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    Brussels info

    Hi guys,

    Greetings from India. I'll be in Brussels from 15th to 19th Nov. Seems like the RLD is my best option. Any other pointers? Any strip clubs worth visiting (with prices). ? Any FKK / brothel type establishments?



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    Return after a 3 year absence

    Three long years have passed since my last mongering experience in Belgium. I have grown older, yet my passion for mongering remains undimmed. Ensconced at Place Rogier, almost in the heart of darkness, as it were, my intentions were pure. Belgium to me provides so many opportunities for perversion, that one's desire can always be accommodated in some way.

    On day one (Friday) I explored the black girl area near Rue the'Aerschot. This area seems to have changed quite a bit in the past three years. A few of the old windows have gone, and I felt a greater need to be cautious in the area than before. There were lots of groups of young men stood around, particularly on one street, and their presence is somewhat intimidating. In one instance a couple of the ladies were arguing whilst brandishing long sticks. The quality of the girls was nothing outstanding but I managed to find one cute young girl from Ghana. Her service was somewhat wooden and the only pleasure I had was simply from looking at her. As soon as I finished she returned to her window and I was left on my own to get dressed etc. A somewhat miserable finale.

    On day 2 (Saturday) I visited 5th Station, where I had fond memories from days gone by. The girls here, however, all seemed a bit on the mature side and were mostly in their early 40's or so. There was little that was tempting. Yet, bestruck as I then was by an extreme inertness I sat at the bar for a while and got to a pretty drunk state. Eventually one the girls basically pulled me into the back for the service, none of which I can really remember. As you will all be aware, mongering and excessive alcohol are not a good mix.

    On Day 3 (Sunday) I visited Antwerp as I always like to take in the delights that that fine city has to offer. Delights were indeed abundant as my little afternoon stroll around the RLD offered much that was inspirational. In fact the sheer range of girls far exceeds that of Brussels which is rather binary in its white / black distinctions. Antwerp by contrast has a great variety of women. There are classic beauties, chubby girls, old women, small women, thin women, a couple of Asians, black women, trans, dominatrixes. A rich cornucopia of treats that can easily tempt you and inspire. Whatever it is that takes your fancy is surely to be accommodated in Antwerp. For me it thus has an edge on Brussels. It is good also in that the gangs of feral youths you find in Brussels do not have the same presence in Antwerp. Ultimately I was left facing the difficult situation of having four or five who gave me that stirring feeling and pulsing heart rate that other mongerers will be all too familiar with. In the end I settled upon a girl from Spain / Greece who was quite frankly stunningly beautiful. She was also human, and good to talk with.

    Thus ended my little tour of this pretty little country: nothing special in Brussels, but sufficient compensation in Antwerp to justify another tour somewhere in the not to distant future.

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    Red light Gare du Nord


    A short update on the status quo in red light district on Gare du Nord Brussels. I visited yesterday after some years.

    Similarities: same mix Eastern European just next to the station and black and grannies in the streets a bit further. Change of girls in the morning and about 6 pm. 40 E Eastern European 30 grannies 20 black.

    Differences: was 50 for Eastern European before. Now it seems to me was more sexier women before maybe Ian wrong or maybe it is subjecti e feeling of taste. Still I found 1 which I like a lot and several others worth trying. Did not try a girl on this visit yet, have till tomorrow to decide.

    About 60 east Europeans each shift, 20 blacks 5 grannies.

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    Can anyone advise / verify?

    After my previous post, I kept on digging, and had found an agency for escorts called saphir-escort-agency.

    Has anyone called in a lady from there, and can verify if they are reliable?


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    Some advice. First time to Brussels

    I'm planning for a visit to Brussels for work, and have a few days off there. Looking to get in touch with some ladies, but have a few questions as a first timer in Brussels, and I hope someone can help:

    1) I'm used to, and often prefer, having an escort for an extended time, as I enjoy the casual company as well. A quick search reveals a couple of independent ladies on EuroGirlsEscort, and a longer list on places like escortinbrussels and escortofbelgium. Can anyone verify if these are legitimate sites or agencies?

    2) in the event that I have a night out and off to myself, is there any places that you might recommend me heading to for a fun time or show?

    Thank you very much indeed, and I appreciate if you can take the time to respond to this with your own opinions!

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    Thursday again, 2 pm

    As usual, 40 euros 1 position, 50 euros several positions, a no-brainer. Covered BJs. Allotted time 15 minutes!

    Sessioned 2 petite good-tempered East Europeans but could finish with neither. Testosterone too low, room temperature 5 degrees too high. Looking forward to aircon in Pattaya.

    Engaged a third even better-looking girl, took my 50 back and left when she waxed stubborn about my Sagami. This kind of bloody-mindedness is a reliable indicator of mongers' bargaining power (or lack of it).

    In my student's days but with the cash I have now what a ball I could have had here! Now mostly too old for this type of rushed and minimalist service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    Impressive number of good-looking girls at rue d'Aerschot today. Many 7's and 8's. Very few uglies. A pity service tends to be so basic, otherwise the LU compares with the best German FKKs. No latinas, no blacks these days. Rumanians most of them.

    Rumanian also implies less scamming.
    Thanks, what were the prices?

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    Gare du Nord, Thursday 1 pm

    Impressive number of good-looking girls at rue d'Aerschot today. Many 7's and 8's. Very few uglies. A pity service tends to be so basic, otherwise the LU compares with the best German FKKs. No latinas, no blacks these days. Rumanians most of them.

    Rumanian also implies less scamming.

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    Leela Thai

    FS is possible, 50 extra.

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    9 stars Thai massage Steenokkerzeel

    Also visited this AMP next to the airport.

    Easy free parking.

    Went 3 times for Ploy.

    Very good Thai massage, sometimes rough.

    Impressive body to body. Couldn't hold it very long.

    If you become a regular I think some more is possible.

    Very nice little body.

    Usual rate: 80/ HR.

    Will definitely return.

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    Leela Thai massage

    Visited this AMP recently.

    Went a couple of times especially to meet Apple.

    Very nice little body, very good massage, but didn't offer FS (at least to me).

    Asked for 2 shots, very nice and slow release.

    Usual rate, 80/ HR.

    Will return for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CactusErectus  [View Original Post]

    I've seen the girls taking the camera out of idiot tourists hands. You can also have problems with the pimps.
    Exactly. Don't take pictures there.

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    Chinese in Brussels

    Last week I visited a little Chinese in Brussels. Amy.

    Nice apartment in a save neighborhood.

    OMG, she was good. Shower before, long sucking in 69 without.

    She allows licking pussy and seemed to enjoy.

    She refused fingering initially but finally she was so horny she allowed one finger.

    Really tight pussy.

    Finished in missionary.

    Afterwards shower together.

    150 for one hour but it was worth every cent.

    Little English but easy to make appointment on whatsapp (+32 4xxxx9 01).

    Pics are 100 % real.

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    Be careful

    Forgot to tell you a story. When I arrived in Brussels-midi I was very tired and my defences were low. I sat in a bench and a girl came next to me. She was very bubbly and started taking pictures of herself. She asked me if I could take some pictures of her with her phone and I agreed. After 2-3 pictures I started thinking "wait. These things don't normally happen". Next to me a guy was sitting and playing with his phone just inches from the zip of my bag. I quickly left and no damage was caused. Be careful especially when you are tired.

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    Belgian girls

    Quote Originally Posted by Penetrador  [View Original Post]
    60 $ for a fuck not bad, are there any homegrown Belgian girls working? LFK allowed?
    I just went to 1 girl and can't answer for sure. Generally from my experience I know that you will not find girls from developed countries working in the industry especially if everyone can see them. LFK probably allowed but did not try.

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