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    One more good place

    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDeeRamone  [View Original Post]
    Well I've heard about this place but whoa. I'm a are'and't guy and this is the best I've ever had. $100 AU for an hour with a 25 yo, model looks. 10/10 massage, 10/10 tug. Shower before and after, full touching. If you are in Moscow and you want to relax, go here! Unfortunately I've got to go to st Petersburg tomorrow so can't go back. But I must find a similar place there. Suggestions welcome.
    There is a romantic sexy place I Liked. It's Zavist bar in St. Petersburg. There are always a bright, enchanting girls who are ready to dance a private dance for you. I felt exciting, like on the top of the wave. Drinks, snacks, girls. All for you. Awesome!

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    More fun than an episode of "Our Gang"

    Dateline Moscow, January 17th, 2017.

    President of Russian Federation Confirms Quality of Russian Prostitutes.

    In a public statement made today, during a news conference with the President of Moldova, President Vladimir Putin made a clear and convincing statement regarding the quality of prostitutes in Russia. In response to a question, the President of the Russian Federation stated, "Without a doubt, they are the best in the world".

    This statement was made in response to a question from the press regarding the visit of Mr. Donald Trump to Moscow and his experiences with prostitutes during his stay.

    President Putin declined to speak specifically about the actions of Mr. Trump while in Moscow, however, there was some question about President Putin's controversial response with regard to whether or not he was referring to Russian prostitutes, or American politicians, but the general feeling was that President Putin was referring to Russian prostitutes.

    USA President Barack Obama declined to comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarangdharp  [View Original Post]
    Hi Friends! I am coming to attend a conference in Moscow in the last week of Feb 2017. The organisers have suggested the President Hotel (the conference would take place there) but I found the prices to be a bit steep. Can you guys suggest some hotel which is reasonably priced, not very far from President and where our activity is allowed? Thanks a lot in advance!

    I stayed at the President hotel last summer. Yes, the price is a little high, but the level of this hotel enough high. If you don't want to be disappointed, I don't recommend you to stay at a too cheap hotel. It will spoil your impressions about Moscow. Better to spent money on more exciting things. So, my recommendations of this hotel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaappo22  [View Original Post]
    Money isn't really the issue, but it would be good to know a rough estimate of price before booking the sauna so we'll bring enough cash with us.
    Unfortunately, the price of sauna girls is a bit of a moving target based on the place you visit. Generally speaking, you should budget about 2000 rubles per hour per girl. This will get you basic "sauna companions" who will be good for a little slap and tickle and to sit and drink with you. You have to remember, ordering girls for the sauna does not necessarily mean that you are going to have sex with them. I know it sounds a bit goofy, but often a group of Russian guys will order up girls for the sauna for the company and to see them prance around naked and to whack them with birch branches (viniki). You have to admit that there certainly is something a little bit erotic about lying bare ass naked in the sauna being beaten by a naked woman with a birch branch.

    If you want to get into more serious sex, the girls will let you know how much. And for that you probably need to be prepared to spend an additional 5,000 - 10,000 rubles depending on what you have in mind. And don't forget to offer then food and drinks. It makes them feel a little less like prostitutes and gets them in a more festive mood.

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    2 nights In Moscow

    Went to six strip clubs in two nights. Definitely would have to rank them as follows:

    Loft #1 the most beautiful girls but not as many in total.

    Penthouse club #2 lots of girls with a few tall beautiful blondes.

    Aurora 911 #3. Layout of this club is OK. Almost as many girls as penthouse with two hotties.

    Angels #4. Did not like the layout of this club. The least beautiful girls of the big 4 clubs.

    Was convinced by a taxi driver to try a couple other clubs which were terrible.

    Next summer I want to try egoist gold and egoist.

    Love me some Russian women.

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    Budget for sauna?

    I'll be visiting Moscow in a couple of weeks with few colleagues. We're interested in trying a sauna this time. I found a website with hundreds of saunas to choose from, so that part is easily done. But does anyone have recent knowledge about the prices of the girls available? We'll likely need 4 girls for 2-3 hours. Should we be prepared for the 5000-10000 rubles / girl / hour price range when we let the sauna operator bring in the girls, or are they more expensive than normal prostitutes? I assume we pay for time, so switching who of us takes which girl for second round might be negotiable for same price?

    A friend of mine speaks basic Russian, and we've experienced prostitutes, massages and brothels in St. Petersburg and Moscow before, but now it would be fun to test a sauna. Money isn't really the issue, but it would be good to know a rough estimate of price before booking the sauna so we'll bring enough cash with us.

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    I think I met master of sex

    Was cold to go find girl, I decided to call escort girl. My impression took When I called her, it was late, but I was lucky. She arrived to room. I had hot time, and very sensual massage. I payed 10.000 rubles for an hour, it was fantastic. I am enjoyed.

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    Aurora and Angels

    The most dependable clubs to find pretty girls you can fuck are Aurora and Angels. For 15000 rub, they do most sexual acts too. I especially enjoy performing DATO on them, with their ass in the air and in 69 position.

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    My Russian experience

    I always wanted to try sex with Russian girl. I decided to try independent girl because I heard lot of bad reviews about agencies. My choice put to escort directory website escortnews. I found Olga without face, she has sexy body. I wrote her whatapp to send me selfie with face, she sent me to her website Finally I decide to invite her in hotel. I really was surprised! She looks sexy and cute, good process. I can say, I had super experience. My recommendations!

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    Amazing Vanilia Massage

    Date & time of session: December 20th. 13:00.

    Location: Vanilia Massage by Noviy Arbat street.

    Name: Maya.

    Nationality & Language: Russian Girl knows about 30 words in English.

    Age: 20-21.

    Face: 4/5.

    Body: 5/5 Perfect body. 6 ft, athletic, with long legs, and a tits and ass to die for. Simply an angel from Heaven.

    Skill: 5/5 Never been happier with a massage service.

    Service: 10/10 Well I've heard about this place but whoa. The lineup was world class.

    This service is the best I've ever had. $100 USD for 90 minutes, model looks. 10/10 massage, 10/10 tug. If you are in Moscow and you want to relax, go here!

    GFE: 5/5 full touching and fondling. Playing with ass and pussy. Showers before and after.

    PSE: 5/5 The sight of her pussy and asshole on your face while she was sitting on you and dancing while giving you a rub was unbelievable. I thought I was high on meth or something.

    Price & Session Length: About 110 $ USD, for 90 minutes. Shower, A Legitimate massage, A body to body massage and a hand-job of a lifetime to be closed with an intimate shower.

    Repeat: Most definitely.

    I asked for a picture afterwards, met with a polite refusal, however when I asked for a picture with no face, she agreed. As I have said before, never been happier with a paid sex service before.

    At that price, I simply cannot wait to go back to Russia.
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    A great way to find freebies or "normal" girls who are interested to meet in return for a small present is to use Russian dating websites (one in particular). Many of the girls speak English at least to that extent that a date can be set up. I can send you the info in PM.

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    Visited this beautiful, kinky lady today, and thought I would share as she was incredible.

    She seemed a bit unfriendly on the phone but she was really nice, if a little awkward in person. Once we got down to business though she was absolutely wild, and really knows how to use her tongue stud. She's a little on the high side price wise but it was definitely worth it. Everything is included including, apparently, anal. I was enjoying her pussy so much that I didn't confirm this one.

    One thing, her English is almost none existent. It never seemed like a problem though.

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    Hotel in Moscow

    Hi Friends! I am coming to attend a conference in Moscow in the last week of Feb 2017. The organisers have suggested the President Hotel (the conference would take place there) but I found the prices to be a bit steep. Can you guys suggest some hotel which is reasonably priced, not very far from President and where our activity is allowed? Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Night number one

    Started the night at penthouse club some beautiful girls only one ten in my books though. I like the layout of the club.

    Next was the loft not as many girls but 3 tens in my books. Nice layout as well.

    Next stop was angels! Not as many beautiful girls and I was not a fan of the layout inside.

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    Moscow during new year

    Quote Originally Posted by MGLbadboi  [View Original Post]
    Planning another trip to Moscow around late December. Will definitely go back to Vanilia. And fulfill some of my other desires which I didn't do in my last trip in the summer, like taking a hot girl from NF across the street to standard hotel and make love in those amazing beds. I also want to try Aurora 911.

    I remember reading somewhere that Moscow becomes a ghost town during new year, as people move away to their hometowns to celebrate the holiday.

    Is this true? I hope this does not affect the operations of these venues mentioned above? How is the mongering scenes in general around Dec 23-26?
    No, I been in Moscow last year in late Dec (20-28) it was no problem, don't worry about that.

    Also thank you for prompt appeal to an escort agency beauty students, Janna is real very nice gall! By the way I also can recommend you one very nice girl-Diana, who I tried before Janna, last month in my trip, from first page of Rusdosug (, was a very nice experience with call-girl in Moscow, before I saw discussion of her person on this forum and decided her to write, for me, Korean guy, she was my first non-Asian girl, I worried a bit, but she was really good, much better than her photos, really tall and big breast, nice tattoo on back side, she really can speak good English, all service was real, blowjob without condom was fantastic, before there were doubts, confused low price, but it was true. By the way, she very friendly with Asian, speak Chinese a little, pretty nice and funny, I spend 3 hours in her company that's why can recommend! Also from Rusdosug I had nice ebony lady Merit (, but is different story, she was nice and no more, too hight price for her.

    Hope my experience was useful and maybe help you, thanks again!


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