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    Next week in Athens

    Plan to be in Athens next week from wed to sun. Anyone wants to catch up and check girls?

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    Athens next week

    Will be in athens next weekend.

    Anyone free to catch up and get a few gals together?

    Pm is active.


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    Athens visit next week.

    I will be in Athens next week. Send me a PM if anyone is around to meet up.

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    Athens Aug 29-Sept 2nd

    I will be in Athens from Athens Aug 29-Sept 2nd. Send me a PM if anyone is around to meet up.

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    In Athens for the next 4 nights. PM me if you're around and want to hit Filis and surrounding areas. (Sep 30 - 3rd).

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    Visit to Athens planned

    I shall be in Athens in the next few weeks, PM if anyone would like to meet.

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    Visit middle of November

    I am planning to visit Athens in the middle of November. Anybody who will be there also and wants to join me looking for girls?

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    Will be in Athens next week.

    Anybody visiting Athens and want to join me looking for girls?

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    Will be in Athens from 28th Aug to 3rd Sept. Plan to check out the Filis area action and maybe sample some of the higher end of the market too.

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    Island Levsos

    Hi to everyone,

    I'll be in Levsos between Aug. 1 and 23.

    Anyone interested in mongering together? Can anyone give tips for this Island?

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    Girl friendly hotels in Athens

    Are most of the 4 and 5* hotels in Athens girl friendly? If not, would appreciate any guidance I can get.


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    I will be in Athens the first week of August. Is anyone else around?

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    In the next months I will visit some country. Also Greece.

    Who will be also there in October?

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    Airfare deals to Greece?

    I am planning a trip to Greece between September 8th - 19th, 2010. Anyone know of any deals or tricks to getting a great price?

    Right now the websites are offering tickets at about $1000 each. I'm leaving from the US (Houston or Dallas), but I can get to other cities if there is a saving to be had.

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    I will be in Athens tomorrow, anyone easy going close for a coffee?

    I will stay at Hilton.

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