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Thread: Dortmund

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    Wandered past a couple of nights. Most of the girls offer 30 E for quick (they say 20 minutes, but they want you out in 10 really) covered suck and fuck, most will upsell more. Got an agreement for 70 E BBBJ and anal from one fairly cute girl, "Maria" (basically all Romanians along the row, so that's going to be a common name). It was OK. She was fairly patient and only mentioned a couple of times that our time was up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucasHood2020  [View Original Post]
    Is this website legit?
    Better ask this in the Berlin forum! General experience is: pictures not correct, fotoshopped or old, much upselling of simple extras, visit often not on time and not for the agreed hour. But yes, they will send you young or old females, which provide sex to you. If you see the prices, imagine how many customers they must serve for a decent income (shared with their agency). Now imagine their desire to always provide 100% good service for the full time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucasHood2020  [View Original Post]
    Is this website legit?

    I don't monger in Berlin, so I have never used their services, but in the German forum I follow, I read a bad review, about Ophelia-Escort which is advertised on the Berlin-escort website.

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    MILF lovers

    If you are the type of person who likes older women I can recommend Jessy in Hagen (you can find her on the website Ladies. De NRW section). She is at least 55 like stated in her profile, but let me tell you, she is still quite hot, because she hits the gym often. Her service varies in quality though. I had a very passionate meeting with her, and the next time was just so so. She kisses only if she likes you, so you better don't have bad breath. She has tattoos and fake boobs which might be a turn off for some. (She used to charge 100 X 60, a year ago, but just to make sure its better to ask her in advance).

    By the way, since I am still not an advanced member, I am not allowed to start a new thread. But it is my believe that a thread "Independent Girls in NRW or Ruhrgebiet" would be a good idea. The thing is, in Germany cities are not lumped together to one mega city. But to make seperate threads for Dortmund Bochum and even Essen, is a bit like as if the Osaka thread would have a thread for Namba, Umeda, Yao-shi, etc.) It takes like 25 min to go from Dortmund to Essen by car. From Bello to El Poblado it's usually longer bescause of the traffic. Still there is no Bello and Poblado thread, but just one Medellin thread. But hey just a suggestion.

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    Girls with huge natural Breasts

    Mongers who like women with huge natural Breasts could be tempted to visit Aspasia in Lünen (a smaller city close to Dortmund). Sie advertises on She doesn't show pictures of her face, but she was better looking than I expected. She is very service oriented and tries to give you a good time. She charges 110 for an hour, 180 for 2 hours. You must set up a date some days in advance with her. She meets you in a short time room that she rents and doesn't have fixed hours. When she doesn't have a date she won't be there. So there is no point in showing up without calling her before.

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    Another recommendation in Dortmund

    Fellow mongerer who like BDSM might be interested in Lady Ellen (she has a website, I am new so I am not sure whether we are allowed to post website addresses here, but you should be able to google it). I am not sure, if she is able to perform a session in English though.

    Pros: She looks a lot better in person in my opinion, than on her website pics. You are able to have intercourse with her (many Dominas don't allow it). But she doesn't kiss and doesn't like DATY. She gives good prostate massages and has a sexy presence about her.

    Cons: She was never really cheap but last year she became even more expensive. An hour of service is now 170 Euro! I am not an expert, but guys who really like hard BDSM should probably also not see her because my impression is that she might not be into that.

    Her dungeon is in a industrial area. In front of the building is a huge parking place for VKU buses. Everything is clean and her place is rather big.

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    It's not all bad in Dortmund II

    Oh I forgot, prices in Freudenhaus Dortmund are 40 X 30 and 70 X 60 (it seriously used to be 60 x 60, never saw it that cheap anywhere else in Germany). You can check on there website who is working that day. I can recommend Nina, a German MILF. It says in her profile her age is 38. That's certainly not true, but she has a very fit body. She doesn't like to kiss and is rather professional but not in a bad way. She will do anal and I think it's not even an upcharge. I think you can call them in advance to set up a meeting, which I would do since she is popular.

    The Luderlounge doesn't say when which girl is working on their website, but you can call them and ask. You can also set up a date in advance that way. But the people answering the phone don't always speak English, so it might be difficult.

    Recommended girls in the Luderlounge:

    Meggie, 30+ but looks younger, polish girl, thin with beautiful breasts.

    Sarah (there are at times more than one, I mean the Sarah who is German) about 24, tallish and slim, wears glasses and has curled hair. Be careful the clock seems to go faster with her, always check the time when you go to the room and after, then there won't be a problem, other than that her service is good.

    Marisa, about 25, blond German girl, not as good looking as Meggie or Sarah, but not bad either. Girl next door type. Her service is usually good.

    Alex, 30 ish but looks younger, from Greece, thin girl, very good looking (she might also do anal).

    I know nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, but to ensure that you have a good time, I would call them in advance, because girls that are popular are of course also more busy.

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    It's not all bad in Dortmund

    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    Dortmund seems to have little of interest.
    You are not completely wrong, Dortmund pales in comparison to cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Köln, etc. When it comes to mongering, but it's not all bad. There is not much in the high class sector to be had, but if your expectations are not too high, you can still have fun. You mentioned the Linienstr. It's close to the Dortmund central station, but honestly I wouldn't go there. It's a very small red light district, where you can choose women that are sitting behind windows (so it's a bit how the red light district in Amsterdam works, but you can't really compare it because it's small and of low quality).

    So what other options are there?

    There is the mentioned Luderlounge (FKK-Club): The club is small, but I rather like it. It's nothing like the huge clubs in Frankfurt or Köln etc. If you go there with that in mind, you will be very disappointed. So there are only like 15 girls at one given time (and sometimes less), but I think most of the time the service is rather good (the optics not always). Entrance fee is 20 Euro during Happy Hour, otherwise 30 Euro. For that you can use the Sauna (which again is rather small, but at least it was renovated 2 years ago) and you can drink as much as you want (including Coffee and Beer). Prices for Girls are 20 min x 30 Euro, 30 min x 50 Euro and 60 min x 80 Euro. Girls usually don't like to go for 20 min, but will do so. It's more of a day club, don't go there after 5 pm, because sometimes girls start to go home at this time.

    Then there is Club Nebby (also a FKK-Club): Entrance fee is 20 Euros. Prices are like at the Luderlounge with the exception of 1 hour which only cost 75 Euros I think. The place is rather dodgy because it hasn't been renovated in a long time. Girls are almost exclusivly from Romania and Bulgaria (as are lots of the Luderlounge Girls). Service is OK most of the time, but I don't like going there.

    Then there is Freudenhaus Dortmund. It used to be a flatrate club, but nowadays it is pretty much a FKK club, too. It's the cleanest of the 3 clubs. Again girls are mostly from the Balkan region. You can read in the german forums that the service is lacking at times, but when I was there, it was OK. Entrance fee is 40 Euro. Unlike the other 2 clubs a food buffet is also offered. When it comes to amenities this is certainly the best choice. Still I prefer the Luderlounge.

    And then there is of course the option of independent working women:

    You can find girls advertising on websites such as kaufmich com or intimesrevier com. Prices will be between 100 and 150 Euros for one hour.

    Not personally tested but LE Monique on intimesrevier gets often good reviews on German forums.

    And so does LanaDT on kaufmich com (she has a dominant side and likes it rather rough. So if you like anal, being punished or even being peed on, there is your option, LOL, but normal sex is possible too).

    So yeah, if you come to Germany only with the intention to monger, Dortmund is not the way to go, there are better options. But if you are in Dortmunf anyways, it's not like you have to live like a monk either.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. Please post reports consisting primarily of a commercial nature and/or reports with links to commercial websites in the Classified Advertisement section of the Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Upsell. Desaster in Linienstr. / RLD in Dortmund

    Currently there is poor line-up. But even worse, the girls are into heavy upselling mode. Esp. AVOID one called Diana, early / mid 30 ies, very big natural boobs (dd-cup), she has a big wart in between her breasts. Even after succeeding with her upselling with me- she continued to upsell.


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    Big Tits in Linienstr

    I am currently amazed of several big natural breast ladies popping up in Linienstr. One is DD, another is EE, another is the- all natural.

    The quality of Dortmund RLD BTW is way higher curruently than Bochum Eierberg. I do remember when it was totally the other way around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishi33  [View Original Post]
    Visiting Dortmund next weekend and staying near the airport so was planning on visiting but have also been reading up about Luder Lounge and Deja Vu.

    Any recommendations on where best to visit while in Dortmund.

    Club Varena will rock your world!

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    Dortmund advice needed.

    Visiting Dortmund next weekend and staying near the airport so was planning on visiting but have also been reading up about Luder Lounge and Deja Vu.

    Any recommendations on where best to visit while in Dortmund.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    If you care for something really new:

    Some stunners there.
    Wow! More wow is that a 30 minute session with one of these dolls is the same price as a FKK girl.

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