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    Maybe try badoo in Athens to meet some fls? If they can speak english.

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    Could try vipdatingathens. Gr to see if it works as greeks must have some easy methods for meeting women.

    VIP dating club on fb.

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    Recap January 25-27 - Part 4/3 Bonus Round

    Some random keen observations and / or notes I typed into my phone to relay onto ISG, no particular order.

    3 doors on Filis St south of a lit sign that reads Hotel Brazil, closest number on Google Streetview is Filis 52. These 3 doors are almost guaranteed to have the hottest girls 90% of the time. You can thank me later.

    The run down place I keep calling Mexican-Georgia. I re-read the name and listened to the subway PA voice and it sounds easier when thinking phonetics. Spelled Metaxourgeio but easiest to pronounce May-Tax-Uhh-Jour (like french bonjour) -Rio (Like Rio De Janeiro or Donald Trump's Rio Grande Border Wall That They Will Climb Over / Dig Under).

    May-Tax-Uhh-Jour-Rio in January 2019 just wasn't that great, even for 10 E standards.

    Some lingo I think I picked up:
    Normal program=BJ and sex.
    Full program=same with anal included.
    When you want anal (if it was on the menu) just say "ass" and she'll assume the position.
    An open secret that wasn't made known in years past is Filis girls and even a few MG girls are open to DATY /69. I think I got some 90% of my sessions with 10% denied me. Licking tits fair game 100%. DFK was a straight up NO.
    "Spanish sex" is Eastern Euro slang for tit job. In Spain, "Greek sex"/"Griego sexo" is slang for anal. <----We don't have either of these phrases in the USofA so I stood there with a blank expression when the mama san said her girl's Spanish Sex is superb.

    Subways keep changing on me. October 2016, access was honor system, tickets were tiny ribbon printers that looked like a gumball machine to validate. November 2017, access is still honor system, all gumball machines have been replaced by IR scanners, chips in each paper ticket. January 2019: Same IR machines but NO MORE HONOR SYSTEM, added door flaps like in Milan/Barcelona. What will they think of next.

    The one and only time I visited the Acropolis, I fended off a bar tab scam attempt and a what-time-is-it scam attempt. So brazen, I wish I had some kind of lead pipe or axe. "What time is it?" "It's after 2005. Everyone has a cell phone and every cell phone says what time it is." "Where are you from?" "That doesn't exactly correlate to the current time."

    I did contemplate splurging on full escort hour length services, but sites I looked at were copyright dated 2014-15 and worried listings might be outdated so called that off.

    Looked up website mpourdela and there was a studio matching the 20 rates about 7-8 blocks west of Filis St. Same concept except they had girls from Venezuela. I was just surveying the place for ISG sake, already went with a South American girl a few months earlier in BCN, but in hindsight maybe I should've tried one out, see if she'd warm up to my basic Spanish speaking.

    One curvy girl on Saturday morning offered everything including BBBJ and anal. Kind of desperate, but in hindsight maybe I should've tried something. Kept my eye open Sunday but she never appeared.

    One girl I swear ran into all hours of the day in at least 6 different doorways, kept begging me, she too offered BBBJ, anal, and kissing. Really beating myself up why I didn't try her out.

    One I was really looking forward to from 2017 was in Filis 68, go up a metal spiral case. Native Athens girl, wavy red hair, lightning bolt tatt on arm, tall. Offered anal, and if you get her just right she'll DFK too. 14 months later went when open at night and it was some other girl so I left. Just wondering if anyone knows if she's still around, she would've totally been worth the wait.

    It was a sea of hot girls, and even though I got with several of them, there were some there wasn't enough time / energy of day to get to, and leaving me with hindsight of man I should've gone with that one over there but I came back and she left 30 minutes ago. Still overall fulfilled, especially that threesome on Saturday.

    All right, that's what I got, why'all. US/Texas Citizen getting his Filis Street's worth signing off. Till some day.
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    Recap January 25-27 - Part 3/3 Sunday

    Went back to Filis 52* greeted by a fresh young Russian girl wearing only stiletto shoes and nothing else. Heart tatt on hip. She's completely down for everything. 69'd, ate her out some more, re-positioned her for my favorite upside down BJ. Blew my load on her body. Definately got my money's worth.

    Went with 3 more Filis girls. Got burned by one that wasn't that great, but the other two were decent.

    Sunday night, have a Monday morning flight, thought I'd go see the Bulgarian spinner girl one last time. She was ready when I screened her earlier. When I made up my mind and walked back to her, two guys were picked first and I didn't want to wait 20-30 minutes more so instead wished Bulgarian spinner well, went one last time to again Filis 52** and different Russian girl, only wearing a french maid panty, take her in, was almost a repeat of the first mentioned girl in the morning.

    Enjoyed my me time in Filis, as I flew back to the States Monday morning. Looking back there were a few regrets. Was hoping to see some familiar faces that ended up not happening.

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    Recap January 25-27 - Part 2/3 Saturday

    Woke up. Walked over to Filis 87. Very cute petite spinner from Bulgaria. Barely 5'anything with slight bucktooth but Perfect boobs, ate her out, did everything, finished on her gorgeous tits.

    Ate breakfast, re-charged.

    Went to Filis 66. Mama san offered blonde and brunette. 20 10 minutes for one or 30 15 minutes threesome.

    Guess what went down.

    Pretend you're playing the party game Twister except instead of a large mat with colored dots it's two naked girls. There was no kissing or 69, but they were Ok with me positioning them and stacking them on top of each other so I could bang one with the other's tits at mouth level. And also guiding them to rub / squeeze each other's tits.

    And all 3 of us were giggly the whole time. There were mirrors on walls and ceiling to admire the experience. No cold deadfish. Said 15 but might have gone 20 and no one said anything.

    Ate lunch. Went back to M-G. Nothing was there.

    Went to Filis, side street Fokeos, one busty Greek girl didn't speak ample amount of English, but we got it going. When I finished on her tits, I leaned over in funny angle, cramped my leg collapsed and mama san ran in to check on me. She even offered bottled water in case it was dehydration.

    Getting dark.

    Went to M-G. Saw a dark skinned Mallorca (Spain) girl I went with a few years ago. Waited in line almost 30 minutes. Shelled out the 10. She walks in, same as 2017 tries to upsell me 30 minutes for extra 40. Thought about it for a second but declined. Did some stuff. Being a veteran of Mexico Border Towns, spoke dirty Spanish and she was all Aye Papi right back.

    Back to Filis.

    Went to Filis 52** where a tanned Romanian girl nice body I went with in 2016 but with waiting line tonight tried to rush me with a hand job. For 20 she better let me in. She did eventually.

    May or may not have gone with one or two more girls my minds drawing a blank right now.

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    Recap January 25-27 - Part 1/3 Friday

    (Sorry I take forever to write up these recaps, stuff happens).

    Flew in early Friday evening from Budapest. Toured Europe scratched some places / items off my bucket list. Now it's time for a 3 day bender in Filis St. Especially after the monger scene in Prague and Budapest were major letdowns, the US Citizen In Filis St Effect was amped out at this point.

    Reserved an Airbnb near Victoria Subway Station less than 3 blocks from Filis.

    Set foot on Filis around 9 pm Friday night, screened about 95% of doorways available. Rates were the same 20. My first choice went to Filis 59, corner building lower floor 2 girls one nice body, other one offered anal included. Hadn't had anal in forever so took the other girl. Wasn't too crazy about the face, but I got anal out of it.

    Had the itch to go to the other place at Mexico-Georgia* so off to the subway I went. There around 11:30 pm. Saw a couple of ok looking girls in a sea of duds. Found a cute looking Arabic looking girl. Then there was this other girl that included anal in her service. Another anal. Thought about going to Arabic looking girl, but a hard rain came down and I took off running.

    2 am after subways shut down, walked back to Filis for one last girl. Can't remember exact details one month later but have vague idea it was a winner.

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    No ads

    Quote Originally Posted by Histrov  [View Original Post]

    Who knows something about this site?
    All zero ads to read.

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    Who knows something about this site?

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    Athens day 5 and 6.

    So with the trip coming to an end, had time for 3 possible punts.

    For first one, managed to get the MILF from the 3-sum into the hotel. A good session for 70 E.

    Despite all my luring, couldn't get the studio girl to my hotel. So went to the studio where she was on. 70 E again but no complaints on service. First time I also used the shower in the room. Good hot water and shower gel availed.

    For last day just had the choice of the one girl in the studio. Late 30's MILF. Maybe it was too early in the morning for here. Average service. First time in many visits this studio was average service girl.

    Overall Athens was good. From the very cheap skanky ones in the filty sort of Filis houses. To the escort agencies for 140. Seems there is a good spread to the taste depending on the budget. Personally I didn't try the agencies but did indulge them and they respond well. Best bet I think is the studios. You pay a bit more but the girls and the environment is better and cleaner (and I m guessing STD safer). For those that can do the E20 cheap ones on filis. Good. I just found it to be too dirty.

    Anyways now its off to Turkey in 2 weeks! Good fun there but higher prices.

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    After weeks of trawling round metax area I only ever found 2 who were reasonable. Mostly skanks there in crumbling houses.

    There's 100's of dives in the area so you may need to walk far.

    One was a slim greek gal who was very nice at 20 e.

    And a Russian bird from Moscow who charged me 20 euros and did BBBJ without asking.

    Late I did see some plump FLs hanging around in the dark streets.

    Lots of junkies around the area shooting up drugs.

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    DayTime action in Athens?

    Any tips on High End day time action while others are sightseeing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeFan  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for all the Intel which I will use on my trip next week, and which I will report on. Can anyone tell me how early in the morning the white lights go on in Metaxourgeio and Filis areas? Some of my free time will be then, and am wondering if any WGs are at work then. Thanks. Pig.
    Not sure about the time. But definitely the quality I saw there wasn't all that! Perhaps try some of the studios?

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    Athens day 4.

    Finally got the 3 some set for early afternoon. Never had my dick and balls sucked at the same time.

    Bang her. Bang other. Great way to spend E120 (cheapest 3 sum ever!

    By the night I was fancying more action. Back to Vourvachi. The convenience of this place from my hotel was amazing!

    Again 2 girls, opted for that one I had night before. Great service for E70 again.

    Pooped and tired. Passed out.

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    About mid morning they go on. Depends on staff arriving for work I guess.

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    Morning hours?

    Thanks for all the Intel which I will use on my trip next week, and which I will report on. Can anyone tell me how early in the morning the white lights go on in Metaxourgeio and Filis areas? Some of my free time will be then, and am wondering if any WGs are at work then. Thanks.

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