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    Werderstrasse 6

    Visited the Werderstrasse 6 establishment in Friedrichshafen today. There were 4 girls there, all of whom did not look as good as their pictures. I chose a skinny long-legged Hungarian. When I asked the young fake-Swede mamasan what I'd get for 80, she promised me BBBJ and full service by the long-legged Hungarian, who couldn't speak English. I was brought upstairs and after the Hungarian took my money and went away with it, she returned and started a very mechanical handjob, and then totally backed out of giving me a BBBJ. I decided to just fuck her instead, which she let me do while turning her head away. She had a tight pussy, and seemed to genuinely need to pull away from me to avoid my deep thrusts, like I was too big for her (I'm not too big for most women). I realized then, that she was pretty new to the business, with a rarely used pussy, and that she was far from being a calloused hardened pro, which only added to the excitement.

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    Fn hous 49

    I have been to Friedrichshafen many times and visited almost all that is available in the city.

    By far the best is fn-haus 49 on Allinger Strasse.


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    Hey All,
    I've never been to Germany, but it looks like I'll be in Friedrichshafen for a little while. This forum starts pretty bleak (yikes) but it seems like currently there might be some fun to be found.

    My research has netted me this:
    Venus Sauna
    Eva & Bea

    The websites don't look to great. Any local brothers nearby with some insight into this?


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    how to find ladies in FN

    Just a recommendation: ladies. De

    Klick onto the map button an type in Friedrichshafen

    This will give you a pretty nice overview

    Have fun!

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    Emmi Slavegirl

    last weekend i visited friedrichshafen. about 1.5 km far away from my hotel (city hotel) i visited "katis sextreff" in loewentalstreet.

    i was fazinated from the thougt to try out a really new experience togehter with emmi, the slavegirl of the katis traff cabinett. she ist a young girl about 23 to 25 years. i f*cked her two times very very hard from behind, and both times i shot her the full load into her big nice mouth. she had that day a special offer and i payed 125 for a complete hour. she has some nice pictures at this website

    she also offers harder stuff like bondage, hot wax, [CodeWord103], clips, sm and fetish stuff, but that's to hard for me.

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    Good luck !

    I sent you some more information via PM - so have fun!

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    here I come

    I leave for Friedrichhafen inthe morning..see you all soon! I hpep to see some hot German Girls naked!

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    FN - no good place for having fun

    Hi Norkal !

    Peter is right. Friedrichhafen is definitley not the place to find nice girls. There are some places in this town, but you have to expect only low quality or even rip-off.

    I am living in this area, but I never went there (and I never will do this). You will find some better options on the other side of the Bodensee (Lake of Konstanz) in Konstanz, or in Ulm (about 1 hour from FN).

    In the local press there are a lot of advertisements, so if you are interested I can help you.

    My favorite, a 38-year-old sexy woman is on vacation at that time. She's really a special event, highly recommended (if she admits to visit you).

    Anyway, forget about Friedrichshafen !

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    Figured I would try again

    Hey Guys,

    I will be in Friedrichshafen Germany sept 1 throught the 5th and it seems as though I will have to share a hotel room with a co-worker that I do not know, so no playing at the hotel room. Does anyone know of any clubs, or anything in the area to "play" at?

    Any help would be great, thanks.


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    Well I am depressed now! I hope I can find either a non-pro or a local that is a ****!

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    Friedrichshafen is a no sex, or really expensive sex zone!

    I know some FKK girls who worked at some club in Konstanz, where they said a half hour with covered blow job is 200.

    The only place I) could find there is:
    but the girls don't turn me on, and I have never heard anything about the place.

    The closest FKK that has decent reviews is the Colloseum in Augsburg.

    Otherwise the Bodensee is beautiful, but unless you bring your own partner along it is not great for sex.

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    Heading to Friedrichshafen

    Hi guys!

    I will be heading to Friedrichshafen for business in Sept and I would love any information about the area that anyone can give me. I have never been to Germany but I think I will have a great time, if there are good clubs FKK and sexy girls to play with!

    Is the street scene good? Any advice guys would be great!


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    In Germany, there's not too much time to do an outdoor-fucking. But since it is my favorite location I try to get it as often as possible (2004 was a bad year).

    Yesterday I met a very cute girl, Romina. She is from Rumania and came to Germany just 2 weeks ago: 20 years, 170 cm, slim (arround 50 kg I guess), perfect body with a stricking ass (nearly as fine as africans have it) and firm breast (70 C). Nice face, cool and funny - just a 10 !

    At the phone it was difficult to convince her to do outdoor (normally only hotel/home), but finally she agreed. She entered my car, a little bit shy, but with the time she got relaxed. Together we found a nice place in a forest and had sex in all position. She only does covered, but s*cking is really sensual and deep, she has temperament and obviously like to have sexual fun.

    The price is a bit high: 160 EURO per hour, 250 EURO per two hours. She lives in Ulm, but friends (?) will bring her to any location in the surroundings. She came to my place (about 100 km from Ulm) on time without extra-paying.

    So I will do a next appointment soon. If someone is interested in more information please let me know by PM (I didn't ask her about publication of the phone number)

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    The FN section seems more dead than alive, but nevertheless - people might still occassionally look here...

    This week, in a weekly paper under "Erotik Kontakte" I saw these two ads:

    Jogo, Japan Tel: 07541 - 74177
    and Joggo, Japan Tel: 0174 - 8969629

    It seems to be the same lady with home-phone and cell-number. I am a lover of Japanese ladies. Does anyone know if she is real Japanese, where to be found, how her service is, and what she charges??

    I am only shortly in the area for business and any info is very much appreciated!

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    Does anyone know whether Eros Center (Laufhaus) "Erotica" in FH (Flugplatzstrasse 9) is worth its money? Supposedly, service starts at Euro 30.

    20 girls (different ones every week) are supposed to be there.

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