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    No feedback yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Berrys66  [View Original Post]
    No feedback so you take your chances.
    LOL thanks anyways. I have couple of more weeks until I visit Paris.

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    No feedback yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Omala24  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any experience with this girl: Kamelia? Thanks in advance.
    No feedback so you take your chances.

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    Does anyone have any experience with this girl: Kamelia? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbj64  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to everyone for posting comments and reviews. I will be in Paris for vacation for a week and after reading the last 4 pages and visiting some of the sites ($250 euro for an hour) I have decided that I won't be partaking in any hobby fun in this city. I will save a little money and go back to South America where my money go so much farther.
    Yeah mongering in Paris can be a pain in the ass if you don't have local connections. Good quality local French ladies typically go for 100 - 150 per hour, but you have to jump through so many hoops to access them. Their passion is hard to replicate though in my (limited) experience.

    All said, you can't go wrong with S America.

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    You can find her on Wannonce sugar baby russe. 24 yo blond girl.

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    Escort review.

    I have met a Russian girl last time I was in Paris and she told me she will be back very soon.

    Nice tall blond girl and amazing body. We hangout everyday and the fuck session was just perfect.

    She only accepts meetings for a week for 8 k but I can tell you she worth it.

    PM me if you need her number.



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    Thanks to everyone for posting comments and reviews. I will be in Paris for vacation for a week and after reading the last 4 pages and visiting some of the sites ($250 euro for an hour) I have decided that I won't be partaking in any hobby fun in this city. I will save a little money and go back to South America where my money go so much farther.

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    I've only been to Paris once. While there I went with the same young woman on two different days. She worked out of a white panel van-type truck that had a nice little bedroom in the back, and Christmas lights in the van where she would wait. She seemed calm and happy and gave good sex. There were a good number of women and vans there.

    So I was going to ask about Bois de Vincennes, but then I found this article. I'll not be going there again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnG01  [View Original Post]
    I was recently in Paris for a few days. I kind of waffled on what to do. ................................
    I'd give links but honestly I didn't keep the contacts.
    Interesting, thanks for this report.

    I am french and sometimes in Paris, and I can ensure that there are some very nice MP's for those who can like that, not too expensive, but I never seen FS there, only HJ, but often with naked masseuse and nice cuddling.

    One of my favorites is outside Paris, St Maur des Fossés, close to metro (RER A) station of St Maur LE Parc, easy to reach from Paris.

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    A few days in Paris.

    I was recently in Paris for a few days. I kind of waffled on what to do. I didn't really want to spend a small fortune on one of the higher end Russians from stroll or rdv so I decided to play my luck with one of the ladies that list on xineurope. If you're not familiar, it's a Chinese site that has a craigslist type listing section. You can use it to find girls on wechat. Obviously, this has a much higher risk of having a bad experience but the investment was lower too. I figured I could have twice as many experiences going that route for the same damage to my pocketbook. Plus, I've had good experiences with Chinese girls in the past.

    So, I made plans with someone in the 11th and as I was walking out of my hotel this super cute Congolese maid was just getting off work and she was all smiles and talkative. My french is pretty mediocre and her English was the same but she explained that I should come to her place. I asked who would be there and she said that she was all alone. A quick calculus told me that this was probably a better option than the Chinese girl so I fired off something about how I had missed my train and wasn't sure if I was going to make it and I jumped on the metro with the African woman. She was a little flirty, cuddling up close on the walk to her place when the cold wind blew, holding my hand, etc. We got to her apartment and she showed me around and then went to the kitchen and started cooking dinner. After an improptu dinner I thought things were going to move along quite nicely. I started to make a move and she put an abrupt halt to it. She said no, we're friends and I can't do that, I have a husband back in Africa. Well, clearly that wasn't what I had in mind. I'm still confused about how I could have gotten the signals so crossed. Maybe I did something that completely turned her off but I can't figure out what that could have been. It was a little awkward but we both smiled about it. I excused myself and headed back toward my hotel.

    At this point it was too late to make the connection with my original plan so I ducked into Li Zhuang in the 12th just before they closed. A 30 minute mediocre massage and a little more tip than I should have agreed to ended happy enough but nothing to write home about.

    Back to the hotel and I decided that I should probably cut my losses and take the nights experience as an omen that I should just see sights the next day and not dick around.

    Of course, there's nothing like a good nights sleep to reinvigorate a person. The next morning I sent a message to the previous nights plan, apologized for dropping the ball, and asked if she was available. We negotiated €. 6 for 1 HR with 2 rapports. The meeting went about like you would expect. She wasn't the person in the photos, she was a little older but she had an amazing little spinner body and great tits. Inside her place I took a shower and then she had a very clear and mechanical routine. After the first round she gave a pretty good massage for about 20 minutes then we went for a second round following exactly the same soulless script as the first round. It was lame enough that I just stopped and laid down and told her to just do the massage. She was really confused but she got the point eventually. Another 5 minutes of half hearted massage and the time was up. In retrospect I should have listened to the omens and saved my time and money.

    As a side note, I also tried to connect with a black girl from wannonce. She responded to my initial inquiry but then went silent.

    All in all, I'd describe it as a bust. 1 experience with the girl from xineurope isn't enough of a dataset to draw any conclusions but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that my experience was pretty typical. My one attempt at using wannonce resulted in a flake, which is probably more common than not. My experience at the massage place was the cheapest and most reliable option but also left me feeling unsatisfied. So, maybe the reports of Paris being dead and not worth the time are accurate?

    It's worth noting that I fished through a pretty big number of the xineurope ads. I came across 4 or 5 different girls who all gave me the same address in Pantin. A few others were scattered around the 13th. Some would send photos that were clearly fake. A couple sent photos that not only appeared to be real but also didn't show up on any image search website (like yandex, tineye, google). One in particular in the 13th looked slightly chubby but with enormous breasts. I wish I had tried my luck with her instead.

    I'd give links but honestly I didn't keep the contacts.

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    Just another day in Paris

    So, I was back in Paris 2 weeks ago, having things to do in the city. Which meant I just had 1 day free in the middle of the week to indulge myself in the quite big offerings available (500 girls in 6 Annonce at the time, during a relatively slow month). Some girls I wanted to see had already left, some others weren't yet there, stil touring somewhere else; still, the big numbers of good-looking ladies convinced me to do 2 meetings on that same day (a first for me) and see how I would fare. To jump to the conclusion, it's ok, what annoyed me the most was to go twice in a day through agencies' face control procedures.

    For my first meeting in early afternoon, I decided to be daring and picked one of 2 girls I had spotted at VIP Aphrodite, both barely-reviewed but looking quite promising. After fast communication with the agency, this time (turns out their main number indeed doesn't reply to SMS but the 2nd mentioned on their main page does work), I was on my way to see Mila for 1 hour at 250 euros (since she's still in Paris for a few days, I link her agency's page as well):

    Mila is from Kiev and speaks Russian (as well as Ukrainian, I suppose, but not knowing any word of it, I didn't ask) and has a honorable level of English as well. She looks a little bit older than her pics, more 30 than 27. Her face seemed a bit different from the pics, which rely on a heavy use of make-up and photoshop and might be a few years old, but she's good-looking, nice dark hair (with extensions, like in the pics, but a bit straighter) and really nice eyes as well. Physically, pics are very accurate, including her arm's tattoo, reasonably slim and has nice and tasty medium-sized pear-shaped natural breasts. She received me in a small functional flat with a big bed. After paperwork and shower, we chatted a little bit and kissed. It began with light kisses, and in a few minutes, evolved into french kisses and eventually into full-on DFK, as she saw that I wasn't some maniac, relaxed and was more trusting. DFK were a regular feature of the meeting. After getting rid of underwear, I kissed her body, sucked and licked her breasts, then she went for a first OWO session; really good OWO technique, nice eye contact, attention to shaft, ball-teasing, and she knows to go way deeper than the tip. Eventually, OWO stopped just before it went too far, and I took care of her once again. She reacted really fast to DATY and was very responsive, clearly enjoying it; contrary to other experiences, I wasn't left wondering if she was just being nice and faking it. Once she had enjoyed the moment, back to a quick OWO, condom on, and it was cowgirl time. After the 2nd shower, offered a drink and back to cuddling, kissing and chatting. Social time went on for some time and I was pretty sure the hour was over, yet she eventually said that there were still 10 minutes, so did I want a 2nd round? Of course, I was up for it, I would be hard enough for it, just unsure if I would finish another time in a few minutes. I still asked her if she was really sure and ok with it, since I knew it was overtime. After a quick OWO to inspire the troops, rubber again, and it was time for what can only be described as a wild doggy. Turns out she really was quite horny, was very active during the act, pushing back hard and fast, and being round 2 it lasted actually longer than 1st round. I can't tell if she enjoyed round 1, but she unmistakably liked the 2nd one. Then, 3rd shower, mutual thanks and I was off after overstaying by at least 15 minutes. Bottom-line, this meeting and another one last year lead me to think that meeting late 20's /30 agency girls, who aren't in as high demand as the 18-23 girls new in town, yet who have plenty of experience in sex and enjoy it, can be quite a winning move; they won't be bored or even tired and odds are that they'll be very responsive if you handle them well, being more eager to have plenty of sex. Would definitely repeat if we're in the same city at the same time (low probability, though).

    For the evening, I met my first choice; she's in high demand and I couldn't meet her earlier that day. Once again, easy comms, RDV4 you answered quite fast, so I met Kristina for 1 hour at 250 :

    Like with Mila, if booking is fast and easy, the control before the meeting is more of a chore, you wait for minutes in front of some building before the goons in charge decide you look safe enough, and then they send you at another address. Eventually, I made it to her flat. Kristina actually wore the same white underwears as in some of her pics. The girl herself is pretty much just like the pics; they're obviously very recent and there's barely any photoshop at all (possibly for a small tattoo, but I don't even remember if she had any). So, beautiful face and gorgeous body that looked actually even slimmer than in the pics, though a bit less tanned (even though it was tanned), with great yummy medium-sized natural breasts. Only slight point is that she wasn't as radiantly smiling during the whole meeting; considering how hot she is and that she's quite new on the Paris scene, she had many days of constant work behind her and was a bit tired, to the point she took a couple of days off then, but that didn't impact her performance as much as one could fear. Now, the thing is, she's from Moscow so speaks perfect Russian, but her English is very limited, as in a few dozens words possibly, Google-Translate helping a bit. After paperwork, shower; clean fresh towel, but the still wet linen on the floor showed that Kristina had been hard at work recently. Conversation was quite short, due to language barrier, but kisses, cuddling and fondling were good enough. She provides tongue kisses, but not the deep passionate kind; still definitely better than some others who don't offer any kiss on their own. After exploring and enjoying her body, breasts and all, she was stimulating my nether part with her feet and went then for OWO. Her OWO was ok, shaft-licking, but not very deep and slightly toothy a couple of times; she quickly positioned herself so that I could enjoy, kiss and fondle most of her body and I clearly could have gone for 69, had I wanted (but for the beginning, I prefer doing OWO and cunni separately). After that, I managed to let her understand I wanted to go down on her. That wasn't the longest DATY I ever gave (that one, I was sorely reminded that the tongue is actually a real muscle for the next 2 days), but still a very lengthy and very enjoyable session. She was slower than Mila to respond, but she ended up doing half the job, moving and shaking her hips like I've rarely seen, to the point she was pretty much using my tongue as her personal dildo, moving around it; and then, she picked my hands and made them vigorously knead her breasts. Once she was eventually satisfied, she went back to a lengthy OWO session. I'm not sure if it's the communication issue, if she had been too excited by DATY or if she was just tired after repeat fucking, but I had the impression she wouldn't mind avoiding sex at all and stick with blowjob and CIM; alarm ticked at the 50 min mark and she looked like she was going to go on with OWO without a stop, but I reminded her I'd like to know her deeper (her OWO being good but not the most amazing in the world, I preferred a sure way to cum). Missionary and cowgirl were a good time, she's young, moves well and can react and groan at the right moment. Then shower time, and goodbyes. Though it wasn't a meeting as stellar as with Mila, it was still a positive one; the memorable DATY and her killer body means that I would obviously meet her again, assuming she's still fresh because it's early in her tour and she hasn't yet fucked a hundred guys that month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    Real GFE, Ukrainian, angel face, so sensitive Anastasia with .
    If you succeed to reach her, a bit complicated about control, Ukrainian from Kharkov Lana managed by ex CR, after a bit cold start, but when I started to caress her, then DATY her, give orgasm to a girl and you will get what you like with passion, becoming a real passionate GFE with 2 konchayet for her.

    Some really lovely girls at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treshold  [View Original Post]
    It's a scam, never paid by PCS.
    Paying in advance is a mugs game. Never go down that route as you may as well throw your cash down the drain.

    You will end up scammed.

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    Real GFE, Ukrainian, angel face, so sensitive Anastasia with .

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