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Thread: Copenhagen

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    Hey all,

    Had a short trip to Copenhagen, made an arrangement with Annika Sofia,

    Communications was easy, and professional. She requires screening and a deposit, but after seeing her instagram, twitter etc, you understad that she is serious, so not an issue at all.

    She is an extremely good looking yound girl, amazing body, soft skin with beautiful silicon breast. Had to get a good feel on them before I was sure it was silicon, very good job.

    She did a good OWO, and the sex was good, nothing extreme or special, did all the normal positions, and she really is a sight when she is riding you.

    The services are ok, but you get the feeling she is a proffesional, with the goal to finnish you of as fast as possible, but when two people in two completely different leagues meet, who can blame her.

    Service, 6/10, missing some enthusiasm, but ok+.

    Looks 9,5/10. Beautiful next door girl with amazing body, and a gorgeus face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny51  [View Original Post]
    This many brothels, yet no positive reports? I don't get it. The websites look great. ARe the pictures totally not representative of the talent? Is it outrageously expensive?
    The official brothels consist mostly of Danish women and they don't offer BBBJ (and certainly not BBFS), you usually have to add 5-7 years and kilograms and they are generally more expensive than the foreign girls. Hence, there's really not much incentive to visit the official brothels.

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    My recommendation would be to head over to eroguide. Dk and google translate it and then contact the girls using WhatsApp (90% of the foreign girls use WhatsApp). Here you can read what verified means (again, use google translate): The abbreviation GP means "glædespige" ("girls of joy" = female prostitute) and not General Practitioner.

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    First Copenhagen trip

    Hi guys!

    Just looking to get a little bit of guidance. Been reading the forum. At first, I was checking out all the brothels, but when I googled them they were way way out of town. Also, some of them on closer inspection were meh for the price. Can anyone recommend a brothel that is actually pretty good?

    Also, on Escortguide. Dk, what does the "verified" stamp mean? Also, when the girls leave their calenders blank (not shifts listed), does that mean that they are out of town / not working? Or do they not fill it out because they are flexible and available 24/7?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckdriver  [View Original Post]
    I'm Danish, and those mentioned places does not have working girls.

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    Open brothels

    This many brothels, yet no positive reports? I don't get it. The websites look great. ARe the pictures totally not representative of the talent? Is it outrageously expensive?


    Quote Originally Posted by Truckdriver  [View Original Post]

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    Istedgade- nothing to report

    I went exploring on Istedgade, but came up empty. Visited at 9 pm on a Saturday night, saw a couple of unattractive SWs. Popped into the Corner Bar, which is just under the Dolls House. 4-6 ladyboys there, from Thailand. Beers a reasonable kr 50, with no admission fee. Then went into the Candy Bar (kr 80 admission) which was supposed to feature freelancers. There were 3-4 unattractive girls down there, and also 3-4 transvestites. Drank my kr 50 beer, but saw nothing worth my time or money so went home.

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    Stayed just off Istedgade near Central station. Quite a few ladies, mostly African hanging around there (near the Maria Church) late night and not really wanting to be dismissed politely if you're a lone male. I didn't get a price from the worst offender, already told her I'd drunk too much, wasn't looking anyway (well, that's not totally true, I didn't stay round here by accident, but if I'm in Denmark, I want a Danish girl), but options are certainly there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SethiatSpace  [View Original Post]
    She mentionned "Club Victor", a cafe / cocktail bar where local men get their snacks. Working girls sitting on the bar winking at you to get your attention. I checked it from outside and I wasn't sure. But the place just across the street had some girls who could definitely be wg. She also talked about "Cafe Luso" or something like that but couldn't find it.
    My guess is it's these places she was referring to:

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    Trip to Copenhagen

    So I just came back from a 4 day trip to Copenhagen. I tried SA but didn't get much answers.

    I checked the biggest escort site, escortguide. Dk, which is absolute garbage. I mean who designed this shit? In Paris we have 6 annonce. The website is really well done (even though it's beyond shit now with 99% fakes) but my god some sites I have seen in Hungary, Danemark, .

    Anyway settled on a few girls who have good reviews on the local booard (eroguide. Dk):

    For facefucking action:


    Leijla Star:

    For vanilla sex:

    Sofia sweet:

    Mila sweet:

    Barbara Smile:

    From this list, half were on vacation unfortunately. So I went to see first Baleri.

    Now this is a very strange creature. She replied very quickly on whatsapp and speak great english. She wouldn't budge on the price which is a bit ridiculous as she has dozen "add-ONS" to get to the facefucking which was the only thing I was interested in. "The blowjob experience" as she said by audio. Yes yes. We agreed on a time and I went to see her. Place is far from any public transport (at least 15 min walk) in a nice area. Got up in her apartment, where she greeted me with an angry tiny dog. She says she is Lithuanian, mixed with some other country. Appartment is really nice, with good decoration and lighting. Sex swing. This is not you're "occasional escort", this is a pro. Too much. I asked for a shower ("it's REQUIRED" she said. Yes boss), then was suppose to facefuck her. But she told me to get on the bed "for the experience to start". And that's my biggest complain with her. Everything is a show, way way too much. Some people may like that, I didn't. The way she moved, undressed, talked, sucked, made noises. It was all a performance, repeated hundred of times. When she started sucking she said "don't touch my hair, that's one of the rules". What? Do you know what facefucking is? She is close to 30 yo, tall, and still in very good shape. Shaved to perfection everywhere. Now this was on a cold day and despite her trying, I wasn't in the mood. At all. My dick never got hard, no matter what she tried. This is where she surprised me. Instead of just trying to cut the time short, which I was ready to do, she said she would give me back 300 DKK (this was the extra I didn't want to pay) as she felt bad for me and she would do a good massage for me. It was quite good actually. Talked to her for 20 min, a surprisingly smart girl. I stayed longer than the agree 30 min. Went to the shower, she gave me back the 300 without me asking and I was on my way.

    She mentionned "Club Victor", a cafe / cocktail bar where local men get their snacks. Working girls sitting on the bar winking at you to get your attention. I checked it from outside and I wasn't sure. But the place just across the street had some girls who could definitely be wg. She also talked about "Cafe Luso" or something like that but couldn't find it.

    Damage for 30 min: 900 for 30 min, 300 for "superfrench" (OWO), 300 for deepthroat, 300 for facefucking = 1800 DKK (=240€).

    Look: hot enough for a woman closing in on a 30. Face is neutral for me.

    Service: can't say, I couldn't get hard. I think she is good from what I have seen and read online.

    Personnality: if you forget the sex part, very nice and smart.

    WR: no. Too much into performance, facefucking should be raw, not some kind of "pre-planned routine".

    Sofia Sweet:

    Contacted her via Whatsapp. Maybe a mamasan or pimp. Reply was quick and very polite. Girl accepts incall in a small apartment outside of the city shared with other people (hookers? Mamasan?.).

    Agreed on 45 min for 1300 DKK (her usual price) (=175€) which is a good price. Asked her to wear the lingerie and top you see here:

    Which she agreed to and did! They give you an address on the other side of the street. Classic. Got in, paid the money, went to shower. Lots of towels available, you know this is acting like a brothel. Came back to the room and had my first proper look at the girl.

    WOW. What a beautifully delicious creature. She is tiny, which I love. I think she said 1 m50. And quoted 20 yo, which can definitely be the case. She is half the time pretty serious and half the time playful. Lovely personnality. Speaks a little english but enough. Ukrainian, not happy with what's happening with Russia. Understandably, don't speak about that subject if you want to keep her in a good mood.

    Her body is very beautiful. She is slim without being skinny and has curves everywhere you'd want them. Natural soft delicious big tits, a gorgeous ass, flat stomach, and a kitty with 0 smell. Lovely. Her face is also quite beautiful. She is the girl in the pics 100%, which is quite rare in the escorting world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Damage: 1300 DKK / 45 min (175€).

    Look: beautiful slim petite girl with the right curves and very pretty face.

    Service: nothing to say in particular, except maybe that she is tiny so she doesn't like too deep.

    Personnality: I had a blast talking to her.

    WR: oh yes. 10/10. I wish I met her earlier during my trip.

    She has another girl working in the appartment, Mila Sweet. Also Ukrainian. But fake boobs and some people didn't like her attitude, while others rave about her also. But I think Sofia is the safest bet and you can't beat that gorgeous pair of natural tits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny51  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have an updated info of which brothels are still up and running? Both in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark?
    The following (there might be more) brothels with Danish women are still up and running in Copenhagen:

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    I will be staying close to the casino wondering if any action is to be had at casino or nearby. Any help or advise is appreciated.

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    Copenhagen Escort

    Want to ask my fellow mongers in Denmark if they have used the site ? The girls there seem good but don't know whether it's reliable. Enjoy the summer!

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    Delightful Dark Chocolate in Copenhagen

    I have just been to see Danna. DKK 1. 500/ EUR 200 for 1 hour.

    The pictures are NOT of her. The real Danna is not quite as pretty (but pretty enough), a little smaller breasts and a littler bigger behind.

    But the general description fits her nicely. She is young, slim, tallish, lovely soft skin and her behind will make a-level fans cry with joy, until they discover it is out of bounds. But then again her front is very tight.

    So not to worry. But apart from her very delightful body she has an extremely pleasant and forthcoming attitude. Knows quite well what we want, and is very service-minded indeed.

    I left her with a huge smile on my face. She is here until the 16th, where she returns to Aarhus. Grab her while you can, at the price she is a bargain.

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    Gringo prices

    Quote Originally Posted by MexicanLover  [View Original Post]
    I wanted to check out the scene of a real Thai massage parlour. So tried Moon Massage.

    300 DKK (40 Euros) for 20 minute massage with Happy ending.

    One of the middle aged ladies doing it.

    Good thing was entire 20 minutes, concentration was directly on prostrate area. No time wasting on other areas.

    For the money, it was a good massage.

    Would not repeat, but people on budget can try it very well.

    Experience 6/10.
    Better go to Malmö (but be aware that P4P in Sweden is illegal) You can get FCS for the equivalence of $150.

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