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    Visiting Turin Centro for 4 day

    Hi all,

    I'm a past poster / contributor in some other forums.

    As I'm visiting Turin and staying in a hotel centrally near Porto Nuevo I was wondering if there was any advise that anyone could give on meeting a lovely young lady nearby. And taking her back to my room.

    I would prefer not to deal with streetwalkers.

    I would also prefer Italians.

    I may be being a little fussy I realize, but even for just one shot, I would be happy to see who may be available.

    No car so can't really travel further afield and I don't speak much Italian! So would need to try and communicate in English!

    Tall order I know. But if anyone could give me some pointers it would be really helpful!

    Thanks in advance.


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    For FriendlyGuy330

    Quote Originally Posted by FriendlyGuy330  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    I going to be in Turin for three days this week, this is my first time there, so anybody interested in hanging out with me? By the way I am a guy and not gay.

    I know this is not the correct forum for that, but I don't know other forums.
    Ask for the area of Porta Palazzo. This is the zone where the majority of Nigerians are living. Beautiful girls!

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    Holiday in Turin

    Hello guys,

    I going to be in Turin for three days this week, this is my first time there, so anybody interested in hanging out with me? By the way I am a guy and not gay.

    I know this is not the correct forum for that, but I don't know other forums.



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    I like to think I am open minded but

    Tonight at about 2130 hours, on Via Berthollet between Via P. Tommaso and Via Sant'Anselmo, I saw a woman sitting on the stoop of a closed building breastfeeding.

    No big deal, right?


    Oh my fucking god. It will take me many years, or least many beers, to recover from this sight.

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    Spotted another, 30 ish SW at Ormea and G. Baretti (3 blocks south of the last one I mentioned). Had a good body, not overweight but not scrawny either. This was early in the day, about 10 AM. Wondered if she was a junkie. Invited her for coffee to assess her further, which she accepted. Her 'name' is Chiara. It is hot and she had short sleeves and short pants and I saw no needle marks. Wanted cinquanta for BJ! I said troppo and countered with trenta. She said quaranta and I said I wanted sexo for that price and she said no. Probably go back a little later in the day, see if she seems strung out, and maybe give her the 40 for the BJ. Or not.

    Some younger, good looking ones the past few days under the arch on Nizza by Porta Nuova. But too tatted up and shit for my tastes.

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    I am in Torino now for a couple of weeks. There is a 40 ish street walker with big tits who gives a good BJ. She works the corner of Ormea and Berthollet, near the Piaza Madama Cristina. I don't speak much Italian and I could not understand her when she said her name, but she was quite friendly. Wanted 40 but took 30 when I began to walk away. Might repeat. Or not.

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    Help needed in Turin

    Hello friends,

    I will coming over to Turin for business in August. Can someone guide me about availability of girls? How are the rates and where to find them easy in City Center.

    Thanks and regards.

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    Hi guys,

    Will be visiting Turin very soon, any idea where I can find a massage + blow job + 69?

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    Hi guys,

    Good to see movement here. I was in Turin 3 times in the past 1 year and can share some info. 1st time I was in Turin last December there was plenty of good looking white woman (I was looking only for white girls.) I traveled all the streets that I found described here and it was really hard to pick a girl, so so many perfect looking girls. Tall with blonde hair, long legs and blue / green eyes. I picked a girl near the fiat factory at 'strada del portone' in front of the fiat / alfa romeo showroom, there was 2 girls both of them tall with long legs, one blonde hair and one dark hair, I picked the blondie for a CBJ. Mid 30's. 7/10 albanian girl, long hair, soft skin she was good at BJ, paid about 20 or 30 euros really don't remember (I think it was 20). The next day I tried the dark hair girl, she is albanian too, would tell 8/10 very very nice face, good body, took her for CBJ, the BJ was good maybe I liked it a little more than the blond girl.

    Then I returned in Turin after 5 months in July, there was even more girls, many of them almost undressed (first time I saw topless girl on the street.!) found some pretty east European girls along 'corso reiss romoli' street, tried to pick one of them but she didn't want to come with me because of the license plates of my car (polonian license plates) she told me she's doing it only with Italians. Tried to spoke to her explaining I want to pick her only for CBJ in car but she didn't even want to listen to me, I drove away with smile thinking that's not a big deal and I'll pick the next girl, then stopped to another girl, spoked to her and she told me the same thing. Only Italians. LOL WTF? Then tried maybe 3-4 girls noone of them wanted to come with me. Then I went back to the Albanian girls that I've tried at my first stay in Turin. Bang they didn't do it too. Explanation. Only Italians. Really? WTF! I went at my room alone. LOL. The next day I decided to take my chances at the other part of the town and drove away to 'Parco pelerina' zone exactly 'via Francesco Desanctis' and 'via Pietro cossa' there is a plenty of good looking white girls mostly from Albania and Romania stopped at the first girl that I liked and talk to her thinking she will reject my offer, but what a surprise she was ok for CBJ in the car, so I took her, tall good looking Albanian girl with small brests but very good sport body, she is doing the BJ very good and I think she likes what she's doing. Then I tooked her 2-3 more times at my stay in Turin.

    Now I will go in Turin for 3rd time and I will try some more girls and will do a report.

    P. S sorry for my bad English but it's not my native language.

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    FYI on Costs

    I am encountering a number of stuck up and greedy providers in Turin and Canavese. They either will not entertain those with an accent, even though they are foreigners, or refuse to come down from 100 roses asking. I am wondering if some other hobbyists with too many roses to prune, have been feeding the trolls too much of late.

    As in the past, we strive to keep hobbying costs down. After much work, we have found several in call FS providers giving DATY and GFE for 50 roses. OTR CBJ is quoted at 20-30, we have found it for 10. OTR FS is quoted at 30-40, we have found it for 20. And these costs are with young, clean, nubile, good looking girls, white and dark alike, nothing fat, ugly or overworked here.

    I have noticed that the 100 rose girls are sure having to advertise a lot, whereas the girls at 50-60 run the ad once and then have enough to keep them busy. Try not to patronize these greedy 100 rose providers, encouraging them puts a dent in all of our rose gardens. Drop the hammer, and if you have to say no, just say no.

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    Alessi at Pitarello

    In North Turin proper follow Corso Romania past Auchan, before the Tangenziale, at the intersection of Stradale della Cebrosa, evenings after 10PM, in front of or across from Pitarello, she and the grand tetons can be found. Italian / Spanish / Caucasian, MILF, late 30's, mid 40's, big bones, healthy girl, not exactly a looker, but. Normally I do not indulge in girls or her stature, but this was an exception.

    When you see her from the side, your eyes will pop out of your head. They are the largest bra size you can get in Europe, all natural size eight. Her skills are not rookie, veteran or all star. She is legend level. Well spoken, she has a nice quiet, private spot and will put you at ease immediately. After you play with the grand tetons, just sit back and relax. Working slowly and gently with exceptional skills, she will melt you into your seat before sending you for a moon shot to Cloud Nine. The trip is 20 roses. She is now in my hall of fame with two others. Highly recommended.

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    Rose Massage

    Quote Originally Posted by solodaimyo  [View Original Post]
    i also went to the rose massage. very clean and some nice chinese talent there. would i repeat? the lady said more was on offer to repeat customers. she got naked for me for a tip and i got a hj and my hands were free to rome (pun intended). but wanted fs. ymmv. were i living in turin i would probably give it another shot. i was there on vacation.
    thanks to everyone for sharing the info on the rose massage. went there the other day and had a good experience. i got the romantic massage with bath option for 80eu. i got a cute chinese therapist. however, the massage was not that great. also, we had a language barrier since i don't speak italian. she did allow some touching. eventually we talked about massaging other areas and after some confusion she told me it would be an additional 20eu for hj. nothing else was offered. the hj was alright. she did lay next to me on the bed but would not take any clothes off. she did let me touch her but she had multiple layers of clothing and it was so tight, you couldn't feel much. she did make some fake moans to encourage the process but it wasn't necessary. after that, she washed in me in a bubble bath. that was different and i liked it. would have been more fun had she joined me in the bathtub. all in all, it was a good for me. she was fun to talk to and experience the session. not sure what the romantic part gets you compared with the other massage options on their menu.

    it was expensive though. where i live, $200 gets you full sex if you go to the relaxation parlors.

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    Went to Samaras. The club has great girls but the prices are so high. Took 2 girls in for a private dance after 1 of them basically stalked me. It was a "schoolboy error" and I should know better. Basically it cost 200 euros and they said " sexy show touch anywhere and HJ". Then the mood changed. They wanted another 50 euro each to touch them and for a HJ. Then 1 of them put their hand in my pocket and wanted more money. She wanted more tips. Whole thing was a disaster. The HJ was fast and furious and the lesbo show was a kiss. I ended it when the girl put her hand in my pocket without permission. They then left and said I had got angry. I was sober and explained what happened but they caused a commotion. Bouncer came down to act tough. I am not violent but I let him know I had done nothing wrong and if he wanted to do anything then I am quite handy with my hands having been an amateur boxing champion.

    Anyway avoid this club unless very very horny. If you do go just drink and watch show and avoid 200 euros + for a bad HJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seoulman  [View Original Post]
    hey come on, please tell us what you paid, so we know. otherwise you don't help us.

    don't be ashamed we have all lived and learn, but you can help us by telling us.
    i can guess up to 50 for 15 minutes of peep-show. if the prices aren't even increased. some girls provide full service sometimes, but only outside the club (in italy is formally forbidden having sex in brothels, clubs, any other place like that) , and usually after many drinks (commission for the club) and mostly after many ripping-off privé like this.

    it's better avoid strip-clubs, maybe everywhere but especially in italy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoloDaimyo  [View Original Post]
    How much did I pay? I`ll keep that to myself. Too much! I expected more.
    Hey come on, please tell us what you paid, so we know. Otherwise you don't help us.

    Don't be ashamed we have all lived and learn, but you can help us by telling us.

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