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    Hello everyone,
    I am on my last evening in Europe and visited the sex stairs (malls) near the main train center. I found a drop dead gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, Slovak girl. She had pigtails and reminded me of the Heidi character in the movie, Courage Mountain. She started by giving me a back message then a really nice BJ with a condom. Then things turned for the worse. she would not take her pants off and told me that he had an operation on her pussy and could not have sex for 6 weeks. Why the hell was she there in the first place! Anywayz, I caughed up 110 Euros ($110) for 45 minutes and decided to make the best of it. She was extremely hot, but also an extreme dissapointment in the sack.

    Well, this concludes my European Tour de Puss. I am off to Nuevo Laredo Mexico next, in December.

    Happy Hunting


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    FKK Oase and Atlantis: what a choice. Both rather hard to find, being in out of the way places. Oase has the better facilities. It is much larger, there are chalets in a large garden, even a tennis court. There is a decent-sized swimming pool and a cinema. The individual rooms are excellent, and you can use the outdoor chalets too. The problem is with the girls. More Russians, more hassling. And the water in the swimming pool was on the chilly side. Atlantis by contrast is smaller and more intimate. Rooms less palatial, more like a cheap hotel. There are just as many girls there if not more (upwards of fifty), and most seem really friendly, less standoffish and businesslike. The public rooms and garden may be smaller, but the pool is deliciously warm and inviting. Avoid Atlantis on Wednesday and Oase on Thursday (girls not naked on those days). Good service more or less guaranteed in both places: you talk to the girls at your leisure before committing yourself. prices idential: 60 euros admission, then 50 euros per half hour full service.

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    Can anyone recommend a place for seeing strip tease in franfurt?
    I'll spend only one morning right there.. Thank you..

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    I am going to be in Frankfurt (with a car) next weekend and the following weekend. I'd like to take my girlfriend to a live sex show, of quality, and perhaps find a nice girl to perform oral sex on my girlfriend while I watch. i will also be in Switzerland. Can anyone recommend a place that is clean, fairly safe with ncie women and not grossly expensive?



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    Re buying Viagra over the counter in Deutschland: I don't know 100%, but I would be extremely surprised if you could get V without a percription. And if you think you can bring a perscription from home and use it in Germany, think again: Only doctors who are registered in EC countries can have their perscriptions honoured. Best bet is to bring it with you from home and avoid hassles. Otherwise, I think your only option is to go to a local, German doctor, pay those fees and then try to get a Viagra perscription from him, then go pay the expensive German Viagra prices...


    New Subject:

    Driving back from Atlantis recently, I come off the 66 Autobahn and enter Frankfurt city via Hanauer Landsrasse. There is was, illuminated in floodlights: The brand new "Napoleon's FKK Sauna Club" situated on Hanauer Landstrasse, not far from Hotel Alfa and the giant Bauhaus Home Store.

    Anybody have any comments about this, apperently, new club?


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    No question, Atlantis is the better choice if you value girl selection: depending on which night of the week you go, Atlantis will offer a selection unparalled in Germany, perhaps in all of Europe, of between 60 -100 girls, many 8s and some 9s! The drawback (for you) will be its access for the casual tourist from Frankfurt airport. If you're serious, take a taxi. Say to a taxi driver: FKK Atlantis in Altenstadt. You're talking about a 45min drive each way using autobahns. Bite the bullet, pay your taxi money (ca. 100Euro round trip?) and go for the best!

    If you're on a cheaper budget, then go to FKK35, which is more central, but lacks the selection, by far!

    Another option to consider: FKK Oase in Burgholtzhausen. Take S-bahn to Bad Homburg and then taxi; much cheaper transport costs than Atlantis and the second best girl selection in Frankfurt area: still very impressive.

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    I am going to staying the night in Frankfurt before departing to London and I am really interest in going either FKK 35 or Atlantis. Can anyone recommend which one is better? Also, one more question.... when I arrive at Frankfurt airport, how do i get to these places? What destination do i ask for? Is the city center far from the airport?
    I would be very grateful if some could answer my questions... please feel free to email me on;

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    You still pay the entry for fkk35 even if you see a girl
    the answer to the rest of your questions are answered under the fkk section

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    I would like to visit an FKK club whilst in Germany next month. I guess the FKK 35 is the only one in Frankfurt. How far is it from main station and do you pay the entrance fee still if you have a session? How are the girls at FKK 35?..thnks


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    I arrive on Monday, January 20, 2003 and would like to know of the best 3 Sex Clubs in all of Frankfurt for our 6 hour lay over before we fly to Austria.

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    Hi all -

    Are there any FKK clubs near Heidelberg or Walldorf? Or anything else for that matter? Thanks.
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    @ Astroglide

    You didn?t say if you were going to have a car or not.
    In Mainz there is a Brothel right near Train Station.
    Its been a while since I have been there I believe the Prices are about 30 Euro. One recommendation is stay away from the German girls the Thai seem to give better service. There is one Thai I believe on the second floor and on the middle room on the left side of the hall, which was good.

    Here is a link to find clubs and such Click on quick find then Chose Hesen then Wiesbaden Mainz.

    If you have a car then you may be better served going to an FKK, which you can read the reports in that section. FKK 35 is a small club but nice. It is about 35-40 min.s from Mainz. Then you have Alantis Oasis ect?

    If you prefer a private appt type club that will run you about 150 euro. For an hour. Let me know if you need more info

    Happy hunting

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am going to be in Mainz next month and would like to find out about any FKK clubs, private houses, or pickup bars in the area.
    Any and all info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Eros centers - Just a few comments on the Eros centers. I have been about 4-5 times in the last two years when traveling through to Africa from Amsterdam. In November 2001, pre euro the price was 50 DM, about 20 usd at that time. A very fair price. When I went back in April in 2002 the price was 50 Euro, now that is a little bit of inflation! In general the service is very rushed as always, but I did see some real stunners in the buildings, unfortunately these stunning tall creatures were german and as most of the readers know, these are usually the worst performances. Very business like. I did have a couple of nice experiences with an asian and a latin girl(s). So, my opinion of the Eros towers is this. First do not try to walk into every building and walk to every floor, you will be way to tired and sweaty to enjoy yourself later. Find a nice asian ( be careful of the ladyboys, which are usually to tall and have a deeper voice ) or a nice Latin girl and do not expect to much and you will have a nice time.

    About 5 % are really nice looking, 10% are nice looking, but to find this small percentage you would have to walk into 5-7 centers and walk to the top of each one. Trust me , this is a lot of hot stairwells. Just grab the first cutie you see with a good personality and do not worry about what the rest of the buildings may have.

    Can someone please post if the price is still 50 Euros in these 50 floors of ******.


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    Nearly everybody is aware that you can reach Oase by taking S-bahn to Bad Homburg, for example, and then a 15Euro taxi each way. However, the problem is that you end up paying at least 40Euro extra to/from Frankfurt centre and you have built-in time constraints because the S-bahn stops running at around mid-night, so if you want to stay at the club late night/early morning you're forced into a mega-taxi bill for your return
    journey. Thus a club like Oase, whilst it can certainly be reached by public transport and taxi, is still best reached by self-drive car...

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