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    Hey guys!

    Check out this website in Lisbon, next time you go there:

    A bit expensive but it's worth it.

    And they just do outcalls.

    Be cool

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    Moving Lisboa

    So after much debate and some serious personal and business problems I am going to move from the party town of Budapest (with some nice lookers and a major number of absolute cunts) to Lisboa come Jan 2008

    I have a place near the Jesus Statue (is that correct)

    Is there action around that part of town (Rua da Vale) etc

    See you soon lads

    Muri, we will have to party sir, you sound like a riot

    "Party on Wayne"

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    It is interesting to note that getting laid in Lisbon doesn't really have to involve expensive, paid (and usually poor-quality) sex.

    The city boasts some discos, a few in the Alkantara area and a few in the Liña Cascais area which are fairly decent places for chatting up women. Given my somewhat respectable age and of course the language barrier, I have only had some modest success in my endeavours, but I seriously believe that anyone with some fluency in the local language and who doesn't look like the hunchback of Notre Dame will be a very happy man indeed.

    Best of luck to everyone on their endeavours, and enjoy the nightlife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kama Leão
    Great place. One of the best in Lisbon. But, sadly, trying to rip you off: the standard fee there, for 1 hour, has ALWAYS been 100€.
    Kama Leao, just paying 100€ for a session in Lisbon is already pretty retarded. So sad to say, with you being a native and all, you're the one being ultimately ripped off.

    Giselle is seriously overrated in my opinion. Been there a few times, not going back in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesn1


    (was also offered EUR150 for an hour)
    Great place. One of the best in Lisbon. But, sadly, trying to rip you off: the standard fee there, for 1 hour, has ALWAYS been 100€.

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    Yes, she's a very attractive young woman and always stands out in the Poço among her compatriots, who range from the gorgeous through the pretty to the charming to the absolutely undoable.

    But she ticks away racking up additional charges like the meter on a taxicab.

    Funny thing is, that the times Mur took those photos of her, she had negotiated every detail of the performance - she practically charged an extra €5 for the time he took to remove his tie... but did not demand any extra dinheiro for the pics. So perhaps vanity is the key to her character.

    Fuck, but anyone who looks like that has a right to vanity.

    Mur still planning his return trip. It would go sonething like:

    0930: hotel breakfast €15

    1100: Sabina's first gentleman visitor in the Poço. If she's not there, Katarina. €30

    1200-1400: boozy lunch in Chiado, with best English friend (non-monger, or so he claims) and best Portuguese friend (full time monger, he tells us) €150

    1420: Yellow train to Carcavelos €1.50

    1500: Long session with Suzi €75

    1730: train back to Cais do Sodré €1.50

    1750: taxi to hotel €6

    1800-2000: siesta €0

    2030: Diana's last gentleman visitor in MK €100

    2200: Seafood snack at marisquiera in Almirante Reis €20

    2300: Dangerous and squalid fuck with black babe in Intendente €20

    2330: Back to hotel on foot €0

    2400 midnight: Die of stroke, while attempting to masturbate. Last words, "Ohhhhh, Diana, yes, here it is, babe !" €0

    1100 next day: Cremation attended by every wh*re in Lisbon, every member of the British ex-pat community, and every contributor to the (also deceased) gp-pt forum. €5,000 paid by ex Mrs Mur - hah!

    Boa noite and let's all keep dreaming,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Piotr
    Poço – Probably you picked Sabina that as Muri says, has a spreadsheet between her ears… nice romanian gipsy, but undoable. I’ve been twice with her (just to confirm) and it was a waste. She has photos posted on the photo section of this forum:
    if you care to confirm that she was the one.
    Thanks Piotr,

    Yes I can indeed confirm it was Sabina! Bad choice on my part eh. But she WAS very cute.


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    Hi Jamesn1,

    Very interesting your report. Congratulations. Let me say something about:

    Le Chateau – You have the right address, it’s even on their site probably they closed early.

    Conde de Redondo – Probably you walked the wrong section. Places like "Night & Day" are just there. "Elefante Branco" is on Rua Luciano Cordeiro just around the corner. Bad luck, or maybe not!

    Intendente – I think you got the right impression. By day the scene is considerably lighter – much less males and drugs.

    Poço – Probably you picked Sabina that as Muri says, has a spreadsheet between her ears. Nice romanian gipsy, but undoable. I’ve been twice with her (just to confirm) and it was a waste. She has photos posted on the photo section of this forum:



    If you care to confirm that she was the one.

    Yesterday I had a fine massage, as I have almost weekly, usually with the same masseuse Mariana that I mentioned on an earlier report.

    When I was leaving the place, she handed me her phone asking me to speak in English to a foreign potential client that was calling her. Well, that was a first for me. Anyway, I passed him the needed information and left, thinking he probably thought I was her pimp or so. Well I’m not! I am just a regular client, perhaps a bit "special" given the fact that I’m a "frequent flyer".

    But I thought he was you, Jamesn1, enjoying your announced trip to Lisbon. After all, it seems that some other fellow (from Sweden) read about her, probably here. I later called her just to know that he showed up. Eheh!
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    Lisbon Report - October 2007

    Hi all,

    I'm just back from 2 nights in Lisbon and here's my report. As per my previous post, I found info on the forum very helpful. Hopefully this will help the first time visitor looking for some action.

    Started my exploring getting out at Marques de Pompal metro and checking out "Le Chateau" which according to this forum is a "massage parlour" type
    place with a choice of girls. No luck though.

    I went there about 9pm. Dead, no answer, no lights on.

    I believe I had the right address (23 Camilo Castelo Branco, 1st floor)
    Above a Chinese restaurant?

    I then walked down the road to Conde de Redondo which was mentioned in the forum. Ignore this, I can't this ever being true. There was no one there, its a busy commercial road. Forget it.


    Walked along Jacinta Matro and popped out at Anjos Metro and walked down to Intendente. Took me a while to find the action, skirting around the side streets. By my goodness, I knew I was in the "right" place once I saw it.

    The location is here: http://*******.com/29sadj

    This place was not nice at 10pm. Not sure what its like during the day. Much the same I'd expect. Drug users with needles in doorways. 30 African pimps and other loons around. Very few women on show. I walked into the square and turned around. I walked down Benformoso, right down to Martim Moniz Metro. That was not a nice walk, dodgy people everywhere.

    Walked down to Poco from there and thanks to the many reports I pretty much knew what to expect. I saw about 5 girls hanging around on the one stretch of street. Nothing elsewhere (I looped right around). Location is here: http: //*******.com/27pxzt

    Aside from being "clipped" for 20 quid behind Kings Cross in 1995, this is the worst value experience ever! Mmmmm just FEEL that authentic rip-off. I approached a very cute slim Romanian.

    She said sex was EUR 50. I'd done my research and you guys have paid EUR 20+5 for the room. So I suggested 30 and make sure that the room was included in the price. She huffed a bit and accepted.

    I climbed the 5 floors. BIG NEWS GUYS. The entire staircase is brand new pine floorboards. Not the decrepit ones you have known.

    Got into the room, I got undressed, she held my CK in her hand on the bed and asked for a further 30 EUROS. I said no way, we agreed EUR 30 only. She wasnt budging so I argued a bit (hard to do in the nude with a girl holding your ck! ) I agreed 20 extra and I then "enjoyed" about 1 min of BJ I then wanted to get her top off, that was an extra EUR5! I sucked and played with her and after 15 mins I made her cum. As soon as that happened she sat bolt upright and said the time was up and I needed to pay another EUR 50 for sex. Well, that's just not cricket eh. Tip: don't make 'them cum, leave 'them hanging! I was THIS close to climax but I resisted as that would have probably cost me too! I said no, put my clothes on and said nothing and left. Not worth the argument I could see how it would pan out. It's all experience eh!

    The funny thing was, I'd read near exact experience from someone else on this forum, so I saw it coming. Like a car crash in slow motion!
    Next day, I went for quality...


    This was excellent, I would have returned a 2nd time if I had time.

    I LOVED the line up. You get shown to a lounge and the girls come through the curtain one by one, kiss you on both cheeks and say their name. I think there was about 10 to choose from. Amazing. All were attractive, I would have happy had any of them. I went with Marina who was very nice. Her pics on the site.

    Proper french kissing. Totally nude, nice oral, 3 sex positions.

    Absolutely NO English which made it interesting. Very friendly.

    Paid EUR80 for 30 mins (was also offered EUR150 for an hour)

    Location, 47 Avenida da Republica, 9th floor, Button "D"

    NOTE - elsewhere on this forum its down as 49 & 45 on av republica, this is incorrect, its 47. Location: http://*******.com/ys3dbp

    I also took a turn around the Technical University ( Technico)
    Street Walkers all around the University. I counted about 15 at 9pm

    Varying quality. I was tempted but was a been concerned about sexual health and thought better of it.

    Other things I found out:

    "Night & Day", "Elephante Branco" etc.. Where are these?? I never saw them I couldnt find the addresses on the forum anywhere.

    I rang/texted several normal & "travesti" escorts and NONE of them have any english. Makes locations & price hard to understand.

    Lisbon is hilly & has slippery pavements!

    Lovely place though.

    I hope this helps you if you are coming soon.

    Thanks again for the input on the forum.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.
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    Hi Jamesn1,

    Your general plan of action seems fine considering your options. Specially on Poço walk around more than once, for the scene changes often.
    Giselle seems a good choice as far as I know.
    You may find several ads on the paper near Raddison. Look for Telheiras area.
    On transsexual action you are right about Brazilians, see among others.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Thanks & Lisbon here I come


    Just a quick "thanks" to everyone on the forum, Mur, Piotr, Spider, Ze, Lapin etc.. It's (hopefully) been invaluable as I head out to LIS for 2 nights this week.

    I've spent all afternoon (at work) reading the forum and feel like a LIS expert now LOL.

    I have a general plan of action:

    - Walk around to Poco to see whats what. Might enjoy the comforts of the Romanian house.
    - Check out the Indendente/ African's arent my fav but I like the sound of that dirty place

    I might try a club but they sound a bit hit and miss. Also, would love to check out a line-up clinic, thats my favorite environment. Giselle maybe..


    This is long shot given the short notice but thought I'd ask:

    1. Anyone know of any action up there near the airport / Radisson SAS?

    2. Transexual action? I'm a messed-up soul and like the ol' TG / TS offerings. Brazilians are well represented on the net and wondered if that's crossed to Lisbon. I guess I'll check the paper for that.

    Thanks again, I'll report back my findings.



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    peep shows?

    hello fellows!

    i'm interested to hear about peep show offering in lisbon area.

    i noticed from the megasex sex shop web pages that they have some kind of peep show service. do you know anything about services the girls are able/willing to give in the solo cabinets? prices?


    mike the great

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    Tonight I drove by Poço – three times around the block, actually - the sisters Lili and Micaela still missing, but to keep things “balanced” the gipsy Sabina is active again, filling her cash register using in her persuasive way. It was about 10 pm and they were about 10 bored girls around.

    I hope to be able make a new report on Poço here and on the gppt soon. No deadlines though.

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    My second encounter with Micaela was on 31/8, about one month ago. Haven't been there since.

    Off Topic: there's been some talk here about gp-pt, but i missed most of it. Do you have any idea what it's status is? Is it going to be back online anytime soon?


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    Onher Lulu,
    I wouldn't bet on Elefante or others alike as a first choice. It will cost you time and money.
    See Muri’s http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...&postcount=910

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