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Thread: Reykjavik

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Thai places?

    This will be my first time to Iceland and I wonder if there are any Thai massage places that offer HJ?

    I did a google search for Thai massage places in Reykjavik but didn't find any that looked good (dodgy), but thought I'd ask the experts here. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!

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    Boy do I have a story to tell about this girl and getting back at her

    So I booked a blond Brazilian girl I found on cityoflove using her Snapchat and she was pretty darn hot. Sexy body, pretty face. Had her unzip just to check LE before paying and then the fun began. Unfortunately she did not do BBBJ, super disappointed because I need that to cum.

    She started out with BJ covered and when I was hard, we did missionary for like 10 minutes but she was not as receptive to it. Ok. So I had her go doggy and was a lot better angle to fuck and was much better making her push back and such. We went at it for about maybe 15 minutes or so and she must of got annoyed I didn't cum yet and was like "wow hehe" I could feel the obvious annoyance coming from her which completely ruined the mood. I legit went from hard to soft. It killed the mood for me completely, so had her blow me to get hard again. Terrible BJ at this point. She wasn't even trying anymore. Ok. I mean yeah I know it takes awhile for me to cum but at least fake the experience I paid for right?

    After about 5 minutes of this to get me hard again and playing with her nice tits we went back to missionary and doing doggy but her attitude completely ruined it so I went soft again. Then she was like "you need to cum" . That was the last straw for me so I was going to get her back for the terrible service. It hadn't even been an hour that I booked yet. And she completely ruined the mood half way for me. At least fake it as I paid for the service! LOL.

    And so I told her "I'm trying. Can I cum on your ass?" Yes she said. She clearly wanted it to be over ASAP. Ok *****, I was thinking. Took my condom off and turned her to the side and grabbed her naked ass and faced it towards my dick. Started spreading her ass cheeks and jerking it because I planned to cum right in between so it slid into her pussy. She was like "be careful" and was moving around a bit but FK no, I had to teach her a lesson. Gently grabbed her thigh while she was on her side still to make that ass faced me and spread those cheeks again. I was close and I was getting horny thinking of what I was going to do. Right when I was about to cum I made sure to spread her cheeks and exploded 3 fking days worth of cum on her ass and a fat blob of cum managed to get right in between her asshole and slid right down to her bare pussy. She knew what had just happened but didn't fully realize the extent of it LOL. So she was really calm still and was like "you crazy haha. " and grabbed wipes to wipe my cum off her ass cheeks. But as she turned and got up she certainly 100% felt my cum on her pussy. I saw a FAT thick blob of cum right on her pussy opening. By this point panic set in and she got up fast and went to the other room, grabbed a towel and went in the shower running.

    That was my queue to GTFO of dodge. Started dressing and when I was dressed I said "sorry, I'll go" and she just forced a smile in the shower and I left.

    God that was the hottest shit ever. I wonder if she'll get pregnant? I'll remember this day as jerk material for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derppy  [View Original Post]
    Because posting contact information directly on the public boards is against the site's rules (from what I gather). That's why you pay for a member ship, so you can use the message system.
    But this is a public information forum. If everyone held the same view as you the forum would be pointless. You don't need to post specifics, but details of what, where, how would be useful to other forum members, IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stykler  [View Original Post]
    Why? Don't you think others would like the same information?
    Because posting contact information directly on the public boards is against the site's rules (from what I gather). That's why you pay for a member ship, so you can use the message system.

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    She is legit. Very nice. Pics are accurate. Tall. Somewhere in her 20's. Decked out in lingerie. Candle lites and music. Worth every penny. Worth the walk in the wind and cold rain to her apartment downtown. How do they say in the other forum? Run, don't walk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derppy  [View Original Post]
    Please inbox me. Thanks!
    Why? Don't you think others would like the same information?

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    Massage & UTR in Reykjavik?

    I'm in Reykjavik for the week. Can anyone help me out with tips and / or contacts for UTR gals? Please inbox me. Thanks!

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    Iceland. Enjoying the vibrant sex life.

    Many wonder why Iceland seems so dry when they try to look for paid sex in Iceland. The truth is that very few men in Iceland would ever consider paying for sex, simply because free sex is so easily available. As reported in a CNN article a couple of years ago, the feminist movement in Iceland has caused women to consider sex something that is not as holy thing as in other Western countries. In other words, having sex is simply something to enjoy, not something to avoid.

    So if you want to meet up with a beautiful Icelandic girl, the simple approach is going on Tinder, where most single girls hang out. Within a few minutes, fresh foreign "meat" will get multiple matches and if your online charm is good, then you can simply set up a meeting at one of the local bars. Don't bother with inviting them out on a formal dinner date, as they are more likely to sleep with you if you meet them at a bar. And don't get surprised if they don't even bother to ask you for your name. They are simply interested in good sex. Not a formal relationship.

    So if you have the opportunity to visit Iceland, forget all the mongering approaches needed in other countries and simply enjoy the free and open sex life of the Icelanders.

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    Some info from a local.

    The scene here is very limited, you best option is or

    This is mostly girls travelling the Nordic countries stopping here for 1-2 weeks. Usually there are about 4-8 active girls in Reykjavik. Some are good looking and give ok service. The usual rate here is 25.000 ISK for 30 min including OWO and DATY, 35.000 ISK for 1 hour. Kissing is sometimes extra or at the girls discretion. The girls are mostly from Czech, Latvia and Hungary. It's rare to find Icelandic girls, the ones who are selling are often abusing some drugs and are not at all interesting, they are mostly advertising in closed facebook groups. You would have better luck finding sex with Icelandic girls at the bars downtown.

    Snapchat is often used for communication, and many of the regular girls stick to snapchat. I think the main reason is that buying sex is illegal here and it's very easy for the police to get phone records here, so Icelandic men tend to stick to WhatsApp or Snapchat to hide communications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaf003  [View Original Post]
    Is there just zero activity here? I've had zero luck.
    Was in Iceland almost exactly two years ago now. Along with Oslo, I found Reykjavik to be the "driest" place on earth.

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    Is there just zero activity here? I've had zero luck.

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    Haha, it is an incredible museum for all mongers.

    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaErotica  [View Original Post]
    Hi, I am a service provider and I am planning a trip to Iceland, Reykjavik.

    Does anybody know where guys look for escorts? Which websites to advertise etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Lucked out

    It was only a short visit but I lucked out in Reykjavik. Unable to find any strip clubs and there was very little activity on WeChat.

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    Is Iceland dry of escorts?


    I've been looking online for escorts in Iceland and can't seam to find anyone that even repy's or has an active profile. Anyone got any advice?

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