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Thread: Other Areas

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    Sw Marche ss16

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc8008  [View Original Post]
    Is there any action near Porto San Giorgio? I'll be there this summer and will probably have a car so I can drive a bit and am open to SW's.
    In Porto Sant'Elpidio there are for sure but I think they are everywhere along the SS16 road in summer.

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    Porto San Giorgio

    Is there any action near Porto San Giorgio? I'll be there this summer and will probably have a car so I can drive a bit and am open to SW's.

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    Murder in Aosta

    Police treating death of Romanian young woman in apartment in Aosta as murder. (Sat 18). Press report moved to area one month ago. Probably worked as prostitute. Elena Serban Radula RIP.

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    Hi guys,

    Been in Sicily for holiday. In Catania still girls Via VI Aprile to train station and over on viale Africa (but not so much) and also on corsa Martiri della Liberta (a lot, few good looking) . Some look great some no (some look travestite) but you need a car to fuck them otherwise they will ignore you or ask for a high price to go to your room.

    I ended up on a side street of the San Berillo district. Next to via Coppola. Day time few action (an old Italian woman) but at night a lot of hookers. The area can be a little bit scary (full of black men who want to sell you "something" I had a decent fuck with a good looking curvy girl from Ghana for 30 euros + cons (34 euros maybe). On the way back I saw another who look nice, Latina style.

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    Bingo! Mantova!

    It was my last night out tonight. I took a slow walk out of favorita at 7. 30 pm, it as still bright. I passed by all 3 petrol station and there was nothing there as it was too early. I was really hoping to score with the SW at the eni station tonight.

    I took my dinner at piazza sordello, and walked across the brigde at roughly 10 pm. Now it was dark. To my dismay when I reached the eni station rouhgly 20 minutes later, I saw that it was darker as usual, and there were no girls on chairs like last night. There seem to be same dark coloured car there, with 2 girls in it, with the engine off but cabin lights on. If they were both sitting on chairs like last night I would have approached them, but I was unsure now, I don't want to get my head bashed in for mistakenly thinking these were SW when they might not be. So I walked on. Something caught my eye though far in front. I saw what looked like a fair skinned chick in a short black skirt walking along the road to the next petrol station. It was here,10.8164539,18.25z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x4781d429dc9e3451:0xffd79fadddc13883!2sVia+Legnago,+46100+Mantova+MN!3b1!8m2!3d45.1637781!4d10.8182933!3m4!1s0x4781d681f7051dd1:0xc8972cbd828b9cbc!8m2!3d45.1635998!4d10.8160997
    I was hoping this girl was a SW. I walked quicker trying to catch up and sure enough as she was reaching the station, a car came in and picked her up and she was gone.

    So I decided to walk back to Eni station, to see perhaps those 2 chicks came out of their car and sitting on chairs. No such luck, they were still in their cars.

    Then I thought to myself, that's it, no action for me again.

    So I took a slow walk back to my hotel. As I was about to reach the IP station, guess what that same car who picked up that black dressed SW, dropped her off right here! I wasted no time and approached her. She was slim, rather tall (about 3 inches shorter but its her shoes). She had black curly hair, and cream coloured skin. Nice slim thighs too. I asked her if she can speak english and she said yes, a little. Score!. So she knew what I wanted, and she spelt out the whole menu, CBJ, and a fuck for 50 Euro.

    I said hey why not!

    Made some small talk and found out she is romanian. She looked about 25,young and sweet looking.

    I told her she was beautiful and she thanked me.

    She said we could do it at the back of the station. Now this is my first time doing it out in the open. It was rather secluded and only light visible was moonlight. It was daunting for me, and I found myself not getting erect immediately.

    She kneeled down, and pulled her boobs out her dress, slipped a condom on and gave me a mechanical CBJ. Her boobs were all natural and soft, rather big for her slim body size her skin was smooth and glowing in the moonlight, she told me to be gentle with her boobs as she sucked my dick. In way her CBJ was pretty lousy, and I found it hard to keep myself erect. As she pulled down her panties and tried to insert my dick into her pussy, she couldn't guide my dick to find the right angle to enter her pussy. I touched her pussy and it felt smooth and clean, her clit was dry but it seemed she wanted me to tickle her pussy. My dick kept getting limp and she was frustrated but she did give a cbj another 2 times, this time with her stroking my balls while CBJ, I asked to fuck again. Again I struggle to enter her but finally like a rookie, the repeated dick head rubbing on her pussy as attempts to enter her failed but finally resulted in me cumming. She pulled off my condom and wrapped it up to throw away, and as she was kneeling down, I kneeled too, just to look at her. She told me to come look for her again next time I am here.

    For sure I want to do her again.

    Name: Eva (if I remember correctly).

    Race Eastern European. Romanian.

    Age: about 25.

    Face - 7/10 pretty.

    Body: 9/10 wow, ust wow, slim, fair smooth skin, flat tummy, smooth pussy.

    GFE: 5/10 not that great, but not nasty as I thought she would be.

    Height: about 5' 5" with heels 5' 7".

    Damage: Eur 50.

    WIR: yes.

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    Just came back from my failed mongering attempt. There is action alright, albeit very limited.

    I passed by tamoil again, and the fat "arab" chick was still there. She called me to come over but I politely declined. Man was she fat. I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole. Her thighs were twice as big as mine!

    Passed by the next petrol station, no action, pass by the last one, the eni station, there was one car parked there with a chick sitting on small chair. For sure SW. I went for a walk across the brigde to see if there was any action by the lake, there were none. So I walked back across the bridge to the eni station, and before I reached it I saw a police car passing through. That put fear in me. The police car just went by and was gone not long after.

    As I walked past the eni station, this time there were 2 SWs. It was dark but I could make out that both of them were fair skinned, and slim, showing nice legs. But to my dismay, there was car filling up on gas, and one car with the window down, with guy smoking a cigarette, and another white coupe came in and stopped by the side. Both occupants of each car not in contact with any of the girls. I decide to just forget it. I was worried the guys in the car could be undercover cops. The girls took a look at me but did not even try to talk to me. As I passed tamoil again, the "arab" chick called out to me, again I declined.

    So I blew my chance tonight. I tried looking around the petrol station around favorita and mcdonalds, but to my dismay, there was no SW there at all.
    mantova wasnt like those youtube videos where there was action along bushes of roads.

    This place is truly dead for SW. How sad I have a full load in my balls right now.

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    After reading these forums and watching youtube videos, I started paying attention to roadsides in mantova. To tell you the truth it is pretty dead here SW wise. But last night, I definitely saw 1. Yes that's a sad testament to mantova.

    I did not see any around piazza sordello, I walked extensively through it till late night and saw no SW.

    However on my way back across the brigde to favorita area, I passed by 2 gas stations. One was Eni just after the brigde, and I saw many cars parked there, and the station was closed. Mostly it was guys stopping there. I did catch a glimpse of a slim white girl in a short skirt on the phone, but she dissapeared into a car so I am unsure if she was a SW or some ones GF.

    I walked again and approached a tamoil station, and saw a chubby SW. She was dressed really slutty, low tight top and tight red lycra short pants. She looked middle eastern, and a guy approached her, but moments later left. The guy gave me a stare, like he was worried I was a cop or something. Well I am asian so he doesn't have to worry about that.

    The girl was still there after that and sat at the closed tamoil, waiting for her next customer. I decided not to try her out coz I was tired and she was below average looking.

    Tonight I might go by that Eni station to have a better look.

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    Modena. SW locations 101

    I've spent some months working a project in northern Italy in town of Modena and got to know it pretty well. Managed to find a few good places for SWs.

    There are two main areas to focus on: first, the road into and out of town on the Via Emilia, north in direction of Parma- between Modena and Rubiera; south in direction of Bologna, between Modena and Castelfranco Emilia. Some black girls (usually have some English) and eastern Europeans Albanian to a large extent.

    The other main focus is just north of the town centre (inside the ring road) over the railway track, in and around the industrial parks (via giuseppe massarenti), leading to viale M. Finzi and under the bridge), the old cattle market (via del mercato), and the road running parallel to the train track (via canaletto sud), with library, gas station and sports centre on one side and fenced wasteland on other. Generally black girls in this second group of areas. Italian girls have been seen at the junction of the railway flyover on via emilia ovest (west), just past the McDonalds drive thru, where the road (via S. Cabassi) goes off to the right before going over the bridge. Another girl can usually be seen on the forecourt of the Eni petrol station opposite Ferrari Park, just before you get to McDonalds. In the same area, one more white girl usually sits on the wall (opposite Ferrari Park) on Viale Autodromo, 50 m or so from McDonalds and the traffic lights. On the road from the rail way station (viale Monte Kosica) one can see girls, white and black. Finally, on the road called Viale Raimondo Montecuccoli, which runs behind the football stadium, under the flyover road there's often a little gypsy-type girl who gives good BBBJ for 20. Along the main stretch it's mainly trans. Many of the other areas above get a (usually covered) BJ for 10 or 15 or a fuck for 15 to 20. These exclude the white Italian girls who generally ask more, 50 to 100.

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    Road Trip

    Thought I would mention this here. Recently on a road trip from Milan to Piacenza I believe it was on SS9 we saw two SWs on the country road and was obvious they were working. One even had an RV under a tree. Didn't stop cause it was four of us but I was wondering if this was common. Had I been by myself would have definitely stopped. This was around midday.

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    Suggestion for Aosta

    I will be visiting the Aosta Valley for a week in the next month. I tried searching on the internet to find suggestions on how to get providers there, but didn't get any lead. Can anyone tell me about the scene in Aosta and how to get in touch with providers?

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    Pordenone Area

    I have recently been hearing of Privat type clubs in operation around the Pordenone area. Just wondering is anyone else has heard the same thing.

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    Lago di Garda

    Was for 2 weeks biking and running there (in July).

    Stayed in Limone, Gardone and Riva.

    Overall the professional street worker scene doesn't exist. I didn't meet any SW and also my local friends didn't know about them. They go more for tourists ladies, what didn't work for me since I'm not Italian.

    Limone and Gardone are more or less dead. But Riva as well as Torbole are a great place for meeting young ladies, independent, open for anything.

    I used to go to the bars at the main places as well as to the surfer hangouts. And succeeded to find nice girls for some one night stands there.

    - if you are there, then you rely on yourself. You don't have to pay the girl, but you must convince her to stay with you.

    I had a lot of fun.

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    Cherasco and Bra Area

    I am looking for any Escorts, Brothels or Call girls in Cherasco, Bra Area of Italy.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove references to Transvestites/Transsexuals/SheMales. As provided in the Forum's Posting Guideline, members may not discuss Transvestites / Transsexuals / SheMales. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    Catania and Messina

    Recently touring around Sicily.

    1) Catania.

    Beautiful chicks near railway station in Catania (as well some less beautiful ones) - however no idea about costs as I could not try out.

    2) Messina.

    Main road from Catania to Messina at entrance of Messina. Beautiful prostitutes (though not obvious) sitting on the road fence. Was passing by at around 15.00. Was not able to try yet suggest best is to stop nearby and ask for e. G. The way. Than you realize whether.

    They are just waiting for somebody or whether they are WG.

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