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    Night club Royale Katowice

    Went, against all warnings I've read, to Club Royale yesternight. And boy, they did not disappoint. Smoke filled atmosphere, way too loud music, jaded girls and crappy service from the bartender.

    Got to talking with the one girl who actually smiled and we hit it off quite nicely.

    Had to buy her a ridonkusly expensive drink (140 pln) before taking her to the room (200 pln to take the girl away from work, 100 pln for renting the room, and another 200 pln to the girl).

    Showered and fucked our brains out. Great CBJ, and a stunning view from behind. Don't remember her name, but that girl was 8/10. The other girls I saw there barely deserved a place on the scale.

    So, the whole venture set me back 640 pln. Worth it? Fuck no. But now I can at least cross a polish go go bar off my fucketlist.

    If anyone knows any providers or clubs in Katowice they’d recommend, please give me a shout.


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    Was again in Lublin. Deja Vue with one girl from last time (she went between then and last stay in Lublin to visit me at my home for a one week holiday). And also met some new girl. Lublin, I will soon come again.

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    Lublin was great.

    Met a 20+ year old student in the bar near old town. Ended up having a good time But had to spend her and her girl friend two beer plus 20 PLN for taxi for her friend. Hehe, was well worth the money.

    Then the other day met a girl on the way to the airport. Also student girl in early 20's. Both her and me missed the airport train. Thus, were late. I asked some guy on the street to drive us to airport, there was no taxi. She was very grateful. Could hold her hand and kiss in the plane. Loool, so great.

    Finally, there was the girl that works in a hotel. She will come to visit me next week and stay at my place for a week.

    Lublin, one of my favorite cities now.

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    Katowice Aturi Oriental Massage

    From their web page ( I wasn't sure what to expect until I went to online book and saw that "tantra" was an option. Actually, I still didn't know what to expect, but an hour is 200 zloty so I figured what the hell. I could use a massage anyway.

    The tantra is done on the futon mattress, not surprisingly. And it is very fun. I had Sonya, who was probably a 5 in the looks department but had something that actually did it for me, so she's probably more like a 6 or a 7 for me. Nice girl. She starts totally naked and gives a decent massage (though not deep tissue). Eventually she starts a body to body type massage and gets into grinding a shaved pussy into my back, all the way up to the back of my neck. This was a new experience for me so I was enjoying it.

    There was plenty of teasing as well, so there was no doubt that I'd be getting some sort of happy ending. But I wasn't sure if there was going to be an upsell or an extended menu.

    Eventually, on the flip, she got my fingers up in her pussy and was really getting into it. She then asked if I was going to leave a nice tip for her. In the states, this is where they often times give you a menu. She didn't give a menu, or suggest any particular value, but did say that she doesn't do sex. She also said she's not on any birth control. TBH, if I had brought a condom I may have been able to convince her, because (and I know we all say this) but I think she wanted it.

    She was wet as hell, and asked me to blast fast, and she started ringing the doorbell. I know she wasn't faking an orgasm because it took a looooong time. I blasted her for a good 15 minutes. At this point it is possible she faked an orgasm because I couldn't get her over the top. That's fine, I'm glad that she was into it.

    And here's where it all goes off the fucking rails. She starts with a decent handy and I tell her that I like it slow. The jackhammer too soon just makes me lose interest. She obliged for a minute and then tried rushing to the end. And this want on for LESS than 5 minutes and then she says that it is almost closing time and we have to finish.

    The moment a girl shows me she's a clock watcher, I risk going soft. And after all of the fucking finger blasting, then she says we are out of time? I was so annoyed I totally go soft. End of session.

    OK, so maybe she wasn't quite as into me, or what. I don't know. But I still got the distinct impression that she wasn't actually trying to scam me, and she actually felt bad that I didn't get a happy ending. It was so strange.

    To be honest, I'd probably go back and try again if I were in town.

    If you are in town, I'd recommend the place with reservation. Be aware that if you are near closing time, then you may be SOL.

    On the whole though the place was neat. A different experience. Mirror on the ceiling, nicely lit, great ambiance. If I had the ending I wanted I'd probably try to schedule again for tomorrow before I leave town.

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    Scam in Katowice (anyone surprised?)

    So, I found an apartment brothel on Roksa. Pl behind the big Tesco Extra-building and the Silesia City Center mall in Katowice in a gated community at Johna Baildona 24 D. A blond girl opened the door and I brought out google translate and agreed on the terms with her, 1 hour with 2 orgasms for 200 zloty. Of course, as is ever so present in Poland, after the first pop she removed the blanket and got dressed. I brought out my mobile phone again and showed her what we had agreed on 15 minutes earlier, but she just acted stupid and like she didn't understand. She offered to give massage, but after 10 minutes she stopped and said time was up. At this point, about 30 minutes had elapsed since I arrived. When I refused to leave, she threatened to call security. My plan was to stay in Katowice for 4 days, but I'm already sick and tired of the scam culture there so I've left for Czech Republic instead.

    May I suggest that you avoid the brothel at Johna Baildona 24 D like the plague.

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    Bad experience in Poland!/ Jelinia Gora

    Last month I went to Poland for a holiday (the area of Jelinia Gora). Via Roksa. Pl I came into contact with a few ladies. English speaking ladies are scarce. Anyway, I found a lady (Nowa Kasia) who speaks good English.

    According to her ad, she is a nice, attractive and passionate lady of 22 why:

    Phoned her and made an appointment for an hour. By telephone she told that she does: Deep French kissing (Zungenksse), Sucking without condom and fucking with condom for 200 please (about 50- She gave me her work address (Gorna 9/3 at Jelinia Gora).

    Arrived at her address on time and called on the door bell. A lady (definitely over 35) opened the door and asked me to come in. I told her I came for Kasia then said, that's me!! A. a. Sure she is neither young nor attractive! But yes. Better than nothing.

    Immediately she asked: money, money!

    Paid her 200 please then I had to go to the bathroom.

    When I got back from the bathroom I saw her sitting on a chair smoking a cigarette (with her clothes still on).

    The French kiss she didn't want to do because she has a wound in her mouth!? For this reason she wants to do the sucking with condom. About fucking she said she has an infection in her pussy and she is taking medicines (antibiotics) for it.

    Then I realized that I was deceived and this woman is nothing more or less than a cheater. I decided to finish this disappointing experience and left the place. Be careful, you are warned.

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    Torun. Great body Tamara at Szosa Lubicka 15

    Quote Originally Posted by Watson39  [View Original Post]
    Will try to go to the old town and find some parties tonight, hope to talk and find hot girls.
    Following the comments from other members, I did not try my luck in the bar after dark. I instead checked the roksa. Pl (it has more choices than the other site), and shortlisted five girls. I sent sms to them (using google translate in Polish) and then called them one by one. The first two were receiving answering machines, and the third Tamara could not speak English (at all). Instead, we exchanged sms easily by using (google) translate, and I managed to take a taxi to her place Szosa Lubicka 15 (very nice condo cluster) (US $3 taxi fare from old town). She welcome me at the door, and she is very very nice though cannot communicate in English (except 'yes' and 'good' Her body is really great, and she is the right person in the photo. Same procedure, shower and bed. She had very good service and served all positions. I would return next time if I come to Torun again. Her hourly rate is 250 but really worth it.

    I then went to the old town square to explore. There seems a concert (movie at castle ruin area), so not sure if the people will show up again in bars after the show. Seem like people are sitting with their friends in their own tables, and not confident if I could get to talk to some hot ladies tonight at midnight. I am not sure what are the parties mentioned earlier by other members. Correct me if I went to the wrong place. I am here for two nights.

    Torun is a lovely place!

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    In Torun for two days hope to catch the party and sex

    Quote Originally Posted by MichiT  [View Original Post]
    Torun is a city with approx. 200 k inhabitants and it is not that small -ń.

    Maaaaany student girls. Veeeeery beautiful. Easy to talk to but hard to get to bed.
    Will try to go to the old town and find some parties tonight, hope to talk and find hot girls.

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    Anyone knows something about night life in Wroclaw- what can I expect and what afraid for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielPontello  [View Original Post]
    I visited Torun (Copernicus' place of birth) last saturday and I've been very well impressed by the night life
    Torun is a small town (50,000 of population) where half of the residents are student
    it looks like a huge american college where you can find young and cute chicks everywhere
    after a short and disappointing ***** seeking (went to 2 different places crowded of bad guys and ugly girls) we decided to make a tour of the downtown bars
    we met many girls interested in (just) talking with foreigner men and we had a lot of fun (and too much vodka...)
    that's all !!
    I suggest to visit the city to watch its historical sites and to leave before the dawn if interested just in an easy fucking
    if you want to look for non pros have found the best place
    Torun is a city with approx. 200 k inhabitants and it is not that small -ń.

    Maaaaany student girls. Veeeeery beautiful. Easy to talk to but hard to get to bed.

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    Club Campari. Lodz

    Short answer: don't bother.

    I've visited many brothels in my time, and Club Campari is at or near the bottom. The motto for this place is "nickel and dime".

    The club is open from 22:00 to 5AM, 6AM on weekends.

    Mixed drinks start at 50 PLN.

    The girls are advertised as 220 PLN on sexatlas, but that doesn't include the inevitable 50 PLN mandatory drink for the girl. From there it gets worse. Full service, no condom is 400 PLN. Charge for the room + Oral is 200 PLN.

    Agatha, a very pretty 30 something, charged 50 PLN for a very sub-par "massage". A massage in a brothel with no touching? What a waste of time. No playing with the boys, and no FIV; that costs extra.

    She's worked there for 4 months, and her skills were still sub-par. There may be other girls that have better skills, but the constant upsell got on my nerves and affected performance. I have a feeling that it's as much the club forcing up-sells as it was her.

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    Hi guys,

    Yesterday I visited a very nice club in Katowice. The club is called Afrodyta. The girls are beautiful and eager to have fun. If someone would be in Katowice I would definitely recommend this place.

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    Last report from Lodz several years old, any more current info?

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    Hello evryone!

    I should be in this city, very close to the German order.

    Any suggestion about brothel or clubs, in Germany too.

    Thanks a lot.

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