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Vienna’s best Sexclub
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    Any Vienna Recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thin Ice
    Currently in Vienna. Man what a city! What women!

    Heading to Pressbaum, any recommendations? Esspecially for late night fun.
    Looking for a good independent or massage, would appreciate any recommendations.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Wall
    Any attractions in Jenbach? If not, what is the nearest place where some interesting actions (at least a massage parlour) can be found.
    You should go to Innsbruck which is the state capital of a part in Austria called Tyrol.
    There you are going to find strip clubs, massage parlours, ***** houses....

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    Any attractions in Jenbach? If not, what is the nearest place where some interesting actions (at least a massage parlour) can be found.

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    Austrian Websites in English?

    Any recommendations?

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    Currently in Vienna. Man what a city! What women!

    Heading to Pressbaum, any recommendations? Esspecially for late night fun.

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    Hey Ryan, try out this site "" Its has information on all regions of Austria.


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    Supposed to see an uncle in Wolfsgraben (sp?) next week. Any suggestions? (maybe even for some place near Wolfsgraben as I understand his house is actually in a town 3/4 the way to Wolfsgraben on the way from Vienna)


    Thin Ice

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for ladies in Innsbruck?

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    Klagenfurt - Babylon

    Quote Originally Posted by Karil
    Does anyone knows something about Villach area?
    Just 30 km more and you can reach Klagenfurt, where you can find the Babylon (sister places are in Salzburg and Vienna).

    Bit expensive but by far the best choice in the area.. and the best location of all the Babylons: it's in a castle :-)

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    I was in Krems last Thursday, just as schol began for many of the students there. I would just like to indicate that the bar/club scene, however limited, allows for some easy freebee pickups provided your are still young. Made a happy experience there myself with a 20 year old tourism student.

    For the record.


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    This report is long over due, I apologize for that. I was in Villach in early July for a weekend and I stopped by the Laufhaus to see what it was all about. The entrance is on a very busy street and you need to ring to enter. Other than that it was a great time. I paid 180 for two shoots which ended up being 3 for me. The girl I choose isn't there now but we connected and exchanged private numbers and she said when she wants a pasta run she'll call when she arrives. I spent over two hours with her and then we went to some bread festival with one other worker there. It was a little weird, it was obvious what they did and me in a polo looked out of place. There are other places to go in Villach. All in all this was the best money spent. Italian girls one and done with no pillow talk GO and ENJOY.

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    Does anyone knows something about Villach area?

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    Laufhaus Villach


    Did anyone visit this place

    If yes what about it?


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    Just 58 KM prior to Innsbruck on A12 is a town called Worgl.
    Pronounced vor-gull.

    It has a converted mansion called La Villa. It has two bars and generous sitting areas.

    The drinks are free if you take one of their girls up to a room.
    The standard rooms have a Jacuzzi tub and separate shower.
    King bed with mirrors on the ceilings.

    Everything is decorated like a mansion.

    The girls are mostly Eastern Europeans and range from 19-30 yrs.
    They range from 6-9 with the majority in the 7-8s.

    The cost for the room and a girl was 275 EUR. for 40 minutes.

    Most of the girls work there for three months and then go back home. It is very difficult for them to stay very long since the Austrians are very strict about their work permits.

    Meaning that the Austrians do not let too many foreign nationals
    work in there country very long. Unless they can prove that their service is a benefit to Austria or its people. Seems to me that the girls would qualify easily.

    La Villa is located just a few miles off A12 when entering the town from the north.

    It was originally owned and operated by the gentleman that opened Lady-O in Innsbruck.

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    Villa O located behind Lady-O is basically the same thing, in fact it is the same girls, but in fancier rooms. No bar, just a lineup of girls. Very nice rooms, but prices start at 180 e$ for 30 min and are 260 for 60 min and then up from there. The quality of women is the same as Lady o - ranging from 2 to solid 10.

    There are also a series of Go-Go /table dance bars off University and Mueseum Strasse. (on a short connecting road near the University). These are basically Russian woman who will tease the hell out of you. You get to touch and be touched by 2-4 at a time. A lot of fun, but remember that you really will not get anymore. There are 2 on the street, one directly under the Chinese restaurant, and one next door. The latter is much better. At the foprmer the girls are very sullen.

    BTW - Returned to Lady-O - just to watch the show, but discovered 'Chantel' a south american beauty who I had to have. She was a solid 9-10, peitte, dark hair (long), and very creative. As my tastes run a bit of kink, she really was wonderful. I just wish I was rich enough to enjoy her for the whole evening.

    All for now, more on the next trip (looks like China next month!)

    Slave Boy

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