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    Vladivostok report

    This report should be put in Vladivostok thread, but I don't think there is one, so I'll just put it here.

    I've been in Vladivostok for two days and I'll brief you my experience here.

    I stayed at the Primorye Hotel, which some of my Japanese friends told me has telephone calls in the night advertising escorts. I didn't get one, though.

    There is a strip club called Zazhigalka a few minutes walk from the hotel. Entrance fee 1000 roubles, 1000 for a table, 1500 for a private dance for six minutes. I was told some of the girls are available for take outs, but you would have to negotiate. Price is above 25 k per hour as I was told. Didn't bring one to my hotel myself though. The quality of the girls was okay.

    Also visited a girl in her apartment. There are plenty of internet ads, but you'the better know some Russian. Price was cheap at 2000, and you can't expect much at this price. The girl was fat but with big boobs.

    Today went to sauna "amerikano" where you can order girls. Many girls are available around 9 to 10 pm. Price 5000 (for the girl) plus 500 (for the room) per hour. The appearance of some of the girls was fine but they have poor attitudes. My Korean friend also experienced the attitude problem there.

    Concluding remarks. The price of finding a hooker in Vladivostok is not much cheaper than that in bigger cities in Russia or Ukraine. The population of the city is approximately 600 k if my information is correct, so the number of working girls there are therefore quite limited. The city is visited predominantly by tourists from China, Korean, and Japan. I feel there is some sort of anti-Chinese sentiments in the city, especially among the prostitutes, probably caused by the bad behaviors of some Chinese (sex) tourists. That explains the attitude problem I and my friend encountered (I'm Chinese). BTW, Vladivostok was a Chinese city until it was ceded to Russia in 1860, making China lose its access to the Sea of Japan. Many residents are even worried about the possible Chinese invasion, which is insane. Sorry for being a little off topic. Anyway, I personally won't repeat this mongering destination. The city itself however is cute with its beautiful views, delicious and not expensive seafoods, and the Russian Pacific Navy flot. Just not as attractive monger-wise. I wonder how the scenes will change with the influx of the increasing number of tourists thanks to the e-visa program.

    Looking forward to more reports on Vladivostok.

    Happy Halloween.

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    InTransit Series Link

    Quote Originally Posted by Bellerophonv  [View Original Post]
    Pacogrande could you give more information about "A Trans Siberian Railway series called In Transit devotes episode 2 to Khabarovsk". Please. Indeed I can't find it on internet whatever the number of keywords of this sentence used for the google search. For example an URL to a wikipedia article or an IMDB page.
    Hey my friend the series is InTransit. Here's a link to the entire series of 12 episodes.

    Khabarovsk is episodes 2 and 3.

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    In my country (Indonesia) back then (until about 5 years ago), there some working girls from Khabarovsk. Maybe the distance to Jakarta is nearer than to Moscow. Some of them a really hot. But nowadays I don't see any, just small number of Usbek girls. Quality also down.

    I want to hear any ISG members who went to Khabarovsk recently, can share how is the situation there.

    Thank you.

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    It's a you tube series, so search In Transit Trans Siberian Russian there.

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    Pacogrande could you give more information about "A Trans Siberian Railway series called In Transit devotes episode 2 to Khabarovsk". Please. Indeed I can't find it on internet whatever the number of keywords of this sentence used for the google search. For example an URL to a wikipedia article or an IMDB page.

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    A Trans Siberian Railway series called In Transit devotes episode 2 to Khabarovsk. The episode is reminiscent of "The Hangover" only people remain conscious, no tigers nor chickens. During their escapades they go to a dance club with more woman than men. Attractive woman. Watch it and draw your own conclusions.

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    Still no report here.

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    Still no update abou Khabarovsk? How about fellow Korean (ISG member) , aren't you closer to Khabarovsk ?

    It's look like that easier to find Khabarosk Working Girls in jakarta, than in their town.

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    Any update on Khabarovsk?

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    A google image search Blagoveshchensk yields in hundreds pics of a Blagoveshchensk that kind of look like Daly city!

    Shall not be called pretty city at all.

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    ...airport is HEK, 14.5km from downtown Aihui, or Nerchinsk. It is ok to take a boat across (or swim maybe) Heilongjiang to go into Blagoveshchensk in a matter of one hour. Flights available from Beijing as indicated here:

    Heihe, or Aihui, which should have had a Manchu name, was the first capital of these northern people. Nuzhen tribe further before was called Suzhen, and they made Aihui their first capital of the loosen Nuzhen union, from then came out Jin dynasty, the model of Gengis empire later. You hit the jackpot! Liao Khitan came before Jin, it was the idol for Jin to come into existence. Liao Khitan later ran to Kirgizstan today to form Qara-Khitan new kingdom.

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    I very much doubt that anyone goes to Blagoveshchensk as the nearest airport must be Qiqihar and then a two day(?) bus drive over the Xiao Hinggan Ling mountains that seperate the two.

    Unless of course you can fly to Aihui?

    Eitherway, you'd be followed every step there and would be arrested for shagging a tart. So fucked on both counts. Better off going to Moscow imho for white, blond fuckletts.

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    Any updated info on Blagoveshchensk?

    Any westerner been here?

    Pls pm me if you know anything?

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    Its the primary Russian destination for Japanese mongers. Quite literally planeloads full of them fly in to Khabarovsk, go direct to their hotels (which are 100% booked out by these Japanese tours) and then hundreds of girls knock on the doors and make their cash. This goes on continuously. One plane load fly out, and the next arrives. A guy I know was there more recently than myself and he was unable to get a room in a hotel there when arriving there unplanned. Every room in every hotel was taken by Japanese mongers. Hookers were obviously crawling all over the city, especially in front of the hotels. Prices in Khabarovsk are reportedly dramatically higher than in other Siberian cities such as Ulan Ude or Irkutsk. The Japanese are not price sensitive porn consumers.

    There is another town which serves the same function for Chinese clients. The wealthier manchurians take a boat across the Amur to Blagoveshchensk to fulfill their blonde fantasies. And like Khabarovsk, the Blagoveshchensk hotels are full of Chinese who sure as hell arent there because it is a pretty town. And the front of the hotels are crawling with working dyevs.

    So I would put those two places down as cities to avoid.

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    I'm considering a trip to the Russian Far East... does anyone have any information about Khabarovsk? Is it worth a trip?

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