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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick1
    I will also do Iceland if there is a good idea.
    Can someone please give some informatio about pick up situation in Iceland?

    Whew... this is a REALLY dead board! I dropped by because I noticed the Icelandic government has collapsed (or dissolved or whatever) and that the Kroner is now trading around 130 per dollar. Only a year ago the Kroner was trading at 65 per dollar. Although I've never been to Iceland, I know the girls there are VERY beautiful (based upon my having met a few Icelandic girls elsewhere). I have been to Finland, Sweden and Norway and think the girls get more beautiful as you travel in this westward direction among these four Nordic countries.

    Anyway, it seems that info about the P4P scene in Iceland is difficult to come by and that this is probably because the P4P scene in Iceland is miniscule compared to traditional mongering destinations. Still, I did discover this one web site with gals who have on-line names like "analfocker" and "Eyja69" as well as guys with on-line names like "mouthpussy"... so, although its in Icelandic, at least they are talking about sex.

    Since everyone in Iceland speaks English (or so I'm told), perhaps one could chat up an Icelandic gal in English by sending her a message via the above link. Also, I found this link for free (albeit slow) machine translation from Icelandic to English I also found this discussion forum where I found a few handy translations such as

    °°Tónlist er ljóđlist loftsins= Music is the poetry of the air
    °°stefnumót= Date
    °°Vinátta/Spjall= Friendship/Chat
    °°Skyndikynni= One-night stand
    °°Pör= Couples
    °°mamma klikkar ekki í eldmennskunni= mom doesn't fail with the cooking
    °°mjög einbeitt .. driving takiđ eftir!= very focused .. driving pay notice
    °°húsiđ hennar gunnhildar= house of Gunnhildur
    °°einamyndin sem tekin var af skemmtilegu kvöldi= the only picture taken of a fun evening
    °°mig langar í ţetta krútt= I want this cutie
    °°Kćrastinn = the boyfriend
    °°Vinirnir = the friends
    °°Tónlist = music
    °°Fjölskyldan = the family
    °°Góđur matur = good food
    °°Kvikmyndir = movies
    °°SKÓR = shoes
    °°Sól = sun
    °°Sumar = summer
    °°Útlönd = foreign countries
    °°Námiđ = studies
    °°Ferđast = travelling
    °°Föt = clothes
    °°Dansa = dancing
    °°Hlćgja = laughing
    °°Hreyfing = sport
    °°Hvítvín = white wine
    °°Skemmta mér = having fun

    and even this translation...

    °°screw you and your stinking country, give me my money back you dirty icelandic theives= til helvítis međ ykkur og ykkar ljóta land, látiđ mig hafa peningana mína til baka skítugu íslensku ţjófar

    Maybe its a place to start for those who like a challenge.

    PS) The Icelandic language looks a bit like Danish to me.
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    Iceland on sale

    I will also do Iceland if there is a good idea.
    Can someone please give some informatio about pick up situation in Iceland?


    Quote Originally Posted by Lennox
    I was thinking of visiting Iceland with the cheap foreign exchange rate and economic meltdown occurring.

    Has anyone been there and noticed if there is some good amateurs showing up due to the hard economic times?

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    Any opportunties in rough economy?

    I was thinking of visiting Iceland with the cheap foreign exchange rate and economic meltdown occurring.

    Has anyone been there and noticed if there is some good amateurs showing up due to the hard economic times?

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    Update about the city.

    Hi Free Sex,

    Next September I am going to fly to the cold Iceland for a long business week. Can you so kind to tell us. Update the situation in the city? Tell us your opinion on the city and. You know what we want to know in your report.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyboja15
    are there any peep show or live show style shops or clubs anywhere?


    try goldfinger in kopavogur

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    are there any peep show or live show style shops or clubs anywhere?



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    I have there one year ago.

    The girls are awesome with beatiful eyes and slim bodies.

    They tend to react nice to foreigners but it´s kind of hard to break the first contact to more than just friendship...

    Nevertheless, I hope you´re lucky.

    Not much offer in what concerns to escorts and the prices should be prohibitive.

    Take Care

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    Iceland June 7

    Free Here,

    Well it looks like I will be in Iceland on June 7. This is NOT a trip to monger, just see how the regular girls take to myself and my buddy. Not much info here, so ill report when I get back.

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    U can see my report a few posts back. I would say it is a great place for a party. The locals are friendly and welcoming. If u load up with beer and booze as u go though the airport shops (when u arrive) u can do it on the cheap as well...


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    Iceland for a bachelor party?

    I was considering hosting a bachelor party for a friend in Reykjavik and wanted to get some feedback on how friendly this place is for a diverse crowd of folks from the US. We're not interested in mongering in Iceland but just want to party (mongering will take place in AMS). Good spot or not?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rastaman
    my posts deleted??? i don't think so! i only speak the truth. more than a few peeps here are more than a little bit penis-envied. tough shit!

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    Thoughts on Iceland

    Quote Originally Posted by R The Man
    Hey guys,

    I do a lot of travelling and love to hobby all over the world. I am cuming to Reykjavik next year and will be looking for some fun. I like strip clubs and prefer escorts since I stay at 5-star hotels, but some times like going out to brothels. I usually offer reviews of my experiences (I am active on Canadian boards like TERB, but you can search for my reviews on this site).

    It's often hard to find info even with the search function. For example, I didn't find anything searching on escorts or strip clubs in this thread, and it's tedious to wade through all the posts.

    Mongers in other cities have produced some very helpful summary threads of the action in their cities that is especially helpful to visitors like me who do not speak the language. These would include the main well-reviewed clubs, brothels, and escort agencies, with web sites and contact info. Would any of you like to start such a list?

    Thanks to everyone, and looking forward to visiting your fair city.

    I just returned from a business trip to Iceland. The main thing that struck me was that everything is twice as expensive as the rest of Europe.

    English is almost universally spoken.

    The only five star (or whatever) hotel I saw was the SAS Raddison. All the hotels are small so they would know if you brought a woman back to your room.

    Very few clubs, downtown at least. A couple of champagne clubs, but given the cost of a beer I sure wasn't going for champagne. Dubliner's isn't too bad but 300 - 500 Iceland Krona seemed like a lot given the unfavourable exchange rate to the US dollar. 64 krona to the dollar. A 500 krona beer is about $8.00. One of the great things about the expensive prices is that tipping is not expected.

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    I have just come back form 3 nights in this town. Did some tours in the daytime and clubbed Friday and Saturday. Scored with 2 girls. One a fellow traveller and another a local girl twice divorced. As for strip clubs there is one erotic club right in the downtown area but i didn't bother to go in.

    Personally Reyk nightlife reminds me a lot of the low level over 30's discos one sees in Europe. Woman and men - both having been around the clock a few times - who are just out for a shag. There are upmarket cafe's (Deco and Paris) but I found the girls difficult to approach especially when everyone is drinking coffee!

    Two Irish lads who I met at the airport that came for the easter party atmosphere didn't score at all. Golden rule, do not say u are a tourist.

    Things only get lively on a weekend night after around 2am. Before that just stay in bed and rest.

    Btw, I did meet one US girl in Dubliners was also a fellow traveller and she left with a local Icelandic man at around 5am.

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    I will probably go to Iceland in a few weeks and are very interested to know if there are any good stripclubs and brothels on the island?

    With all the best,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Relentless
    I was reviewing this board for info re my upcoming visit to Iceland. I was totally shocked that the board had more discussions about race and bragging rights instead of info exchange. .
    I second that.

    Instead of bragging about how much white/black/brown pink or green pussy you've had, why not post some examples. Where you got them, how much you paid, tips.

    There is more cred than just flashing stats!

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