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    Quote Originally Posted by Coupe66  [View Original Post]
    from my experience of having searched the internet sites here, the only website that has a decent availability of genuine ladies is alo. bg, most of the others have either impossibly gorgeous women who will invariably be fake, or have hardly any ladies worth noticing, or are sites which just repeat the same adverts over and over again.

    this one also has a decent selection of women.

    this one has a link to several other websites.

    i like the look of several ladies on this website for varna.

    , does anyone have any experience of this site? some of the women look a bit too good to be true..

    Not all internet contacts on Bulgarian web are escort. Actually, you can find a lots of people here:

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    Meet a local or tourist

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWhatever  [View Original Post]
    So I have 2 passion in my life: Ski and girls!

    If I can enjoy both in a travel it would be awesome.

    How's the escort scene in Bansko?

    Hotels are escort friendly even have some escort services?
    The escorts are a ripoff and worse are the club's. The local gals would love to meet a tourist but you have to be somewhat discreet as everyone knows everyone and gossip is huge. Tourist gals love to party too. Ski bunnies are the to ski and party.

    There's a hot local club in old town with some amazing young beauties. It's across from the post office.

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    As I said once before I have found hot bulgi women in Athens and Germany but not in their own domain /. Expats I spoke to in Sophia said it was good before they joined the EU but many of the best girls have fled the country for better money, and they hated the old commy regime so much they wanted out. Remnants of the old commy regime is still lurking in the corridors of power so I was told. And then they have to deal with the old mafias who are still around and soak up the best women in town because they have plenty assets to splash the cash.

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    Quick visit to Bulgaria.

    On business I had to fly to Sofia Thursday evening, but with no advance planning and all the tiredness due to connecting flights from Casablanca via Paris I could not check anything in Sofia. Friday morning we moved to the factory location near a town called Stara Zagora and stayed in town. The easiest way to contact any P2P is by checking also. Bg website. On the top left side there is a link to escorts and then you check for the city you are in. There are quite a lot of ads from WGs and you can contact many of them on whatsapp if you do not have a local SIM card. I contacted the blond (artificial) Mel and she came in right on the hour we had made the appointment to the hotel. She is a cutie, just about 5 ft, 9/10 breasts, 9/10 face, 10/10 body (for my taste). In the ad she says she speaks English but that is with google translate. She does everything but anal. Stayed in for an hour and a half and the total damage was 120 Bulgarian Leva, about 60 Euros. Well worth it and if I travel again I will definitely contact her. That was last night and today on the road, back to Casa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReinerOtto  [View Original Post]
    Any clubs with freelancers? Or escorts?
    Well I was in Burgas recently. Had a girl coming to my hotel. It was the one on the photo. Nice petite body, lovely blow job and nice firm ass. Action OK and she was simpatic. She respected the agreement fully and I had a good time. Best is to find them on classified and should be OK. The other one was drop dead blonde with great body but a piece of meat. Blonde with tattoo around right tight. AVOID.

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    Can somebody give an update to Burgas?

    Any clubs with freelancers? Or escorts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWhatever  [View Original Post]
    So I have 2 passion in my life: Ski and girls!

    If I can enjoy both in a travel it would be awesome.

    How's the escort scene in Bansko?

    Hotels are escort friendly even have some escort services?
    Non existant! You will have to hire one from a different city. Whatever you do, don't go to the "clubs" & ask for girls. The chances of being ripped off are high, as any agency will ask for a deposit before sending you a girl, so you will probably end up with a 55 yo toothless hag. Of course you could just hire a girl from a different country altogether & meet her at the airport. However the costs involved would be way more than hiring the same girl in your own country.

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    Bansko girls?

    So I have 2 passion in my life: Ski and girls!

    If I can enjoy both in a travel it would be awesome.

    How's the escort scene in Bansko?

    Hotels are escort friendly even have some escort services?

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    Veliko Tarnovo Warning!


    These girls are move from town to town, next destination is Varna!

    Be aware from this Girls. On the Phone they say yes to all, in the Appartment one Gilr offer only standart and safersex.

    But the girlfriend offer all, but after Payment (120 lev per hour inckl. BK without).

    The girl stopped at 1 minute and tell something about healthy problem and left the room.

    They come back with his girlssfreind and say they must to the doctor.

    No Problem I say but they don't want give the money back.

    I hve make clearly that I like to hva eback 100 lev and afterwards the ytell me about some security guy in the kitchen.

    I am stabil enough and make clearly that the model gets a strike down imidiatly or the security fucker and the girl he have the choice.

    I Get back 100 lev and go.

    Be aware!!

    One grils speak english and german, the other bulgarski only.

    Bith are prefessionals and tell me staurday theyy will be in Varna.

    Mayeeb thee change Pics, Text and Phone Number (s).

    Maybe not, so you be inform.

    Offer Incall and Outcall.

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    Some short Info about:

    Pics are a bit older.

    Service is not really a highlight.

    She have no fun, no smile and no creativity.

    She doesn't speak English so conversation and dating is heavy.

    She visit me in my Hotel, time of dating was OK, I have pay extra 40 Leva for extras and 10 leva taxi.

    For my part there is no plan to dating this girl again.

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    Other area Constitution weekend report

    After a recent 3 day trip to Plovdiv, I must say it required all of my mongering and hours of research online. The choices are limited, websites such as aloe. Bg and other standard websites are your only option. I found a semi-pro after calling maybe 15 numbers, only 2 spoke English. Response rate itself was 50/50 so quite hit or miss. It could come down to the time I was calling noon or the fact it was a long weekend and girls were travelling several factors. Anyway, the one I chose was very petite, not my taste had I known, the pictures were deceptive but in my quest of pops, I was beaten for choices. The girl was on all the websites where she too claimed, her roommate and her are both working in Plovdiv and make extra money by sharing contacts and pictures. She spoke English well, no kissing but FS otherwise, very understanding and I got my cheap penny worth. $50/ hour.

    I went out Clubbing as well, to Planeta Club which is a chain in Bulgaria, they had a English rapper / performer Nana hence the turnout was amazing, but surprisingly not a lot of people spoke English. An advise I got in Romania from a stranger was helpful here, some girls speak and understand English but not well enough to sing along and express themselves, that alone discourages you from approaching them. Next, they were all their in groups of friends, it was a table sitting, very modern city like, tough to approach without getting stare-downs by other men on the table. I took the loss, and headed to Galaxy Club.

    It is not the best place to go for finding girls but the performers were beautiful, costumes, it was a modern take on Cabaret. They have other performers too, I happened to be there during the weekend. The experience was great, very cheap cover, cheap drinks and locals were friendly. I don't know if anybody knows, but in Serbia there are places Kafana where it is tradition to break glasses after certain songs as a culture / or simply tradition. In Bulgaria, they take a stack of napkins and make it rain as though one were in a film attending strip club with dollar bills descending. All in all, it was a good couple nights, for first time, but definitely remember for the next time. Music was all electric, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian origin.

    Lastly, strip club girls all speak English. Most priciest one is Butterfly, girls are hot, $40 for a dance with a lot of liberties, next comes Playboy. Girls were offering prices, I did find a very beautiful girl who offered services for $120, I am always reluctant to bring girls to my room, prefer their apartment for the minimal chances of ever getting caught, though its not strict by any means, just getting seen entering, exiting etc.

    My hotel bellman reached out to ask if I wanted company on a routine call for AC maintenance, but out of habit of never mixing work / fun / pleasure / hotel in 1 place, I refused the offer.

    Some options for you to consider.

    Happy popping.

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    Anyone know anything about Sevlievo

    Hi all friends,

    I'll be in Sevlievo next month, I try to find any independent girl around or sex massage studio but unfortunately did not find any helping information.

    Your help will be appropriated.


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    Winter experiences in Varna

    Unfortunately it seems that the quality (at least wintertime) isn't phenomenal. The best source is alo. Bg as you can filter for language and the version is quite (English speaking) user friendly. I don't like, because there is no way to filter for language knowledge and (based on a few calls) there is a good chance that the lady doesn't speak English unless the add is in English.

    I've met Maria (, she speaks some English, but don't expect too much and she didn't look as good as on the pictures. She sucks OK, don't mind ball and ass licking, but wasn't full deep throat and she wasn't happy when I tried to pull her. She has some flexibility, like being fucked with legs wide spread and I think she truly enjoyed it. She was relatively friendly, but the TV was on for the whole session.

    She is 90 lev per hour, I've paid 100 in advance and she was relatively keen, but this doesn't compensate enough for me.

    Avoid this: - it was a flat with two ladies, old, not like on the picture at all, almost no English for the slightly better looking. I went away. : Although we agreed she didn't send me the address ever. Maybe lack of English?

    I've met a taxi driver who would've been able to take me to a place, but his English was very limited and he didn't deserve my trust. It would have been open only after 11 pm and 130 lev (per hour?) plus the ride. Any experience with places suggested by taxi drivers in Varna?

    There are one or two promising options I'll check out soon and will add more.

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    Will be in Bulgaria, Sinemorets and does Anyone know how I can find escorts I this area?

    Or even in Bourgas, which place should I visit there to find great escort?

    Thanks in advance.

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