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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullfrogau  [View Original Post]
    Adele had been discussed a while ago & was being considered for a visit by another forum member. I posted asking if anyone had ended up seeing her but realized I hadn't put in link so made a 2nd post with the link. Only the 2nd post got approved, that's why it looks a bit weird without the first post for context.

    Off to London tomorrow so will have hopefully have some fun there.
    My previous post goes to you as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasserskier  [View Original Post]

    New member here, planning a trip to Budapest. I've researched the girls, and found this one:

    Does anyone have experience with her? She has some reviews on eurogirlsescort, all positive.

    This ad was already mentioned in the forum last year, and after it I tried really hard to track her down. Our correspondence was exciting and promising, she appeared to be genuine, and in addition she used very good English in writing. But eventually I was simply unable to arrange a date with her. She said it was not okay for this, and then it was not okay for that, and when we finally managed to fix a date a week in advance, she called it off the day before. Then the whole circle was repeated, and when she cried off the party the same way for the second time, I just lost my patience and opted for another girl.

    However, this other girl was a different type, more of a professional escort (but about the same price category, 150 euro or 50 k HUF). With her I had no problem to make arrangements, and she was actually very good and worth trying once even at those rates. But a different type, so I still lack that famous part-time college girl experience. (I found this second choice girl very simply on the beszamolok site, and she's still there. But she's gone a bit mad since then and hiked her prices from 50 k to 80 k HUF, and that is way too much).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpanishGuy  [View Original Post]
    Is this about an experience or asking for advice?
    Adele had been discussed a while ago & was being considered for a visit by another forum member. I posted asking if anyone had ended up seeing her but realized I hadn't put in link so made a 2nd post with the link. Only the 2nd post got approved, that's why it looks a bit weird without the first post for context.

    Off to London tomorrow so will have hopefully have some fun there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullfrogau  [View Original Post]
    Oops forgot the link & can't edit as post needs approval.
    Is this about an experience or asking for advice?

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    Oops forgot the link & can't edit as post needs approval.

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    Sounds like you had a good time.

    I have seen Angel and NikiWolf before, and agree. Angel is just too thin. There is a blonde that is similar to her, her name began with a P but I have not seen her post in a while. Speaks absolutely zero English but that is what made it fun with her. If she ever pops up again, I will have to do a post about her. And I agree about Niki, her pictures just do not do her justice. Young tight body, tight pussy, great BJ and a very nice clean apartment with A / C, great shower.

    Fanny sounds like an awesome gal and have her on my list to see.

    Thanks for taking the time to do reviews.

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    I recently returned from my most recent trip to BP with 2 successes and 1 meh.

    Fanny was first, as I like to see her each time I am in Budapest. She is simply the best GFE provider I've been with. I've reviewed her in the past so am not going to spend too much time on her, but she's still in the same flat and price is 20 k / HR. Just the memory of her BBBJ with her eyes looking up at me gets me hard.

    Angel ( was the second girl of the trip and I wasn't crazy about her despite the mostly positive reviews. Pretty disinterested and mechanical, covered BJ only, doesn't kiss and turns her head away during the act. Felt like I was fucking a sex doll. She's also absurdly skinny, even more so than her pics look like. I like girls slim, but she was too skinny and bony for my taste. 20 k / HR. She has a fairly standard (read kinda crappy) flat but in a convenient location. I would not repeat. Speaks barely any English.

    Niki ( was the final girl. I'd never been with her before but she goes to near the top of my recommended list even though she doesn't kiss. She welcomed me in a corset and fishnet leggings which were very nice. She is slender and in excellent shape, and as previous reviews of her have mentioned, she is better looking than her pics suggest. She speaks very good English and seemed a bit shy at first, but opens up if you start chatting with her. Her BBBJ is very good and her pussy is super tight, I didn't last very long after the blowjob and I got into her. We chatted a bit and she gave me a brief massage between rounds. On round 2 she gave me another great BJ to get me hard and then I fucked her in mish and doggy until I came. She's a great girl, I'll probably see her again next time. 20 k / HR and unlike many girls, her apt has air conditioning which is a big plus in the summer.

    One night I was approached by a street walker (a first for me in BP) near the Astoria metro stop. I didn't ask prices since I was kinda drunk and not very interested.

    I wanted to see this chick ( since she's my body type and had gathered a few good reviews recently, but she changed her ad from escort to massage girl like 2 days before my trip. I messaged her anyway just to see prices, but she quoted me 14 k for a hh which is too steep for just a BJ in BP.

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    Great post!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hilvar  [View Original Post]
    I think that the category you are using here, "a girl in Budapest", is too much of a simplification.

    The main focus of this topic in on the typical or "standard" incall girls well represented on the two major sites, and while they still may vary a lot in their background, attitude, appearance and service quality, such rates would be very "steep" among them indeed, exactly because of the standards of this "mainstream" category. But let's take a look at the second most discussed market segment in this thread, the so-called pornstars. I have written my opinion several times about this segment and the way they are promoted here, so it should be clear by now that I'm not a big fan of this category. However, there are always people who believe that their rates of 300-350 euros (or even more, and often even rounded out with some juicy commission to a middleman) are justified, and of course I would note challenge their right to feel like that..
    I received a private message last night about this post and he was wanting to know how to reach the type of girls you posted about and that since he did not know you, it would be unlikely that you would share that information. I assured him that you are not a pimp, and in face, your post was to bring this information to the board and let those interested know that there is a level of girl between the two main web sites and porn stars. I did not feel that you had a Rolodex of all of these girls but that they are available on various websites and that we would likely spend some time reviewing these in the future. After all, this is what the strength of this board should be.

    I went on and informed him that Hilvar was really just showing that the information posted by another monger that ridiculed these types of web sites was not informed and that he would in fact show that for all to see and use in their mongering efforts.

    But, to add to all of this, there are really a lot of sources of talent in Budapest.

    We have the streetwalkers. And then we have the two main websites which we all talk about and are a great source for most. Then we have the web sites that Hilvar mentions and that he will likely expound on in the future. And then we have the porn stars which are easily accessed through the highly recommended Avi Blackfox. She has a Twitter account and is the most highly recommended booking agency for pornstars. But, in addition to all this we have a level in between the two main websites and the gals that Hilvar mentions and these gals are found on Instagram under Budapest escorts and also we have Tinder. Tinder is probably the best unadvertised source of girls. The do not advertise for various reasons nor are they available through some list that we might have. Rather, you just make a connection on Tinder. I just put a good friend in touch with an awesome gal on this. But, she does not advertise and does not want her pictures out there. She can innocently meet on Tinder and then change the game based on mutual attraction.

    Which kind of brings me to the original premise of this post and that is that nobody on here should constantly bad mouth any source of girls in Budapest. There are so many sources of girls for so many situations that it is absolutely disrespectful for anyone to bash any source of talent, especially with a broad paint brush. If there is particular knowledge about a website than by all means, alert us. But, you put your own credibility and motives at risk by bad mouthing any of these proven providers of talent. It all depends on what one is looking for and we are all different.

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    She was pretty much the only one to respond to a mass of WhatsApp messages. Agreed to an SOS BBBJ with CIM for 8000 HUF. She switched the conversation to English very quickly, so the setup was simple. Made it to her place near Keleti and she let me in. The pics are of her, but they are photo-shopped. She's still a pretty girl with a nice body. Unfortunately, I was only there for a quick BJ, so I didn't get to see all of it. But with her cold attitude, it's probably just as well.

    I stripped down, but she kept her bra and panties on. She brought out a condom as was about to open it, but I told her we agreed to BBBJ. She protested until I brought out my phone to show the text thread, then relented. Her BBBJ technique was ok, not great. No eye contact at all. She took simple instructions well. When I was ready to cum, she could tell and closed her mouth and stroked me onto her face. So more of a COF than CIM.

    We both cleaned up with wipes, I got dressed, and was on my way. I wouldn't repeat, but I don't regret the average BJ for the price.

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    She was one of the few who responded to my shotgun blast of WhatsApp messages. After a few texts back and forth, we confirmed location, one hour with MSOG and CIM, for a price of 15000 HUF. Found her place near the West End mall easily. She came do the door, and let's just say her appearance is underwhelming. Those pictures may have been her a long time ago. But the little head was in charge, so I followed her inside.

    Showered, handed over the paperwork, and got down to business. Decent BBBJ. OK in mish. The highlight was probably lazy dog, where I didn't really have to look at her and she squeezed her legs, ass, and pussy to make herself extra tight. Worked up a good rhythm, then pulled out, doffed the hat, had her DT me and unleashed several day's worth into her mouth. She choked a little bit, but made sure she sucked everything out. She went to the sink and spit. I cleaned up in the bathroom.

    We lounged for a little while. Conversation was limited considering my lack of Hungarian, and her lack of English. But after a little while, she started stroking me to attention. Sucked me for a long time. At first, I didn't think I would be able to make it, but eventually she got me to cum in her mouth again.

    I cleaned up, got dressed, and left. Overall, a meh session with an older lady, but it's difficult to beat the price.

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    Tourist in Budapest

    I was in this wonderful city a couple of weeks ago. I read through the last 20 pages or so of this forum. And the 2 pages of tips. Unfortunately, I couldn't really take advantage of the advice. My time for mongering was limited and generally not known in advance. I didn't want to deal with a separate phone or SIM. And I didn't want international calls or texts showing up on my bill. So what to do? I contacted Il Drago thinking maybe I could work something out with him and his very high end girls. He laid out his system for me, and it just wouldn't work in my allotted time.

    So I decided to check Rosszlanyok for girls near me who like CIM. I made sure they were available at the current time, and responded to SMS. And I used WhatsApp to text them. But after a while, I just texted EVERY girl, regardless of listed availability or whether they said they responded to SMS. I set up a standard introduction with Google Translate saying I wanted one hour, MSOG, and CIM. The first day, I sent out 30 or 40 messages, and got maybe 5 responses. And only one who would carry a text conversation enough to set up a one hour date. Messaging was fairly easy using Google Translate to read and compose messages. I will post a review shortly.

    A couple of days later, I had a little bit of free time. I blasted out another 30-40 messages about an SOS blowjob with CIM. Got only a couple of responses and was able to set up a short date. This girl immediately asked if I spoke English and we switched the conversation over. Again, I will post a review.

    So I was able to make something happen on short notice. Both sessions were average at best, but cheap compared to US prices. If I lived in the city, I would have fun playing the game fairly regularly, searching for hidden gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilvar  [View Original Post]
    But here we are clearly talking about another category that is different from the mainstream girls: the category of independent part-time escorts, speaking English and perhaps other languages at a much higher level than it is expect able even in the best case from "ordinary" girls (and about a much wider set of topics, way beyond the sexwork lingo), girls of erudition in many ways, typically with an academic (university) background, who in the best case look gorgeous and sophisticated at the same time to be your partner in a fancy restaurant as well without their job or status being obvious at the first glance, and who in addition meet only one or two clients a week (or even less) and therefore their time is more valuable and should be better paid then that of a girl who typically receives several clients a day. (Of course this should be compensated with a more devoted and personalized attitude from the girl's side as well). Now supposing that this kind of profile offered in a particular advertisement is valid (including appearance, attitude and the sophistication and level of the services provided), would you still qualify such a rate, which is somewhere halfway between the ordinary girls and the porn girls, as "steep"? These girls are working in Budapest in the range of 150-180 euros, which is certainly higher than the ordinary or usual hourly rates in the city, but still much lower than the so-called pornstars' rates. And as far as I am concerned, if I were to take a chance in a "higher" category, I would rather take a look around in this segment, as I consider the opportunity of more added value and better price value ratio there for my preferences..
    Do you know or have you ever been with any of this kind of girls? I'll be in Budapest next week and I would be interested. I have searched agencies, and I didn't know that Lucy Pinder works as an escort (ironic mode).

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    How can I find the cheapest girls that make out with tongue in Budapest?

    I'm planning to go there soon and want to know. I heard that Cucuta, Colombia women are super cheap and want to know if there are similar options.

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    2 out of 2 for me. Overall great city but very bad cgs. Will write a full report when I get back home. Will not recommend.


    And will not recommend Hanna

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexaDolce  [View Original Post]
    20 k is the basic service by the girls from the next door! And if you want extras, is they able to do it. They ask extra fees for every extras! I know its not fair but 70% of the girl are so!

    A know its a table!
    It would be an exaggeration to say that I completely understand your post, but it seems to me that you suggest that the 20 k HUF price often cited here as the benchmark incall rate for an hour in Budapest only covers the basic service in a typical case (and "they ask extra fees for every extras" I must repeat therefore, that this is not necessary and not even typical in Budapest, which I would even name as an advantage of the Budapest mongering scene (compared to other cities, where the basic rate in this category indeed includes the basic services only). And while I agree that it is strongly recommended to clarify in advance what is included in the agreed price, I have always preferred girls who offer a flat rate for several reasons, and I usually do find such girls without too much problem. There are also a lot of recommendations in this thread about concrete girls whose 20 k offer does include various services above the basic CBJ plus penetration combo. And yes, there are also examples of girls who charge extras for everything, but that should not be a problem until a lot of girls are available who do not.

    Moreover, this is not the first time that I'm writing about this topic, I did it before in #5144 for example, so I just quote my previous words about it once again: "I would like to join you in emphasizing the importance of checking what is included in the price: sometimes you come off better with a 20 k or even a 25 k girl at the end of the day than with a "basically" 15 k girl who will make you pay extras for everything. And it's not just the money, it can be a real downer when you have to stop all the time during the session and "hear the cash register ringing" (while of course it is normal that some services, like anal for example, are charged extra) So I prefer when I read the offer and I can see that the "normal" package (which is often built up on the basis of what the girl herself likes in sex) is just okay for me. Actually my best experiences are usually with girls who use this formula: "I do everything you can see in my profile without extra charges", whatever long the list of "everything" is with one or the other girl."

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