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    Konstanz, Zurich, and the Bodensee

    Here's my research for a trip to Zurich and around the Bodensee. Always happy to hear reports from members, especially for the clubs never mentioned on ISG.



    *Agentur May (possibly more classy girls?) very nice facilities, reports of high level of service, report of 130 Eu / HR, also 140/45 with BBBJ and ball licking, also 150/ HR, 3 girls.

    **Club Imperia (more like a saunaclub with 50 Euro entrance) pricing?

    Open 6 pm-5 am.

    **Haus 37 A, 6 girls, report of 80 Eu /30 min.

    House 24 (more like a laufhaus), reports of being in decline.

    Open 10 am-2 am.

    Ambient Bar (kontactbar and studio).

    Open 11 am-7 pm for studio, then 7 pm the bar opens.

    230 Euro / hour.

    Club Relax (kontactbar and studio).

    Open 2 pm-4 am for studio, 7 pm -2 am for bar.

    200 ch / HR plus 50 ch for CIM or 50 ch for rimming, 5 girls.

    Bar Babalou.

    Stein am Rhein / Schaffhausen.

    *Club La Vie, good reviews.

    180 ch / HR with 50 ch entry, 12 girls.

    **Eden Saunaclub (new).

    Green Lantern (massage studio, must call for appointment).

    Multiple girls, but only 1 each day.

    Burgwiesbar. 300 ch / HR, 4 girls.

    Club Leguan. 300 ch / HR, 6 girls.

    Studio Aphrodite, ?1 girl.

    Larix 12, ?1 girl.

    Moulin Rouge (report of drugging drinks?

    Bodman / Ludwigshafen.

    No clubs. Only Independents.

    Friedrichshafen / Lindau to Brengenz.


    Many of them are in the same 3-4 addresses.

    Reports of 150 Euro / HR.

    **City Tower.

    **Agentur Angels (new).

    Dietostrasse 11,1st floor, 5 girls.

    Massage Welten (NO SEX).

    Dietostrasse 11.

    **Thai Flower.

    Moltkestrasse 13.

    Suite Cherry.

    Moltkestrasse 13.

    Lochau / Lindau.

    Bregenz / Horn to St Gallen.

    *Club Palladium. 220 ch or euro / HR plus 58 ch or euro entry.

    12 girls, younger.

    *Pascha saunaclub, 300 ch / HR or 220 Euro, 16 girls.

    **Cablegirls, 300 ch / HR or 220 Eu / HR.

    Open every day from noon, 8 girls.

    *Flamingo Club. 300 ch / HR or 220 Euro, 5 girls.

    Studio Hot Anna.

    Bahnhofstrasse 4, Rheineck, attic apartment, 4 Thai girls. 200 ch / HR?

    Studio X / White Horse Pub, 300 ch / HR, 5-6 girls.

    Studio Blue Moon, 200 ch / HR, 5 girls, young.

    Studio 188, St Gallen, 200 ch / HR, 7 girls.

    St Gallen back to Konstanz.

    City48.200 ch / HR. 300 ch /2 HR.

    **Asia Dreams. 200 ch / HR, 3 asian girls.

    Studio WG47, Langgasse 47 in St Gallen. 200 ch / HR, 6 girls.

    Extravagant Club. St Gallen. 300 ch / HR, 3-5 girls.

    Studio Butterfly, Linsebuhlstrasse 8, St Gallen, 250 ch / HR, 5 girls.

    Pink Haus, Grabenstrasse 26, Wil, 250 ch / HR, 3 asian girls.

    Kontactbar Sternen, 190 ch / HR in St Gallen.

    Sauna Club El Harem, 180 euro or ch per hour with 50 euro or ch entry, 10 girls.

    Rote Villa, 300 ch / HR, 5 girls all over 30 yo.

    Same place earlier in the day is 200 ch / HR.

    Studio Moonlight, Romanhornerstrasse 27, Amriswil, 200 ch / HR, 6 girls, mostly older.

    Club Laguna / Bombastic Girls, 200 ch / HR, 13 girls, appears to offer AO "Tabulos" taboo-free for extra 100 ch.



    (Mostly Bar style clubs).

    Aphrodisia 500 ch / HR, approx 25+ girls, free soft drinks, closed Sunday, no extra charges except for anal.

    Edelclub Medusa. 500 ch / HR, 8-10 girls, free soft drinks, closed Sunday and Monday.

    Beatrice Privat 430 ch / hour, 3-5 girls, closed Saturday and Sunday.

    Club Seline 400 ch / HR, 8-10 girls, one free drink, closed Saturday and Sunday.

    Amesia 340 ch / HR top girls: Kenza, 16-18 girls, free soft drinks, closed Monday.


    (Mostly Sauna style clubs).

    Globe Club. 300 ch / HR plus 95 ch admission, approx 30+ girls, open every day, Tues is public sex day, Mon / Tues / Thurs are FKK days. VERY HIGH PRAISE FOR SCARLET.

    Club Pascha 310 ch / HR (210/ HR on Wednesday), closed Sunday.

    Club Palace. 230 ch / HR.

    AboutHands massage. 200 ch / HR prostate massage +30 for mutual massage, 3-4 girls, open every day.

    Westside Club 200 ch / HR plus admission 60 ch, 15 girls, open every day.

    Club Swiss. 198 ch / HR plus admission 60 ch, 8-10 girls, open every day.


    A24.200 ch / HR, 2-5 girls, open every day.

    Insomnia 250/ HR, 4-6 girls, open every day.

    Soprano Club. 300 ch / HR, 25+ girls, open every day.

    Eden Girls. 280 ch / HR, 4-6 girls, open every day.

    Casa Della Seduzione, good option right downtown Zurich for quick service.

    Club12.300 ch / HR, 6 girls, open every day.

    Spa Sensuel. 120 minutes prostate massage 450 ch.

    Suite 12, mostly ertoic massage, 250 ch / HR.

    Freud Beach Club. 260 ch / HR plus 49 ch entry, open every day. Approx 20 girls, 1:30 train from Zurich.

    Freubad. Ch.

    Cleo Club, 269 ch / HR plus 69 ch entry, open every day.

    Cleoclub. Ch.

    Other links:


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    Rostock 2022 summer

    Visited Karla. Very kind lady. Ready to satisfy you. Just respect women like you always should do.

    She doesn't do anal or without condom.

    I went for a quickie 20 minutes.

    Did not rush. BJ with condom in 2 different positions, standing and on bed.

    Missionary was good.

    Experience 7/10.

    Damages 50 euro for short time, but well worth it.
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    Has anyone been lately? I have been there 4 times and always was amazed at how many windows had girls on Antoniusstrasse. At any one time in the afternoon and evening, between 10-25. And some were pretty good looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MassageMonger1  [View Original Post]
    How are the parlors down there? Any worth visiting?
    Honestly, I don't really know, I usually don't go for the massages. I know there are a few that pop up for Kaiserslautern and Homburg, but I have never tried any of them.

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    Massage Parlors

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBravo83  [View Original Post]
    So I live in Pirmasens, south of Kaiserslautern, and have hit up some of the girls around the area at times when I can. Anyone else in this part of Germany? I've come across another forum that has information on girls that Provide AO services but some of the posts are much older.

    If there is anyone that is in this area and want to trade info about girls from ladies. De or from kaufmich let me know.
    How are the parlors down there? Any worth visiting?

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    Maria Eduarda Rostock

    Had messaged with WhatsApp from Berlin as I was arriving in Rostock the next day and wanted some action. Friendly messages in reply and arranged to go in the evening (Went after visiting Eva who I also made a report about here).

    Arrived at the apartment block and was shown straight in. Very friendly girl hugged and kissed me as soon as I came in. We had arranged prices beforehand, 70430 including everything. A bit of chat about my military background beforehand and then she asks me to go to the bathroom and clean up before we go into action.

    Body is 10/10, she is short and slim but with good size tits. Brazilian with caramel coloured skin.

    Blows good and then she asks me to lift my body up and she puts an inflatable cushion underneath. Then unexpectedly she starts to lick my asshole while using a vibrator on my cock and balls and starts sticking her tongue in my asshole. A new experience and not an unpleasant one. After doing this for a few minutes she applies a condom and some lubricant before she mounts me and slides my cock into her ass. It felt amazing! After riding me with my cock in her ass for a few minutes we lay side by side with me hammering away and she keeps leaning back for tongue kisses.

    Absolute 10/10 recommendation.
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    Eva Rostock

    Had messaged with WhatsApp prior to meeting and price she was offering 80430 with anal for an extra 20. Messaged her to say I was coming and was let in with no problems but when came to pay she says anal is extra 50, I showed her the message and then she says ok no problem. She starts to blow and blows good, flicking her tongue and looking me in the eye and rubbing my cock between her enormous tits. Then I put on the rubber and climb aboard and enter the pussy. When I enter the back door its hard to go in because she isn't relaxing. Eventually I get in she is making the right noises but says she likes it better in the pussy. After about ten minutes I have shot my load and she cleans me up before I leave. Said she was Italian but her accent is Romanian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielStagnaro  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of somewhere to get some action in Montabaur? Thanks.
    Not so far from Giessen where clubs around.

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    Rhineland Pfalz

    So I live in Pirmasens, south of Kaiserslautern, and have hit up some of the girls around the area at times when I can. Anyone else in this part of Germany? I've come across another forum that has information on girls that Provide AO services but some of the posts are much older.

    If there is anyone that is in this area and want to trade info about girls from ladies. De or from kaufmich let me know.

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of somewhere to get some action in Montabaur? Thanks.

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    He Thai Massage K-Town?

    Anyone know if Kaiserslautern has any Thai parlors that offer he? Really want a good massage, that also offers he. I've seen Rubens Lady and Sylvia from Ladies. De and they were basically just he, no massage. Rubens had a little bit of a bodyrub, but wasn't anything great, I do recommend her tho. Very pretty, even tho she is bigger.

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    How is Aachen nowadays? How are the girls and the prices there?

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    Stopped by to see Alesa from ladies. Should have bailed. It was late at night and there were folks going and and out of the apartments non stop. She is Romanian, not Latina. And her boobs sagged to below her belly button. She was nice, and for 50 eu I got a CBJ. Drove too far to leave empty handed. Definitely her in the pics, but definitely not recent. They were like two oranges at the bottom of two shopping bags.

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    Visited Rostock for a short stay. I followed the advice of Mexican Lover and checked rotlicht dot de. I found Kim who said she was from Spain. There was very little problems to set up a date. In an hour I was in her nice apartment. Kim is a nice, sexy lady and she's fun to talk to. She gave me a standard service with extra for blowjob without condom. Total 180 for an hour of sex in multiple positions and option on multiple nuts but I couldn't get there. Still the one pop was fine. I think she may have got a bit of it in her mouth because she went to spit directly after. No hassle, great girl, recommended!

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    Haus Michelle in Trier. Opposite the train station.

    Warm and clean building, free entry to look around. About ten women aged around 30, seemed friendly with good attitude.

    Pricing 50 euro for 20 minutes, or 80 euro for 30 minutes.

    (But I'll save my money for cheaper areas of Germany).

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