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    Hello to those of you who are interested in the Berlin area.

    I used to be know as Berlin2626 and wrote the first report for Berlin however I have been travelling since so now after seeing that there has not been much action lately I want to start rolling the ball again.

    First of all let me just update you on the street prostitution first. Next time I will cover some brothels.

    The best area I would suggest is Kurfüstenstraße, Frobenstraße, Bülowstraße, Einemstraße, Lützowplatz – Berlin Schöneberg. Nearest U-Bahn: Kurfüstenstraße and Bülowstraße.

    Here you have everything from young to old and pretty to ugly. There are a lot of police around here and they will often stop you and check you out. No big deal, it’s not illegal to shop for a girl but they do like to search people. In general this area is quite dangerous but if you are streetwise, you won't have a problem.

    This area is well known for its drug problem. Many of the girls are on drugs - either heroin or crack. The quality is so poor that you can see the results on some of them. This area is also known as a 'Kinderstrich' - many young girls can be found although they tend to work out of hotels to avoid the police asking for their papers. It is possible to get girls as young as 11 in this area so be careful. Not only is this sad but you will also be sent down if
    you ever did try with a young girl and get caught.

    Kurfüstenstraße, Frobenstraße and Bülowstraße attracts allsorts at good prices. Blowjob starts at 30-40 EUR (10-13 EUR more for a hotel room for 30 minutes). Full sex and blowjob costs 40-60 EUR. Late at night some of the pretty girls who are more professional charge upwards from 90 EUR.

    Sometimes you can get girls that offer everything without a condom. Fine if you like it but remember these girls often take drugs and are not clean. Einemstraße and Lützowplatz attract the more professional girls wearing bustiers and normally have implants and high heels on. Some of them are OK but don't expect the best service. If you want good service, pick up a regular girl back down on Kürfurstenstraße.

    The whole area is great for window shopping. All the girls are friendly and most of them will give you their number to call next time.

    Having been here over 3 years now, I have seen many changes in the area but you will usually find what you are looking for.

    The Kurfüstenstraße starts to offer some real action from about 16:00 when a few girls will start to stand in the road looking for customers however there is action around here 24/7 to be honest.

    After 19:00 you start to see some better looking girls on the street between the lower end of Kurfüstenstraße between Potsdamer Straße and the corner of Frobenstraße (From Woolworth’s down towards a second hand car sales yard).

    There are a few hotels used. The first one which is 5 minutes walk is the Steinmetz on Steinmetzstraße near the U-Bahn bridge. 10 EUR for 30 minutes here and clean and bright. The other hotel(s) are about 15 minutes walk and on the Eisenacherstraße (Alsterhof and Stockholm Pension). These ones normally cost around 13 EUR. Mirrors on the walls and again clean and bright.

    Drinks are available at all hotels.

    As I mentioned before, later in the evening around 20:00 onwards further down the road you come to Einemstraße (Nearest U-Bahn Nollendorfplatz) and this is where you will find those tall blondes with implants and high heels. They start of the other end (West) of the Küfurstensraße near the Einstein cafe
    and then you can turn left into Einemstraße.

    Again the streets and areas mentioned above are very dangerous and it is common knowledge that even the Police do not like going working around there late at night as there is always trouble.

    If you come by car don’t drive around and around. The traffic in this area is already a nightmare. Best to park your car and walk around. It is also easier to see the girls (window shopping) before you decide.

    Ignore the pimps some look threatening. Don’t worry that is there job. Some may even follow you by car to the Pension and then take the girl back after. Don’t worry this is normal. You will never have any dealing with a pimp and there is no need to be afraid of them.

    As I said the girls are varied and most will always demand blowjob and sex always with a condom. Some will offer a blowjob without condom and sex with and some even do both blowjob and sex without condom. Whatever your choice, it is up to you. Many even swallow.

    There are many girls I know personally so rather than provide a really long list of each one, if you really interested in meeting some, email me and let me know what you are looking for i.e. type of girl and I can then email you back with some descriptions and tips or provide you with some descriptions of girls to find. I will email you back as quickly as I can. I travel quite a lot so be patient but I will try and help you where I can.

    Also if you are planning a trip to Berlin I can as well plan a few ideas if you are in the mood for girls and clubs. Just email me and tell me what you need. Of course if you feel nervous about emailing me, feel free to use a false name, this is confidential and I am just offering you information because I have some knowledge.

    Not all the girls speak English and even if they do, they will still speak German (principle). If you do speak German even on a basic level you will get a far better service if you do some small talk on the way to the Pension and don’t be afraid to ask for their telephone number if you really like her. Most will give out their mobile number. Any help with translation or any requests for street sex in German, again email me and I will give you some useful sentences to use.

    Any question or question whatsoever feel free to contact me.

    Berlin Life

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    There's of course always the chance of that in the seedier-type clubs, but you just have to watch out for it. I, for one, am sure that the girls I was with at Starlight were indeed females. I did have to avoid a few that weren't great-looking and may have been men, but I haven't made a mistake yet.

    Back in the States now, but I look forward to being back in Berlin in March for some more fun! (At La Folie mostly, I think).

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    Just spent a few days in Berlin. Quick comments:

    1. Oranienburger Strasse - as stated earlier (I didn't learn), this is a complete ripoff! There are beautiful girls lining the streets. They will tempt you, because some of them are serious eye candy. They quote 60 euro for erotic massage with BJ. Once you're inside, you learn that that price doesn't even include nakedness. My girl even turned away from me when giving head. Since there was a condom, I couldn't even tell if she was really blowing me or just using her hand again. Stay away from the street girls (but do go there to party, as it is a really fun area).

    2. Kinos around Charlottenburg Bahnhof (5 euro entry). Sorry Crazy Ami, all the "girls" I saw at Starlight were Transexuals. This was partially confirmed by another patron (a brit) who told me he couldn't figure out whether they were girls or not and by the bouncer when I walked out. He had said, "beautiful THai girls". When I walked out, I said "those were NOT always girls!" He laughed heartily and, seemingly, knowingly. Other Kinos had pretty ugly girls. Night Light (next to Starlight) had 2 pretty nice looking ones, but they were occupied.

    3. Strip bars around Charlottenburg Bahnhof (by the front of the station,which is currently under renovation, 5 or 10 euro entry)

    - Blue bananna (5 euro entry) had nice looking girls (about 5 - 2/5 hot, 2/5 good, 1/5 dog). Here, you could get a nude dance with touching and lotion (no touching pussy) for 35 euro. Also could get FS for 75 euro. There is a pension next door for the business. I think the neighboring kinos also use this pension.

    - Bon Bon (Stuttgarter platz, just up the road (visible from the front part of the station), 10 Euro entry)- This placed was packed on Saturday night. About 15 girls. Was quoted 50 Euro nude dance with touching or 100 euros for sex. Passed on this, but it had an actual strip club type atmosphere with 2 girls always dancing on the bar, getting completely nude. You can buy stripper dollars for stuffing their panties and g-strings. Overall, a fun time.

    I tried to go to Royal as well (Budesplatz 8 - apartment brothel) but arrived after closing. From earlier threads, i learned it closes at 8pm most days, 6pm some days.

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    Updated Report for Berlin.

    1. Streetworking

    Several streets in Berlin are filled with pretty ladies like the Oranienburgerstr. or the Str. d. 17. Juni. But you better beware of these places! All ladies are looking quite good, but ALL are rip offs! Don´t waste 100s of Euros for a bad HJ!

    In the area Kurfürstenstr. / Frobenstr. / Elisenstr. you can find some junkies which will join you for little money, but these girls are also to avoid! You can also find some kind of hobbygirls in this area which will give you a BJ in the car for 20-25 Euro or which will go to a hotel with you for 30 min for about 50 Euros. Sometimes there are goodtimers around, but you have to be lucky!

    2. Sex cinemas

    All over Berlin you can find cinemas with mostly overaged ladies. Entry fee is around 6 Euro. BJ in the Cinema is around 20-25 Euro and a quick fuck with BJ in the cinema is around 30 Euro. You have to consider that the other fellows can watch you whilst getting off, but if you don´t mind this is a quick relief! Good places are the cinema in the Braunschweiger Str. 30 and in the Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 38 aswell as the one in the Blissestr. 69

    3. Escort Ladies

    There are several Escort Services with young east european ladies all over berlin. Prices are around 100 Euro (sometimes less) for one hour. A good agencie with nice girls is and also seems to be a good one. (All pics are real on these websites). If you check the local tabloids like "BZ" you´ll find hundreds of escort ladies in there, but the service quality is not sure with them.

    4. Brothels

    There are several brothels allover Berlin. Prices vary very much, depending on the quality of the ladies in the spots. You can get good ladies for 100 - 150 Euros per hour in several places. A good site with links to the places is
    My preferred brothels are You have always around 5-10 ladies there and most of them are quite good looking (6-8) or for the richer ones among us and (150 € per hour).

    So, I hope that you´re kind of happy with all these information, and for the german speakers among you check out with all the latest information about the Berlin scene and reports about ladies!

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    Followed another link in an ad in the last guy's post - this may be more kept-up.

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    My fellow punters,

    Click on the following link and you will find in .PDF format, the A-Z of the Berlin mongering scene. You will find the sex ads that are listed in the BZ newspaper. Both Puffs (Brothels) and Escort Agencies (Agenturen) are listed.

    The adverts with addresses listed are brothels. A good internet map/streetfinder for Germany is:

    Where the box says "Ort" enter Berlin and paste the street name (for example Hobrechtstr.) in the following box. I think it is a good idea to leave of the "Str." at the end of the street name.

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    I've heard good things about the Kit Kat klub in Berlin. I'm visiting with a lady friend, and we are looking for bi-girls.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hey all,

    A few friends will be with me when I make my trip to Berlin. These guys enjoy strip clubs where there's lots of lap dance mileage (nude, touching) and lower chances of getting rolled. Anyone have a definitive list of the "best" strip clubs in Berlin? Preferably near center.


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    Not familiar with Los Angeles Platz, but to get to Starlight and La Folie is very easy.. On the big central S-bahn line going East-West, there is a station called "Berlin-Charlottenburg." They've been doing repairs on the line between C-Burg and Savignyplatz for a while, so you might have to catch a RE train from Zoo to Charlottenburg. Or you can just hop in a taxi and tell them "Bahnhof Charlottenburg." When you get out, you'll see Starlight, it's right there on the corner. As for La Folie, just go up the main road from the train station (Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse), past Starlight and some other bad Kinos, Monte Carlo and Sissi Bar, for two blocks. You'll pass a BP station on the left, and then you should see La Folie on the right.. It looks like a hip club/bar from the outside. But the fun that awaits within is amazing!

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    Crazi Ami,

    Thank you for the posts. Great info! I will be in Berlin early next year, staying on Los Angeles Platz. From what I can tell, it's near Charlottenburg. From this area, how does one get to La Folie? It sounds like I should be able to find Starlight with no problems. Any other recommendations for a few days' stay in Berline?


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    There is an incall in Kantstrasse, next to porn arcade. You must take elevator to 3rd floor.

    They have domina also beside the normal incall.

    Cost several years ago DM 150 per hour.

    Usual they got 4 girls. All nice and friendly and some speak good english.

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    Hi to all the members,

    I am about visiting Berlin for a day. Which place should I go? I would like to try the sex kinos but don't know which one and where? Can anybody advise me the street address and the best place to visit. Preferably somewhere close to the airport. Or, how about FKK clubs?


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    "Tabulos" translates into 'no taboos' and is often used as a code in newspaper advertisements by escorts offering unprotected sex. Be advised some girls will only engage in this practice if they like the looks of you.

    "Pur" means pure or natural, i.e. without a condom.

    Other things to look out or on German language websites are

    FO = BBBJ
    FT = CIM
    AO = Tabulos = sex w/o condom

    There is (or was recently) an excellent website in German for mongering that listed several service providers where unprotected anal sex was on offer. This is not my thing, but whatever floats your boat.

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    Gatsby 67, this is great news about Berlin! I had no idea bareback full service was available in Europe. Had bad luck years ago visiting there. What exactly does 'tabulos' or 'vur' mean in those ads? Just curious about euphemisms. Run accross any providing bareback anal?

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    You are right in most of your assumptions. Verkehr mit Kondom = safe sex with a condom, which is certainly standard practice. Some escorts, particulary from Eastern Europe, offer unsafe sex, ie, without a condom. This is usually discreetly referred to in newspaper (BZ or Berliner Kurier) adverts as "tabulos" or "pur" and usually costs 10 or 20 EUR extra. Of course not all girls offer this, but you can always ask.

    Unprotected Oral sex is very common with both escorts and in the brothels in Berlin. It's referred to as Franzoesich Ohne (French without or BBBJ). Franzoesich Total means CIM.

    I've risked it a few times, but stopped when I caught a (quickly curable) STD....

    Originally posted by Uman da Man
    Unprotected sex!
    Frankly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard something like this in this hobby. I am certainly not doubting you, just a bit perplexed…bewildered.

    I have noticed that may of the Berlin websites listed here mention “Verkehr mit Kondom” , which I guess it means safe sex with condoms. The very mention of it implies in a way that there is a no condom option for some girls. Am I correct on this? I am assuming that this option is every bit unsafe as any other unprotected sex anywhere else? Is there a reason why some Berlin-mongers would take the chance? How do you come across such an option?


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