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    Swinger clubs

    Did any one visite le Bermude?

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    Swinger club


    I'll be in Brussels next month. On my last trip to Brussels I visit New Cocoon swinger club & I hove realy nice time. I'll go again.

    Is there suggestions for ather swingr club?

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    Short Trip to Brussels


    I will be in Brussels on short trip on 25th Aug /26th Aug on my first trip. Can I have some info on the good strip club and the escort scene in Brussels.

    I have seen some review on Coccon Club but it seems it is closed on Mon / Tue. Also little info on Manhattan or other clubs etc.

    Also there is a site mentioned as divinegirls which is not expected to have reliable girls. Is there any site which have genuine photo and girls providing the excellent services.

    Thanks for sharing info in advance.

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    Best stripcClub in Brussels


    I don't want to have sex with a lady, only to have some fun, drink a couple of beers, have a couple of Lap dances with beautiful girls and go home. I have seen little information about places like L'Emipre, Manhattan and Paradise but I don't know if they are ripoff places or just a regular strip clubs where you pay 20-30 euro per Lapdance.

    Any recent recommendation about any of these places?

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    Advice from a local

    I'm a local living in Belgium.

    Concerning the Thai massage which I'm a fan of you are really missing the good girls:

    Bangkok Thai massage in Diegem:

    Mook: super hot girl who does wonderful blowjobs. Its normal to cum 2 times with her. If you look good you can have sex with no extra cost also.

    Phetsayaan Thai massage Zaventem:

    Jenny: small girl (150 cm) with super boobs who does wonderful blowjobs also.

    Leela Thai massage:

    Kitty: good girl not a model but she will do what you like including cum on face.

    Sunshine Thai massage:

    Tina: hot girl very friendly. She will let you fuck her if you are good looking.

    Baithong: old women (45 y) but she does ass licking with tongue and wonderful blowjob. She really covers for her age by her incredible performance.

    That's it for now I will cover some of my mongering experiences very soon.

    Belgium is really the place for good sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedWolf  [View Original Post]
    Special thanks to DavidVanSchuma and Ripple67, who have provided a wealth of info on this thread.
    No problems!

    I myself was back at the water bed massage 1 week ago. The door was answered by Juli, skinny and hot Thai girl. I didn't realize at first but this was the girl who just went all in for fucking with me a few times ago here without any extra charge. This girl is crazy. I recognised her when the clothes came off and I saw the tattoo on her back which I could never forget when I dropped my balls when fucking her hard doggy style on the water bed.

    Anyway, I just start with a bit of flirting at the very start to see what type of girl they. Start face down on the bed with the massage, but after about 10 minutes turned over and started kissing and getting her horney. She said at first it's extra cost for anything more than the massage. Once I was eating her pussy and licking her ass with my tounge the notion of paying more went out the window. Soon I was fucking her in all positions.

    I will take any "free" action I can and because she is particularly hot, I'm even luckier with this one. Even though I often venture to other places around I find myself back here.

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    Marktstraat 1 C,

    I saw at least 3 or 4 woman in passing. There was at least one other that I would have loved to spend time with. I went with the one that opened the door and welcomed me, following the rule that if the first one is hot, go with her.

    I made a Sunday visit and was glad to do so. Still 50 Euros for 30 min and 80 for 60 min, +20 for CBJ and +50 for CFS. The effort was made to get a pop early followed by massage and then a final pop. The massage. While not on a massage table. Was done on a bed, not to be confused with the water bed place. I was able the bathroom upon arriving and take a shower before leaving.

    More importantly, the girl's name was be (she said "like the letter") and she was in her late 20's. Cute and a great body, maybe small see cup boobs. I recommend her and hope to see her available at a later visit. She did this move where she sat on me in cowgirl and reached around and jacked me off, almost giving the sensation of cowgirl sex. This was after she did a little body to body massage. Very nice. Too bad that she had a sore nipple because some idiot tried to bite her nipple hard.

    Special thanks to DavidVanSchuma and Ripple67, who have provided a wealth of info on this thread.

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    In small packages

    I thought I could be suprised by nothing in the Rue Aerschot, but yesterday morning took things to a new level. In one of the windows I came across one of the tiniest women I have ever seen. Let me make it clear: I don't mean one of the smallest hos I've fucked, I mean one of the shortest women I've SEEN. (Sorry, I didn't record the number, but it's one of the shops close to the entrance to the Gare du Nord railway station.) She cannot be much taller than 100 cm and yet she does not have the signs of dwarfism; she's justs tiny. Her face indicates that she's early to mid-30's of age and probably from the Balkans with some Gypsy blood.

    I asked here how much she charges and she said 50 E. That's a tad above the going rate, probably because of the curiosity value. I told her that I was not going to pay 50 E, but I WAS going to pay 100 E for a half-hour with plenty of time, slow 69, etc. It took her some time to understand my French (debutante?) But when she did she was totally pleased with my offer. In fact she was so pleased that she added deep, slobbering kisses with a wide-open moth, which girls in this street normally don't do. She also allowed me, during the licking of her pussy, to put my fingers deep into her and caress her asshole. Fucking was slow and (after initial playacting to pretend I was justs toooo biiig for her tiny frame) deep.

    When we came out from the room her blonde, pretty colleague swooped on her and asked if all was ok (hence definitely debutante!) And she grinned and said thumbs up. That was a totally cool experience. A near-GFE from an adult woman with the frame of a second-grader and meaty tits. She's not exactly pretty, but, well, a true curiosity value of the first order.

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    Fifth Avenue

    I had a quick drink in Fifth Avenue last night. I didn't see anyone I fancied while I was there, but it was about half an hour until closing time (I took some wrong turns.) and there were only about three girls there, so it seems unfair to judge based on that. However, I couldn't believe how small it was. I've seen one post talk of there being 40 girls there at one time, but I don't know how you could fit 40 people in there at once, never mind 40 girls and however many guys. It had the feel of a small "old man's pub" in the UK, with five or six tables and a few seats at the bar. I asked one of the girls if there was more to the bar, but she said that was it.

    That can't be right, surely? It'd be like a tin of sardines otherwise. It certainly didn't feel like the kind of place you could just sit and take your time to choose the right girl, unless they all troop out one at a time or something!

    Might go back and check at 7 pm on Friday, but the fact you have to buzz to be let in is a bit off-putting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatStroke  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    I will be in Brussels on 21st (Monday) and I wanted to know of a place similar to cocoons or Val the Amour which is open on Mondays? I'll be there by 12 ish and stay till 6 pm ish. Any good places you'd recommend?

    You do realize that July 21st is our National Holiday, which is very busy in Brussels with a military parade in the center and most businesses working (if not closed) on their Sunday schedule?

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    Wondrous jewels in Brussels

    There are some wondrous jewels to be found in Brussels. I played with this girl this afternoon. 150 Euro for an hour and a half. I asked for a soft tie and tease and she obliged in buckets (she only told me afterwards that it was her first time and she greatly enjoyed this new aspect of her job). Highlight of the afternoon was handing her a battery powered magic wand (an imitation Hitachi, but it is pocket sized and doesn't require 120/220 v adaptors. A great find). Her legs literally buckled after 90 seconds and she said, fuck (or something similar) in Spanish. She was a lot more attentive to my needs after that! She was courteous too, helping me dress after the event. I felt like saying I can dress myself, but can you walk me down to the car? It was an absolute 'out of body' experience. Will I be back? Is the Pope Catholic.

    Only down side is that she works from an apartment in Woluwe Saint Pierre, which is a little out of the way for those without a car or knowledge of how to navigate Brussels' public transport system. Photos are very accurate!
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    Hey guys,

    I will be in Brussels on 21st (Monday) and I wanted to know of a place similar to cocoons or Val the Amour which is open on Mondays? I'll be there by 12 ish and stay till 6 pm ish. Any good places you'd recommend?


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    Cocoon Club

    Spent the afternoon this Sunday at the club (as a 1st timer). I had a quiet, pleasant time.

    There were 3 (fairly hot) Romanian girls in attendance: Mira, Katarina and Flory (WG), and about 14 mongers. My strategy paid: I arrived for the opening (15:00), before the girls, so I was able to grab the first one when she arrived in the bar (just in case). But I was able to have one session with each and one repeat with Katarina, of which three pops (which is good for my age and is rare for me!

    The management is friendly, the girls too. The place is uselessly dark, I think, but agreeable and relatively clean. The bar serves all types of alcoholic beverages, and some food. All is included, sex, drinks, food. In all, a recommended place, open Sunday. I am told the Wednesdays are even better.

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    Be Careful with Divine-[URL][/URL]

    Just a quick post about

    It is possible to find girls who are real and as-advertised on DG, but they seem to have a lot of scams and bait-and-switch there as well. At least two girls I've seen through them were definitely not who was in the picture. (One of them was still ok, and the other was horrible.).

    Here for example is a photo of the porn star angel dark, who is listed as being an escort named Ornella.

    The DG management doesn't seem to care about this. I sent in a review pointing out the scam a few weeks ago, but it was never posted and the listing is still there. Also, every single escort review on the site is five stars. That's a red flag in and of itself.

    Just a heads up to be careful when using them.

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    Thank you any more?

    Thank you Stonker.

    I just saw the website for Val the amour.

    Do you have more options. On Tuesdays they close at 18 hrs and its not possible for me to be there in the afternoon.

    Any other options for this hobby near the airport?

    Thanks in advance.


    Quote Originally Posted by Stonker  [View Original Post]
    Try Val the'Amour. They are open on Tuesdays. You will have to join but it is not expensive.

    Rue de la Fourche 11.



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