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    Berlin intim-Inna

    I have been a regular at FKK Artemis for close to 2 years and whilst a few of my favorites have moved on, I prefer it simply for the fact that*.

    1) I get close to 3-4 sessions (30 minute sessions) over a 5 hour period *and get to do it at my own pace with coffee and cigarette breaks in between.

    2) an opportunity to choose from a multitude of gorgeous women as opposed to being forced to choose from a standard 4 or 5 that are available on a given day. I have read the usual complaints of upselling, bad food, smoke in the bar and the occasional harassment by the women. I have never been bothered by any of that and get what I come for and love it. The service for me is truly incomparable.

    Having said that I decided to change this weekend and ended up looking at berlinintim and Inna a polish 25 year old blonde with the right size breasts caught my attention for 120 an hour. Simple enough, she spoke German and after I confirmed the time, she sent me her address.

    I arrived a few minutes earlier and was greeted at the door by Inna wearing a fancy white sexy and short dinner dress with matching heels and a little makeup with bright red lipstick, Stunning beginning.

    She was gorgeous, we go into the room equipped with a bar and some light music playing in the background and dim lights and she asks me what I would like to which I say a 1 hour session please. She says fine and then takes off her dress. I was blown away with her body and forgot to clarify that I was looking for two sessions during my one hour. Damn! Those breasts. LOL not too big, not fake but just right.

    She spoke for a bit but I just wanted to get on with it and when I requested, she started with a BJ which was sensual and slow. I think she would have gone on for another 15 minutes with it since she seemed to be very comfortable with it, if I had not stopped her to move on to the real show. She was definitely excited and gave it her everything with the passionate kissing and licking and hugging. A few positions later I was ready and finished.

    Took a break and she offered a massage which I declined. Talked for a bit and when I wanted to get on with round two, she turned around and said that it wasn't on the cards, I was surprised since I explained I didn't expect to chat for 45 minutes and fuck for 15. She said that she has tons of clients for the day and its exhausting for her. Fair enough, my mistake to not bring it up.

    Didn't feel the need to waste more time so washed up and left. Lesson learnt for next time. Though her roommate was quite stunning as well and at 100 for an hour. Will for sure ask for two rounds next time.

    In terms of looks, attitude, BJ and sex I would give Inna a 7.5*.

    Cheers all.

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    Berlin help


    I've been here before. Did Anne P. That was my first time entry into the gangbang scene. Thought it was pretty good but I would have preferred not waiting for a fuck.

    Did Phoenix club in London for my second orgy scene. That one blew my mind. 3 women on my cock and face at the same time.

    I've decided I prefer the all you can fuck scene mostly because I can fuck that much now. When I get older and can't do more than once or twice, that's when I'll switch gears to one time scenes. Also, the women at these quantity brothels are great compared to what I get in India (not that Indian women are bad, this is just a more novel skin tone for us Indians probably).

    Hoping to get something great out of Berlin next week.

    I get there on a Tuesday evening at 530 ish at schonfeld. However airport girls opens at 8. So I don't want to waste time waiting. Thinking of heading to Caligua or king George this time.

    I read reviews but can't make up my mind. I will have to meet friends later at night so want to wrap this up by 9 ish wherever I go.

    Can someone help me with the following:

    1. what are the other fuck all you want places apart from Anne, George, caligua and airport?

    2. want to try anal for the first time. Suggestions?

    3. Rim jobs at any of the fuck all you want places?

    I might do airport girls when I exit Berlin. Have 2 pm flight so am thinking I'll get to airport girls by 11 and do a 1. 5 hour scene there.

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    About swingeroase zweispalt

    Hi guys,

    I am visiting Berlin next month, I have been to Berlin several times and tried ERW and Annie Porsche and enjoyed both and liked the atmosphere a lot.

    I wanted to ask about swingeroase zweispalt, how is it like, and what days are the best there? Cause most of the reports about it are few years ago.

    Any help guys?

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    Drive-In Sex Booths Proposed for Berlin's Former Tempelhof Airport

    This story is all over the internet here in North America. Interestingly, many of the links are to Aussie newspapers.

    "The site of a former Berlin airport could be the new hotspot for sex workers in the city.

    Mitte district Mayor Stephan von Dassel is proposing bringing booths where sex workers can meet clients, called "Verichtungsboxen," to the Tempelhof airport, which was converted into a park in 2008. The "Verichtungsboxen" include booths where clients can drive up and meet prostitutes in their own cars, according to CNN.

    The move is an attempt to counter widespread prostitution on a street called Kurfrstenstrasse.

    In a July statement, Dassel argued that unregulated prostitution on Kurfrstenstrasse has reached a dangerous level for women, saying that violence is underreported and a high percentage of sex workers face addiction and sexually transmitted diseases. "

    Maybe Airport Girls will relocate to another airport?

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    Berlin report

    After reading the forum I decided to visit brothels instead of going to Artemis.

    First I visited agentur liberty around 5 pm. A good amount of girls to choose from. Picked a girl called Kamilla. She has a pornstar look with big boobs and sexy lips. Her English was not great but enough to understand. I opted for 30 minutes with owo. Total damage 80 euros.

    Then I went to salon prestige around 9 pm. 8-10 girls to choose from. I go for model looking girls all the time, so I wanted to try something different. I went with Sharon. She is big girl. Bigger than her pictures on the website. She has perfect English. She was great. Very eager to please. Total damage for 20 minutes with owo was 60 euros.

    The other day I went back to prestige around 8 pm. Only 3 girls to choose from. I chose airis. She is from Brazil. She was the first Brazilian woman I fucked, so something special for me. She was nice. Total damage for 20 min with owo was 60 euros.

    Overall I liked all 3.

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    Going to Artemis next week

    Hey guys,

    Long time reader first time poster. I'm in Berlin for a few days next week Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately though I am traveling with my little sister and staying in an Airbnb. My plan is to tell her I got a Tinder date and sneak out around 10 pm and come back maybe around 1-2 am who knows. Can't go Thursday so Friday is my only option. I'm from Canada so this shit isn't common at all and I really want to experience it. I know there is a lot of mixed feelings about Artemis on this page but I'm just wondering what should I expect on a Friday night? Will it be packed? I heard weekends aren't great but fuck if at the very least I fuck 1-2 times and see a bunch of hotties naked then I'm happy. Not looking to break the bank but am looking to have fun and an experience. Let me know!

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    First time in Berlin

    Hey all,

    I will be in Berlin next Sunday for two days.


    I will only have 3-4 hour window on Sunday from 7 to 11. But I'm not sure where to go as most places have mixed reviews. From my understanding, there is something called "Bordelle" that's suppose to be similar to an escort agency that provides incall service with usually only 3-8 girls. I'm hoping if someone can recommend a place with girls under 25 years old.

    Budget: 150/ h.


    I have tentatively decided to go Artemis on Monday since my flight leaves early Tuesday. So I would be able to keep fucking until my dick stops working or closing time then head straight to the airport. However from reading the past 10 pages, it appears FKK Artemis is only recommended from thurs. Sat. How bad the men / girls ratio on a typical Monday? Would there be at least 20-30 girls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medal99  [View Original Post]
    I wonder if anyone has any experience with ...
    This is just another adress of anonymescort, a legit escort agency. See also They have 3-4 apartments in the city for Call In.

    Every 1-2 weeks changing girls from Russia and the Ukraine. Pictures are correct, but always very pimped up. Sometimes they have adverts on the Berlin Page of with normal actual selfies.

    Service used to be good, but in my personal opinion it deterioted since half a year with inflated base prices (120 E / h) and a long list of extras per girl.

    IMHO no longer anything special and no good deal to remember. But there might be some exceptions.

    Special kudos for using the search function! Awesome! However, please search for 'anonymescort'.

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    Overdue Report June 2018, November 2018 and June 2019

    Another long overdue report with a recent one as well!

    June 2018.

    Freudenhaus Hase.

    After having great success in Artemis I decided to pay a visit to Freudenhaus Hase on two different days. This was when you would walk up the stairs and select the girl you liked from her room and went inside.

    Day 1 Kristina. No English so had to use my limited German.

    70 for 30 minutes with BBBJ. Kristina was very great at what she did. Excellent oral and she was kissing my whole body throughout the time! I even cramped up during doggy to which she cared for my leg before returning back to her position to finish once I had healed LOL. Would repeat for sure again!

    Day 2 Maria. Excellent English.

    80 for 30 with BBBJ included. Maria was just as great as Kristina. Excellent sloppy natural oral and was very vocal throughout the session. Doggy and quickly went on my way! Would repeat again.

    November 2018.

    Decided to visit Freudenhaus Hase on my second trip to Berlin. This time the lady in charge puts you in a room and has the girls come to you and introduce themselves. This was tough as Kristina and Maria were both there but luckily they did not recognize me LOL. I had checked out the website and wanted to check out Leyla. Once I saw her I knew she was the one.

    Girl Layle from Bulgaria. No English so had to use my limited German.

    90 for 30 with BBBJ included. This was one of my best natural orals I've ever had. Layla knew what she was doing and you could tell she was enjoying it. She even complemented the size of my member which was very nice to hear as I am a grower and not a shower LOL. Doggy was great as I pounded Leyla very hard and she took it all with no complaints. We even talked about her daughter in my limited German which was nice to hear. She also showed me a picture of her daughter on her phone.

    Anni Porsche 88 euro for all you can fuck LOL.

    Girl 1 Awa from Poland.

    I decided to try out Anni Porsche due it being a different experience. Walked in and paid for my entry. The girls didn't really speak any English so this was a bit harder but made it work with my limited German. There were 3 other guys and only 1 girl. Awa from Poland. I waited for the other girls to finish and went to talk to her. She immediately told me to lay down and gave me a great covered BJ. I was about to explode so I asked for sex. She said missionary and it was a great time. The other guys were relaxing while I was pounding her all by myself. Finished and we both went to the shower.

    A blonde was in the shower and from the website I think it was the popular Jenny. I was not able to session with her as more guys that would come were very aggressive and would not honor those that had been waiting. This was my one regret that I did not get to session with this blonde. Also Awa was looking for more sex and asked me to go again and my dumbass said that I was fine at the moment and quickly realized I would be her last because once I said no she dressed up and left. What an idiot I was!

    Girl 2. Forgot name but she was not very attractive. Short and chubby with lots of tattoos. I went with her anyway as I was very horny but it was not anything special.

    Girl 3 I soon realized that as other men showed up that I would have to be aggressive or the others would walk all over me to which they did as this type of scene is not something I am used to.

    An older woman showed up who had a very nice butt. I asked her name and it sounded like she said Namika. She was older like her in 40's and you could tell she was a bit thrown off when I sat with her as I look 18 even though I am 30 LOL.

    She gave me a great covered blowjob and right when I was about to ask for sex I exploded. I quickly changed and left. Spent about 4 hours there and was with 3 girls. Next time I will make sure to be more aggressive with the other men in the room.

    June 2019.

    Airport Girls Berlin Schonefeld 60 euros for 5 sessions.

    My third visit to Berlin I decided to check out Airport Girls near the airport in Schonefeld. Paid my entry and quickly saw that there were around 5 men total and about 5 girls as well. This club was similar to Anni Porsche in my opinion.

    Girl 1 Tall Romanian Girl. Forgot her name. Went with her twice.

    This girl was very nice and very dark looked Indian also. She gave great covered oral and doggy was amazing with a lot of moaning from her.

    Girl 2 Session 3 was a heavy set woman. Was very horny and decided to go with her as the others were taken. Oral was really good and finished in missionary.

    I was a bit thrown off by the scene at this club. The girls were very nice but this time my limited German was not as successful. The girls were very nice and approachable but I was not able to really talk to them. The other men in the club seemed to be frequent customers.

    There were two girls that I did not session with that I wished I did.

    One girl was a tall green eyed girl with black hair. She would come and see me and dance in the pole and then walk away. She even asked me why I did not session with her LOL. I still don't know why I didn't.

    The other girl was Maria I think is her name. Moldovan blonde. She was easily one of the better looking girls and she stayed away from the other girls. She was very busy and once I finally saw she was free the manager told me they were closing =(.

    In all, with my visits to Artemis, Anni Porsche, Freudenhaus, and Airport Girls I can safely say that I had a great time at all locations. Only 2 negative experiences from over 20 women in my three visits to Berlin.

    I will be coming back time and time again! Haha.

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    I wonder if anyone has any experience with I was thinking of booking one of the ladies but they possibly look a bit too good to be true? I've not much experience with Berlin ladies so I'm.

    Not so sure. Couldn't see anything using the search function.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Enphl  [View Original Post]
    Thanks definitely helpful.

    Are the schedules that they show for the girls at all accurate?....
    For everyone, his future can not be sure at 100% : everybody can get sick, can have a problem with his own car, and furthermore if the person has children, they can be sick, their school can call the parents for. Etc.

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    Report: Ani Porsche

    After extensive reading on ISG, GB was a must-do for me. EDW and Anni Porsche were naturally the top 2. Given the not so positive reviews about EDW in recent times on ISG, I decided to take the gamble and go for Anni Porsche. I extended my stay by one day in Berlin and found a hostel near AP near Hermanplatz. I tried to get there by around noon but by the time I reached, it was about 2:45 pm.

    I pressed the buzzer for 'Porsche' and was buzzed in. It's a 3-4 room apartment overall. I paid the 88 euros and was given a towel and a locker. How the locker works is that you insert 2 euros every time you want to close it. Members take note of that and try not opening it several times to save some cash. I showered and went inside to the bar area and got a diet coke. There were 4 guys and one girl. The girl was giving one guy a CBJ and an HJ to the other guy.

    I stayed till the end - 11 pm and got with 5 girls and was able to finish 6 times. Twice with the last girl, who was excellent. Reviews of each of the girl are below. After settling down, I went to the main bedroom and sat in the corner watching the girl in act and waiting for my turn.

    Diana (girl-1).

    Big girl with braided hair. From Eastern Europe I think. Doesn't speak English. Face 5/10, Body 6/10, Service 5/10. By far the worst experience I had in AP. Would not recommend her. I had difficulty getting it up because of her bad service. Finished in CBJ because I really didn't want to fuck her.


    Bulgarian origin girl. Small frame and super-skinny. Didn't speak any English. I think she gave me preference over another guy who was waiting. Case in point of why you should be nice to the girl and smile at them when you see them or say Hello, Started with a HJ and them put the see on. CBJ was excellent, she has a great tongue. So good that I finished during the CBJ only. Would highly recommend! Quite funny as well. Face: 6/10, body: 7/10, service: 8/10.


    Oh my god. Jenny is so hot! I was surprised to see her here and she was class apart from the others. 9/10 body, 8. 5/10 face. Looks like a porn star. Skinny body, big boobs, great ass and relatively tight as well. People started going ga-ga over her as soon as she was in the house, and rightfully so! I patiently waited at least an hour for her and then finally got the chance! A bit of HJ and then CBJ. She asked me if I wanted 69. I said yes. Clean, sweet pussy. We then went to missionary and wow. What a pussy. Service: 8/10. Speaks great English too! She's German I think.


    Bulgarian, small frame and super-skinny. Looks like Ani. Doesn't speak English. But man, I think she gave me the best BJ in the last 3-4 months!! Excellent service and she's fun too. Before my turn, while I was waiting in the buffet / tv room to recharge, she came in and started dancing and asked me to join her. It was quite fun actually and we developed quite a rapport. I guess that's the reason she (literally) blew my mind!. Started with some HJ and then an amazing CBJ with she licking my balls and everything like crazy. Went cowgirl then and she was tight with a very small pussy. She rode me really hard and wow made me finish so hard. She came also right after I did. Highly recommended! Face: 6/10, body: 8/10, service: 10/10!


    After going 4 times I thought I was done for the day. But then Sabine walks in at 9 pm. What a body. Short frame, Romanian origin (I think), doesn't speak English but has that smirky look about her that I found really attractive. I immediately lined up for her (at that time there were 2 girls so both the bedrooms were eing used). But I wasn't ready yet so I kept letting others go before me and just watched her in action. After 30 minutes or so I was ready to go and I started by giving her a massage. She really liked it then we started with some kissing, some HJ and I was hard again. CBJ, missionary and then doggy. I finished looking at that fine ass.

    I thought I was done but Sabine was still on my mind. I waited till 10:30 when all other folks were done and went to her again. We had built a good rapport and this time we did DATY. Nice clean pussy and she finished with me there. We waited a bit and then did missionary till I finally finished. Face: 7/10, body: 8/10, service: 9/10! Would highly recommend!

    Finally, I left at closing time and actually I made a friend as well. A German gentlemen from Munich who was there first time. Did some professional networking too and we are linkedin contacts now.

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    Light Switch on Floor

    Quote Originally Posted by Piefke  [View Original Post]
    Steve, I did not give you some flames for calling a nasty area "nasty" (which is the right thing to do, but not correct in case of "Paris No. 5") you got flak for your unability to switch on light in a dark floor!

    But when I look at the questions of some punters, which want to schedule everything to 100% in advance and which cannot adapt to a changed floor number, you does not seem to be alone.

    Maybe I am alone here.

    Berlin is a great city with a variety of offerings distributed almost evenly all over the complete place, with businesses blending in into residental (say "save") areas. Blending in means: no giant flashing neon hearts and bunga-bunga music all through the night. In Berlin you find attractions everwhere for every taste. You do not have to walk 1-2 klicks through dark alleys at the city limits into small business areas, where you might find squeezed in between the local lunatic asylum and a rocker club house a shady night club. (Although you can if you like visit the "Airport girls" or similar).
    No no. It was Nooky Ninja who flames me for my honest characterization. The floor light switch was a great tip. I have not been back to try it out yet though!

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    Thanks definitely helpful.

    Are the schedules that they show for the girls at all accurate? I am trying to determine if they have specific shift times. I've pushed my planned visit to approx 4 pm and Thursday and / or Tuesday. I'm still not sure if I will give FKK a try a Thursday (since 4 pm is getting close to evening) or just got to liberty. I'll probably just goto liberty. If I like it, I'll go again on Tuesday, otherwise, I'll try elsewhere like Mon. Rouge or royal perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    Found the report which may be helpful. Note that I took some flames for calling areas "nasty". Maybe gritty or street? Point is inside is nothing like outside so press on!
    Steve, I did not give you some flames for calling a nasty area "nasty" (which is the right thing to do, but not correct in case of "Paris No. 5") you got flak for your unability to switch on light in a dark floor!

    But when I look at the questions of some punters, which want to schedule everything to 100% in advance and which cannot adapt to a changed floor number, you does not seem to be alone.

    Maybe I am alone here.

    Berlin is a great city with a variety of offerings distributed almost evenly all over the complete place, with businesses blending in into residental (say "save") areas. Blending in means: no giant flashing neon hearts and bunga-bunga music all through the night. In Berlin you find attractions everwhere for every taste. You do not have to walk 1-2 klicks through dark alleys at the city limits into small business areas, where you might find squeezed in between the local lunatic asylum and a rocker club house a shady night club. (Although you can if you like visit the "Airport girls" or similar).

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