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    I have been in Rome for a couple of days a few months ago, and had a disappointing experience but, I admit, probably due to my lack of informations about the sex scene.

    First of all: you know how things work in Italy. You look for a girl working in her flat in the internet, or a street girl in a dirty road (but you need a car or to go in some places where you can fuck african girls in the woods), or a old lad in a chinese parlor. There is something else but difficult to find, you have to make lot of research in local forums.

    I was in a hotel near the main train station, and walking in the city center I found lots of asian parlor. Tried one, very elegant, but was a "serious" one, I couldn't even take of the paper thong they gave me! (very uncomfortable once I got hard). I had only one satisfaction: when the massage was over and the young masseuse was going out of the room I quickly took of the thong and she remained at the door for long moments, staring at "it" : the.

    Then I tried a couple of chinese parlors, where I got what you got there: cheap hjs from mature ladies with saggy tits. I found an african parlour called "Exotic House" but had no time to get there, the girls look promising (If someone there experienced the place is welcome to share it). There was also a thai parlour near Termini that looked promising and different from the chinese ones, next time I get there I will try it.

    About the loft girls: looked for their numbers in the right websites and called them, but they were expensive and the photos looked fake to me, the Termini area wasn't interesting ad all.

    So. Rome is a strange city, I believed there was a big market but if there actually wad I couldn't find the right doors. Maybe a guide here from experienced gentlemen would be very usefull!

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    Roma, Phase 2 - Sunday

    Today, Sunday at 11 am I had a ride under a hot Sun to some areas, typical hotspots for WG, despite to be by day and still on Phase 2.

    Via di Rocca Cencia on the side carriageway a group of two, Romanian.

    Viale Palmiro Togliatti between via Collatina and via Prenestina, both sides some girls under the Sun, the all Romanian.

    Via Prenestina between viale Palmiro Togliatti and via Camillo Prampolini two white girls hanging.

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    Roma, Phase 2

    As well known the lockdown is over despite of transportations, bars and restaurants still have some restrictions.

    Yesterday at 10 pm I was covering viale Palmiro Togliatti and was surprised to see so many girls on duty.

    Majority was white, just two blacks near the garden Teresa di Calcutta. I have even seen a Chinese, maybe an unemployed masseuse.

    I wonder for who they are working. Traffic was almost zero, transportations close earlier, Police controls cars: maybe just for pedestrians and cyclists.

    On the contrary no activity has resumed by day.

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    On a more general note, and despite my so-so experience (more because I was not in a good mood after failing to fuck my first options than else), I must admit that Rome scene doesn't seem that bad. I didn't know P4 P action in town, and I do not pretend to have much to add to what experts on this forum already said. However, after browsing many websites and local forums, there is plenty of choice for cheap girls (50 euros for basic service and to go up with rates for more). Of course, I guess that service is consequential, but still, this is not something that you can easily find in other western European capitals. Furthermore, there is apparently a fair amount of hot, stunning Russian escorts at highest rates who receives in the city centre and sourroundings (that is, no need to take trips of hours to go to suburbs). Next time I will be in Rome I may opt for them.

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    Wow, it looks like Rome forum is dead. No messages since almost one month.

    Anyway, I'm slightly disappointed by my Rome trip. I had only 3-4 days to spend there and targeted 4 girls who turned me on and for whom I was willing to spend more than 150 euros (which for me is the threshold above which the girl has to be really worth it). I contacted them one by one. Not a single one of them was available: the first was touring in Rome and left the city the day before my arrival, the other two were not available when I was available and the last one was on holiday.

    Browsing through websites and other local forums, there is in fact plenty of hot Russian and other independent escorts who are really stunning. However, the setbacks with my first choices did demotivate me a little bit, and as mentioned I tend not to spend beyond a certain threshold if I'm not fully convinced and turned on by the girl. Hence, I opted for budget mongering just to empty my balls. Also, I didn't want to go to the other side of town for this.

    I then contacted a black-haired Rumenian girl who receives in San Giovanni area, a couple of Metro stations from Termini Central Station where I was located. She looks in her late twenties, early thirties, face is ok with a nice, proportionate body and an easy-going attitude. Basic service was 50 euros for FK (not deep, though), covered BJ, FS. With 20 euros more she provides also BBBJ and I have no idea if she also offers other services. She gave me a BBBJ and licked my balls as well, then I performed a DATY on her. Apparently appreciated. And then fucked her in a couple of positions. I'm overall fine with that, as she had a friendly attitude and I could have a cheap spunk. However, I was hoping for something more from this trip.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderItaly  [View Original Post]
    Please bear in mind that Rome is pretty wide with a lot of traffic, so check where yoy are and where girl's place is.

    Here you go:

    Laura she is petite around 1,6 m blonde blue eyes around 30 yrs full of tatoos, italian. Beautiful lady cost for half hour 50 offers DFK BBJ DATY Fuck, ay a slightly higher price you can also have anal. If I wasn't married, I would propose to her.

    Nikol dark skinned half italian half brazilian. Around 25 yrs, 1,6 m round figure but not fat. Nice girl for half hour 50 offers DFK BBJ DATY Fuck.

    Lada📞128536;128139;128587;128139;128521;128153;3289579174-lada🔷128156;128154;128139;-modella-russa / ukranian girl, around 1,8 m speaks English large hips beautiful blue green eyes for half hour 50 offers DFK BBJ DATY Fuck.

    Let me know what you are looking for and in which area. I also have address of nice young Chinese girl, a big busty Romanian girl.
    Hi WonderItaly, thanks for these links, they look promising Unfortunately, the link to Lada seems to be expired.

    Will be in Rome within a few weeks; I don't know very well the action there, but I do know that it's hard to get around the city. As I won't have too much time, I have to plan my moves.

    Two questions: are these beauties really offering their services for such a cheap price (50)? And second, would you mind to share the addresses / links of the Chinese and big busty Romanian girls?

    I will keep doing research on my own for possible meetings, but in the meanwhile any help would be more than appreciated. As mentioned, I don't know the scene in Rome. A report will follow as soon as I'll have done my duty.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First time visiting Italy, I will be staying in Rome for a few days. I found an airbnb around Piazza Navona. Is this a good location?

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    Glad you mentioned your experience with them. I've been eyeing this agency for awhile as they have a decent rotation of ladies.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackOfNone  [View Original Post]

    Lizzy (

    Don't think I would try providers from this agency in future.

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    Two reviews from girls I saw recently:


    There are a very few non-east european girls in Rome (at least it appears to be so to me), and this girl is one of those few. Absolutely amazing experience with her. Very very enthusiastic to have sex, gave a great BBBJ and responded very well to DATY. Great tall petite body, great attitude. Aims to please. Not a time watcher at all. Even though she speaks very limited English, I could have a nice conversation with her. Highly recommended. Charged 100 Euros for 30 minutes.

    Lizzy (

    The agency "escortsofitaly" provides east european girls who are in Italy for a short time, and then fly back. I saw "Lizzy", and her profile is already deleted from the website, so I assume she is already back in Moscow. I was a bit hesitant to try an east-european girl, but she was quite beautiful in the photos, so decided to go for it. Bad experience, quite cold attitude and unwillingness to please. Did a very weak BBBJ, and below average sex. Don't think I would try providers from this agency in future. Charged 160 euros for 30 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SearcherFinder  [View Original Post]

    It's my first time posting here because it's my first time hobbling in this area. I'm not sure how utilizing this forum would be "lazy."

    I'm happy to contribute once I've seen someone!

    Hoping for a 2 hour appointment with an Italian woman.
    Man, I agree with you 100%.

    This forum is 1407 pages long. It's supposed to be about helping each other, and providing support when a newcomer arrives in your city, rather than expecting someone to read a novel longer than Tolstoy's War and Peace.

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    It's my first time posting here because it's my first time hobbling in this area. I'm not sure how utilizing this forum would be "lazy."

    I'm happy to contribute once I've seen someone!

    Hoping for a 2 hour appointment with an Italian woman.

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    Rome in November


    I'll be in Rome in early November and want to find a legit provider. It's difficult to determine who is legit by searching because there are not many reviews. There does seem be a lot of action in Rome that is not SW. I prefer and outcall or incall, preferably Italian.

    I look forward to your replies.

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    Are the girls on escort advisor pretty legit? I see that some of them have a lot of positive reviews.

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    Rome by Car Update

    My best advice would be the EUR area. If you put it in Google maps it will come up. The area is big but the area behind the big find building is better. For the most part stay to the main streets and come after 10 pm.

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