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    Club Pearls in Trier: what a dud!

    Instead of stopping at FKK Paradise in Saarbruecken on my way towards Luxemburg I decided it was time for me to try something new and take the alternative route through Trier to check Club Pearls (

    I was ushered into an ante-room where the "now available" girls were to be presented to me. First disappointment: it was well after 2 pm but I was shown only 5 girls although according to the website girls were starting their shift at either 9 am or 2 pm.

    The girls ranged from 6 to 7 in looks. I pointed to a skinny gipsy girl with siliconed tits and plenty of tattoos who looked like a seasoned pro while still being under 30, and we went to the room.

    I was asked to pay upfront (80 euro for standard 30-minute service). The room was stuffy and had no mirrors, not at all a room like the ones they proudly advertise on their website. I exhibited my sagami condom but the girl turned it down. I was half-expecting this but there was worse to come. Her condom turned out to be one of those thick milky white condoms. She rushed to put it on my limp cock no sooner had I lain on the bed, no questions asked, then proceeded to give me a CBJ that felt unpleasantly toothy even through the condom. I concentrated to drum up some erection in spite of everything but when I wanted to fuck in doggy she insisted on missionary. I went through the motions of missionary for a minute then withdrew and told her to turn around. At least she didn't refuse to do so but this was about the only non-unpleasant surprise in the session. In doggy I felt little through the bicycle tire condom and the girl kept her hand on my cock, not from underneath but from behind. This prevented her from curving properly and made her look like she was wiping her arse.

    This was leading nowhere. I invented some excuse about not feeling well, not having had dinner etc, and left. Lesson learnt.

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    Great time in Jena.

    I've been visiting Jena from USA this week and discovered I was staying close to the Psst Jena house. I contacted them and set up an appointment with Svantje. Had a great time with her and she was everything that was promised. Very slender girl who was GFE and PSE for me. Thanks to her and Saskia (the housemother, or whatever is the best term) who recommended her!

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    Saarland looks interesting!

    I've been to the area of Essen, Duisburg, Bochum etc many times but am now bored with the area and the mongering scene there, which seems to have gone downhill, especially regarding the quantity / quality of ladies in the Laufhausen!

    I was thinking of checking out the Saarland area, as it appears from my research that for a small area there are a lot of good looking working ladies and many clubs. Probably because it's near to Luxembourg / France? So I was thinking of visiting Trier, Trierwiler, Saaerlouis and Saarbrucken for example. Does anyone have experience of this area? I see a coupe of mentions on this thread, but I'm not really interested in FKK clubs. I prefer a more informal club / private apartment if possible. And am more interested in curvy types, especially Latinas if possible. Also, are there any good Laufhausen in the area worth visiting? Thanks for any advice you can give!

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    Help at Mannheim.

    First time to Germany (family trip) and also first time mongering in Europe in general.

    I think I've read enough to know the ins and out, but would like recommendations.

    I will be in Mannheim tomorrow for a day meeting a business client, have a few hrs spare before I head back to my family further south.

    Any recommendations for brotels / laufhaus / ladies, that is available day time?

    I am Asian, prefer white women for this trip. I only speak English.

    Any help and pointers for Mannheim are appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueNation  [View Original Post]
    Great to hear you had a good time. There are not Spanish women working at Pearls in Trier, they probably were Romanian. Who cares if service was good.
    P.S. My personal experiences and opinion.

    Girls says.

    I am spanish= Romainian.

    I am from Turkey= Bulgarian.

    I am from Italy= Romanian.

    I am from Latvia= Russian / Ukrainian.

    Iam Romanian= Albanian.

    I am from Macedonia= Albania again.

    I am German= Its true just accept weird behaviour (They think they are a cut above the rest. My opinion in some fields yes you might be prospering now but not in the bang bang business you are all the same.).

    Theres some more I can't remember. Will add to list once memory is refreshed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sxyman  [View Original Post]
    Is the Donauhasen still open in Regensburg? I would like to know if it is still active. Thanks in advance.
    It's still active. Not a lot of action but better than nothing!

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    Is the Donauhasen still open in Regensburg? I would like to know if it is still active. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knorrot  [View Original Post]
    Visited November 2016 Club Pearls in Trier

    Was lucky to choose a blackhaired Spanish girl.

    My friend also picked out of all the beauties a Spanish woman and also had a great experience..
    Great to hear you had a good time. There are not Spanish women working at Pearls in Trier, they probably were Romanian. Who cares if service was good.

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    Visited November 2016 Club Pearls in Trier together with a friend. We could choose out of a line-up of 20 gorgeous woman. I have never seen so many 8 and 9's in one room. If you visit their website you can, t imagine it is real. I can confirm it is.

    Was lucky to choose a blackhaired Spanish girl. Had a great 2 hrs with her. Foolish me did not remember her name.

    My friend also picked out of all the beauties a Spanish woman and also had a great experience.

    Visited their website today and the collection of beauties is still wonderfull. Hope to be there end of February 2018.

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    Hey all, recently relocated to Magdeburg from wien staying near to main university. I had much fun in Wien and Would like to get some guidance in Magdeburg (indie, trustworthy escorts, street scene etc).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Partytreff in Aachen?

    I went to a partytreff in Frankfurt once and had a great time, so I'm hoping to visit another one in December when I return to Europe. The problem is my work brings me to Brussels and I know there are trains that go to Aachen from Brussels, but I'm not sure if there's any partytreff in Aachen. Can anyone recommend any FKK or partytreff in Aachen, if there are any?

    Would Dusseldorf have more establishments to choose from? I plan to take a train excursion from Brussels to Aachen and stay two days, but I can also go to Dusseldorf.


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    Kiel Eros center

    Went to see what's in Kiel. About 4 entrys with different floors. The girl range was few but there was many rooms, but maybe it was a bad day cause it was raining and went home before midnight.

    Had GPS finding the place and there was several parking space and even a parking house which you could enter at night. The fence went down when we were going back and got panicked cause we thought we had to stay outside all night. Your parking ticket opens up the gate.

    Went a round before deciding and saw a few doable. Decided for Sophia for my first, brunette, tall 172 cm from "Romania" quoted 30 e for 20 minutes and 50 for 30 min.

    Chose 30 E and went in, paid up and dressed of.

    Started off with a HJ and then put the condom on and some BJ, asked her to ride me then she said 30 e is only BJ and missionary 1 position. I asked for doggy but she said no, only missionary.

    Went on and came, wiped of and the goodbye.

    Looks 8/10.

    S 2/10.

    WIR no, maybe if you go for multiple positions=50 e.

    Walked a few other rounds to see if any new has arrived but had to refill energy and ate a chicken kebab just outside. Walked few more rounds and stopped and Sorinas room, cute petite, dark hair also from "Romania" She quoted the same and this time I tried for the 50 E. Same procedures CBJ then ask her to ride me which she did. Then missionary and finished with doggy. What she did during the whole time was playing with her phone, except for the missionary. Neither did she make any sounds. Even before and after I tried to talk to her she was gone focusing on her phone so had to repeat.

    Looks 7/10.

    S 6/10.

    WIR no.

    What I learn from this is to ask more than what I get for the price, also need to ask about the positions. Other than that, everyone can be a hit and miss.

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    Antonia in the Bellami (Landshut)

    Tonight a first trip to this brothel in Landshut. I found her in ladies. De. 100% real her. Fresh young babe from Moldova. I love her natural boobs. But she is fresh in this industry. She has stayed in Augsburg before. Her services are limited. No BBBJ and DFK. And her blowjob is really bad. Not comfortable and not well satisfied my wants. Less mechanical. She will stay more months to earn more money. Probably not repeat.

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    Thanks Optimist for your advice, so I could avoid SKY FKK.

    I managed to get out 9.30, took a taxi to Magnum, 10 km and 25 . Paid 60 in, there were not 100 girls but maybe about 10. Not a best club but not worst either. Heineken for free, other beers for fee, some food for free some for fee.

    Did a blond called Ianna from Bulgaria, ok attitude. I can recommend her and Magnum rather than staying bored in the room, but if you have a car, is better to go to Living Room, Happy Garden, Golden Time, Oase, Samya or one of the others.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Stay safe, but fuck the new law!


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    Try for local houses.

    Sky is full of older larger south American ladies.

    Acapulco sauna club at Velbert is about 25 km.

    Mystic Girls in Remscheid.

    As I guess you'll be using a taxi, best to go to an FKK and stay rather than hop around.

    All depends what you are after.

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