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Thread: Other Areas

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    Hi there, anything in Seinajoki beside 3-4 thai massage parlors? Visiting there soon.

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    Business trip to Haapajarvi, any chance of any working girls in the area?

    I am spending a few days in Haapajarvi and need to know if there is any websites I can use to find a girl nearby. I appreciate that Haapajarvi is remote but any pointers anyone can give me are really appreciated.

    I may get an option of spending one night in Oulu where I would probably have more luck.

    Cheers guys.

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    Meet Sanna in Lahti. The girl is in the mid 20's. I was a little late back to the hotel, some she had to wait about 30 min for me. She wait a place nearby the hotel. Picked her up in the lobby. We have exchanged pictures, so it was easy to find each other. On mails before we had agreed on the services.

    Inside the hotelroom, we started kissing. Her tongue, find the way deep inside my mouth. She kissed very deep and wet. Nice start. Sanna is petite, with a thin body, in good shape. After some minutes, we laying in bed only with underwear. And short after we was naked.

    I liked what she doing, and I am sure that she also liked what I do. I have asked for some special service, strapon at me, and in her bag she had a strapon with perfect size.

    She used it on me, and I noticed that she has done it before.

    I recommend this girl, and will gladly meet her again.

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    Jurristi's new list of real girls provides a good source of working girls with real photos around various cities.

    I have been visiting only my favorite girl, who I have mentioned couple of times in my last posts.

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    She's back in Finland. Got to visit her multiple times.

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    Met her again today. I would like to say she is the best girl I have been with. Going to meet her again tomorrow and many many times in the future when she comes back in Finland.
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    Met this girl today. One of the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

    She is just what I want from a girl. Blonde hair, beautiful face, great fitness body, GFE.

    She welcomed me with kisses before I paid and took a shower. Wow what a beatiful girl she is.

    We did kissing and DFK outside of the bed and in the bed.

    After that I licked her pussy until she came. Then I fucked her on four different positions until I came. She was so beautiful and friendly. After I came I instantly asked her about the next meeting in Friday and it was okay for her. We cuddled and kissed a little bit and took a shower together. After that I started to dress up because it was time to go. She told me some funny things about Prague and I told her a little bit about my life and travelling experiences. Overall this was one of my best experiences in my country and I can't wait to see her again.

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    Should have believed the other reports about this girl.

    Visited this girl today.

    Pictures were fake but she was good looking blonde so I paid for her.

    But it was not what I expected. She really didn't allow me to do anything other than fuck her in different positions. And even that was hard to her.

    I couldn't kiss her or lick her. She didn't want to do blowjob without rubber. I said her like every girl does it without. I even asked her twice can I lick her but she answered both of the times "We have sex now". Well one time when she was riding me I said it's part of the sex if we are kissing and I lick her. But she just declined saying like she does not understand. LOL.

    Well I fucked her in three different positions and then when I said I want another position she said like we already had three positions. So what? She said that like that's the limit. LOL. Well I kept begging and I had a total of six positions sex with her.

    When I came it was time for the shower and clothing. Of course I knew that.

    But this women really didn't impress me at all. Let's say I just wanted to fuck pussy and this is why I chose her.

    I would have chosen this girl instead, but she was really busy. Maybe next week. Report incoming.

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    Met this czech beauty today in Tampere.

    Apartment was very small but enough for this. First she gave me nice BJ without cover on her knees which should have lasted longer. She then asked me which is my favourite position and laid on the bed for which I replied missionary. I started to fuck her in missionary position and wanted to do that a lot before a change, after that doggy and then she came on top of me and rode me until I came. I showered and was surprised she didn't want to lay down and cuddle or anything. Instead of that she was already dressed and kept texting on her phone on the couch. Oh well. I should have lasted longer but it was not full half an hour which I felt I paid for. It was nice to have sex with her, but she should improve her service for a bit I think.
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    Hi Jalle, you are right about Tampere being the second biggest in Finland when it comes to the scene.

    And I would suggest moderator to add Tampere it's own thread if they still edit these less popular forums.

    But lately there haven't been a girl in Tampere which would have got my interest. I hope my favourite girls come back here in the future.

    In the meantime I'd rather just to visit FKK clubs in Germany.

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    Tampere is getting easier than it used to be. Now it's possible to have decent 30 minutes for 50-120 euros depending on the girl. Shame Tampere is still classified under "other areas" even though it's clearly the second city in Finland regarding our hobby.

    This time I visited 23 yo Issabela after reading some local reviews. I don't usually visit pros in Tampere since freebies are more fun, but this time is worth reporting. Issabela was easily a 9 in my scale. She looks exactly like in the first attached picture (isa1,jpg). Called her and negotiated 30 minutes for 100 euros including two rounds. She was staying in very central location (Aleksanterinkatu) and welcomed me in short jeans and white top. Started with the usual shower and money things. My plan was to manage two quickies in 30 minutes. The first round included a fantastic BJ followed by usual missionary, cowgirl and doggy. First shot wasn't a quickie as planned, but we still had time for the second round. This time I just wanted a deep & long BJ which is sometimes hard to get from girlfriends or freebies. Issabela sucked the dick for about next 10 minutes without stopping. Great value in Finnish standards. Surely we are not talking about Athens prices or Germany selection in this very northern country, but quality for 100 e can be found if homework is done.

    NB. I copied a couple of her pictures from the ad because the link will die in few days. Just to keep this report more relevant for the future.
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    My favorite girl is back in town. Going to visit her either today or tomorrow.

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    Met her two times at Tampere, Thursday and Saturday. Took half an hour first day and full hour today.

    Again, one of my best experiences ever.

    She's going to stay at Helsinki next.

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    Lovely girl is back

    Can't wait to meet her!

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    Tampere again

    Today I visited this czech girl in Tampere.

    I took half an hour time with her for 100 euros.

    She had a great body and cute face. However she didn't offer kissing so I won't call her GFE.

    First I sucked her nipples and after that licked her pussy. She gave me average BJ.

    Sex was good with such a nice girl and we did few positions. I was pretty satisfied.

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