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    MOON MASSAGE. Thai massage

    I wanted to check out the scene of a real Thai massage parlour. So tried Moon Massage.

    300 DKK (40 Euros) for 20 minute massage with Happy ending.

    One of the middle aged ladies doing it.

    Good thing was entire 20 minutes, concentration was directly on prostrate area. No time wasting on other areas.

    For the money, it was a good massage.

    Would not repeat, but people on budget can try it very well.

    Experience 6/10.

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    Hit or miss

    So this is the scene in summer 2022 in Copenhagen.

    There is a lot of independent Escorts and of course being in North Europe comes with its price (Germany is the best value for money in this area I guess).

    There is lot of variety here after Germany however, I prefer the better service of the East European ladies, especially Poland has a good selection for the price and better service.

    This was the main choice and you can easily connect via whatsapp regarding prices etc, which can be much higher compared to other countries (SPB in Russia).

    Avergae Prices start at 800 DKK (100 Euros) for 30 minutes upto 2000 to 3000 DKK incall or outcall + extras for extra price.

    A lot of blonde bombshells with perfect assets, but be wary about how they really look vs photos. Keep expectations lower.

    Many Girls form East Europe especially Hungary, Romania etc here.

    Lot of Thai massage parlours with happy endings.

    Visited Leticia (400 DKK for 30 minutes).

    Rushed session (15 minutes) & Disinterested.

    Experience 5/10.

    Beware. Will try some more.

    My other experiences in nearby Estonia, Germany and Poland in those forums.

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    Forums dead?

    Hi guys,

    I am traveling to Copenhagen for Business. Wanted to see my options? Any intel on good girls will be appreciated.


    Hot Don.

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    Open Brothels

    Anyone have an updated info of which brothels are still up and running? Both in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Getting out of sex prison

    Been a member for a couple of years. Live in Sweden (where mongering is illegal for the monger but not for the girl) The police in Sweden is currently concentrating a bit on sex work. They make shake downs on apartments and massage studios and catch the mongers. Mostly there is a fine for about $5000 for the person involved in buying sex. They also often catch the persons behind the operation and they get prison for trafficking.

    Now I have signed up for a job in Copenhagen and are relocating in May. I have already started the position and have been traveling to and from since February. In Denmark mongering is legal and I have already started to test off the goods. I'll keep you posted of my experiences. It's not a cheap thing to be a mongerer in Denmark but not much more expensive than in Sweden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCane  [View Original Post]
    Is it possible to find blonde, Danish girls hooking in Denmark? That's what we want to know!
    Check out the links provided from Sago.

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    Is it possible to find blonde, Danish girls hooking in Denmark? That's what we want to know!

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    My first Scandic operational report

    Finally got to Kobenhavn after all these years. Decided to check the business our here as it is covid-free and all.

    I'm more into the home / hotel delivery thing, but girls here started to quote me at around 2,000 DKK (1,500/ hour plus taxi), so figured it would be financially wiser just to rent a bike and go to their place for 30 minutes, as I was staying smack in the middle of downtown.

    Was looking for a brunette chick, and my eye automatically fell on this one:

    WhatsApped her, told her I'm coming and hopped on my rented bike. It always amazes me how good latinas are in everything, work ethic, demeanor, their looks, the process itself. Just stunning. She definitely enjoyed it as much as I did (or did an excellent job faking it), and we both parted being satisfied of our time. Paid 800 + 300 for BJ no condom, for 30 minutes. Definitely recommended.

    Brunette chick number II, said she was mixed greek+hungarian, had hungarian pop play on her phone, but I thought she was Hungarian from Romania (she did not appreciate that assumption from me).

    Fake boobs and fake ass, however very nice and pretty face. She met me with a positive attitude and seem to really enjoy our fornication time, but you could right away tell she resented her line of work as soon as we finished. Was good as long as it lasted I guess.

    Paid 800 for a half an hour with no extras.

    Overall a very positive picture in Kobenhavn, even though a bit expensive but bearable.

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    The Copenhagen Scene my take on it

    After reading the forum for a very long time and taking advantage of good tips when travelling I decided that it was time to give back to the community.

    I often visit Denmark and Copenhagen and can tell you based on my experience that it is an active scene.

    I recommend 3 pages where you can find adverts for different girls.

    Escortguide. Dk.

    Annoncelight. Dk.

    Eroguide. Dk.

    All of these pages usually contain both adverts for girls as well as clubs and prices usually range from 500 DKK for 15 min Incall to 1300 DKK 1 h. I personally enjoy outcall and that adds an additional 3 to 400.

    Eroguide furthermore contain a forum with positive and negative experiences and that can be a goldmine as Copenhagen is not immune to the regular scams, bad service or up sells. All in Danish but google translate will be your friend.

    In general the city is fairly safe and you can visit the girls in their apartments without any problems.

    The girls are mostly eastern European girls staying shorter or longer time in the city and English is usually pretty good.

    Good luck.


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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Brothel closures

    This year two brothels are closed according to local Danish forum: Copenhagen Sauna Club and Cassiopeia Stars, probably due to Coronavirus. Don't know if they going to reopen (either at same location or different address) or not.

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    A friend / pornstar

    She asked if I wanted to invite her.


    PM if you like her, I don't play in invite pornestar from NYC-division, but I told her to just do a look out for a new friend / client / future BF, husband (trophy-wife).

    On Twitter.

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    Please use the Forum's Private Message system to exchange personal information and make personal plans.

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    Sabrina, Hungarian with porn star looks

    If you enjoy the Hungarian porn star look: tanned, big lips, long nails, and enhancements in both chest and buttocks then Sabrina you will like. She is in Copenhagen at the moment.

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    For those who don't know Copenhagen's brothels aren't really traditional brothels, they just houses and apartments that only offer 2 girls per shift as Denmark's prostitution laws state that any establishment with more than 2 girls working is a brothel, which is illegal IIRC. There is like 15 more or less brothels left in Copenhagen area as some have shut down in recent years due to customers going after cheaper foreigner girls according to the local Danish forum.

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