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    Just tried Phet Sayaam Thai Massage, Markstraat 1C in Zaventem.

    Altough the house is very nice and very clean, the girls are ugly! 1/10.

    They have seen on my face that they were not to my taste and they told that I should booked over the phone prior to come around. Hmmm not sure I'm going again to be honest.

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    More Belgium info:

    So I am beginning to understand the demographic of different areas. This is just my perspective looking through the eyes of a local and not my opinion.

    Rue D'Aerschot: Groups of men not from Belgium gawking at the girls (of Turkish or Moroccan origin mainly) , marginal types then some guys coming from across the French border. Not a Belgian to be seen anywhere. I'm not surprised the girls here have a rather bad attitude and it seems they spend most their time standing there and not a lot of business goes on (day time at least). Uniform pricing of generally minimum 40 EUR for the minimum. I think a girl with economic smarts could get herself a bit more of a deal as 15 mins is a hard sell, offering 80 EUR for 30. 40 mins I would be interested but the rooms / sections are too small to enjoy a woman for that amount of time.

    Rue des Commercants, and square at Rue de Laeken: Street girls here standing around. They pretend to be waiting for the bus or chatting in groups to avoid prosecution. I walked by and it's possible to find an attractive one but I wasn't sure on price and location to enjoy. I think I will try this adventure sometime in the future.

    Recently I actually ventured way out of the main stream tourist track. N3 road heading out of St-Truiden toward Liege or otherwise known as Chaussee the'Amour which is a major road with window girls. The going rate was 50 EUR but it's difficult to make a decision here as driving on the road you have to catch a glimpse at distance. On this trip I did, it was mainly scouting to see what is there on offer, price etc. I stopped the car a walked out to one window because it was a skinny young looking eastern european girl (just the type I like). Got her down to the door for price discussion and even though she has a super hot body I didn't take the offer of 50 EUR / 15 mins. It just seems so short for me. She mentioned something else, maybe 100 for 45 mins but I had already decided to keep on looking. I decided for the price I would take my chances back at the thai places of Zaventem.

    Thai places: These places concentrated around Zaventem are catered for the Belgian suburban type with a car. I dropped by water bed place where I find myself time and time again but unfortunately all the girls we busy so I went to check out a place I hadn't been to for probably 2 years at Koutelaan 2. Took a decent looking Thai girl but she didn't have a very playful attitude which I've becomming to enjoy. Very down to business with the massage and I payed 20 EUR for blowjob which was without condom but average. She wasn't all that impressed that I didn't tell her when I was going to cum so got some in her mouth. She tried to ask me if I wanted to have a shower after only 30 mins. I looked at the clock and said, well I paid for an hour so not yet. Experience 5/10 and I won't go back to this place again. It can be rather hit and miss with the attitude.

    So till next time Belgium.

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    Flemish fun

    So back in Belgium for a bit of a mess around:

    1st Friday night: Dropped out to a bar alone for a drink in a non-descript flemish town (they all start to look the same) and after sitting down to a drink was about to leave and try a pint at another place when young flemish girl grabs me and ask why I'm leaving. Didn't even need to try with her, she simply said after having a drink with me that she really wants to sleep next to me. Enough said, took her back and had my ways. I would give her a 6/10 but the fucking was terrible as I was in a bad state at the time. One of the reasons I don't like overly drunken fucking, prefer to have my wits about me.

    Water bed massage: Dropped back into one of my normal places, Nossegem massage. Greeted at the door by a not unattractive young Thai girl. From my extended experience with the thai massage places, it's best to take the first thing on offer if it looks ok. Sometimes you can be greeted at the door by some real train-wrecks and it's good to have another place or two to go to. For a bit of messing around, I decided to drop of tab of some empathetic / love feeling medication just for a bit of adventure. Didn't seem to have the effect I was looking for, the massage wasn't any more exciting than normal but it did make cumming very difficult. The thing I like about this place is the almost definiteness of BBBJ and sometimes fucking for no extra cost. The young girl was sucking away trying to get me to cum for a little while and it wasn't until she used her hand then threw her mouth back on it I was finished. One thing about mixing a tab of something into it, when finally finishing, it is like an explosion in the mind. But this is the unfortunate part of this type of BJ. I like them to be very slow and take time, but generally a working girl wants it over asap. I think next time I will negotiate a bit of extra euros on top of the normal fee for the girl simply sucking me off for the whole time.

    RLD Brussel: I had a walk around there on a Saturday day time. Some attractive girls and generally 40 is the going rate but some were trying to offer 30. It looked like a very slow day for them and I didn't see one other person go inside and I didn't go for it myself.

    I have a little more time in Belgium, so I will see what else I can get up to in the meantime.

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    Question: The girls who advertise as massage "erotique complet," etc, are these proper massage with perhaps HR and a BJ, or are these full service girls disguised as massage? How do you tell the difference between the massage only girls (plus HR) , and the full service girls? Or am I being daft?

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    La Bermude

    Anyone hit the sauna place near Ave. Louise recently? I'm looking for a bit of adventure.

    It will be either this place, one of the gang bangs advertised on afpraakjes dot be or an adventure to one of the "night clubs" on the secondary roads (Brussel. Leuven or Leuven. Mechelen)

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    RLD, street girls and thai massages

    recently arrived back from some interesting days in brussels, and want to give a short update. visited both rld, other adult areas and several thai massage places:

    rld. aarschotstraat / rue the'aerschot: all the girls are offering 40 eur for bj + one position, eur 50 if you want to change positions. all action is based on 10-15 minutes in small room behind drapes, sometimes closed door. the standard of the girls varies, but most of them are really beautiful. my learning was however not to go for the 10-point girls around 22 yrs old, since you actually get better service from the little older ones, around 27-30 yrs. they are much more easy-going and more eager to work for the money. beware of the other streets, gangs and pickpockets, since it's a bit rough neighbourhood in general, but especially after 22.00.

    some rld girls worth mentioning: "tatjana" around window no. 100: around 30 years, blond with great big fake tits. offered some extra services besides the normal. 70 eur for 69-position and 150 for anal. got however excellent and nice gfe service for only 40 eur.

    close to the entrance to garde noord at "the tavern": blond girl around 30 yrs with great fake tits. gave amazingly good deep bj and great fuck. damage only 50 eur, easily worth the money!

    around house no. 140: brunette girl with small natural tits. 22 yrs old and easily the most beautiful girl in brussels (12 points on a 1-10 scale). service was however not worth it, since she just laid down like dead fish and looking at the clock all the time. a bit of barracuda warning.

    rue des commercants: lost of street girls with short skirts available. most of them where however sitting in small groups just talking, not really into working. did talk with some of them, but didn't proceed with any of them.

    some thai massage, all in zaventem area:

    phet sayaam thai massage, markstraat 1c: this is my favourite place in all of belgium. all girls here are really beautiful and friendly, and gives excellent service. 50 eur for 30 min, or 80 eur for 1 hour. i can really recommend a cute girl named "en", performing fantastic bbbjtcws. other girl "janine" was also good, with a lot bl, bls, bbbjtc. she also offered fs, but i declined that for this time.

    rungfaa thai massage, kouterlaan 2:3 girls working there, all looked skinny, worn and old (scarecrows). turned them down quickly and left asap.

    phuket thai massage, grote daalstrat 172: not sure if this place still is open. when i went here, there were no signs of thai (usually some flag, flowers or elephant sculptures) , so i didn't bother to ring the bell.

    waterbed place, van ingelgomstraat 13: a bit difficult to find at first. two other houses in same area are named no. 13, and the one google maps pointed out was no. 400 something on another street. went a long way, based on previous reviews in the forum. got a bit disapointed when only one chubby girl with big massive tits was working there. got however 1 hour session that was ok, but i had expected more and better.

    if you just want a quick fuck behind small drapes. go to the 27-30 yrs at rld. if you want a really great time. vistit markstraat 1c in zaventem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Likes  [View Original Post]
    Didn't try for the DFK but I think she will probably do whatever if she gets comfortable with you. She was pretty easy going and fun-loving.
    She is extremely difficult to reach. I've been trying to call her all week at different times of the day without much success.

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    Didn't try for the DFK but I think she will probably do whatever if she gets comfortable with you. She was pretty easy going and fun-loving.

    Quote Originally Posted by Filou  [View Original Post]
    Does she do french kissing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Likes  [View Original Post]
    Visited Monica last week at her 5th floor walk up not far from Yser metro stop. She is Brazilian, speaks French and Portuguese, is true as described in her ad, and looks much better. The apartment building is residential which made me a bit nervous, but basically centrally located. Her room is small. My French is not great but we could communicate as necessary. I will go back.
    Does she do french kissing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumarcool  [View Original Post]

    I am a monger from india visiting brussels on the first week of December. Please inform whether the below websites are true and the girls mentioned and prices are fair.

    In india, all these such type escort websites are fake, they show a girl and send another.

    Please help me.
    Well. I joined today. Just to let folks know. That a girl advertising with oohlala as 'Lucy' Is a fake. And she's an old pro, very clever. Asked if you want to stay when I confronted her. So. OK. I'm horny, nice looking body. What the heck.

    But. She still goes on insisting she is Lucy. Despite the implants / scars 'she says were breast reduction etc. Which I didn't see until after I decided to stay even though I knew she was a fake.

    Then when I emailed her back later. She still insisted she was Lucy. Until after I sent online pics, even some recent ones. Where clearly it isn't the same girl.

    So based on the email. I think she's been using the name / scamming for some time.

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    Back in Brux again

    I found myself once again back in the EU capital for some business. Got straight down to it, drove from the airport to Rue the'Arseshot. It was still dark and cold so I didn't bother with walking around. I just did a drive by and checked out a bit or arse. There was once again some very good looking girls but I didn't bother with it as usual. I had decided to either hit a trustworthy place or a new place to investigate.

    I had a mental list of 3 thai massage places to try to find a cute thai girl, and failing this I had a new brothel I was wanting to check out near by the airport. Now, my decision was around money and experience. Thai places are 80 EUR for an hour massage and this can either be only a good massage with happy ending or getting a bit lucky with some freebies on-top. The brothel was listing 100 EUR for a 1 hour massage GFE. Not sure what that 100 EUR will include, if it is only a handy with extras at more cost then it is a waste of money. The only advantage of the brothel was that there are european girls working there and I am getting a bit over the Thais just at the moment.

    Anyway, I stuck to my plan and hit my trusty water bed thai massage place. The girl who answered the door was the 2nd cutest I have seen so far (only topped by the 5 foot tiny thai girl I had once). I guess I didn't need to venture to any other places, and went upstairs with her. She was affectionate immediately and I was hoping I was the first customer of the morning as they had only been open to about 1 hour. Naked with her, I just went for it and started kissing, grabbing her arse and we got onto the bed. I had her on top of me for a while kissing and rubbing her pussy. She told me I was making her crazy. After not too long I asked her to suck my dick, and she said only with condom. I'm really not into condom blow jobs and I get barely any enjoyment from it but I thought if she is going to put it on then it will be much easier to begin fucking her. She had herself sideways to me so I was still sticking my finger in her, massaging her G-spot and she was actually getting very wet. I was actually surprised that it was not an act and she was really horny this morning. With the condom already on, it was very easy to move her on-top and she began riding me. Great fucking for a while with her on-top, I threw her over and pounded her missionary shortly before blowing. I was a little surprised I didn't last too long, it was one of my shorter ones for a while. After this I got her to massage me for a bit before she was back on-top kissing and said that I can go another round. Got down to business and made it worth while this time. Had her riding me hard on-top and I was fucking her furiously from underneath. She thought I had popped again early, but I just needed to catch my breath. Went some more before getting her doggie, she had a nice tattoo on her back and amazing arse, and hips. I grabbed on and fucked her hard for a while and she was sweating with pleasure (just like girls go warm and sweat all over when they are coming / about to come). Fucked her hard a bit longer but when she started moaning loudly from pleasure it was enough for me and dropped my nuts. For EUR 80 it was a great session. This place I am going to be a happy return customer.

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    Brussels RLD report

    December 6th. Rue the'Aerschot, all sessions were 50 (s & f. 2 positions). I still think this is a great RLD and is much better than Amsterdam; the windows are nearly all occupied (compared to Ams where half of the windows are normally empty) ; the girls in Brussels have natural tits (in Ams a high proportion of the girls have fake tits) ; and you generally get better service in Brussels. Plus in Brussels you don't have to walk around lots of stupid tourists, there are only guys looking for a good time with a girl! They done up a number of the houses furthest from the station, where in the past there was no point on walking that far but since the houses have been renovated the standard of girls down there seems to have improved too.

    (5pm) House 198. 5'4" late 20's Nikki Bulgaria brunette (though may have been a wig) lovely dark eyes and great smile. Had a number of tatoos of an angel, flower and writing on her lower stomach. Lovely perky be cup tits, nice sized ass (not too big but enough to grab hold of). Kept her black suspenders on. Nice to have room with sliding closing doors, had a shelf full of cuddly toys and a zebra print bed. Decent blow job using nice pressure, as I grabbed her ass. Her on top first, good energy and riding as I fondled her pert tits. Switched to doggy then and finished holding her tits (lots of ass grabbing by me). Very friendly and helped me tidy up afterwards. Looks 7/10, performance 8/10.

    (8:30pm) House 130. Tanya Bulgaria late 30's, reminds me of a MILF in work that I'd love to nail. Have had many sessions with her before and she remembers me. Paid her the extra 20 to lick her pussy too. She sat on my lap as I licked her fantastic natural the cups boobs and wanked me bb. Then onto a 69, she gives great head while I licked and stuck my tounge inside her. She then switched to riding on top of me and I fondled her huge tits. Then, as ever, onto doggy. There are lots of nicely placed mirrors on her room so great to see her tits swinging as I bang her. Looks 7/10, session 10/10.

    Figured I had one more shot left in the chamber so headed back to the RLD. Had spotted a couple of nice looking young girls with glasses near to the stations end of the Rue on the way back from my last session and luckily they were there were I came back.

    (11pm) The Tavern 5'6" Laura brunette early 20's glasses lovely pouty lips be cups. Very busy house, the first room was basically a couch with a curtain but luckily as I was half undressed a slightly bigger room became available. Could hear two other sessions going on as the only dividers were curtains. Turns outher tits wad saggy but still very nice. Great blow job, she really put effort into it but was sitting towards me between my legs so couldn't fondle her. Got her to go on top first, she did a fair job of riding including some porno-esque moaning, was grabbing her boobs the whole time. Then to doggy where I finished soon, again getting a last feel of boobs. Looks 8/10, session 8/10.

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    I was in Brussels yesterday evening. Had a nice steak and wine in Brussels Grill, next to subway Rogier. Decided to walk it off. Went for window shopping in the neighbourhood of the'Aerschot, Rue Linne. Searched out a black woman with the biggest arsch and fucked. Didn't tell her that, but she must have known, she was very good, very satisfactory. The bed was very soft, like was she, and when she layd down between my feet to give me a blowjob we were in a deep valley and flowded on clouds.

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    Does anyone has info about the swinger club new Club Cocoon, they organize gang bang, is it good?

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    Monica Report

    Visited Monica last week at her 5th floor walk up not far from Yser metro stop. She is Brazilian, speaks French and Portuguese, is true as described in her ad, and looks much better. The apartment building is residential which made me a bit nervous, but basically centrally located. Her room is small. My French is not great but we could communicate as necessary. I will go back.

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