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    Amateur gone pro

    Timea, one of my regular girls on my trip has decided to be a full time escort, so I would just like to say something positive about her.

    Great natural body and normal sweet face.

    Fluent English and fun being with.

    She is as close to being nympho I have experienced, and she has a great attitude about serve her man 100%.

    She do full service but she also can do extra stuff for the perverted guys.

    There are more beautiful girls out there, but her attitude and service level makes her well worth a try.


    Send me PM if you want dirty details.

    P.S: She lives in Bratislava, but she has always come to Prague to see me.

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    Wendy moon

    Hi guys,

    At first I have to thank you for many great informations about Wendy Moon. I've contacted her and had a 24 h meeting with her.

    Her pictures are real for sure. Maybe she is little more sexy.

    I spent very nice time with her and she was totally GFE. Don't even want to finish the meeting.

    All I can say is only great recommendations.

    Best way to contact her is thru her website:


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    Erotic massage?

    Can anyone recommend a good place for erotic massage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexInCity  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone tell your recent experience in this incall place?

    Thanks dude!
    Are the pictures on this site real?

    Looks a bit too good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtmasur  [View Original Post]

    No problem, I hope it was useful somehow!

    I would just like to clarify something, I realized later that I had gotten the names of one of the girls at Privatescort mixed up. I tried editing my post, but there didn't seem to be an edit button, so I'll post the correction here. In my original post I said I had gone with Patricie, but in fact, the girl I sessioned with was Lisbeth. Lisbeth is no longer working there, but I attach a photo of her to this post. You will see that there is some similarity between Lisbeth and Patricie, which is why I confused the names.

    Happy mongering!
    Without all that tattoos she looks nicer than Patrice, and hotter!

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    Ella from Prague

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to arrange a visit from Ella from GoldenBunnies but it seems she is very popular lady and is busy!

    Has anyone else had this problem? Agency offered other ladies but not sure of whom to choice!

    Has anyone seen Ella later if so what is she like and are your services accurate to profile!



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    Quote Originally Posted by SexInCity  [View Original Post]
    Really good post! Thank you man!

    No problem, I hope it was useful somehow!

    I would just like to clarify something, I realized later that I had gotten the names of one of the girls at Privatescort mixed up. I tried editing my post, but there didn't seem to be an edit button, so I'll post the correction here. In my original post I said I had gone with Patricie, but in fact, the girl I sessioned with was Lisbeth. Lisbeth is no longer working there, but I attach a photo of her to this post. You will see that there is some similarity between Lisbeth and Patricie, which is why I confused the names.

    Happy mongering!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lisbeth privatescort.jpg‎  

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    Really good post! Thank you man!

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    My experience with privatescort

    Quote Originally Posted by sexincity  [View Original Post]
    can anyone tell your recent experience in this incall place?

    thanks dude!
    i was there back in may and my experience was mixed. the major gripe i have about the place is that it is very difficult to communicate with them. they almost never answer the phone (at least back in may, that's how it was).

    i tried very hard to book a session with monika (not working there anymore). the few times they did answer the phone, i was told she was either fully booked or just not there, even though it showed on their website that she was scheduled to work there that day. only one time was i able to book her for a certain hour, and just when i arrived (only one minute late), i called to say that i was at the door but they told me that "she was already with another client". i was like "wtf"? so days go by and i kept trying (yes, i really fancied monika that much, lol), and same story, so i went with another of their girls as it happened to be the happy hour and i was in the mood for mongering. i chose patricie. brunette, dark complexion, pretty, not slim but not fat, maybe her thighs were a tad thick, age 18, still a high school student. (here is patricie: anyways, i paid for bbbj as an extra, which set me back altogether 1200 hour + 300 bbbj = 1500 kc. overall i felt she tried her best to please me as a customer, however, i felt she was a bit inexperienced, but i didn't mind that too much. :-the i gave her the money, i showered, then waited for her to shower, and when she came into the room she was wearing some white sexy piece of lingerie, she came to me and immediately got on all fours on the bed to give me a bbbj while giving me a nice of view of her bending over. her bbbj was nothing special. i suppose it was my fault as i should have upgraded the service to kissing as i get woken up more efficiently via kissing. i did, however, try to steal a kiss from her, but she reminded me that i would have to pay an extra 500 kc, so i declined. (sometimes it pays to try and see if i you can get kissing for free by just going for it, lol). anyways, my dick was not getting up and her oral skills were nothing special at all, so i told her to lay down while i licked her, to which she agreed. just before proceeding to the fuck i told her to sit on my face so that i could have access to stroking my dick while daty-ing her. i treated her to an orgasm to which she was at first reluctant because she was more worried about servicing me than me to her as i was the customer, i told her not to worry, that it was also a thrill for me to daty her. after her orgasm, my dick was already stroked to attention and we tried doggy. oh my goodness. that was the highlight of the session! not only did i have such a nice view of her nice ass, but she had a nice tight pussy. i hadn't experienced that in ages. one of the best doggie-style fucks i've done. we tried other positions, including missionary and variations of that, but it was not the same. so i ordered her to get back to doggie and we finished the session that way. although i usually go more for hot blonde girls such as monika, i was willing to give patricie a chance, and i wasn't disappointed. i would definitely repeat with patricie just to do her doggie-style exclusively.

    so that was that. after patricie days passed and i was still thinking of monika. i kept trying to book her each morning on the same days she would be working but with no results, until one day i was told that there was a slot free around the late morning / early afternoon when she would still be fresh in her working day. the voice on the phone even told me it was she (monika) herself that i was speaking with directly, and that she was looking forward to seeing me. naturally, that put me into a good mood and i headed out to the privat. i get there, i call to say that i am at the door, i say that i have a reservation with monika, and silence. the girl discusses something to other girls there present and after a few seconds she apologizes to me saying that monika is not there present, that she had to leave early, bla bla bla, but she introduces herself as katka, tells me she happens to be free at the moment and tells me that she is "very similar to monika", (as in same body type), in case i would be interested. (here are her photos: i say "no thanks" and leave. however, after i had walked a few blocks, curiosity got the best of me and i checked katka's photos out on my mobile. if you check them out yourselves, you can see she doesn't look bad at all. you can clearly see a sexy big-breasted red head. she even boasted on her blurb that she knows "many advanced techniques in bj, sex, etc. , and that she's an expert in sex" so after a few minutes debating i call back, katka answers again, and i ask her if she's still available because i'd like to try her. she says yes, but if i could wait just 10 minutes while she gets ready. i say "sure", and walk slowly back and ring the buzzer after 10 minutes. big mistake that i waited 10 minutes and that i went at all. big mistake! and i'll explain why later.

    so i ring the buzzer, i am let in, and sure enough, there is katka at the privat door. she was indeed a red-haired, and wearing a tight long red dress. in the low light of the foyer she seemed rather pretty, but once we got into the room (which had plenty of natural light), i found out that i didn't like her face all that much. although i always appreciate nice tits, nice ass, nice legs etc. , i would consider myself a "face" man. face must be pretty. this can make or break a mongering session for me. (true story: i hate fat chicks. i avoid them like the plague. but this one time i met an extremely beautiful fat chick (fat, as in elephant fat) that i wouldn't have minded taking to bed. she had the most beautiful face i had ever seen in a chick, it was unbelievable. i was willing to forgive her fatness just from her face alone).

    anyways, back to the topic, i decided to take my chances and go through with it, i paid the money (1500 + 500 bbbj= 2000 kc, no happy hour unfortunately), shower, and wait for her to come in (she told me she had already showered). comes into the room with her red dress on and we embrace as if dancing a slow song. nice touch. she let me undress her, which was nice. indeed she had very large tits, but they seemed to be more like "fat chick" tits, not really the firm type, so they didn't really turn me on. she lays down on the bed and lets me daty her. so i go down there, and o m g! :-o although she had a nice looking pussy, it stank horrible down there! gross! dear mongers, remember the 10 minutes she told me to wait before i showed up at the door? it became clear to me that the reason for the extra time was that she had to go to the toilet. but not to [CodeWord111] exactly. fucking gross. now, there's nothing wrong that. i understand we all have to sit down at the toilet and get rid of solid waste every once and then, but if you're going to have sex immediately after defecating, a person needs to look after his / her hygiene to the utmost perfection, which means not a trace of foul smell from that very toilet break. this would involve a thorough cleaning of the ass with soap and water. using only toilet paper is not enough! a quick warm shower directed at the ass should take care of that. anyways, me being a gentleman, i sucked up to it and didn't say anything and carried on with the licking until she came. i tried to hold my breath as much as possible and tried very hard not to smell the foul odor. then came my turn, and i got my bbbj. that's when i was able to take a look at her body better. i soon realized that this girl was in fact fat. not american woman fat (as in elephant), but fat nevertheless, which would explain her "fat lady" big tits. (on a side note, i was debating whether to assign katka to the "thick" or the "fat" category. in the end, i decided she belonged in the latter as i have been with a few "thick" chicks in the past, but their body still turned me on, and katka is bigger than the "thick" chicks i've been with). considering how i was not turned on so much by her face, i tried my best to concentrate so that my dick would function. her bbbj turned out to be better than that of her colleague patricie, but i've had much, much better (especially in the fkk scene in germany). to her credit my dick at times managed to get hard, but most of the time it was halfway there. during the few times it was hard she would stop the sucking action to press it against the inside of her cheek only to let it out of her mouth with a *pop*. idk, i guess it's a porn fad, or i don't know where she got that from, but it doesn't do anything for me (out of curiosity, is it something that excites you personally, fellow mongers? because i honestly don't get it what's the big deal of the *popping* the dick out of the mouth?) anyways, if anything, it wasted enough time for my dick to go limp again, lol. so, after getting it hard again we tried cowgirl. she being fat, there was plenty of weight than what i am normally used to when trying cowgirl from my slim chicks). although she tried to do the movements, she was too heavy to move herself up and down as efficiently as a slim chick would so there was in fact very little vertical movement. it was more "circular / horizontal" than vertical. as you would expect, fellow mongers, with little real movement on my dick, and seeing a fat chick on me, i was destined to go limp. so in an effort to salvage the session, i suggested doggie-style. after making my dick hard, we continued that way, but i had to look away and concentrate in my head while thinking of legendary past mongering sessions with actual hot chicks. many of them experienced in fkk-land) and so, my fellow mongers, that was how i was able to bring the session into a successful completion. it was one of the few doggie-style sessions where it was better not to look down, lol. i was angry that that session cost 2000 kc. it was worth at most 800 kc, maybe max. 1000 kc because it had bbbj. or maybe nothing, considering she smelled like [CodeWord116] down there after having freshly gone to defecate right before attending me. gross! katka speaks english, so if she is reading this, i hope she takes this criticism as a good tip for her own good.

    overall, that last experience at privatescort left me with very bad memories and bad impression of privatescort. monika is not there anymore, and i never got the chance to try her (i have uploaded a photo of monika to this post so you can see who i had my eye on). overall, i feel deceived, and i don't appreciate such deceptions. in analyzing what happened, sometimes i am tempted to think that perhaps "monika" never existed in the first place so they have her photos there to "bait-and-switch" potential customers. indeed, the photos of "katka" on their site certainly does not correspond to what i saw in person, so i suspect they must be either heavily photoshopped or they hired a model to pose for them. but i don't really care anymore. i wasn't really planning on posting my experience here about privatescort, but i was browsing the forum here and saw "sexincity"'s question, so i took this opportunity to reply with my experience.

    damn, i believe a visit to fkk-land is long overdue for me! lol.

    i have posted pictures of monika on this post because they are no longer available on that site.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails monika_2.jpg‎   monika_7.jpg‎   monika_8.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanGiven  [View Original Post]
    Great show from Wendy on Woodmancasting site filmed in Prague last year. Very slim cute body and she took everything the guys threw at her. Hard face fuck and double penetration included. Nice pierced clit too. I did email her and she quoted 150 e for 1 hour.

    Has anyone had a recent date with her?


    Will be able to give you an update later in the month.

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    Sweet Paradise & AAA

    Just went to Sweet Paradise and there was no cover to enter.

    We got a couple of drinks and met the available line up.

    Of the 8 girls available, 1 was a hot blond, 3 brunettes were very attractive and the other 4 were not on my menu.

    The fees are 15 minutes 1400 czk, 30 min 1800 czk, 45 min 2300 czk & 60 min 2500 czk.

    These prices are for no kissing, CBJ & FS.

    Anything else has to be nogotiated with the girl.

    So I asked the hot blond if I did 60 min with her would she include kissing and she reluctantly agreed. Then I asked her if she would include BBBJ and she said that was 2000 czk extra. So it would be 4500 czk for GFE (maybe) & FS.

    I nicely turned down the session and we left and moved onto AAA Exclusive Club.

    AAA isn't far from Sweet Paradise and the cover is 200 czk which includes a drink.

    The staff and manager are very friendly but there were no girls that I would like to session with nor my wingman.

    The cost for 60 min is 2500 and the same routine as above.

    I'm sure once you talked to the girl, the up charge for BBBJ and kissing would be in the same ballpark as Sweet Paradise.

    If I just hadn't come from Frankfurt FKK heaven, I probably would have done the hot blond at Sweet Paradise for 60 min & 2500 with kissing and CBJ just because.

    I just can't justify paying almost 200 euro for a 60 min session, not on a mongering trip.

    I can get great service in the US for those prices.

    Only one day to go and I am really feeling discouraged with the Prague scene.

    The Privats are the way to go but I don't have the time to waste trying to figure out which one to use and which provider is good.

    Looks like my last day here will be spent on touristy stuff.

    This is a beautiful city and I am glad I was able to see it.

    I don't think Prague would be on my future list for mongering unless I had time to sort out the Privat scene. Hose out:?

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    Younger girls

    Quote Originally Posted by Magic69  [View Original Post]

    Coming to Prague for first time at end of next month, have done some research and decided most of my. Pops will be in privats, I'm staying near the old Jewish cemetery, can anyone recommend the best privats in walking distance or easy to reach by tram?

    Not into anything too kinky but do have a preference for younger very slim girls, 18-25 ish. Hourly prices would be gratefully received as well.

    Cheers guys.

    It is not in walking distance but you will get there in 30 minutes. It is Private Office. They have small, young girls around age 20. It is on I. P. Pavlova, so you can search the distance. Here is the link privateoffice. CZ.

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    K5 Club OMG!

    My wingman and I just left Frankfurt and had 3 great days there.

    We hit Palace, Oase, Mainhatten and Sharks.

    Each club had it's pros and cons but overall it was damn good.

    This was my 2nd visit to all of these clubs and I visited World when I was there in July.

    My buddy and I just got into Prague and we went to K5 club to start our 3 day visit to the city.

    My friend has been there before a couple years back and he said it was alright then.

    We got into K5 and got the tour.

    The manager showed us the pricing and we should have left right then but I wanted to see the place so we paid the 500.

    The 1/2 hour price is 2400 and 3900 for the hour!?

    After a quick look and a drink we spoke with the manager and asked him if these were the correct prices?

    He said yes and we have great rooms, yada, yada and we don't post prices on the webpage.

    We were not willing to pay the more than a German FKK rate and left disappointed.

    My wingman and I have been to CR, Rio & Medellin together many times over the years and K5 was nothing but a hustle.

    I would never go back.

    It looks like the privats are the way to go.

    Are there any clubs worth while like AAA or Neon club?

    Some help from mongerland would be greatly appreciated seeing we have 3 days.

    Fellow mongers in need. .

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    Goood experience

    Quote Originally Posted by SexInCity  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone tell your recent experience in this incall place?

    Thanks dude!

    To tell you the truth the girls are awesome. Very pretty, some of them like models. Their attitude. Well it depends. Some of them very good, some normal. I do not like the girl in charge, but its personal I guess.

    Place looks clean and nice. Last time I was there is one week ago. But overall I have a lot good experiences with them. Here you can see reviews Eva, but you can find on this website reviews about other girls too in English:

    I visit Eva a lot, she is older but very hot and wise, she knows what to do.

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    Can anyone tell your recent experience in this incall place?

    Thanks dude!

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