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    I S c r e w'd her

    My mission in this life is over . I just got the Perfect F**K yesterday. I just finished what I was born to do and I'm glad it was when I'm young and happy and without any baggage. I'm in my 20's folks and thats it.

    Good Bye to this world, I'm already in heaven with such a beauty UNTILL..I shagged myself and was suddenly waken by the thunderous scream of this painfull world called reality and begin to doubt my destiny that I saw such a me here it true that a joe next door could sleep with a goddess like that in mother russia for just 200 bucks.

    Docter_Skank, CA_T..You guys have lived russia like none other....I'm in for your judgement...Is it possible to find such a beauty in this planet earth for a simple joe like me or is it just another scam of cut copy and paste from playboy.

    I await your judgement mylord..for your verdict the last hope for me to rekindle my useless energy for contructive purpose instead of losing it everyday in the drain

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    I was there in january 04, saturday night, I arrived in Shemeretyevo 2 in afternoon and in evening immediately there, I get my first pro in Moscow, 100$ and even if not a GFE but good and much better than to sleep alone.

    Then I went to HD another 3 times in the same week, I saw both pro and freebie, I took nobody else home, but I get really much fun and never felt unconfortable or scared, but I danced on the table all the night, so I guess they thought I was not turist but a local.

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    To Karma Police

    I totally agree with you that Hungry Duck is a sort dirty place in the sidestreet. I was there twice and both times felt uncomfortable and scared. But the strange thing is that my good friends, girls from Night Flight, went there quite often for a change and often met there decent clients for the same money as in NF. One girl even found there a husband , a NF man who never paid attention on her in NF. I never was so successful in HD, probably because I never was able to stay there for a long time... but who knows, may be I should try my luck again?

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    Hungry Duck

    I was there just under a year ago, didn't notice any pros, but wasn't really looking for them. There were tons of youth hanging out in the dark pereulok just outside and to be honest, I felt a little scared walking up to the place. The place was a bit dirty and dingy but thats not necesseraly a negative if you like dive bars, which i do; if you are into more upscale places this is not for you.

    The crowd was young with a decent ratio, mostly middle or lower middle class locals (you won't find any high end models here). I hooked up with a half armenian, half russian 19 yo from the outskirts of Moscow. She told me her and her friends tried going to one of the upscale places but couldn't get in so ended up here. Not too much of a surprise, she was hot, her friends, not so much.

    Be warned: at some point in the night all the male bartenders took off their shirts, got on top of the bar, and did a dance routine to some rock ballad, not sure if it was more funny or disturbing but definitely very gay.

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    the Duck


    I agree, somebody has got to try that place out again.

    Before 2001 Hungry Duck was considered THE must go to place in Moscow for loose women and wild parties.

    Then Hungry Duck descended into a kind of sad pathetic existence in a parallel universe that wasn't quite Moscow, wasn't quite penitentiary... a truly despicable place only 2 minutes from the expat-friendly star of the early century, Karma Bar.

    But recent reports suggest it might be headed back to old glory.... anybody been there recently?

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    Hungry Duck?

    I am surprised not to hear more about the Hungry Duck on this group.

    I thought it was supposed to be one of the sex hot spots of Moscow?

    Or at least a notable / must-do stop on the tourist route?

    What is the Duck really like and is it a worthwhile destination for mongering?

    Please enlight me.


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    Al Capone Club

    Following the recommendation of a friend, I tried Al Capone Club / Restaurant ( Zubovsky bulvar 27-26 -5, Tel: 247-07-96, 746-3-999) tonight. It's just a five-minute-walk away from Club Rasputin but just 1/3rd in price.

    Here the scheme of travel.

    At restaurant, I had beer and salad for 500Rb and a good sight at girls as a ceiling at restaurant glass and from below it is well visible as dance a striptease.

    Then I moved further inside to the "bar-section" where the working girls hang around.

    You can get a private dance for 1000Rb, or you go straight to the room which is 800rb for the club and 3000Rb for the girl ( that's for abt. 40min ).
    That is about 100USD which is ar below the posted rates of Nightflight and club Shandra.

    The girls are everything from busty to skinny, abut 30% are speaking english. Most of them, I would rate around 7-8, some better some worse.

    I chose Inga, a slim dark beauty of about 22 yo with firm little breasts. She attracted me by herself and following the old rules, I accepted her hoping for a good service since she apparently liked me.

    After a private dance, we went to one of the rooms, got undressed and started the action. She was very much into it, although she did only CBJ, but the FS was really good due to her tight p***y.

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    Boardhaouse/Chesterfield/Doug's & Marty's

    I checked personnallly this location last Saturday night.

    It is not closed, it was full of girls and action after midnight was a little crazy. You feel like the animal in the middle of hundred of "hunters". But, it could be very funny.
    Regular girls (or the ones who want to come back without troubles) have to pay a "fee" to security / 700 RUB.

    For a full night, after negociation, price is 200/300USD (average).

    Price has been increased since last year (it was around 150/200USD in 2005).

    Dollar is weak compare to EURO, or girls are becoming more expensive.

    Let the prices made in USD, this is good for the European people.

    From Night-Flight to CF (or reverse) using russian taxi you should not pay more than 100RUB (at night). Avoid taxi which are too close to the dorr of these locations and try to bargain in Russian. Foreigners or those who are speaking American-English are always surcharged.

    End of the week, it is the good time to find non-pros or semi-pros girls who are very enthusiasm and really GFE.

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    Thanks CA

    Info much apprreciated CA.


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    Boarhouse/CF is definitely not closed. They've been talking about closing for over a year and at this point, who knows. Doug apparently did open a new club, a sports bar, recently and his last day at DMBH was a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been to the new place so I can't help with it's location or statua.

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    Boar House

    I'm searching the posts and trying to figure out why I got the idea the Boar House is closed.

    I can't find any posts saying the place is "closed" but I do see some talking about the original propietors opening a new place along the original spirit of the Boar House/Chesterfields.

    Can anyone put this idea out of my head?

    Also, I'm looking for a good lead on a Monday night watering hole (populated with beautiful semi/pro ladies preferred).


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    HelenaM... I think you hit the nail on the head! I must admit that thought did not cross my mind, but I suspect you are correct.

    Sometimes it takes a "competitor" to sniff out the back-door advertisement!

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    Red Club has been recommended here by many members, so I am trying to use it - I am tired of English language sites that insist on joining for a fee in order to give you contact info that the girls are probably already paying to publicize.

    So the site looks good - most girls appear to be independent, which is great (more money to them instead of a pimp). And cheap!! Of course, you might get what you pay for.

    Anyway, my question is - is there any way to search or identify girls there who speak some English? I can figure out what the ads say, but that won't help when I try to telephone them. Any suggestions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Helena Moscow
    Tell me who doesn't have a good lingery collection in Moscow? Who is not dressing up? Who doesn't have decent education at her age and who of world-wide escorts doesn't speak English? Your message with huge amount of her links and quotations looks too much like adverticement. I'm not telling anything exact, but it starts to seem that Karolina is yourself in disguies . Sorry if I'm wrong.
    I wasn't going to comment here but since the discussion has evolved. I meet this escort last year and was pretty disappointed. She works with a friend:

    All I will say is that the photographer did a fantastic job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capss 005

    I prefer ladies with good education, good taste, good English and don't like hunting in the streets alone and hanging in the bars, to all that you never know who you meet in such places as Moscow and other cities of Eastern Europe, I read a good report about her in Captain 69 where a guy says that she has beautiful looks and good education

    - these two things are very important for me, at least I pay 2 and sometimes 3 times more than this in London, Munich and Paris. She speaks very good English on the telephone and I heard that it's not so simple to find a girl in Moscow who will

    Be speaking English fluently, and for me one of the most important things is history and culture of Moscow, and she is also a guide round the city that is also important for me at least I could talk to her about something different from where I am from and what I do in life and where I traveled, I tried cheap escorts and was very much unsatisfied, a very big difference.

    To all that I like beautifully dressed women, who can choose elegant lingerie and I have seen that there is a lot of this she has.

    Tell me who doesn't have a good lingery collection in Moscow? Who is not dressing up? Who doesn't have decent education at her age and who of world-wide escorts doesn't speak English? Your message with huge amount of her links and quotations looks too much like adverticement. I'm not telling anything exact, but it starts to seem that Karolina is yourself in disguies . Sorry if I'm wrong.

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