon VIP membership on website?


    I should hopefully be in Vienna for a few days this weekend and Babylon is top of my list; I just visited their website and noticed two things: 1. It hasn't been updated for ages! (2) they offer a 20 euro VIP membership- has anyone bought that and what do you get?

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    Price difference between Vienna, Bratislava and Prague

    I asked this question in the Bratislava forum but have yet to receive an answer so thought I would post here as well as I'm planning a upcoming trip. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in price for privats or laufhauses in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague? Where do you get the most bang for your buck Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilmorr  [View Original Post]
    For people who used agencies: are Vienna's hotels girl friendly? I will probably use Alpha Hotel in Buchfeldgasse.
    Most hotels in Vienna don't have a problem with escorts and all 5-star hotels allow them.

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    Vienna hotels.

    For people who used agencies: are Vienna's hotels girl friendly? I will probably use Alpha Hotel in Buchfeldgasse.

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    Laufhaus Rachel Part 1.

    On their website I saw a girl that looks very good to me so I decided to pay this place a visit despite the fact that it is located pretty far out of the center. One thing I have to mention about this establishment is that they post the girls' schedule so you can see in advance which dates the girl works, unlike the other places which at best post the date on which the girl will start working.

    I am not sure how accurate these dates are though because I don't exactly know how the girls pay rent. Is it a weekly or daily fee paid in advance (perhaps the local expert Massimo knows the answer)? If it is weekly than I think it would be pretty easy for a manager to post the dates on which girl is using the room and it should be quite reliable since girls probably do not want to pay for the room if they are not using it.

    Laufhaus Rachel is actually located in the same street as Fresh sauna club and pretty close to it. I read somewhere that Laufhaus Rachel is the only Laufhaus that charges an entry fee (5 eur IIRC) but when I entered there was nobody at the door asking for it, so either that is no longer the case or whoever is supposed to be at the door was not present at the time. I got there in the evening around 5 pm and the place was completely empty. The facilities are nice and one unique thing is that all the girls have windows so you can see them. On my way to find the girl I came all the way there for I had to walk past all the others since she is at the very end of the hall on the second floor. Presumably due to the lack of customers the chicks literally jumped out of their rooms and almost tried to drag me in, which I found very strange compared to the other places. Completely opposite experience from Zollgasse where all girls keep their door closed. When I finally reached the room number I was looking for I was disappointed to find it closed, so I went back to check out the other girls. On both floors all the girls where very pushy which I didn't experience at all in any other Laufhaus. I actually saw a couple decent looking girls there, and at the end of the hall to the right on the second floor (I say this because I don't remember the names) a very cute smiling Romanian was trying to get me inside, I asked if she kisses and she said no but still tried to get me in anyway. Right across from her was a natural blonde and after all the Romanians I was interested in a change so I told the Romanian I would consider her another time (and actually intended to come back to her later that day). The blonde girl didn't open with English but fluent German so I (wrongly) assumed she might be German or Austrian and asked her if she kisses and she said yes 30 extra, totaling 100 for half hour CBJ and kissing. I later found out that in this place extras are 30 and not 20 like in the previous places I visited. As I go inside she quickly closes the window, takes the cash and I take a shower. The 30 euro kissing I paid for was a peck on the lips after which she would try to push my head to her neck, I tried kissing her a couple of time and she kept doing this so I gave up, she does not speak a word of English so arguing would be pointless. She started a rough mechanical CBJ which I didn't enjoy much so we went on to fuck in a few positions. She did them all well and was quite sexy especially in the mirror so it was not a complete waste of money, but I would not repeat or recommend. Afterwards we both took a shower and with some effort she understood my question on where she is from. Hungary.

    As I was getting dressed I thought I'd go have dinner and then come right back and fuck the cute Romanian in the room across, but as I was leaving the disappointing blonde the girl that was smiling at me before gave me a very angry stare, I don't think I have ever had a stranger look at me with such hatred in their eyes. The change was incredible, the cute innocent looking girl with a huge smile was now looking at me like I had just killed her whole family, I have no idea what that was about. Needless to say I abandoned my plan to pay her a visit.

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    Moldovan at Goldentime

    Anyone know the Name of the Young Moldovan at Goldentime? Thin, Brown hair, black rimmed Glasses, no tattoos, sweet disposition, natural breasts, stays alone most of time. Because I saw her last month and would like to see her next time. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sybarite2006  [View Original Post]
    So, is it open again now?
    Apparently it is not yet open. I also don't have information about a re-opening. I can only say that they are very calm about it and count on soon be open again but the date is unknown to anyone according to what they revealed to me.

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    So, is it open again now?

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    Cristina. Laufhaus Rosi.

    I was visiting that huge flower garden next to the palace (really a shame that I was not there during the spring) and I noticed on the map that Laufhaus Rosi was nearby so I thought I would check it out. I believe it belongs to the same chain as Laufhaus Vienna, the facility is just as nice as Vienna but much smaller. I went there pretty early, there were 12 girls working there total but not a single one was there at 11 am which was strange compared to Laufhaus Vienna where at the same time of day tons of girls were working and I saw I bunch of guys browsing. At Rosi there were no girls and just 1 guy sitting at the stairs presumably waiting for an appointment.

    Based on the pictures there was 1 girl that caught my eye, she is named Cristina but since she was not there I decided to grab a bite and come back a bit later. Came back around 2 pm, and still saw no traffic there, zero guys and only a couple girls had started working, perhaps this place is only active at night I thought. Luckily Cristina was one of the few girls there so I knocked and wow she is extremely cute, just like the pictures. I asked for 30 minutes which is 70 euros and she quickly informed me that she offers only basic service, no kissing and no BBBJ. I am normally not a fan of CBJ so I told her I would come back and went to check if I can get another girl but since the place was nearly empty and I was a bit tired, short on time didn't want to travel to another place I said whatever at worst I waste 70 euros.

    As I found out, Cristina is half Spanish half Romanian, has a very nice slim tiny body, flawless skin and very pretty face. I practiced my poor Spanish with her a bit before getting down to business, kissed her body for a bit and when I was semi hard she slaps a condom on me followed by some mechanical CBJ. When I was hard enough we started with some mish, cowgirl and doggy for the finish. All positions done nicely but just mechanical sex, if you are looking for GFE look elsewhere, if you just want some quick sex with a very young looking hot girl she is the right choice.

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    Maybe you were just unlucky with the DFK's at Wellcum. I think I wrote a post on my luck regarding that, and it was at about 60% of the girls for me there doing it. A few girls such as Daria is infamous for it also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pistons  [View Original Post]
    Personally when you say Austria as a whole, the best club by far. And probably in Europe as a whole is Wellcum at the Italian border near Villach. However, competition in all clubs usually makes it so that it is best to find ones niche. Everybody wants to be the biggest fish in the pond. But also, every club wants to be the best club too. And the winner usually takes nearly all. However, even if Wellcum is the best club, the location is a bit of a setback. So I have no idea how much they make there compared to the Viennese clubs. But I suspect it can be more heavy on certain months, and party weekends maybe. While in a big city the income is more spread out every day of the week. As that is usually how all types of night life service industries works. The location of Wellcum is just great or good due to Italy being so terrible with the restrictions of sex due to the pope and all.
    Yeah, the location was what put me off on Wellcum. It was too much trouble to walk 40 minutes from the closest train station, where a train only comes / leaves every 2 hours the day I went (I think it was a Saturday or Sunday). There were some beauties there, but they were quickly snagged by other men. I actually preferred Andiamo. Closer to town, fewer guys to take away my top choices, and they had free beer the days I was there. One reason why I prefer clubs in Vienna (namedly GT) and other countries (Germany, Switzerland) to those in the Villach area, is that the girls at both Wellcum and Andiamo do not DFK from my experiences. I couldn't get any of the girls I went to a room with to DFK! I get DFK all the time from almost every girl at my preferred clubs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berlin18  [View Original Post]

    My name is Marina, and if it is possible I want to ask the Gentlemens in the forum couple of questions:

    I'm a working girl, currently working privately and living in Berlin but here the money ain't any good (200/300) for 8/10 h work day and I wanted to ask, where would you recommend me to go and try in Austria? I've read a lot about Fun Palace / Palast (not sure how to write it) Golden Time Vienna, Babylon and a place called FKK Mystic.

    I don't have any operations, and I do all extras. I'm searching for a place to start over. Got already enough of Germany. What would be your recommendation for me?

    I speak a little bit German and little bit English. (a girlfriend of mine is writing everything here for me) I want to work couple of years to build a house and to start a small business as many of you know. Bulgaria is a poor country and it is very difficult to earn money there the right way. And no, I'm not a gipsy, regular fitness instructor trying to get some food on the table for her family. I will highly appreciate every reply guys, hopefully I will meet any of you anytime soon. Kisses Inna.
    Welcome Marina. Might I suggest you try Globe in Switzerland or Aphrodisia if you want to make money. The rate at Aphro is 280 for 30 minutes. In Germany, have you tried the Hamburg clubs? About Austria the most famous are Babylon (in both Vienna and Klagenfurt) and Goldentime. I am not an expert on Austrian clubs but by reputation these and Wellcum and Maxim are well known.

    Good luck!

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